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All of us here should be building a world where our characters live and evolve, not just exist. There are many ways to build that world. Each scene adds a little more – even just between two people. Each plot adds a little more as a broader range of characters become involved in a wide reaching story. I would like to take this to the next level and encourage you all to be aware and even make comment on events that you weren’t involved with directly. When you make a casual reference to something that happened, and is known about, in another part of town then it adds verisimilitude to everyone’s stories. When you can say something happened to a friend of a friend of a friend and that last person on the line is an actual PC people can talk with about it then it strengthens the roots of the entire setting.

So how to make this happen IC?

If you have run, or are involved in, a scene or plot where something happened that other people may hear about – a heated argument in a university café will be known throughout the whole student body within hours; news of a bad traffic accident, whatever the real cause, will be quickly spread; bank robberies and crime scenes won’t stay secret for long even if no one actually knows what /really/ happened – then drop Darwin a line, mentioning which groups may be appropriate, and it will be posted as gossip on the relevant +bboard (and on the wiki). This could range from an official news report – e.g. posted on a media outlet +bboard – to gossip between a social group – e.g. posted on the university +bboard or the law +bboard.

If you know exactly what gossip/news you want out there then please just send that for posting. Note that this is not necessarily an invitation for everyone to get involved directly in a plot, this is to relay information about an event that non-involved people may know about and could comment on. If the ST is happy for others to be involved then please state that and it will be added to the OOC section of the gossip.

There will also be regular news/gossip outlets such as Community Radio/TV, Commercial Radio/TV, Newspapers, Blogs etc that will also disseminate events/scenes/plots through the filter of their agendas.

Types of Plot

A plot can range from a single scene to an ongoing storyline with connected scenes over many months. In the latter, players can drop in and out as they like and are not expected to be there for every scene.

Ideally a scene (complete or as a component of a plot) should not go longer than six hours in one session but if all are agreed, and a time can be arranged, it can be paused and completed later.

Some plots may require your PC to be away from Fallcoast for a few days - whether through travel, abduction or other requirements. Please be aware of that if taking part and do not do other scenes that fit in that timeline. Other scenes can, of course, be backdated or forward dated if all participants agree.

If a scene is paused it should be considered to have taken place on the day it is finished. Please try to avoid any XP spends that would influence the completion of the scene before it is done.


Plots will be added here constantly and are both player and staff generated ideas. If you wish to add a plot here then please notify Darwin to have it added. If you are interested in a taking part in a plot then please let the listed storyteller know. Some may be done as Events, others as organised by interested parties.

The Disappearing Homeless

The homeless of the region are disappearing. More so in Hanging Hills rather than Fallcoast but that is only because there were more in the former than the latter to begin with. There are not as many turning up at the hostels than before and some of the well-known individuals haven’t been seen for months – Jimmy the Eagle and Miriam Motormouth for example. It’s summer so maybe they’re all down at the beach or have holiday jobs but that seems rather unlikely; especially when these disappearances are combined with stories of white vans that cruise the poorer neighbourhoods in the middle of the night.

ST: Darwin

Hearthstone Clinic

The Hearthstone Clinic was established on the grounds of the old Hearthstone Insanitorium. The latest in a long series of attempts to modernise the care at this location, at least this one has lasted longer than most. But when you establish a business in a place where the insane once died (or worse) and there have been stories of devil worship, human sacrifice and strange experiments having taken place there, who knows what you may encounter.

ST: Darwin

The Hills Are Alive

Crawford Ridge is a pleasant enough area in the summer. Unspoiled wilderness overlooking the FDR Reservoir where campers can camp to their heart’s desire and enjoy nature at its most lovely. And if they’re really lucky, they’ll get to meet the friendly locals – the cannibalistic Crawford clan who are always happy to welcome new dinner guests. You’ll feel so wanted you might decide to stay forever – especially if a female of breeding age.

ST: Darwin

The Old Amusement Park

Mystery Mountain has been closed since a rollercoaster car came free and slammed into the Ferris wheel, promptly dislodging that and causes it to crush around twenty people under its slow roll of death. But that was years ago and many a legend has sprung up since – it is haunted; criminals hide their drugs there; the best parties are secretly held. These are the kinds of things that draw the curious to the derelict park just off the highway out of town. Though no one has managed to figure out why there is no cell reception.

ST: Darwin

Ouija Board of the Damned

A friend of a friend of a friend picked up this Ouija board that ‘’totally’’ works like it says in the instructions. After that friend disappeared, the board fell into the hands of a first generation friend and they are ‘’totally’’ going to play it tonight.

ST: Darwin

The Scavenger Hunt

Who wouldn’t want to support a children’s charity? Organised by a local radio station, contestants will be sent to the four corners of the region to find objects. Their only clues will be poetic descriptions of the object and their location. Whoever manages to crack the clues and get back to the start line first, wins. Of course there may be people out to stop them or to take some of the objects for themselves

ST: Darwin

The Stalker

Some people attract attention from those they would rather not - the furtive homeless person who hangs out at the end of the block; the musclebound jock who won’t leave you alone at the gym; maybe even that nice granny who only wants to give you sedative laced cookies. They will haunt you, appearing in and out of your scenes, and generally causing you distress that will be need to be resolved somehow – unless you’re happy to be abducted and live a happy life all alone together. Until they tire of you.

Multiple people can be doing this at the same time with different stalkers. Perhaps there is a ‘League of Statlkers’!?

ST: Darwin

Summer Camp Escapades

Not everything has to be murder, mayhem, darkness and death. Why not join a summer camp for a few weeks and work as a counsellor. Here you can deal with the worst horror of all – teenagers – as you help them gain self-esteem, listen to their woes and assist them in beating Camp Trump at the sports carnival…

ST: Darwin

Summer Camp Massacre

…or you could work at a summer camp where an axe-wielding maniac wants to slaughter the staff.

ST: Darwin

A Three Hour Cruise

Fallcoast has a tourism industry, especially in the summer, so it’s not unusual to see small boats putting out to see filled to the brim with tourists and locals on a guided tour of the coast. Not all of them return without incident…or with everyone still on board.

ST: Darwin