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House Rules

Potency HR 2.0

Let's try this again. Since everyone seems to be following this rule anyways, we're going to do this.

  • Potency is capped at 2 times the unmodified dice pool of a spell.
    • Unmodified Dice Pool is just Gnosis+Arcana or the Rote Pool. It does not include combined spell, paradox, or disbelief pool penalties.

Also, regarding combined spells.

  • Each spell in a combined spell is a separate spell when it comes to calculating the TN. That means...
    • Each spell has its own unmodified dice pool
    • Each spell has its own max potency

Mage Errata

The exception to this adoption is that spells cannot be relinquished for a Willpower point as indicated in this errata.

Duel Arcane Challenges

  • If your PC challenges or is challenged for a Duel Arcane and the duel is accepted, the challenger and the challengee may not submit XP spends for duel related items on your PC's sheet until the challenge is resolved. Resolution comes in the form of two outcomes: one party officially withdraws in character and no fight takes place or the duel is fought.
  • These stat items include raises to: Composure, Resolve, Willpower Buy-Back, Intimidation, Presence, Manipulation, Subterfuge, Iron Will (merit), Gnosis, and dueling Arcana.


  • We do not allow backgrounds with a Child Awakening. All Awakenings should occur after the age of 18.

Becoming/Awakening Rebuilds

  • Mage "Becoming" rebuilds cannot give you Gnosis over 3, or Arcana over three. Any Becoming rebuild request with this will be returned for reworking.
  • Newly Awakened Mages may take character generation only merits that are designated Mage merits.
  • Rotes are not selected at Becoming; starting Rote dots are "banked" and may be assigned at the point that your PC ICly joins an Order. This represents on- or off-screen training received from Order members. This represents the difference between innate magical knowledge gained via Awakening (Arcana) and learned magical training (Rotes).
  • Proximi that Awaken keep their blessings, they become rotes. It's important to keep a list of your proximus blessings for this reason before we send you to respec. Additionally, Proximi lose their Curse unless the Curse specifically states it carries over after Awakening.
  • The Magical Nexus merit may not be converted to Hallow upon Awakening; the character will receive an XP refund for the dots in this merit. .


Should a character ever obtain Archmastery that character will then be immediately removed from play. Players may not play Archmasters.

Causing Awakenings

Awakenings happen when they happen. In an OOC sense, there is no way to cause an Awakening. However, characters may certainly try to contribute to one and think that they caused it.

Cross Sphere Pages

  • Hedge - Mages and the Hedge

Combined Casting

The individual spell factors for all spells that are combined need to have successes allocated in order to be effective. For example. On a month-long Body Mastery/Body Control casting, the casting Mage will need to ensure they allocate enough successes to cover the individual potency of Body Mastery, plus successes to cover the Duration/Advanced Prolongation, Number of Targets, etc. for that Body Mastery, in addition to allocating successes to cover the individual potency of Body Control, plus successes to cover the Duration/Advanced Prolongation, Number of Targets, etc. for Body Control.

This should help ease the burden and misunderstandings that have occurred in the past, and put players and staff on the same page, allowing for faster approvals of combined cast spells. Please be sure to break down all spell effects to be combined cast for staff ease of reading: I.E. Spell 1 Potency/Duration/Etc., Spell 2 Potency/Duration/Etc.

Demonic Pacts, Possession, Demons and Demonic Powers

  • Possessed do not suffer from disbelief and do not cause paradox, due to their being bound with an infernal spirit.
  • Mages may not be possessed, nor may they take demonic pacts.
  • Proximi may not be possessed, nor may they take demonic pacts.
  • Sleepwalkers may be possessed and take demonic pacts, however doing so is a very, very, bad idea.

Disbelief and Mortals

Only completely base line mortals count as Sleepers. That means if your template is Mortal, you cause disbelief. If your template is anything else, you do not cause disbelief.

Should your template be set to Mortal at any time, you are once more a Sleeper and have only hazy memories of any Awakened magic you may have witnessed.

