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Taoist Alchemist

Taoist Alchemist

xxxxxTaoist Alchemists are concerned with the transformation of self and the world towards perfection. This is more a philosophy than a religion but it can also be incorporated easily into religious traditions - the reincarnation of Buddhism for example is a form of transformation. The ultimate 'prize' is a harmony with the universe that in less spiritual eyes could equate to immortality. But there are many paths in this Path to attain Nirvana.

Playing a Taoist Alchemist

  • Taoists are concerned with transformation towards perfection; either of the self (Internal Alchemy) or the world (External Alchemy).
  • What exactly this perfection is can differ between Taoists. For some it is a return to nature and balancing life energy. To others it is the attainment of immortality. To others it is the removal of the physical state of being completely. A goal is important to a Taoist and will affect their approach to RP.
  • They are a contemplative group and prefer to think through an issue rather than resort to hasty decisions
  • That is not to say they are a tranquil bunch. Martial Arts is a form of contemplation after all.

Taoist Alchemists IC

Here will go the holdings of Taoist Alchemists as well as any gossip, plots, knowledge that have passed into lore.


Defining Merit

Alchemy (External) **** OR Alchemy (Internal) ****

Path Merits

Alchemy (External), Alchemy (Internal), Countermagic, Divination, Dream, Geomancy, Healing, Longevity, Luck Magic, Magical Nexus, Second Sight, See Auras, Warding

A Taoist must have at least minimum dots in the following Path Merits before being allowed to buy the Dual Path merit.

Countermagic, Geomancy, Luck Magic, See Auras

Thaumaturges use the universal Library merit rather than the one from Second Sight.

House Rules



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Second Sight Icons

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