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Ceremonial Magician


Ceremonial Magician

xxxxxCeremonial Magic is usually the domain of the scholarly. People who have dedicated themselves to learning the rituals, especially those that favor luck and chance, of the world via arcane tomes or exploring the darkest tombs. They are people who feel that they are better than the rest; more intelligent, more astute, wiser. It is usually their downfall.

xxxxxThey collect vast libraries of magical ritual, though even they will admit most of it is fake, and do their best to impress their fellow Ceremonial Magicians with their collection. They are a formal and hierarchical breed and position and respect are important amongst them. They are, however, more tied to this learned knowledge than the other Paths. There is nothing intuitive in their magiks.

Playing a Ceremonial Magician

  • Ceremonial Magicians are almost always people of a scholastic, academic and/or otherwise highly educated background. They investigate the rituals from the common to the most obscure and have a thirst for knowledge (and possibly power). They usually form elitist tendencies.
  • A Ceremonial Magician should have a good reason for NOT having at least one dot in a Library of an occult/supernatural/ritual nature.
  • Ceremonial Magicians usually have a mentor of some kind but it is possible to learn entirely from books – if you can find the real books rather than the many fakes in the world.
  • Since they work from the same basic rituals and a common knowledge, Ceremonial Magicians can be part of formal and hierarchical groups for support and training. Like any group there may be abuses of power, discrimination, politics and jealousies to go with your rituals.
  • Though many of the rituals described are Western culture based, a Ceremonial Magician can come from any culture where a highly educated/wealthy stratum can exist. They simply apply a different cultural filter to the rituals but it is recognisable by any other Magician who knows the ritual.

Ceremonial Magicians IC

Here will go the holdings of Ceremonial Magicians as well as any gossip, plots, knowledge that have passed into lore.


Defining Merit

Luck Magic ****

A Ceremonial Magician should also buy at least one dot of relevant Library in Chargen or have a good BG reason why they should not.

Thaumaturges use the universal Library merit rather than the one from Second Sight.

Path Merits

Communion **

Countermagic ** or ****

Curse of Ill Fortune


Dream * to *****


Evocation (Spirits only) ** or ****

External Alchemy ** or ****

Favorable Fortune


Internal Alchemy **

Magical Nexus * or **


See Auras


A Ceremonial Magician must have at least minimum dots in the following Path Merits before being allowed to buy the Dual Path merit.

Communion **, Enchantment, External Alchemy **, Favorable Fortune

House Rules



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Active Ceremonial Magician

Inactive Ceremonial Magician

Dead Ceremonial Magician


NPC Ceremonial Magician

Second Sight Icons

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