Geists & Magic

  • Mages may not affect a Sin-Eater's Bound Geist. A mage may tell that a Sin-Eater is a Sin-Eater via normal scrutiny means, however. It may be particularly easier if one is using Grim Sight. The reason for this is that a Geist is to a Sin-Eater what the 'spirit' is to werewolf. Sin-Eaters are, effectively, part ghosts. Since a Spirit Mage cannot affect the spirit part of a werewolf, a Death Mage cannot affect the ghost part of a sin-eater.
  • No amount of Spirit & Death will allow a Mage to undo the binding between the Sin-Eater & Geist.
  • Affecting Unbound Geists with magic requires Death effects as would affect a ghost, however, due to the Geist's changed nature and the fact that it is no longer purely a ghost, it requires equivalent levels of Spirit and Prime to the required level of Death.

Hunters & Mages

  • Mages may not be or have Hunter Status. Upon Becoming, a Hunter-turned-Mage will receive an XP refund for any Hunter-related sheet items.
  • Proximi may not be Hunters, this includes picking up Hunter status.
  • Sleepwalkers may be Hunters and hold Hunter status, subject to the approval of both sphere staff.

IC Crafting

xxxxxPlease refer to: for Costs of IC Crafting.

Fetish Creation

  • Create Fetish: The duration of this spell is Prolonged (One Scene), and can be made with an Indefinite duration with Spirit 5. The spell Create Fetish Tattoo is in play, however uses the same rules for fetish creation as Create Fetish.

Imbued Items

  • Imbue Item Clarification: The duration of an imbued item is separated from the duration of the spell that is imbued into it.
  • Infinite Flash: The Infinite Flash item from FC, p.118 uses a Forces/Matter affect to give it unlimited space rather than a Space affect. Matter and Forces fit more than Space does for an an electronic tangible item.
  • Nevender Batteries: The Neverender batteries from FC uses a Prime 4 affect to be created.
  • Imbued Items & Paradox: Imbued items that have vulgar effects risk Paradox. The Paradox roll for an imbued item's effect can only be mitigated through the expenditure of mana and cannot be contained through backlash. Paradox rolls made for items are tallied separately, so the usage of an imbued item that requires a Paradox roll does not count against a mage's total Paradox roll modifier for spells they have cast.

Legacies & Legacy Attainments

  • A PrP is not always required to gain a Legacy. Some do not require a this sort of attention when joining. It is on the player to explain why they can join their legacy without a challenge or scenes.
  • Custom Legacy Costs: If you create a legacy for your PC in game, your PC is subject to the +1 higher gnosis creation cost (MTA p. 366).
  • Attainments are treated as spells for the purposes of determining their interaction with wards.
  • Legacy Attainments may be used in conjunction to spells given their innate quality and do not count for the cap of passive effects one may cast upon either themselves or others. This does not allow for stacking similar effects - such as armor or stat boosts from legacies with those from spells - unless the spell or attainment otherwise says it can.
  • On a case-by-case basis Out-of-Path legacy choices may be considered for individual PCs. Players desiring an Out-of-Path legacy should contact staff to see if the choice is right or not.
  • Left-Handed Legacies are very unlikely, and only through staff approval on a case by case basis.
  • Legacies which grant an Arcana as Ruling which is already a Ruling Arcana (e.g. an Acanthus with a Legacy Arcana of Fate) allow the PC with that overlap to purchase that Arcana at x5. Legacies only have one ruling arcanum (though they may use more), so a mage with a legacy will either receive the x5 overlap bonus OR three ruling arcana at x6, never both.
  • The Uncrowned King Legacy requires gnosis 5 for the 2nd attainment, and gnosis 7 for the 3rd like all other legacies.
  • The Perfected Adepts Legacy uses Life, not Mind. They get Life as a new ruling, and Life to their physical attributes with the second attainment, not Mind.
  • The Daoine Legacy's first Attainment, "The Eye and the Fist": The first part of the attainment grants the Fate 1 spell "Interconnections" in addition to the Space 1 spell "Correspondence".
  • When pitching a new Legacy to Staff, please use the rules found in the Mage Corebook on page 366-367. Legacies of the Sublime has some additional suggestions for suitable attainments. Your legacy will be compared to these guidelines prior to approval.
  • The Subtle Ones second attainment, "False Presence": 1) Non-power-statted people do not get a resistance roll. 2) Power-statted people get a wits+power stat resistance roll & the Subtle One is considered to have achieved as many successes as their Mind dots.
  • The Blank Badges get Mind as a ruling Arcana.
  • A Legacy Ruling Arcana counts for the purposes of the 'two-out-of-three highest Arcana must be Ruling' rule.
  • Orphans of Proteus - The third attainment now works in the same way as Shapechanging and Greater Shapechanging in that it is possible to add in an additional optional effect with Matter 4 and 5, as described for the parent spell. Similarly, it is clarified that this covers personal effects that can be considered worn or equipped, e.g. backpack, weapons, armor and so forth. (Having a rifle or two slung across the back is fine; carrying a crate of M16s, 10 RPGs and a gun safe while turning into a pigeon is not. Please play within the spirit of this rule.)
  • Celestial Masters - The first attainment allows you to increase your visual range, as written. It does not, however, increase your line of sight. Much as using a pair of binoculars will not assist you in firing a pistol at an extended distance, the first attainment will not assist you in casting magic excepting those magicks that are included in further Celestial Masters attainments.

