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"Ask not what your country can do for you —
ask what you can do for your country."
~ John F. Kennedy


xxxxxMarcus has lived a fairly normal life, all things considered. His parents were the typical sort, always fighting, probably cheating on each other, putting on a face for everyone else. He spent a lot of time with his grandmother growing up. She was eccentric, but she also took care of him and taught him things that were important. He joined the army young, and worked his ass off to get into the Rangers. He served there for two full tours, racking up as many mental scars as physical.
xxxxxNow that he is back home he needs to try and rebuild himself. He used the money he made to buy a patch of land here in Fallcoast, Earthbound Acres, and is using the crops and the animals as a sort of therapy. While he isn't happy to find out about the Supernatural world that cat's out of the bag, and so he has fallen into his nature and training to do what he can to help the People and do his duty like a good soldier. It helps that they seem competent, and if not that at least real strong. He's a man that likes to follow, and that gives him a secure place here.


xxxxxHe stands just under six feet tall, with light brown hair that seems almost blond in the light. His hair is kept shaved down on the sides and back, an undercut that is usually slicked back or off to one side. His face has angular qualities that give it a mostly squared shape, with slightly raised cheekbones and a strong jawline. His eyes are a crisp blue, almost grey in the center, and he has a dusting of a beard across his cheeks and chin.
xxxxxHe's wearing a grey t-shirt, the seams showing signs of wear and a few small holes present in places. Otherwise, it is clean and is tight enough that the strength in his arms can be seen. His stomach looks flat beneath as well, and he does have an overall athletic look. Tight-fitting jeans are held up with a brown leather belt, and he has on tan work boots.


Bullethole.png Ranch: Just bought a plot of land with a farmhouse on it and has started growing and raising. Vegetables, fish, little bit of cattle and chickens. Could always use help, or customers.

Bullethole.png Wolfblooded: Never knew what he was growing up, but the last year or so he has found out the hard way. Still new to it all but willing to do his part for the People.

Bullethole.png Ex-Military: He served with distinction in the US Army Rangers. Retired after two full tours and is trying to live the quiet life now.

Bullethole.png Night Life: Marcus is no stranger to vice. Booze is what gets you through the shit a gun won't, and women help that along too. Might be found at bars and clubs, and has been known to look for an escort to help him with his deep-rooted masochistic tendencies.

Bullethole.png Mixed Martial Arts: Something he picked up in Basic and has stuck with and expanded on. He trains at home, and when he has the time he goes out to local gyms too. Has to be careful who he spars with, though, since one of his quirks usually makes it a lot more intense.


75RIcon.png NAME - Things.

75RIcon.png NAME - Things.

75RIcon.png NAME - Things.


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Vital Stats

Full Name: Marcus Hawthorne
Appears As: Marcus
Birth Date: October 11th, 1993
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Occupation: Truck Farmer
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Lust
Sphere: Wolfblooded
Affiliation: None yet.

Notable Stats

Skills Of Note
Athletics ••••
Brawl ••••
Crafts: Mechanic ••••
Tell: Exciting •••
Tell: Wolf's Meat •••
Tell: Second Skin •••


The General ~ Dispatch
There was a decorated General with a heart of gold
That likened him to all the stories he told
Of past battles won and lost
And legends of old
A seasoned veteran in his own time
On the battlefield he gained respectful fame
With many medals of bravery and stripes to his name
He grew a beard as soon as he could to cover the scars on his face
And always urged his men on