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Professional Training

xxxxxThis Merit may be taken by any character without a major template; proper supernaturals are various sorts of inhuman and usually have too much to deal with to dedicate the kind of attention and soul to a single mundane vocation that this Merit represents. It may NOT be used in lieu of Resources to represent income from your profession, contacts you've made and other benefits that might come from the job.


A player who buys Professional Training must choose a Profession when first bought. This can be a 'standard' profession from the Hunter rule book or one of their own design. Custom Professions will be added to this page so that others may use them if they desire.

Each Profession comes with two 'Base' Asset Skills and a player is allowed to choose a free Skill Specialty in ONE of those Asset Skills. If a PC starts with two or more dots in PT then that free Skill Specialty may be taken from the third Asset Skill chosen (see below).

Characters should have at least one dot in each of their Base Asset Skills after leaving Chargen.


This is Professional Training (PT) from the Hunter Rule Book broken down by Points.

Remember, as noted above in the Chargen section, you also get ONE free Skill Specialty in ONE of your Asset Skills.

* Networking: At the first level of Professional Training, your character builds connections within her chosen field. You receive one dot of Professional Contacts per dot of Professional Training. Remember that each dot of Professional Contacts is a different type of Contact and that it should be relevant to your chosen profession. This does not prevent you from also obtaining the Contacts merit.

Professional Contacts, like the Contacts merit, are not individuals. They represent groups or organisations of people where a character has a web of connections. They should also be task and geographically specific - for example, Local Criminal Lawyers rather than just Lawyers. There are some cases where a Contact can be universal, Hackers for example because of the internet, so if in doubt, ask staff.

** Continuing Education: A character chooses a third Asset Skill. If they have this level in Chargen then their free Asset Skill Specialty (noted above) may be taken from any ONE of the three Asset Skills.

*** Breadth of Knowledge: Due to advancement in her field, she’s picked up a number of particular bits of information and skill unique to her work. Specialties in your three Asset Skills now cost 2xp rather than 3xp.

**** On the Job Training: With the resources at her disposal, your character has access to extensive educational tools and mentorship available. When you purchase dots in your three Asset Skills then they now cost new dots x2 rather than new dots x3.

Drawback: The FIRST dot in any non-Asset Skill now costs 4xp rather than 3xp.

***** A Day on the Job: With such extensive experience in her field, her Asset Skills have been honed to a fine edge and she’s almost guaranteed at least a marginal success. Before rolling, spend a Willpower point to apply the rote action quality to an Asset Skill. The rote use of the Skill must fall into the daily purview of the character.

Drawback: If this Rote action is used for a combat roll then the PC gets no defense during that turn and cannot specify a target during the attack such as by calling a shot. The ST should also determine if this combat falls under the 'daily purview' requirement.

Note: XP discounts (and extra costs) from level 3 and 4 will be honored in chargen. Free specialties will also be allowed at Chargen.

If your character happens to acquire a major template and you do not do a full +respec, you receive the following in place of Professional Training:

  • Contacts related to your Profession at a rating of Professional Training - 1. (In essence, you lose one level of PT contacts and must choose which area to lose.)

xxxxxEXAMPLE: Jim Bob the Mortal has Professional Training (Academic) 3. He gets Embraced by Jeb Smuckersby the Daeva. His Professional Training Merit is stripped from him, but he acquires Contacts 2 (Academia, Trade Publications). In addition, he will probably attract the attention of the Ordo Dracul, who will be interested in his academic background.


The new profession does need some sort of title for the position, but it can be anything you like that makes sense, and include any two base Asset Skills you like, with one limitation. For balance reasons, no profession can have both of its Asset Skills from the following list: Athletics, Brawl, Firearms, and Weaponry. You can have Crafts and Firearms but not Athletics and Firearms; you have Survival and Weaponry but not Brawl and Weaponry. Of course, for the third Asset Skill you may select anything you like. This means any profession will have two combat skills at most.