Materials Clarification

A person can purchase, each month, their resources in pounds of gold, their resources x 2 in pounds of silver, and their resources x 3 in pounds of mercury. If you have an Alchemical Lab, then you get the dot rating x 2 in each every month. Alchemical Lab resources expire at the end of the month and explicitly do not stockpile. Think of them as materials you have available that month.


  • Purchasing Materials
    • Gold: Resources x 1 Per Month
    • Silver: Resources x 2 Per Month
    • Mercury: Resources x 3 Per Month
      • These are separate purchases. So you can get all of them each month.
  • Alchemical Lab
    • A monthly stockpile of each resource at dots x 2 that expires at the end of each month.

Masque Clarification / Errata

Per the errata for the GotV book, the following values are used for masques. If nothing is mentioned, the values remain the same as printed hard-copy.

  • Untended Forge: -1 Resolve; +2 Persuasion
  • Sighing Tower: -1 Resolve; +2 Persuasion
  • Lord Incarnadine: -2 Socialize; +2 Persuasion
  • Vermillion Stole: -2 Socialize; +2 Persuasion
  • Gray Cloud: -2 Socialize; +2 Persuasion
  • Holy Concubine: -2 Empathy; +2 Persuasion
  • Regent: -2 Persuasion; +2 Politics

Mastery & Adepthood

The requirement for an IC teacher for learning Arcana has been lifted. You do not need a teacher for Adept and Mastery, you only need the XP.


