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Playing Mortals

Scenes -> Plots -> Legends

All of us here should be building a world where our characters live and evolve, not just exist. There are many ways to build that world. Each scene adds a little more – even just between two people. Each plot adds a little more as a broader range of characters become involved in a wide reaching story. I would like to take this to the next level and encourage you all to be aware and even make comment on events that you weren’t involved with directly. When you make a casual reference to something that happened, and is known about, in another part of town then it adds verisimilitude to everyone’s stories. When you can say something happened to a friend of a friend of a friend and that last person on the line is an actual PC people can talk with about it then it strengthens the roots of the entire setting.

So how to make this happen IC?

If you have run, or are involved in, a scene or plot where something happened that other people may hear about – a heated argument in a university café will be known throughout the whole student body within hours; news of a bad traffic accident, whatever the real cause, will be quickly spread; bank robberies and crime scenes won’t stay secret for long even if no one actually knows what /really/ happened – then drop me a line, mentioning which groups may be appropriate, and I can post it as gossip on the relevant +bboard (and on the wiki). This could range from an official news report – e.g. posted on a media outlet +bboard – to gossip between a social group – e.g. posted on the university +bboard or the law +bboard.

If you know exactly what gossip/news you want out there then please just send me that and I’ll post it up. Note that this is not necessarily an invitation for everyone to get involved directly in a plot, this is to relay information about an event that non-involved people may know about and could comment on. If the ST is happy for others to be involved then please state that and it will be added to the OOC section of the gossip.

There will also be regular news/gossip outlets such as Community Radio/TV, Commercial Radio/TV, Newspapers, Blogs etc that will also disseminate events/scenes/plots through the filter of their agendas.

Mortal Death

It happens to all of us but at least in a MUSH if it happens then it should be worthwhile – PCs are the heroes, and villains, of these stories after all. But in all stories there are some that fall by the wayside to act as drivers for those that remain; lost heroes who are remembered for their sacrifice. If you are happy to make this kind of sacrifice as part of a plot then please let me know.

Important Notes:

Just because you are on such a list doesn’t mean you WILL die, only that the option is there if a dramatic opportunity presents itself. Remember also that you may be in a scene with other PCs that will do their all to keep you alive so don’t be upset if you pull through/get rescued;

If an ST has a plot that they think will benefit from the POSSIBLE death of a PC then I will ask if anyone on the list wishes to be involved. The ST should have a clear idea of the benefits of such a death and be able to work with the player to get the best result;

Your presence on the list will be kept as secret as can be to preserve any surprise for the scene;

If you change your mind then please ask to be removed from the list ASAP;

If you are NOT on this list, that does not make you indestructible and immortal. There is no control over the vagaries of die rolling and if you do something like attack King Kong with a rusty spoon then you will probably be squashed and be immortalized for all the wrong reasons.

Mortal Hunters (Tier One)

Mortals are allowed to be hunters without being Hunters. They are considered Tier One Hunters and have constraints as noted below. These Mortals can become full Hunters via a Becoming process if they wish.

Mortals can form cells and they are allowed to learn one Tactic when they do so. This is the only Tactic they will ever learn as Mortals. They will probably draw attention from the Compacts and Conspiracies in Fallcoast, who will watch the new cell to see if they have any sort of worth to their particular Conspiracy. Mortals are allowed to join a Compact or Conspiracy if they are picked to do so and meet the requirements (Lucifuge won't take anyone who isn't descended from the Morning Star, for instance. Malleus Maleficarum won't take anyone who isn't of faith). This is considered a Hunter Becoming and will require logged scenes and a respec for the PC.

These Mortal hunters can be solo Hunters, without benefit of Compact, Conspiracy, or cell (or Tactic). This will not necessarily make your life easy, in terms of getting into existing Hunter RP, or in being a viable Hunter. However, having given that fair warning, if players wish to play newbie hunters who have not been recruited, and want to explore this process of moving from a solo Vigil to the larger world of Hunter organizations, then this is how this can be played IC.