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“He was everything your mother warned you about when she told you not to walk alone in the dark.”

– Nenia Campbell

The Past
xxxxx"I was born again at eleven. I do not remember my life before then, before him." At eleven years old, Marisol Flores was taken from the only life she ever knew and given a second chance to live. Most children grow up in the love and warmth of their parents but Marisol's mother was not your typical maternal nurturer. Her father, a Uratha who was tortured and killed was nothing but a figment of her imagination and her mother, a Purebred Ivory Claws wolfblood, had her assignments. Needless to say, Elena Flores was a sought after agent. The apple could not have fallen farther from the tree.

xxxxxMarisol grew up fast and she grew up hard living within the Ivory Claws' compound. Their way of living never felt right to her. There was always something missing (besides her freedom). There was a whole world outside these walls just waiting to be explored or taken by force and so long as she was living here, Marisol would never get to experience it. The days and nights seemed to meld together and since the weather of Southern California was mostly like perpetual Spring, it made differentiating one day from the next nearly impossible. Clever though, these Ivory Claws - the scenery was perfect for creating mindless drones through their propaganda. Admittedly, Marisol almost fell victim to it. She almost became one of those mindless, thoughtless fucks.

xxxxxThen one night, all of that changed...

The Present
xxxxx"Looking back on those days I had a pair of steel cojones on me. I didn't know what I was getting myself into but I had to break free. I had to get out of where I was. I always knew it wasn't right. The Rhino's took me under their wing, under their charge. They weren't easy on me. I had to become one of them. It meant that I was the low man on the totem pole and in charge of doing all the grit work they didn't want to do like dishes, take out the trash, and do the laundry. It wasn't just 'women's' work. All those who ranked above me had to do that shit when they first started out. It was a rite of passage. I got to go to school, I had to get good grades; It was like being at the Academy but not. They wanted to make sure I wasn't some mindless drone. I had freedom like I never had before and, well, that's when things got interesting."

xxxxxEveryone has a talent. Marisol's god given talent is her art. It comes naturally to her. She can draw and sketch anything with such precision and detail it is often difficult to discern from reality. What wasn't a god given talent is her ability to drive that monster big rig 'Bucky' like it's her personal bitch. At thirteen, Marisol was hell bent on learning how to drive. She wasn't ready though and was repeatedly told 'No.' She clearly doesn't understand the meaning of the word. Joyrides became a thorn in Cannonhands' side. And like all kids who disobey authority, Marisol was punished. She didn't seem to care though. The thrill of a joyride drove her to sneak out time and time again. One night, she drove a car into a tree and was badly hurt. Rather than try to punish her again, Marisol was given driving lessons once she was on the mend. By the time she was eighteen and officially had her license, she was not only a pro at driving cars but she'd moved on to those monster trucks and big rigs. Needless to say, practice makes perfect and it's something of a blessing that she has this talent to claim.

xxxxxThis is only the beginning.

RP Hooks
  • People Should RP With Me - Everyone. Marisol is very inclusive.
  • These Are The Things We Can RP About - Art, History, Music, Cars, Food... <---So good.
  • They're Terribly Interesting - All those things that go bump in the night.
The Little Black Book of Contacts




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Marisol Flores
Date of Birth: November 14, 1993
Apparent Age: 23
Occupation: Tattoo Artist, mostly
Virtue: Always giving
Vice: Always receiving

Sphere: Werewolf
Role: Wolfblooded

Selena Gomez ft. A$AP Rocky - Good For You

Let me show you how proud I am to be yours.

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