  • Predator's Innocence - This merit is allowed for purchase for Thyrsus characters. However, Mage Staff will closely watch its use. Any time you use it, please put in a job with rationale.
  • Sleepwalker Retainer - Any retainer purchased by a mage automatically receives the Sleepwalker merit. Proximi are a five dot merit, per Retainer house rules.
  • Sleepwalker ••••- You are not under the effects of the Quiescence, and due to your attunement to the Supernal, you can hold and stabilize one spell that specifically targets your pattern (such as a Mage Sight or Mage Armor spell). This spell does not count toward the casting mage's spell control. Only spells that you willingly agree to hold in this way may be cast on you -- you cannot be magically coerced into holding this spell, and any spell that you reject, your pattern rejects as well. This does not dispel the magic, but does not allow the mage to cede control of the spell -- it still counts against their spell control limit. All other rules of spellcasting, including the 30 day maximum on spells contained on living patterns, still apply as normal. Sleepwalkers who wish to benefit from this magic need to maintain the relationship with the mages who provide them. Once the Sleepwalker has control of the spell, she may choose to cancel it at any time. It must be re-cast upon her in order to gain further benefit from it. They also automatically gain Unseen Sense (Awakened Magic).
  • Proximus •: This Merit has been turned into a template, rather than a proper merit. Proximi start with six (6) points to put into Blessings. Any Blessing points not used in chargen are simply lost; they cannot be held for later use toward purchase of another Blessing. Proximus as a template is CG Only; you cannot Become a Proximus. While Proximus characters are treated as Sleepwalkers for the purposes of Paradox and Disbelief, they do not gain the spell-carrying powers of other Sleepwalkers; their souls are attuned to magic in a different way. They still gain 'Unseen Sense: Awakened Magic' for free.
    • A Proximus who Awakens gains their blessings as rotes. You can still cast the rote without the necessary arcana, but you do so at a penalty equal to the level of the rote minus your levels in the applicable arcana.
    • Proximi are most likely to Awaken on the Path associated with their Dynasty. Please keep this in mind.
    • Please contact sphere staff for approval of Proximus families before entering CG. This may take a little time; please be patient.
  • Cartomancer (• to •••): This Merit may not be used in combat.
  • Patient: This does not count for ritual spellcasting.
  • Body-Ravaging Magic: This Merit has no two-dot level; it is • or •••. If the spell was covert, it becomes vulgar. If the spell was already vulgar, its Paradox pool increases by +1.
  • Extemporaneous Affinity, Supernal Resistance & Rote Specialty: These Merits are Banisher only.
  • Slayer: This Merit is clearly meant for alien threats (e.g. abyssal intruders, spirits, ghosts, etc.). It may not be used on creatures that are still largely human (e.g. vampires, sin-eaters, werewolves, etc.).
  • Supernal Anchor: This Merit may not be taken at character creation; it must be gained through a PRP.
  • Mystery Initiation: Status (Mysterium) and Mystery Initiation are tied together as Status is the amount of trust the Mysterium has in you. It requires more trust to become a daduchos than it does to become a neokoros. However, that is where the linking ends. Mystery Initiation determines your rank (neokoros, daduchos (inferior), daduchos (superior), Heirophant, Heirophant (Superior).) Where as Status (Mysterium) determines what positions you are trusted to hold within the Mysterium. (Acquisitor, Savant, Censor, Curator, etc.). Furthermore, Fallcoast holds that the sidebar on p. 101 of the Mysterium, noting that "he Mystery first and being known second. A character will never get higher Mysterium Status without initiation into the deeper mysteries". Therefore, the prerequisite for Mystery Initiation is reworked requiring Mysterium Status 1. Furthermore, Mysterium Status now has a pre-requisite of Mystery Initiation equal to rating of Status sought.
  • Low Tongue: The Low Tongue (Night Horrors: The Unbidden) causes covert spells to turn vulgar along with giving a +1 to paradox checks. As well, anyone witnessing someone using the Low Tongue will know that the person is not using High Speech and that there is something wrong with the power words, though they may not know what exactly. This merit is no longer available for purchase.
  • Mentor: A mentor purchased with the Mentor merit will teach only rotes/arcana up to the dot level in which they were purchased. For example, a 2 dot Mentor will teach up to Apprentice level rotes or Arcana (act as justification for), but no higher, whereas the five dot version can teach up to Master level rotes, etc.
  • Goetic Familiar: In order to have a Goetic familiar, the mage must be able to cast the spell, in addition, they must spend the dot of Willpower as well as purchase the merit.
  • Lu: For the time being, the Lu merit (Magical Traditions, pg. 54-55) is not in play. Staff is still trying to work out how this can be altered to work better in a MU setting. Pitches are welcome!


Hallows are special case and require staff approval to be purchased, because of their fixed-location nature and tendency to affect the area around them. Please put in a +request with the area it will be in and the description.

Proximi Blessings

Proximus dynasties have 40-dots of rotes instead of 30. 25 dots must be from their path's ruling arcana and the remaining 15 can be on any arcana except the path's inferior arcana. See the Proximus Dynasties pages for the additional Blessings.

When Proximi select a blessing that has a spell description indicating its strength is based on the number of dots held in a particular arcana, they will instead use the number of dots held in the highest blessing of that same arcana. For example, if a Proximi knows Unseen Aegis (**) and Repair Object (***), both of which are Matter arcana, then their Unseen Aegis would grant 3 dots of Armor.

Proximi cannot have blessings that use conjunctional magic, nor can they up the level of their blessing by 1 to increase the range. Proximi can only have the spells as written in the text of the spell itself.

