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Playing Mortal+


Scenes -> Plots -> Legends

All of us here should be building a world where our characters live and evolve, not just exist. There are many ways to build that world. Each scene adds a little more – even just between two people. Each plot adds a little more as a broader range of characters become involved in a wide reaching story. I would like to take this to the next level and encourage you all to be aware and even make comment on events that you weren’t involved with directly. When you make a casual reference to something that happened, and is known about, in another part of town then it adds verisimilitude to everyone’s stories. When you can say something happened to a friend of a friend of a friend and that last person on the line is an actual PC people can talk with about it then it strengthens the roots of the entire setting.

So how to make this happen IC?

If you have run, or are involved in, a scene or plot where something happened that other people may hear about – a heated argument in a university café will be known throughout the whole student body within hours; news of a bad traffic accident, whatever the real cause, will be quickly spread; bank robberies and crime scenes won’t stay secret for long even if no one actually knows what /really/ happened – then drop me a line, mentioning which groups may be appropriate, and I can post it as gossip on the relevant +bboard (and on the wiki). This could range from an official news report – e.g. posted on a media outlet +bboard – to gossip between a social group – e.g. posted on the university +bboard or the law +bboard.

If you know exactly what gossip/news you want out there then please just send me that and I’ll post it up. Note that this is not necessarily an invitation for everyone to get involved directly in a plot, this is to relay information about an event that non-involved people may know about and could comment on. If the ST is happy for others to be involved then please state that and it will be added to the OOC section of the gossip.

There will also be regular news/gossip outlets such as Community Radio/TV, Commercial Radio/TV, Newspapers, Blogs etc that will also disseminate events/scenes/plots through the filter of their agendas.

Organisation - OMEGA

OMEGA - The Organisation for the Mentally Enhanced and Genetically Altered - is here to help you. They regularly hold 'Psychic Conventions' that most citizens of Fallcoast giggle about but it is a way of teasing some genuine contenders out of the blowhards and charlatans. They also have an open door policy towards people coming in off the street to be tested. You may have seen one of their ads on late night TV where a psychic manages to save their family by avoiding a traffic accident they foresaw. It was directed by the guy who did 'Goat Island Massacre 3'.

If you wish to be tested by OMEGA then please put in a +request ATTN Darwin asking for such a scene. If you do display powers then you will be known to them and they will offer you assistance. If you refuse, you go on a watchlist and who knows what may happen. OMEGA is here to be an antagonist or protaganist as you desire. You can either go on their top secret missions or spend your time resisting them.

Organisation - CAB - Convention of Alternate Beliefs

CAB is an organisation trying to normalise alternate belief systems in the community so to put an end to misconception and ridicule. They are the community of Thaumaturges if you wish to join them or hide from them. They may not be as multi-national or rich as OMEGA but if you need assistance, teaching or support then they are there. And there may be some...things...they suggest you can do in return.

Thaumaturge Rituals in Combat

Thumaturge power is usually accessed via rituals. Rituals are not instantaneous events and require preparation and components to function. Players should be aware of this when attempting to use their powers in combat situations. If the round timescale has been entered into - ie you're doing actions/combat - each round is considered three seconds. So if your ritual takes one minute to perform - per the rule book - then that is TWENTY rounds before you can even roll for it. Most combats will probably be over by then - not to mention that if you're constantly interrupted by being shot or stabbed then this will prevent it being completed.