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Spell Jobs


Recurring Spells are spells that you cast on a repeating basis. Usually, mages have at least a couple Daily Spells and a couple more Monthly Spells. In the past, we used notes to put these on players individually. Now, though, we have the handy, dandy +effects system which makes it super easy to track when we need to renew your spells.

We will break this system down for you in a step-by-step fashion for each category of spell notes.

  • If you want information on how to submit Persistent Spells using +effects, click here.
  • If you want general information on ritual casting, click here.


As a note, mage staff will not require you to reroll your spells each month when the job comes up to renew. You will only have to reroll if you make changes to your chosen spells. This is a more streamlined approach to monthly and daily spells that cuts down on the time required from both players and staff. When you see the renewal job, if you want to keep everything the same, just pop a note in the job indicating as much and your spells will continue for another month.