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“Your mind, to me, is an open book: full of big print and lots of pictures!”
Maldis, Farscape
Maud Olsson
Michelle Pfieffer as Maud
Played By: Michelle Pfieffer


NPC Type: Psychic Retainer
Run By: Nerdvana
Family: Wagner
Date of Birth: 1965
Apparent Age: Late 40s
Occupation: Co-Owner of Boutique Brynhildr, retired nurse
Virtue: Compassion
Vice: Pride

Notable Traits

xxxxxEmpathy Skill ********
xxxxxMedicine Skill ********
xxxxxPsychic Powers ********
xxxxxOther Skills ****

Character Details

xxxxxMaud is a native Fallcoaster who was born in 1965. After graduating from high school she left for college and never looked back (until very recently) feeling unwelcome by many due to the ultra conservative opinions most of the town's residents held at the time towards what were referred to as "women who preferred the company of women" which were impossible for her to ignore due to her nascent telepathy. In college she met her lifelong partner, Caroline Stephens, and studied to be a nurse. She and Caroline were roommates, then friends, then lovers, forging a bond that is only reinforced by Maud's powers, not stemming from them.

xxxxxAfter graduating college, Maud worked at a number of hospitals as an emergency room nurse as well as participating in surgeries when required. During the summer of 2010 a doctor made a mistake during surgery causing the patient to die; in order to protect the surgeon, the hospital blamed Maud causing her to be fired. It took almost a whole decade but she fought the improper firing, during which time Caroline gladly supported her (Maud worked near minimum wage jobs the entire time in order to be able to have the flexibility of being in court when needed), but in the end she won her case and a hefty sum of money which she ended up using to set up in Fallcoast upon her return.

xxxxxWhen she returned, even though she chose not to reside on Rising Moon Island itself, she of course visited the family island. One of the first members of the family to greet her was Dani Olsson. Due to Caroline's abilities and the couple's mental bond, Dani's Changeling nature was apparent but Maud could see the resemblance to her "deceased" aunt Danielle Zuko (nee Olsson). As all three shared a passion for needlework they hit it off and after a few weeks Maud came to understand Dani's true identity.

xxxxxAfter a friend of Dani's left Fallcoast abruptly, Maud chose to purchase their abandoned place of business and reopen the haute couture shop for Dani as Boutique Brynhildr. While technically she and Caroline own the boutique, it is Dani's to run and theirs to assist her in.


xxxxxMaud is a psychic with telepath abilities. Her defining power (or Defining Merit per Psychic HRs) is Telepathic Rapport but this includes a number of subordinate abilities, these are all listed below.

  • Mind Reading: This allows Maud to read the thoughts of others, deep or light scans although deep ones are more difficult. She can do this for groups but this is extremely difficult for her. She rarely uses this ability for anything but light scans for surface thoughts due to ethical concerns.
  • Telepathic Communication: This allows Maud to establish two-way mental communication with anyone she can see (requiring line of sight) or who she has a Telepathic Rapport with.
  • Telepathic Rapport: This allows Maud to form psychic links with other people. It is permanent until (a) death or (b) Maud releasing the link. She has such a link with Caroline. Anyone else (who would be listed here) would also need to set a +note on themselves on the MUSH.
  • Thought Projection: This allows Maud to send thoughts to anyone she can see (this does not require line of sight) or who she has a Telepathic Rapport with.


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