Clarification on Cost: Proximus blessings are added to sheets as Rotes. By the book, they are priced as a merit ranked 1 dot higher than the Rote. The exception is a 5 dot rote, which does not cost 6 dots of merit, but only 5.

Clarification on Blessing Control: With no examples provided at all, we have decided to err on the side of Blessings being more spell-like than attainment like, and have decided that Spell Control is in effect for Proximus Blessings. This means a Proximus can maintain a number of blessings equal to Gnosis (0) + 3 at the same time. Or, 3, simply put.

Clarification on Blessings after Awakening: If a Proximus awakens into a Mage, they retain all their blessings. These are now full fledge rotes that call down Paradox and require mudras and concentration to cast. A proximus can cast any rote they learned as a blessing even without the required Arcana (Though they lose any conjunctional benefits and are not able to apply extra effects until they have the required Arcana).

  • IE: You get only the benefits of base success for a Proximus Blessing you do not have the required Arcana to cast.

Perfected Metals


  • Perfecting a metal takes a minimum of 24 shifts into a Twilight state, and the process will reduce the quantity of metal by a ratio of 10:1. e.g. To make 1lb of Lunargent, you will need 10lb of Silver. In an effort to make everyone's lives a little bit easier, we're going to treat this as an extended 'Reaching' roll, with a target of 1 success per 'shift'. Other modifiers for size, etc, still apply. You may make one extended roll per day, and successes on consecutive spells stack. Remember that the Reaching spell is vulgar!
    • To clarify this, you make one roll per day until you reach the 24 successes as indicated. You spend 1 mana per roll. So if you reach 24 successes in 8 rolls, you spend 8 mana and it takes you 8 days to perfect 1lb of the material.
    • Further clarification, this is a Matter 3 (Perfecting) + Spirit/Death/Prime 2+ roll that requires 24 successes with each roll taking 1 mana and 1 day.

  • 1lb of the material is generally enough to make anything you want. Staff reserves the right to say you need more if you want to make something truly large.

  • We aren't in the business of cutting the 1lb into smaller pieces. We might decide that 1lb could make 4 rings, but if you only want to make 1 ring out of the 1lb you have lost the entirity of that 1lb. No one wants to track that you have 10 ounces of siderite.


  • Anything made out of Siderite will not be able to be broken through mundane means.
  • Weapons made out of Siderite will permanently gain the sharpening benefit if applicable.


  • Any Magical Tools made out of this metal will confer +1 die to your Path's ruling Arcana during casting. This is because of its innate link to the Supernal.


  • Any Weapons made out of this metal will give a +2 (Damage) equipment bonus. This metal does not affect Supernatural creatures like normal silver insofar as doing aggravated damage or causing bad reactions.


  • Because of its liquid state, Hermium is used to coat projectiles. Hermium is toxic, and when it enters the body, it is considered to be Toxicity 3. If the victim does not negate the Toxicity as per Game_news:Poisons, the effect is taken as a negative modifier to all rolls in their next action.
  • Example: Pansy shoots William with a Hermium-smeared bullet. He makes a Stamina+Resolve roll and gets 2 successes, therefore having a -1 to his next action. If he had gotten 3+ successes, he would have negated the negative modifier.

Embodied Familiars and Magic

  • This is clarified further as follows:
  • An Embodied Familiar is not strictly a Median Lifeform in the basic sense. Spirits have their forms for a reason and often these are tied in with their identity; from a roleplay perspective, please consider when using Life magic that your Familiar may not approve of its form being altered.
  • Embodied Familiars are living beings and like any other living being they cannot be subjected to Indefinite duration spells. They also cannot be subject to Hereditary Change or other Lasting effects that do not heal or harm the body.
  • Given the above, no Life effect -- with the exception of simple healing or harming spells of a Lasting duration -- may have a duration longer than 24 hours when targeting an Embodied Familiar, unless the spell also has Spirit as a Conjunctional effect of a level equal to the Life requirement. i.e. A Life 4 effect would have a maximum duration of 24 hours, unless the practitioner also has Spirit 4.

