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xxxxxThe Voudon interact with the Loa to have access to the invisible world - what most consider the world of ghosts or Twilight. The Loa are many and have different attributes that a Voudon can call on to affect the world for good (Rada) or ill (Petro).

xxxxxVoudon are religious figures where their power is accepted, who are possessed by a Loa to access their powers. As their powers develop and they gain access to more powerful Loa, they start to interact with the Shadow World as well. Though it isn't an easy life being ridden by ghosts or spirits.

Playing a Voudon

  • Sacrifice is an inherent part of the Voudon rituals so make sure your neighbours are understanding of your way of preparing your chicken dinner.
  • There is a perceived darkness that goes with the Voudon thaumaturge - all that possession and zombie creation leaves an impression. Do you want to play on that or try and project a more 'reasoned' version.
  • Rituals usually involve a number of worshippers, much dancing, loud music, sweaty bodies and neighbours complaining to the police. If you do hold this kind of ritual you may want to find somewhere more private than your back yard.
  • Voudon is a religion so you may want reflect your position as 'priest' with Allies, Contacts and Retainers.
  • If you are new to Voudon then perhaps you want to create a cult around you...or are you happier operating in the darkness?

Voudon IC

Here will go the holdings of Voudon as well as any gossip, plots, knowledge that have passed into lore.


Theme Song

Dead Man's Party

Defining Merit

Invocation (Ghosts) **** OR Invocation (Spirits) ****

Path Merits

Countermagic, Curse of Ill Fortune, Divination, Dream, Evocation (Ghosts or Spirits) ** or ****, Healing, Invocation (Ghosts or Spirits) ** or ****, Luck Magic, Magical Nexus, Sacrifice (Ghosts or Sprits), Second Sight, Soul Jar, Warding, Weather Control

A Voudon must have at least minimum dots in the following Path Merits before being allowed to buy the Dual Path merit.

Evocation (Ghosts or Spirits) **, Invocation (Ghosts or Spirits) **, Luck Magic, Sacrifice (Ghosts or Sprits), Soul Jar

It is recommended, but not compulsory, that a Voudon choose Shaman as their second Path/Tradition (see below).

Thaumaturges use the universal Library merit rather than the one from Second Sight.

House Rules

See here [1] for a discussion about Voudon and whether their powers apply to Ghosts and/or Spirits.

Most Voudon will first interact with what they perceive as Ghosts and then eventually progress to what they believe are actually Spirits. To reflect this, if a Voudon specialises in Ghosts (no Spirit merits at all) and then buys Dual Path of Shaman (the Spirit side), the Dual Path merit will only cost 10xp rather than 20xp.



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Active Voudon

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NPC Voudon

Second Sight Icons

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