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“The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live.”

– Tiffany Ross


xxxxx Tiffany Ross is a former student of St. John's University who is now employed in student administration. There she keeps a watch on the Sisterhood as well as supplying them with information about strange happenings.

  • To assist the Sisterhood to protect the campus.
  • Keep a watch on the university and protect the student body/bodies.
Type of Assistance (if any)
  • Research and investigation
  • Limited equipment availability
  • Cover-up
Known Special Talents
  • Can shake a pom pom like no one's business.
Tiffany Ross
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Run By: Darwin
Apparent Age: Early thirties
Occupation: Student Administration

Compact/Conspiracy: Maiden's Blood Sisterhood
Faction: Pleaides
Location: Local and available
Status: ***** (MBS)

Fight Song

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