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Law is order, and good law is good order.
~ Aristotle


xxxxxHe's the firstborn son in a family which had no real wealth, only accomplishments, and his family were nothing except supportive and motivating in seeing him excel in school and his career. What little help they could do, they gave it - and then he found out about turning human willpower into superhuman results. Small acts, well-timed, and sequenced properly, it was all part of the plan: rise to prominence in school; accelerate through every gifted and talented education program available; enter civil service, as soon as he'd finished law school - his first day on the job was the same as his graduation ceremony. He skipped it to go to work, because throwing a hat into the air wasn't as important to the plan.
From a filing clerk in his hometown to a courthouse pretrial service coordinator, all the way to becoming a public defender - it was all part of the plan. Then he met and married someone special, someone who understood him, and they each chose to help each other grow in power, prominence, and achievement. He switched sides of the courtroom and became a prosecuting attorney, collecting a strong, well-earned reputation as a pitiless examiner of witnesses, capable of a withering barrage of well-timed, expertly-placed questions, sometimes leaving them in emotional wrecks and worse. Those who lied in front of him had best be serving a high-end version of justice. Woe betide those who did not guard well their secrets.
By keeping his conviction rate high, yet far from perfect, he saw justice done - from assistant to lead counsel, then finally helming the office itself, giving junior members their time to shine and receive their due rewards. When the call was made for an open position in the Fallcoast court, it was a sensible move, and still part of the plan.


xxxxxHe's in good shape and certainly a tall one. Montgomery is 6'3", in excellent physical condition and health, and looks to dress himself as a fashion plate. It seems as if his traditional mode of dress is monochromatic: lots of blacks to contrast the white of his shirts, unbroken by a colorful tie or even cuff-links - the only thing flash about him is his eyes, and the rest is understated beauty
There's usually a fair amount of stubble on his cheeks and chin, and in the winter months, a well-kept beard, clipped close enough to convey a professional who actually can afford a barber's visitation. He has amazingly expressive brown eyes, naturally black hair with the faintest hints of silver threading through it, and a strong, masculine jaw, set against an aquiline nose.


Dot black.pngPsychic: Absolutely unfair advantages are still advantages.

Dot black.pngCavanaugh Family: A member through marriage.

Dot black.pngLaw: Filing clerk, public defender, prosecutor, and now District Attorney.


ScarletC003.png Scarlet- Get ready to rule.

Easton1.jpg Councilman Easton - Whatever shall we do with this power? Good.

Evangeline 05.jpg Evangeline - What a wonderful celebration, and so many new friends for it.

Brianna Avatar.jpg Brianna - I presume that we'll know each other in the future.

LawIcon.png NAME - Will say something here at some point.

LawIcon.png NAME - Will say something here at some point.







Vital Stats

Full Name: Montgomery Merced
Appears As: Montgomery
Alias: Monty
Unfortunate Nickname: "Monty the Merciless"
Birth Date: July 9th, 1975
Apparent Age: Mid-40s
Occupation: District Attorney
Virtue: Integrity
Vice: Sadism
Sphere: Psychic
Type: Telepath
Affiliation: Cavanaugh Family

Notable Stats

Skills Of Note
Persuasion ••••
Empathy ••••
Politics •••
Status (City Hall) •••
Encyclopedic Knowledge ••••
Area of Expertise ••
(Empathy: Headgames)
Bureaucratic Navigator ••
Good Time Management ••
Iron Will ••
Rigid Mask ••


The Cruel Sea ~ Better Get A Lawyer
Better get a lawyer, son
You better get a real good one
Better get a lawyer, son
You better get a real good one
Get yourself a suit and tie
And get your hair cut way up high
Get yourself a lawyer, son
You're gonna need a real good one