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Order Status
Notice: These guidelines are meant to help people advance despite some of the OOC challenges of a MU* environment with a large number of people and personalities in the sphere. This does not mean that the IC structures and methods of an order's advancement are invalidated. It means that if you reasonably meet IC criteria, the below are the factors we're concerned with (though higher status gives heavier weight to the following):
  • Status 1: No requirements, you app'd in or were inducted. Welcome to the order, have fun.
  • Status 2: Need sponsorship by someone of rank 3 or higher, or 2 people of rank 2 or higher. Otherwise, no requirements.
  • Status 3: Need to show that you have been working for the Order. This can be any of the following:
    • Training or induction scenes with lower status members
    • Recruitment
    • Thorough knowledge of the order book
    • Attendance of order specific scenes.
  • Status 4: Same as status 3 plus:
    • An Order-specific scene every month. This can be a PRP, Caucus, meeting, or another Order-wide +event.
    • Communication with Staff as far as needs and issues go.
    • Staff acceptance (as the putative leader of the order, you will be working with staff)
  • Status 5: Staff discretion only. Unlikely.

Procedures for Status Raises to 3 and Above

  • Only people with status in the Order may vote.
  • Votes will be anonymous. This means individual jobs for each member.
  • Votes are OOC. If you vote no, show cause. If you vote yes, no cause is needed.
  • Votes not submitted within a week are automatically discarded.

Procedures for Status Decreases

  • Status 3-4: Not meeting requirements.
    • Notified through staff query and given one month to correct
    • Bumped to next lower status if unable to meet requirements
    • Exceptions will be made for RL circumstances at staff discretion

Additional Info

  • There will ever only be one person at Status 4 and/or Status 5.
  • There is no hard limit on the other ranks, but staff may put a hold on numbers as needed. Any current restrictions can be found in the information block of your +faction.
  • All raises can be through the appropriate IC means, despite the actual mechanics. So a Libertine might get voted in while an Arrow might get promoted from above.