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Currently Accepted Splats: ChangelingChanging BreedsGeistHunterImmortalMageMortalMortal+PossessedVampireWerewolf

Humans are inevitable: When a plague of angry spirits descends on an old neighborhood, the people who live there suffer the consequences. When hungry Vampires take too much sustenance, humans pay for it in anemia and corpses. Often humans seem like simple pawns and beings to trample over but what happens when humanity reacts to the power around them and start to reach for little slices of their own? Humanity seems to be flourishing, attracted to this New England realm. These are the stories of what happens when people who live in the mundane world intersect with the secrets of the supernatural whether it be because they accidentally stepped into a Verge or because they purposefully tried to summon Paimon. They seem to always be watching, filming, and spreading dangerous lore. A single incident can turn a man to a Home Depot-kitted Hunter, a single video a viral masquerade breaching moment.

Power has consequences: Though the wellspring of power runs strong and bright in Fallcoast, there are no guard rails. There are only actions and consequences. Nobody intends for the rush of fire they send at their enemy to catch an adjacent assisted living apartment building on fire and burn 100 people alive screaming in their beds. Nobody expects to end up on the cusp of discovering a dark magic that will sacrifice a portion of your morality to advance in its brutal arts which sends you down a path that leads to your own descent into madness. Power corrupts. Power attracts. Power reflects. The story of Icarus seems to be for other people but keep in mind that's what Icarus thought before he realized the sun was too hot.
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