Please set a +note on yourself if your Profession differs from those listed on the wiki. This note should include the 2 (or 3) skills the profession includes.

Example: +note me/Professional Training=My Profession is Acrobat, and it includes Athletics, Expression as its base skills. For my third skill I've chosen Medicine.

If it's something that requires a bit of explanation, please also include that explanation in the note.

If your profession is not listed below, please use Custom and add a note to yourself.

If you are mortal and don't want a profession, you can use None.

Professions List

  • Academic (Academics and Science) Hunter: The Vigil p. 75
  • Adult Entertainer (Athletics and Expression) Custom
  • Alchemist (Crafts and Science) Custom
  • Animal Trainer (Animal Ken and Persuasion) Custom
  • Aristocratic Diabolist (Medicine and Occult) Custom
  • Artist (Crafts and Expression) Hunter: The Vigil p. 76
  • Athlete (Athletics and Medicine) Hunter: The Vigil p. 76
  • Author (Academics and Expression) Custom
  • BDSM Artist (Athletics and Persuasion) Custom
  • Bartender (Crafts and Socialize) Custom
  • Blogger (Computer and Expression) Custom
  • Bodyguard (Firearms and Medicine) Custom
  • Bootlegger (Drive and Streetwise) Custom
  • Bounty Hunter (Brawl and Investigation) Custom
  • Bureaucrat (Persuasion and Politics) Custom
  • Butcher (Crafts and Weaponry) Custom
  • Camgirl (Expression and Persuasion) Custom - Both females and males can use the Camgirl template.
  • Consultant (Persuasion and Socialize) Custom
  • Cop (Firearms and Streetwise) Hunter: The Vigil p. 78 - Police officers have specific requirements. See this page for information on required stats.
  • Criminal (Larceny and Streetwise) Hunter: The Vigil p. 78
  • Dancer (Athletics and Expression) Custom
  • Detective (Empathy and Investigation) Hunter: The Vigil p. 79 - Police officers have specific requirements. See this page for information on required stats.
  • Doctor (Empathy and Medicine) Hunter: The Vigil p. 80
  • Dominatrix (Athletics and Intimidation) Custom
  • Eccentric Socialite (Occult and Socialize) Custom
  • Enforcer (Intimidation and Streetwise) Custom
  • Engineer (Crafts and Science) Hunter: The Vigil p. 81
  • Entertainer (Empathy and Expression) Custom
  • Entrepreneur (Persuasion and Socialize) Custom
  • Escort (Empathy and Persuasion) Custom
  • Executive (Politics and Subterfuge) Compacts and Conspiracies p. 65
  • Florist (Crafts and Expression) Custom
  • Forest Ranger (Politics and Survival) Custom
  • Forger (Crafts and Larceny) Custom
  • Gambler (Empathy and Subterfuge) Custom
  • Hacker (Computer and Science) Hunter: The Vigil p. 82
  • Hit Man (Firearms and Stealth) Hunter: The Vigil p. 83
  • Holistic Veterinarian (Animal Ken and Empathy) Custom
  • Holy Warrior (Empathy and Weaponry) Custom
  • IT Contractor (Computer and Investigation) Custom
  • Information Broker (Investigation and Streetwise) Custom
  • Investigative Attorney (Academics and Investigation) Custom
  • Investigatigve Psychologist (Investigation and Medicine) Custom
  • Investigator (Investigation and Stealth) Custom
  • Jeweler (Academics and Crafts) Custom
  • Journalist (Expression and Investigation) Hunter: The Vigil p. 84
  • Laborer (Athletics and Crafts) Hunter: The Vigil p. 85
  • Lawyer (Academics and Subterfuge) Custom
  • Media Specialist (Computer and Investigation) Custom - This represents a computer/internet based person exploring media
  • Musician (Empathy and Expression) Custom
  • Occultist (Investigation and Occult) Hunter: The Vigil p. 86
  • Outdoorsman (Animal Ken and Survival) Spirit Slayers p. 144
  • PR Agent (Expression and Socialize) Custom
  • Paparazzi (Investigation and Stealth) Custom
  • Paramedic (Medicine and Streetwise) Custom
  • Paranormal Hunter (Firearms and Occult) Custom - think world weary Constantine type
  • Personal Assistant (Computer and Socialize) Custom
  • Photographer (Crafts and Expression) Custom
  • Pilot (Crafts and Drive) Custom
  • Politician (Persuasion and Politics) Custom
  • Prisoner (Empathy and Subterfuge) Custom
  • Pro Shooter (Crafts and Firearms) Custom
  • Probation Officer (Academics and Investigation) Custom
  • Professional (Academics and Persuasion) Hunter: The Vigil p. 87
  • Prostitute (Empathy and Subterfuge) Custom
  • Religious Leader (Academics and Occult) Hunter: The Vigil p. 88
  • Ritualist (Crafts and Occult) Custom
  • Rockstar (Expression and Socialize) Custom
  • Salesman (Persuasion and Subterfuge) Blood Drive p. 7
  • Scientist (Investigation and Science) Hunter: The Vigil p. 89
  • Seamstress (Crafts and Expression) Custom
  • Security Guard (Brawl and Empathy) Custom
  • Siren (Empathy and Expression) Custom
  • Smith (Crafts and Persuasion) Custom
  • Sniper (Firearms and Stealth) Custom
  • Social Worker (Persuasion and Streetwise) Custom
  • Socialite (Politics and Socialize) Hunter: The Vigil p. 90
  • Soldier (Firearms and Survival) Hunter: The Vigil p. 90
  • Special Forces (Firearms and Intimidation) Custom
  • Stuntman (Athletics and Drive) GMC p. 164
  • Surgeon (Medicine and Science) Custom
  • Tailor (Crafts and Expression) Custom
  • Technician (Crafts and Investigation) Hunter: The Vigil p. 92
  • Technocrat (Computer and Investigation) Custom
  • Thief (Athletics and Stealth) Custom
  • Thug (Brawl and Intimidation) GMC p. 164
  • Trapper (Crafts and Survival) Custom
  • Vagrant (Streetwise and Survival) Hunter: The Vigil p. 93
  • Veterinarian (Animal Ken and Medicine) Custom
  • Vigilante (Brawl and Stealth) Custom
  • Warden (Intimidation and Politics) Custom
  • Web Designer (Computer and Expression) Custom
  • Wilderness Guide (Stealth and Survival) Custom

