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"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful."
— Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)

Forget Fallen World governments and occult politics. Knowledge is power. Over time, mystic lore trumps worldly ambition. The members of the Mysterium believe their order to be the purest, because it shuns mundane power. These mages prefer to seek pure magical knowledge. That doesn’t mean there aren’t influential mystagogues, as mages of the Mysterium call themselves. The order does not dictate individual ambition, but members of the Mysterium seek out knowledge first. Power is the welcome side effect of holding the chief currency of the occult: sorcerous lore.

The Four Protocols

Whether a new or old Mystagogue, please be familiar with the Four Protocols (Mysterium pg57). "Without universal customs, charismatic, amoral individuals acquire undeserved power. Clear traditions give mages a framework to teach, bargain with and protect each other."

  • The First Protocol: Right Scholarship

Lies do not become the Art. Some mages trade in deception, diluting the sum total of Awakened knowledge. Their fraud damages occult studies for centuries on end. A counterfeit spell, a fake Artifact — all contribute to pancryptia. Sleepers or other supernatural beings are not owed any honesty at all.

  • The Second Protocol: Right Apprenticeship

The master-apprentice bond is sacred; it demands obligations from both parties. An apprentice shouldn't oppose their master in political matters, and freely share rotes and esoterica with them. A master in turn is obligated to provide comprehensive training, including rotes, magical theory, the High Speech, a basic understanding of Awakened society and the necessities of life. Any transgressions committed by the apprentice will answered for by the master.

  • The Third Protocol: Right Exchange

Mages must trade secrets in balanced bargains. The Mysterium does not believe in an unfettered "free market" for its rotes and arcane lore. They should not be traded for mundane wealth and power. Payment must be at least equal to the secret's utility, rarity and power.

  • The Fourth Protocol: Right Authority

Mages should defer to those who are most knowledgeable among them. All Awakened political systems should recognize magical skill. Mages should further respect superior knowledge in an informal, day to day basis. Proper deference encourages powerful elders to participate in the Awakened community. Conversely, those elders have a responsibility to instruct their lessers, to be teachers rather than lords.

New Member's Guide

Getting involved with the Order and Sphere as a new player can be a challenge. This page will hopefully make that task a little bit easier.

Here are some things you should to do:

  • Be sure to join the Mysterium channel by typing addcom mys=Mysterium. You can replace MYS with any channel alias you want.

The Mysterium has an Out of Character chat channel called 'Mysterium'. It is a great way to get to know the other players in the order.

  • Add yourself to the Members section.

Add yourself to the Members section on this page by following the format used or @mail Enki or @mail Merek in-game to have one of them add you. Also, be sure to add [[Category: Mysterium]] to your character's wiki page so they show up in the Mysterium group on the main Mage wiki page.

  • Page people!

If you spot a Mysterium member online, Page! We don't bite!

Ranks and Titles

xxxxxAcquisitor (Status •)

Acquisitors have a life that seems glamourous on the surface. They're the Indiana Joneses, Laura Crofts, and other adventure tropes rolled into one. Theirs is the duty to find and claim knowledge and artifacts from around the world. They have to be tough, smart, and socially adept to be successful - though one out of three ain't bad if that's what you've got. Not everything they do is strictly legal and while some are archaeologists and rare artifacts dealers, just as many are thieves and cons. The burnout rate can be pretty high.


xxxxxCensor (Status • )

Censors get no love. They're feared and hated by members in the Order and Outside. These are the men and women responsible for keeping dangerous items and bits of knowledge out of the hands of those not worthy for them. A censor is one part scholar, one part bad ass mofo. They store censored items in the Censorium, and even a Curator needs their permission to get in.

Current: Muriel, Jedi

xxxxxSavant (Status • •)

Heirs of the most ancient office of the Mysterium, the Savants are the purest scholars. Their duty and responsibility is the survival of knowledge. Must be voted in by ALL daduchoi in the area.


xxxxxCurator (Status •••)

Keepers of the Athenaeum. Curators usually rise from one of the lower positions and are elected to office via the Daduchoi of a caucus. They oversee access to the Athenaeum, can declare Interdiction, etc.

Current: Black, Shakti

Research Dream Team

The members of the Alae Draconis are known for their knowledge. Whether it's retrieving something already known from their vast stores of information or finding out something new or analyzing some strange artifact, the Wings of the Dragon can get it done. Below are known Mystagogues and their information specialties.

  • Black - Abyss, Dragon Lines, Egyptology, Norse, Relics, Teratology.
  • Shakti - Anthropology, Magical Feminism, Atlantis


Serving as headquarters, library, refuge, and dangerous item storage for the Mysterium.

Local Mystagogues

Hierophant Inferior
Daduchos Superior
Daduchos Inferior
Neokoros Superior
Kelda Verdandi
Disclaimer: This page is intended to be used for OOC viewing and should not be considered general IC knowledge unless your character would have a good reason for knowing.

Mysterium Specific House Rules

  • Merit: Mystery Initiations •••• and ••••• are available once you have attained Order Status •••. All other requirements for the Initiation (such as donating items of worth to the Order) remain.

Mysterium Logs

No logs have been posted yet.


The Mysterium of the Granite Coast

Members: Uatu, Black, Siren, Nix, Muriel, Jedi, Shakti

Contact: Any Member

Holdings: The Athenaeum (B03)

Recruiting Status: Yes!