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Assassins: they got sass and live on sin. - Natalya Vorobyova

xxxxx Missy's mother didn't even know she was pregnant when she delivered her daughter to the world in a trailer bathroom. Unwanted and unexpected, Missy soon learned that television was your best friend and school was a place you went to fight. She has headed into the world of crime with every intention of being someone - preferably a hitwoman with a glamorous car, a secret identity and a swank penthouse apartment. Missy may be delusional but she's gonna try!

RP Hooks
  • Skinner - Proud to be trailer trash but also making her way up in the world. The more trash you have, the higher the pile you can make to stand on to reach the good stuff!
  • Criminal - Low level street criminal for the moment but has aspirations such as...
  • Hit-Woman - Yes, Missy likes to think of herself as an assassin. Not that she's killed anyone yet but how hard can it be?
  • Addict - Missy has grown rather attached to cocaine but she has it under control (sniff)
  • Delusional - Missy's social skills and life aspirations are derived from television and movies - and there was never any parental oversight of what she watched.
  • The Velvet Box - Missy use to work at the BDSM shop but the owner has gone missing. Hard to get shifts now.
  • Four Towns High School - Go Beavers!! Technically still has to graduate...and attend more than a few days a month.
  • Meadow Green Trailer Park - She's a Skinner, of course she lives there. Her trailer is the one with 'Slut lives here!' painted on the side. Thanks grandma!
  • DJ - After performing the duty at a party she crashed, Missy has decided she's also a pretty good DJ. DJ Assassin in da house!
  • Camgirl Manager - Missy looks after Gavin's camgirls. Helping them with routines and managing finances.


Claire - Cousin with an angel's voice. All is forgiven, cuz.

David - Friend of Alice's and quite the BIG surprise. He came back but didn't bring Alice.

Dottie - Provider of awesome parties!

Emily - Rich girl with awesome weapons...but not sure if she wants to see me again since I beat her ass. I hope she does! She does!!

Gavin - I have no idea where he gets his stuff from but it is 'effin awesome. Blows your mind like a nun blows...never mind...just know it's good shit. I may actually be working for him. My memories are a bit unclear.

Madison - Eager to please cousin who has all the right connections.

Sabattus - Old guy who's good at hammering.

Splash - Poet of the streets. Gonna be in one of his music videos playing Skank #3. I was born for the role.


Alice - That first date had everything. Soulmate...who I never see. Which makes sense since I can't see my soul either. The circus midgets had too much allure.

Avalon - We do so much blow together!! And she's pretty enough for us to get some good deals. Everything was great until those coke selling circus midgets showed up.

Axel - Half brother. I got all the brains...and the looks. I can't believe he just ran off with that circus troupe of midgets.

Bella - Honorary Skinner...with all that entails. And that includes running off with midgets.

Craig - Hunky cousin who works on the boats. Smells of fish but that's cool. Last seen heading to sea with some circus midgets.

Erith - Cousin with some of the same interests. Did I promise her a job while I was drunk and high? The circus midgets offered her a better job.

Felix - I'll get to know him one day. When he's done with the circus midgets.

Gordon - His favorite pick-up line is 'Hello'. Another I am converting to the wonders of unisex bathrooms. The circus midgets have better bathrooms.

Howard - Friendly dealer. Good prices. Reliable quality. Now where am I supposed to get my stuff from? And how come circus troupes of midgets are so popular?

Ian - Fellow believer in unisex bathrooms. Keeps popping up. But then popped up in the circus midget bathroom and was never seen again.

Jackie - Cousin with a big dog. I love peeling the layers off her shell. But the circus midgets got under her skin before I could.

Jessalyn - She's back! And damn she still has a lot of back to bring with her. Then the circus midgets got her again.

Kane - Skinner with some product and a flexible payment plan. Though why he gets Colombian coke instead of Fallcoast I don't get. Shop local! Now the exclusive supplier for circus midgets.

Misty - People get us confused for some reason. Cousin and wingwoman. Though the midgets got her for their airline.

Philip - Nice bod and a nice stash (not tache) but doesn't follow instructions. Should I introduce him to his kid? I guess the circus midget was his.

Roz - Older sister and role model. Probably where I got the urge to kill people from. Off protecting me from circus midgets.

Skye - My boss for the best job ever. Hope not to let her down while I train to be a killer. Disappeared just after some circus midgets passed through town.

Skylar - Sexy cousin who's a lot of fun. Went missing for a bit but all Skinners do. This time the circus midgets got her.

Tex - Male stripper. Which is just as well since he'd be a terrible female stripper. Stripped for the circus midgets but I heard he came back. Even wears suits these days. Not birthday ones. Then he left again. Can those circus midgets even reach his pouch?

Vesna - One of the camgirls. A natural at everything. We're going to make music together! DJs for circus midgets now.

Will - Where there's a Will, there's a huge...party. Ran off to build a website for circus midgets.

Yas - Free medical exams! But now no more. He's working at a circus midget hospital in Upper Zambezi. Hope he doesn't have to check out their lower Zambezi much. Marrying Zillah.

Zillah - aka God. Geddit - God Zillah. Please yourself. She shows us Skinners how far you can get if you work hard. She gets paid to strip! And she was so good that the circus midgets have hired her to be entertainment at the circus midget hospital that Yas works at. So now they can be together - how romantic. Wait! I missed the hen's party!


Missy Skinner
In game as: Missy
Date of Birth: Jan 12, 1995
Apparent Age: Late teens
Height: 5'7"
Occupation: Unemployed Hit Woman
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed
Professional Training: Hit Man *****
Striking Looks: Wanton **
Family: Skinner
Played By: Sasha Grey

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