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Apostle of the Dark One

Apostle of the Dark One

xxxxxIn the beginning there was darkness...but it was not a void. There was something there. Was it one entity? Was it a host? Was it, or they, even aware? An Apostle of the Dark One desires to know what was there. To communicate with, and worship, the darkness that was there before time itself. And via their communion they will learn wisdom, expand their knowledge and perhaps even gain some of that ancient power to make the world a better place. Or perhaps just make themselves a better place in it.

Playing an Apostle

  • Dark One does NOT equal Satan. Nor does it necessarily equal an ‘evil’ entity. The Dark One, in whatever form perceived by the Apostle, is so named because it existed before the light (which would rule Satan out as he was created by the light – in the traditional Judeo-Christian explanation).
  • This is not to say an Apostle cannot believe they are in communication with what they think is Satan but that is their own filter at work rather than an absolute identification.
  • Apostles attempt to communicate with this ancient entity as part of their attempt to explain or control existence. Sometimes it is for personal gain. Sometimes it is simply for the knowledge.
  • An Apostle usually puts themselves before the group as they operate at a level above morality and understanding/connection with the Dark One is more important than anything else. The Dark One itself existed before there even was such a thing as morality but this does not mean Apostles only do what is perceived by others as evil or selfish.
  • With each Apostle having an almost unique interpretation of their communication with the Dark One (or Dark Ones) they seldom have enough of a common approach to allow long-standing cults to be created. They may share knowledge and their experiences with other Apostles but enough of an agreement to actually establish their own religion is rare and prone to schism.
  • They do make good cult leaders however. They are quite good at convincing people of the worth of their religion, at least in the short term, and may decide to gather some followers to feel important.
  • Remember this is a religion based on communication with an ancient entity - not something that can be summoned like a spirit or a ghost. And like any religion, you get out what you put in. You want to be an evil bastard, that is what you will get. You want knowledge and wisdom, that is what you will get.
  • Regaining Morality is harder for an Apostle due to their drive to do what is needed being more important than the society around them. XP costs is new dots x4 rather than the usual new dots x3.

Apostles IC

Here will go the holdings of Apostles as well as any gossip, plots, knowledge that have passed into lore.


Defining Merit

Communion ****

Path Merits

  • Countermagic ** or ****
  • Curse of Ill Fortune
  • Divination
  • Dream
  • Enchantment
  • Evocation (Spirits only) ** or ****
  • Familiar (TWILIGHT only)
  • Luck Magic
  • Magical Nexus * or **
  • Sacrifice (Spirits only)
  • Scrying
  • Second Sight
  • Visionary Trances
  • Warding

An Apostle must have at least minimum dots in the following Path Merits before being allowed to buy the Dual Path merit.

  • Countermagic
  • Luck Magic
  • Second Sight
  • Visionary Trances

All Thaumaturges use the universal Library merit rather than the one from Second Sight.

House Rules

Though the Apostle write-up in the book does not explicitly state either Twilight or Embodiment type Familiars like the Shaman and Hedge Witch does, the actual write-up of the Familiar merit makes it clear that Apostles use Twilight familiars. Since Apostles work in the Spirit space this further confirms that Apostles use Twilight familiars.



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Active Apostle

Inactive Apostle

Dead Apostle


NPC Apostle

Second Sight Icons

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