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  • Team Lead: Hecate
  • SME:
  • Storytellers: Always wanted.

Rules and Systems

  • Approved Flaws: A list of allowed Flaws with page citations
  • Derangements: A list of derangements.
  • Equipment: How to get what you want or need, and some clarification on the status of illegal or near illegal items.
  • Families: Old money and famous families of Fallcoast.
  • General House Rules: House rules and clarifications of base systems from the general WoD series.
  • Merits: A list of general Merits available to everyone and lists of Merits belonging to Mortal+ characters with no game line to call their own.
  • Optional Mechanics: Well, how would you handle this particular diceroll? (A player-maintainable resource.)
  • Reliquary: How we handle buying, creating, and modifying Relics.

Mortals IC

Links to locations, organisations and plots (and many other things) for Mortals.

  • Businesses - From Dippin' Donuts to Brothels (though Dippin' Donuts sounds like a brothel name too) here are the businesses, organisations, stores, bars, nightclubs, churches and everything else a town needs to keep going. If you create a business/organisation then make sure it is added to the linked page.
  • Playing Mortals - What it's like to be a mortal and how to make the best of it.
  • Plots - Plots available for Mortal PCs and another place to advertise your own scenes and events.

Local Mortals

Active Mortal Characters (PCs)

Deceased Mortal PCs

Character Generation

  • Mortal is currently open.

Chargen begins in the Chargen Rooms. Please go all the way through those to set your stats. Please see App Standards for game-wide application standards.

A job will be autocreated once you have finished. Add a comment to the job (+myjob/add ###=<blah>, where ### is the number of your job - it changes every day so use +myjobs command to check what it is - and <blah> is what you wish to add. Use %r to create line breaks between requests) which shows your XP spends and anything else that you want set on your sheet. Please follow this template when adding your spends to the job.

Alternatively, and preferentially, XP spends can also be set using the in game +xp/req system. This will create an additional job that will contain your spends and the code for staff to apply them. This will be processed faster due to not having to write the code from scratch. You can add the additional template information (see above) to this job and/or the standard post-Chargen job.

Starting and Incentive XP

All characters receive 550xp to spend when being created. Please spend as much of it as you can but you do not have to spend it all.

Incentive XP for Mortal

  • Due to the recent increase in starting XP, no incentives are being offered at this time.

Morality Sell Downs:

You may drop up to two points of Morality and receive 5xp per drop. Remember to roll to the chargen job for derangement once it has been created - +roll 6 = job <###> and +roll 5 = job <###>. Where # is the current job number - remember it changes every day. The command +myjobs will show the current number. (If you have dropped one point, then only do the 6 roll. If you have dropped two points, then do both rolls).


xxxxxHere are a few questions that you might try to answer in your +bg sections. Many people find it easy to just cut and paste the questions and answer them. That's fine, and in fact, makes our jobs really easy. Be as detailed as you like, so that we can get a good sense of your character, but try to avoid rambling, to keep turnaround times down. (We don't mind reading your stories! We just know you want to get on the grid as quickly as possible.)

The Mortal World
  1. What was your life like growing up? What was your family like?
  2. Where did you live?
  3. How did you perform in school (if you went)? How did the others see you?
  4. What profession did you end up in? Why? What are your talents?
  5. What are your views on the other groups of people? Are you racist? sexist? etc.
  6. What are your views on the Unknown? Are you a believer, or someone more rational?
  7. Do you have many friends? Who are they? Why do they hang out with you?
  8. Do you have any enemies? Why do they hate you?
  9. Where do you live now? If you're not a native, what brought you here? How long ago?
  10. What do you do in Fallcoast? Who might know you/have heard of you?
Legal Status
  1. Have you ever been convicted of a crime after the age of 18 years old in the United States? If so, was this in Fallcoast? Have you been arrested in Fallcoast, and if so, why?
  2. If so, what was the result of the conviction? Are you still on probation?
  3. Did you finish your time or probation?
The Other World (optional, generally for M+ characters)
  1. When did you first encounter the supernatural? Describe in-depth what happened. Did anyone die?
  2. How did you react after? How did you deal with your newfound knowledge?
  3. Who, if anyone, helps you advance your knowledge? Why?
  4. Do you have any special talents? What are they? Where do they come from? (Actual answer and believed answer may differ here.)
Backgrounds and Stats/Attributes/Merits

Please ensure that your Background and Stats/Attributes/Merits mesh together. If, for example, you have a background that insists that you are a genius and have a boatload of degrees but you don't have one dot in Academics then you will probably be asked to redo something. Likewise, if you have been a soldier/athlete etc but have no physical skills beyond average - or at all - then it may be questioned.

There may be reasons for disparaties as mentioned above but if so then they should be mentioned in your BG.

Should you apply via M/M+?
  1. Hunter, Possessed, and Immortal fall under the umbrella of M+, but have their own staff, spheres, and application guidelines.
  2. Minor templates such as Beast-kin, Proximi, Sleepwalkers, Wolfblooded, Ghouls, Fae-Touched and minor template Immortals apply via their relevant spheres.
  3. Those wishing eventual Becomings should apply to the Mortal sphere and then, later, to their new sphere, for their Becoming PrP/process.

App Guidelines

Application Guidelines
  • No more than 3 (in total) fours and/or fives in Attributes (after starting XP has been spent).
  • No more than 3 (in total) fours and/or fives in Skills (after starting XP has been spent).
  • Fives in anything must be justified and mentioned in your background.
  • No more than a single one in Attributes (after starting XP has been spent).
  • Character creation only Merits must be bought with Merit points.
  • The fifth dot of an attribute, skill, or merit costs two dots.

Professional Training

Below is the information you need to include in your job if you have the Professional Training merit. See Professional Training and Professonal Training Merit Details for info on that merit):

  1. Profession (Professional Training template type). If it is a custom profession then you should have a +note explaining the details.
  2. A Professional Contact for each dot of Professional Training. Contact should be relevant to your profession and geographically and task specific. For example, Local Criminal Lawyers rather than just Lawyer. Some contacts, such as Hackers, may be legitimately universal. Ask Staff if in doubt.
  3. Asset Skills - please include your third asset skill if you will leave chargen with Professional Training of 2 or more
  4. ONE (in total) free Asset Skill Specialty for any of your Asset Skills
Other information

Reviewing your merit purchases to be sure you meet all the prerequisites (they are all listed on the merits page of the wiki), and including the qualifier/information for merits that need one (like striking looks, retainer, contacts, ect.) as well as setting +notes on yourself with the stats/description of all retainers, relics, and staff will save a great deal of time in processing your application. If you need any help doing any of these then please let Staff know.

Please keep in mind that just because your PC meets the listed requirements does not mean that staff will approve your sheet as-is. We do not want to keep people on a tight leash, but if we feel as though you are abusing the line of what is acceptable stat-wise, we will ask you to change it. We reserve this right. There is no particularly bad type of character created, though if the stats don't make sense for the concept, I'll work with you to make sure it makes sense.

Please also be aware that if you have things on your +sheet or that you are requesting something that needs approval or a once over by other staff/players (Such as relics, animal retainers, mystery cult initiation, family apps, equipment) then this may cause a delay in your approval.

Please make sure that your +finger, PC sex (@sex me=<M or F>), description (@desc me=<blah>), short description (&short-desc me=<blah>) etc. are all set prior to submitting for final approval. A character cannot be approved without a description.

Wanted Concepts

If you wish to add a request to this section then please let staff know.

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