Sacrifice for Mana

  • per p. 78 of Mage the Ascension, a Mage can sacrifice an animal of size 2 or larger to obtain mana, or likewise to kill another human being (awakened or not). There's a limit on how much mana a mage can gather. While sacrificing an animal for mana renders the meat tasteless and of low nutritional value, it is not inherently a sin against Wisdom - though the consequences of such an act may be, ie it may count as harm against another (Wisdom 8) to kill someone's beloved pet, and getting known as the freaky dude who buys a live chicken to sacrifice it in his backyard every day may run you afoul of the authorities as well as ruin your social standing. Sacrificing another human being is a heinous act, and a Wisdom 1 sin.


  • Transfer Will (64, TotM) is to be used to effectively have someone else pay the cost of your casting, not to reimburse a spend after the fact. The spell must be cast within 3 days ICly, but its use should be noted in any request where someone else is going to be spending the WP dot.
  • The spell 'True Love' is not in play.
  • The Rote for "Command Spirit" (MtA p248) uses Spirit, not Death: presence + intimidation + spirit vs resistance
  • "Skill Mastery" (FC p112) reads "this spell works as Gain Skill except Skills can exceed six dots, up to a maximum rating of the caster’s Gnosis". We do not interpret this ambiguity to mean that you can add your Gnosis rating to your skill and exceed your Gnosis, but that your skill level can equal your Gnosis with this spell.
    • Example: Harbinger casts Skill Mastery on herself and has Gnosis 6 and a Firearms of 3. She gets 6 successes and uses 3 of her successes to bring her Firearms to her Gnosis level of 6. She uses the other 3 successes on Stealth. She can not use Skill Mastery to bring her Firearms to 9, as that is above her Gnosis.
  • We accept the 'Spatial Command' and 'Temporal Command' rules from Tome of Mysteries, pp 71 & 74. These can be applied to level 5 Arcana, but abuse of this will result in action by staff.
  • Alternate relinquishment is limited.
  • The Time 5 Spell "Temporal Lifeline" (tFC 113) is not allowed in play. Please be aware of this before purchasing the Arcana at 5.
  • Fiery Transformation (MtA p. 172) and similar Creative Thaumaturgy spells transform the user immediately after the point in the Initiative order when it was cast, and last until the end of the next full Turn, allowing the mage a turn to act when they have a duration of 1 Turn. As with any Transitory-duration spell, one may take penalties to the spellcasting roll to increase the Duration.
  • Fortune's Fool (Fate 4) may only be to store failures from rolls called for by an ST.
  • Supreme Honing's aspect is Vulgar.
  • Suppress Wisdom (p. 68 ToM)may be used once per Story, which is once per month on Fallcoast.
  • Aether-Net (p. 108 FC) is a covert spell not a vulgar one.
  • Diplomat's Protection: This spell is now a Mind 5 spell and the mechanics have been changed. Please read.
  • Alter Efficiency.... This spell works on any material object that grants an equipment bonus, and can also be used to Enhance armor (the successes, up to 5, must be split between ballistic or melee, and do not add to both equally).
  • When ritually casting the spell Forge Godsend (MtA pg 159), the levels of protection are ablative. If one has a 10 potency godsend and takes 8 damage, then the godsend is reduced to 2 potency, and the next attack reduces the potency further until the godsend reaches 0. For ritually created godsends, please create a +comm job and track the potency and removal of that potency through use. Remember that this protection is subject to Disbelief.
  • Forge Godsend, Forge Doom, and Forge Destiny are capped by the Casters' Gnosis+Fate.
    • Example: Marta has Gnosis 5 and Fate 5. Because of this, these spells give her 10 Potency effects. Potency for dispellation is not capped.
  • Universal Language - Understand any human or supernal language.
  • Forge Thaumium - Forge Thaumium has been HR'd to make more sense in this environment. Follow the link to find the various HR's associated with it.
  • Phantasmal Weapon - This spell has some HR's associated with it to make it more sane. Follow the link to find more information.
  • Body Mastery: The effects of the increased healing are limited to 1 point of damage per turn, regardless of the type of damage. Like with all other healing, what damage is healed first is reversely prioritized on the type of damage, from Bashing to Lethal to Aggravated.
  • Augment Other Minds - This spell has the following HR: You can only ever affect one Mental or Social attribute even with Mind 5. This makes the spell consistent with Life's Hone Another's Form.
  • Teleportation: The Mage book offers no guidelines on teleporting others. The following mechanics have been adopted: Teleporting others is possible at Space 5. As with any other spell, targeting factors may be used to teleport multiple other people. An unwilling subject may resist with Composure + Gnosis.
  • Target Exemption: A single person may be exempted from a spell per the Spell Control rules on M:tA p. 128. To exempt more than one person, or groups of people, the Fate 2 ability 'Target Exemption' is required.
  • Forge Tulpa: If a spell requires you to allocate successes to attributes, the attributes start at 1. This applies to spells such as Forge Tulpa or any other spell with a similar mechanic.

