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Hedge Witch

Hedge Witch

xxxxxHedge Witches are common the world over though most keep themselves secret - particularly in parts of the world where they could still be burned or hanged. They deal with passions more than intellect. Most have an emotional desire to help others through their magic but that could end up making things much, much worse.

xxxxxSome witches deal with the baser emotions; happy to cause jealousy and anger to flourish as much as love and pleasure. A Hedge Witch's rituals are more 'basic' than others but that makes it easier to gather the components and cast. It is a path that is passed on from family member to family member like a cherished secret even though it may be practiced in private.

Playing a Hedge Witch

  • Hedge witches can be either sex.
  • Hedge Witchery is the most basic of the Thaumaturge paths and is more commonly representative of the poor and illiterate – particularly in non-industrialised cultures. It is usually taught by a mentor, often a family member, rather than learned from the rare books that actually describe Hedge Witch rituals.
  • Hedge Witchery is an earthy, visceral art. Practitioners will get their hands dirty and rituals may involve the caster’s bodily fluids. Though this also means that they find it easier to get components for their rituals than other Traditions/Paths.
  • In less ‘advanced’ parts of the world, witches are still treated with equal awe and fear…and subject to burning as much as being sought for advice/help. In ‘advanced’ nations they are more likely to be treated as fools…unless their help is needed. Whatever world a witch finds themselves in, it will be up to them how they advertise themselves and/or sustain their image. Are they the mad cat woman in the shack in the woods who will give you a love spell in exchange for roadkill? Or do they run a fortune telling service that they advertise on late night television – ‘Wanda is waiting for your call’?

Hedge Witches IC

Here will go the holdings of Hedge Witches as well as any gossip, plots, knowledge that have passed into lore.


Defining Merit

Enchantment ****

Path Merits

  • Curse of Ill Fortune
  • Dream Travel, Familiar (Embodied Only)
  • Healing, Invocation (Spirits only) ** or ****
  • Luck Magic **
  • Scrying
  • See Auras
  • See Spirits
  • Visionary Trances **
  • Weather Control

A Hedge Witch must have at least minimum dots in the following Path Merits before being allowed to buy the Dual Path merit.

Curse of Ill Fortune, Healing, Visionary Trances **

House Rules



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NPC Hedge Witch

Second Sight Icons

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