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Sometimes you're looking for a Mentor for a thing. Sometimes you know you have something people want. Now you can list it out here so people know and can find you.

Mundane Services

Sometimes you don't know how to do something but someone else does and they do it very well. It's a perk they are Awakened/Proximus/Sleepwalker! Not only that but it makes for nice RP Hooks. Perhaps you need a competent thief, a psychologist to listen to your inner fears or someone with pull at the local bank to get you that loan you want. Perhaps you offer your own special brand of services to others. Here is where you can actually list your Services be it a trade, a profession, a hobby or talent that others may find useful! Feel free to add a blurb about yourself. If you do not see a listing below, create one!

Alchemy and Crafting - The Awakened Nation sometimes has need of the esoteric. Do you need a summoning circle made of lead? An acid laced with copper? Or perhaps you're wanting a weapon to specifications that aren't precisely legal.
  • Shadow - Accomplished alchemist and craftsman for the arrows.
Arts and Entertainment - Want a picture painted of you on a unicorn? Need a clown to terrify your nephew? Need a band to play at your cousins wedding? Not all Escort Services are skeezy, you know.
Automotive Sales and Service - Car broken down? Want to put some sweet rims on your WRX? Need to buy a car that isn't a lemon?
  • None
Banking and Funding - Banks are an important part of civilized life. Have pull at one or work at one? Help a fellow Mage get a Loan Application pushed through?
  • Loot
  • October - Create gold out of thin air? Don't worry, I can help you make that a little more...liquid.

Business Owners/Operators - It's nice to go where everyone knows your name. Why go to a big chain when you can buy local and support Awakened business owners?
  • None
Computers and the Internet - It is the Digital Age. Smartphones and the internet dominate the Fallen World. Do you know how it all works?
  • Eve - It's her main area of expertise.
  • Yossarian - He does a thing or two with these, and is not too caught up in the rules.
Construction and General Labor - Mages sometimes want weird things added to their homes or don't need Sleepers in their Sanctums. Sleepers may give odd looks about Panic Rooms against Banishers anyways.'
  • None
Crime - Crime doesn't pay but it pays to advertise. Looking for drugs? Guns without serial numbers? Have ties to the Mob? Need Big Tony to give someone a 'message' for you?
  • Shadow - Thief for Hire.
  • October - You can't all own carwashes to launder money.
  • Eclipse - You need to buy or sell something and can't find it anywhere else for some reason? Eclipse can get it for you.
Diplomacy and Public Relations - Sometimes you need representation. Sometimes you need someone to do the talking for you. Not everyone is a wordsmith.
  • None
Education and Advancement - Are you a professor? Looking to get into college? Need tutoring courses on World War II because it relates to a specific Artifact you are looking for?
  • Yossarian - New professor at St. John's, mostly teaching physics.
Law Enforcement - Need a cop to respond to a call that would be hard to explain to a Mundane cop? Need Police advice?
  • None
Legal Aid and Representation - Mages have to follow the law just as much as Sleepers do. Sometimes they get in trouble and they need proper legal assistance.
  • None
Linguistics and Translations - Need something translated and don't have the Mind to figure it out? Specialize in dead languages or speak something fluently?
  • Eve - Five common languages and one very uncommon one.
  • Loot - Four common languages one universal.
  • Balthasar - A scholar of Akkadian, Sumerian, Sanskrit, Ancient Egyptian, and Latin. Collector of ancient texts.
  • Empyrean - Empyrean can handle: Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Greek, Spanish, Japanese, Yiddish, Latin, Aramaic, and Sanskrit
Medical and Psychiatric - Ever have to explain to a Sleeper doctor that you were bitten by a Flesh Intruder, um, I mean dog? Now you don't have to. Maybe someone is on call to help!
  • Izimbali - A former nurse that can fix up almost anything magical and mundane.
  • Empyrean - Medic! Empyrean can handle the basic wounds. And he can get to you quicker than most. Seconds, not minutes. Put him in your speed dial.
Politics - Mages who may have some political connections. Contacts in Waste Management. Or perhaps Zoning that can look into getting that Permit you need to build the Cafe you wanted to open.
  • None
Science and Technology - Do you know about astrophysics? You hip to biology or the study of funky diseases the lay person cannot pronounce properly?
  • Yossarian - Quantum Information Science and mechanics, physical sciences, etc.
Sports and Athletics - Want to learn how to play badminton? Join a local softball league? Get in shape? Do you even lift, bro?
  • None
Travel - Need to get from one place to another? Getting in and out of countries with/without passports?
  • Uatu - Reality Stalker, Master of Space. He'll get you there.
  • Eclipse - Eclipse can get you places too. Political boundaries are imaginary jail cells. One world.