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Mortal Apps

Please follow this template to help speed the processing of applications. This template should be posted to the application job with: +myjob/add ###=<blah>

### is the job number and it changes every day. Use the command +myjobs to confirm the job number before adding to it.

You can add linebreaks by typing %r

Mortal/M+ Application Template


Family: (Only if you're a member of one of the famous families)

Local: Are you a local? Locals are defined differently for each sphere but a mortal is considered a local if they have stayed in Fallcoast all their life OR has spent at least seventy-five per cent of their life here OR was born/raised here but had to leave for employment purposes (ie joining the military). If in doubt, ask Staff.

Template : Mortal/Psychic/Thaumaturge

Path: For Thaumaturges; what path are you proceeding on.

Defining Merit: For Psychics and Thaumaturges

Profession: If any. Highly recommended for any M/M+ character.

Remaining Merit Dots (if not all spent in Chargen): Remember, the 5th dot of a merit costs 2 merit dots.

Total XP Awarded: 50xp Tier 1 + Incentives (subject to wiki listing) + 5-10xp Humanity Drop*=Total XP Amt

Example XP Spends:

10 - Wits 1 to 2

03 - Subterfuge 0 to 1

03 - Empathy Specialty: Body Language

06 - Good Time Management 0 to 2

02 - Retainer 0 to 1**

Total Spent: 24xp (Please actually spend more than this. You don't have to spend every last point, but it's easier for us to have it all in one job).

(*)If you choose a Humanity drop, you must make the degeneration rolls to the job. This is done with +roll 6=job # and +roll 5=job #. You only need to roll the 6 version if you drop one Humanity but roll both if you drop two Humanity. If you fail any of these rolls then you must pick a derangement that your character will suffer for their moral lapse. This derangement does not get you an extra Merit dot nor does it count against the up to two voluntary flaws/derangments you can select to gain up to two extra Merit dots.

(**)All Retainers must be +noted on the character prior to approval with their actual stats.

Professional Training:

For details on Professional Training benefits, drawbacks and requirements, see Professional Training