Custom Professions


xxxxxBureaucrats make the world go 'round. They also can stall even the earth on its axis with the right amount of red tape and paperwork. A lot of people find bureaucrats more of a hindrance than a boon, but in life everyone has to deal with them in way or another. When you get your drivers license, applying for financial aid, or dealing with the edicts of their HOA. While some come to this profession with the want of trying to make a better world, they may become jaded and become a cog in the wheel. Others see the power of information and the control of it as a means of authority and a way to control the world around them.

xxxxxThe Vigil often sees these people stumble into the ranks when they find a misplaced file with a forged identity. The TSA officer that comes across that weird cargo on the carrier. The FBI Agent that happens upon a serial killer who seems to drain the life right out of his victims. The campaign aide who realizes his boss taking night meetings with one of his 'benefactors' who is unusually pale. For many bureaucrats, the need to know and put things in their proper place is almost irresistible. And once they do realize what is going on, ferreting out these societal threats often beckons to them.

xxxxxThose who survive their first encounters with the supernatural will often be snatched up by larger organizations that recognize the power of information: Control, Gathering, and Flow. Bureaucrats are useful at all levels of the hunt, seeing and tracking the comings and goings of people through their paper trail. It is the rare individual who can go through their life without leaving a paper trail, whether on their own, through their contacts, and/or their retainers and assistants. Everything can be traced back somewhere if you simply know where to look.

