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Oneirophysic - Investigator - Poet - Bandit
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The woods are lovely, dark
and deep. But I have
promises to keep, and miles
to go before I sleep
- Robert Frost

Seeming darkling.pngEntitlement Order of the Oneirophysics.png

Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Vice: Just Let Me Rest Another Hour
Virtue: Only the Penitant May Pass
Occupation: Investigator/Author
Race: Changeling
Seeming: Darkling
Kiths: Lurker/Riddleseeker/Author
Motley: None
Taylor Swift - Out of the Woods
Dave Matthews - Halloween
Radiohead - There There
Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight
Well I remember, I remember don't worry
How could I ever forget
It's the first time, the last time we ever met
But I know the reason why
You keep your silence up
No you don't fool me
The hurt doesn't show
But the pain still grows
It's no stranger to you and me


xxxxxMelody was born in FallCoast yet disappeared about a year after her mother passed from cancer. There was a long search for the girl splatted all over the media. The following year, after the search had come up empty and the media turned doubts to her father as being involved, her father took his own life from grief. Years later, Melody, having escaped from her time across the hedge with He Who Walks Behind, has returned. Finding her family gone, she has since changed her name to Oakenbach and joined with the Order of Oneirophysics to help others deal with the nightmares and wild dreams that she contended with on her return. Raising in the ranks, she now hopes to help other Lost who have issues dealing with the life they have come back to. She has also joined up with Abraham Butters in his Lawfirm and works as an investigator, using some of the resources to help fellow Lost, in between cases. Often, she keeps to the shadows, observing though once out of her shell, warms up to others.


  • Author- Melody alternates through poetry and prose. She is often finding a coffee shop, bookstore or some place quiet to do her writing.
  • Bandit -Melody borrows things mostly. She has a large aquired library of over 300 books. From nabbing take out from a delivery car to five fingering a jacket, she borrows what she needs. Intent to return one day, if time.
  • Investigator - She works for Butters and Skinner as an investigator, and helps keep their paperwork under control. Perhaps you are in need of legal help?
  • Changeling - Melody has been in the Changeling community for several years here in Fallcoast. Usually she sticks to the shadows but is willing to stick her neck out when she has something to say or do.
  • Dream Hunter - Problem with dreams, nightmares? Melody is certified in handling these issues (Oneirophysic), be it big or small. She patrols orphanages and homeless shelters to make sure the weak are not plagued by dreams from Them.
  • Healer - As a rank 3 physician with the Order of Oneirophysics, she specializes in psychology. She is also able to heal those in need and offers her services among the Freehold. She has also been caught a few times at the hospital, helping out in the shadows, standing in as a volunteer.
  • Woodland Dweller- Hanging out in the woods though not as much as she used to. She finds inspiration for her writing there. You can sometimes find her sitting on a boulder or up in a tree.
  • Autumn Court - Always up for a little fear mongering or investigating the creepy crawly things out in the world. If you have something going on, maybe she can help.
  • Ghosts - Lots of interest in the Underworld lately. If you are interested in Ghosts or Geists or Grim topics of the dead, Mel may be good to talk to.


Death Came Calling and They Punched Him
  • Roy - My broken life breaking best friend I ever had.
  • Kilo - Inky genius and huge heart. Sister by another mother.
  • David - Hows the weather up there?
  • Deckard - Still figuring you out, but good so far
  • Hoax - Still figuring you out, but seems good for Kilo. Got alot of work to fill up Free's shoes
  • Idina - Fellow Crow, puts on a great bbq
Office Space
  • Butters - 'Better Get Butters', most moral grumpy awesome lawyer in Maine
  • Hayward - Computer brilliance!
Lost and Found
  • Dora - Wonderful with so many links, even same Keeper. Lots to learn from her.
  • Wish - Fiery feral
  • Adam - Another victim of my Keeper. Maybe I can help with the nightmares.
  • Elmo - Understand the forest better than most.
  • Nemo - Giving and focused on society. Great little bug
  • Tock - Gears and steam made real. Smart as a whip
In the ground or under it
  • Cross - Wandering the Underworld
  • Siri - My Taylor Durden , I swear I still see her
  • Free - I miss the growl

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