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xxxxx Shamans are those on the path of Spirits. They see them everywhere. They talk with them, fight them, help them but they are always in their lives. A shaman cannot turn off this connection and it has led just as many to madness as to great spiritual awareness and wisdom.

xxxxx Shamanism in the monotheistic industrial world is treated more as insanity than something to be prized but when a shaman is able to solve a problem that has flummoxed everyone else, they will know it is worth it. They are of two worlds and finding the balance can be difficult but rewarding.

Playing a Shaman

  • Shamans are the connection between humanity and Twilight spirits and are constantly of both worlds. All Shaman must choose the ‘See Spirits’ merit from the start.
  • A Shaman’s closest friend is usually their familiar. They are the only one who can truly understand.
  • Shamanic magic involves trances and the Thaumaturge must be in one to access their powers – though this could range from a daydream state to full-on meditation depending on the complexity and power of the ritual.
  • It’s hard to keep a high paying job when spirits are constantly talking to you so most Shaman are usually from, or end up in, the poorer parts of society.
  • All that talking to things that aren't there also lead many a shaman to be locked away in an asylum - or shunned by an ignorant society.
  • Shamans can be born with their power or taught by man or spirit.

Shamans IC

Here will go the holdings of Shaman as well as any gossip, plots, knowledge that have passed into lore.


Defining Merit

Visionary Trances ****

All Shaman must buy the merit 'See Spirits' in Chargen or as part of a Becoming.

Path Merits

Dream Travel, Evocation (Spirits only) ** or ****, Familiar (Twilight only), Internal Alchemy **, Invocation (Spirits only) **, Psychic Projection, See Spirits, Weather Control

A Shaman must have at least minimum dots in the following Path Merits before being allowed to buy the Dual Path merit.

Dream Travel, Invocation (Spirits only) **, Psychic Projection

Don't forget that 'See Spirits' is compulsory for Shamans.

House Rules



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