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xxxxxIt may have started as voices in your head that weren't yours. Or perhaps it was the visions. Maybe it was the way fires flared up when you got angry. Or was it the way your body seemed to externalise your emotions and actually change. Whatever it was it was frightening and more than a little bit worrying. But eventually, either alone or with help, you realised you weren't going out of your mind. In fact, you were finding more in your mind than most will ever do.

Playing a Psychic

  • Psychics have a wide range of powers though finding a theme for your PC will play better rather than trying to twink the best of everything.
  • There is an NPC organisation known as OMEGA that would be very interested in employing, training and protecting you. Would you like to know more?
  • Some say that OMEGA are brainwashing, power mad lunatics out to enslave the world. Would you like to know more?
  • Do you advertise your powers or hide them away? Do you use them at work or try to lead a normal life - whatever normal is? Do you charge five dollars a minute to read people's minds or do you have this 'horrible' ability to see an old crime happen right in front of you? Your powers can lead directly to relevant employment and RP.

Psychics IC

Here will go the holdings of Psychics as well as any gossip, plots, knowledge that have passed into lore.

The Human Potential Network is the front for OMEGA operations in the region. It is a super modern two storey complex (and some underground areas) where psychics can be tested, evaluated and trained. Though their OMEGA operations are secret, the HPN front regularly advertises psychic testing on late night television - how else to recruit? Drop on by if you want to be tested and see if your powers are real.


Defining Merits

Each Psychic is allowed 4 free dots to determine a Defining Merit for their PC. The full details can be found here:

Defining Merits

A Defining Merit must be one with no pre-requisites and must be bought before any other powers. Below is a list of Psychic Powers that can be used as Defining Merits:

ESP merits:

Clairvoyance ***

Postcognition *** only

Precognition ****

Psychometry **** only

Mediumist merits:

Automatic Writing **

Death Sight ****

Ghost-Calling ***

Psychokinetic merits:

Biokinesis **** only (the 5th dot can then be bought as usual)

Cryokinesis up to **** and only if a PCs Stamina AND Composure allow it (the 5th dot can then be bought if Stamina and Composure both 5 dots)

Electrokinesis ***** (the 5th dot MUST be bought)

Pyrokinesis ***** (the 5th dot MUST be bought)

Telekinesis up to **** (Remember that though they may possess as many dots as they like, they can only use to their Resolve dots)

Thermokinesis up to **** and only if a PCs Stamina AND Composure allow it (the 5th dot can then be bought if Stamina and Composure both 5 dots)

Telepathic merits:

Animal Empathy **** only

Aura Reading ***** (the 5th dot MUST be bought)

Mind Control ***** (the 5th dot MUST be bought)

Mind Reading **** only (the 5th dot can then be bought as usual)

Path Merits

Though there are four 'paths' for a psychic there is no limitation with regard to staying on a path for all their powers. They are free to select from any of the the paths.

House Rules

Psychic and Thaumaturge House Rules: House Rules for Psychics included here.



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NPC Psychics

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