xxxxxBureaucrats can easily find a home in most of the Conspiracies due to their overall usefulness and their everyday applications. Groups like Task Force VALKYRIE and Malleus Malleficarum find them especially useful and will even seek them out when help is needed, tapping into their knowledge and access to info. The Union as well finds their ranks enhanced with these professionals.

xxxxxBackgrounds: Bureaucrats come from a variety of backgrounds. Many come from middle class lifestyles and have (or had) high aspirations. Many started at entry level positions and then worked their way up. Several may have begun their careers volunteering for a campaign or with their local action committees. Some fall into the work force as paper pushers while others learn their trade in college or specialized institutions of learning for law enforcement or finance, earning certifications that make them valuable.

xxxxxA high mental and social aptitude helps these people navigate difficult waters and move up the ladder. Intelligence and Manipulation can be particularly useful in deliberation and getting what they want. Wits for the quicker minded who rely more on being clever or Presence for those who get by more on their charisma. Physical stats are usually average. Most bureaucrats have some grounding in politics, persuasion, academics (with a specialty tied to their specific profession), and subterfuge. Investigation, larceny, and firearms may be most useful for law enforcement and government agents. Common Merits could be Contacts, Allies, and Bureaucratic Navigator.

Asset Skills: Politics, Persuasion


•• Field Agent/Secretary
••• Senior Agent/Administrator
•••• Assist. Director/Dept. Head
••••• Agency Director

Concepts: Federal Agent (FBI, CIA, ATF, etc), Government Administrator (FAA, FCC, IRS, etc), University Staff, Paper Pusher, Political Aide, Elected Official


xxxxxFor every great invention in the history of humankind, there has always been someone at the forefront to propel that idea into the mainstream. Call them visionaries or crackpots, rebels or opportunists, there is always someone who has taken each idea from "Why not?" all the way to "First!"

xxxxxIn this country, founded by an entrepreneur who'd been given his venture capital by the king and Queen of Spain, the lifestyle of "Fail fast / win Big!" has flourished and thrived as perhaps nowhere and no-when else. From their mecca in Silicon Valley to the storefronts of small towns everywhere, the entrepreneur is the barometer and the lifeblood of the modern economy.

xxxxxBackgrounds: Entrepreneurs come from a variety of backgrounds. Every time and place, and every culture and every city has those within it who "think different." Some of those people even turn out to have been right. The loudest of those lucky few earn the mantle of "Entrepreneur" and the wealth and fame that go with it.

xxxxxAt least one high mental and one high social aptitude are needed to help entrepreneurs navigate the difficult and quickly-shifting road to success, enabling them to move on out of the garage lab and up into the limelight.

xxxxxThink fast! Wits is usually the key. To solve a problem is not enough -- it must be solved quickly, "on the fly" and better and sooner than the next girl. Composure is critical, not for "if things go wrong," but for -when- things go wrong. Because they will. Because you're sailing in uncharted waters and you just took out your third mortgage to rent office space in an abandoned fire station. And now the EPA wants to shut down your only working prototype.

xxxxxPresence or Manipulation round out the social nice-to-have's, and a high dexterity is pretty great for typing, texting, and hacking while standing in the train to the airport for a flight to Hong Kong to meet with investors tomorrow.

Asset Skills: Persuasion, Socialize


Hackathon Participant
•• Maker Faire Maven
••• Startup guru
•••• IPO
••••• Jobs -Creator (Steve Jobs that is)

Concepts: Small Business owner, Crackpot with a Big Idea, Media darling, Mom and Pop organic grocer, Venture Capitalist, Franchise Founder, Hacker gone Big, Fair-trade coffee farmer


xxxxxA bunch of stuff about this should go here eventually. Short version, this is a professional training set that is for professional drivers/pilots/etc. It covers everything from small water craft to airplanes, depending on specs. It includes crafts to reflect the need to repair one's own vehicles.

Asset Skills: Crafts, Drive


•• Bubba
••• Bandit
•••• Driver
••••• Air Boss

Concepts: Getaway driver, Helicopter pilot, Professional gearhead, tank driver, etc.