Ritual Casting and Contested/Resisted Spells

  • Spells that are targeted and resisted may not be cast ritually. This is so people aren't ritually casting 30 success Evil Eyes or Magic Missiles.
  • Extended/Contested Spells follow the rules of the World of Darkness Corebook, page 130.

Mage Sight

There are many flavors of mage sight, and their interaction with other supernaturals can vary considerably. As such, the rules, systems, and clues for them are gathered here.

Attributes, Skills, and Spells

Attributes raised by spells (ie Honing the Form) may be used in their modified form with skills, spells and merits. HOWEVER: the capacity of a mage's pattern limit (determined by Stamina) will always use natural stamina rather than stamina in its modified form.

Any spell that boosts a Caster's Attributes or Skills may not give more than the Casters' Arcana Rating multipled by 2 when conferring dots to assign.

In the case of Augmentation Spells (Mind), the Caster may not assign more than 5 points (or Gnosis points, whichever is higher) into any single Attribute or Skill.

Example: Kingmaker would like to use Supreme Honing to raise his Physical Skills. He has Life 5. This means that he has 10 dots to allocate between his 3 Attributes. He puts 3 points into Strength, 3 points into Stamina, and 4 into Dexterity.

Any time a Mage raises an Attribute above 5 via a Spell, they will be subject to Disbelief.

This does not apply to buying Attributes and Skills over 5 with XP.

This also does not apply to the use of Attainments.

Do both physical and mental raises cause disbelief on sight?
No. Physical attributes are vulgar (the spells are vulgar) while Mental attributes are covert (the spells are covert). A physical attribute above its limit is ALWAYS going to cause disbelief just by look. A mental attribute above its limit will only cause disbelief on use.

Persistent Spells

  • Daily/Monthly Spells: We now have +effects to track persistent spells. For information on setting Daily or Monthly spells using +effects, please visit Spell Jobs.



Rotes from Order splatbooks are only purchasable if you are a member of that order, or via teaching IC by someone with them. Rotes from the corebook and non-order splatbooks are available to those of all orders.

Rotes & Combined Spells

This is a clarification: As per MtA pg. 291, it is possible to create a rote specifically for a combined spell with all of the restrictions of both rote creation and combined spellcasting. This means the casting still suffers from the combined spell modifiers (pg. 128) and the need to follow all rote creation procedures (pg. 291).

Grimoires & Rotes

  • Rotes learned from a grimoire are bought at half price. Grimoires are only available via PrP or PC/Named NPC Creation.
  • Grimoires are a legitimate PrP award, however there is a limit to what you can expect to acquire from a single scene. At the absolute most, five dots of rotes should be the award for a single scene of PrP. The risk should reflect the award, in that one five dot rote should be far more dangerous to acquire than five one dot rotes. Similarly, a single grimoire of many spells could be acquired at the end of many scenes, but the overall risk presented should reflect the award the players are receiving. If you have any questions, please contact Staff before you run a scene with a Grimoire as a reward..

Magic Shields/Walls

The Prime Shield "Magic Shield" (MtA222) works against all supernatural powers and legacies, with an effect equal to the caster's dots in Prime.

Despite being compared to armor, magic shields that work against projectiles are not subject to penetration by armor-piercing rounds or hollowpoint ammunition.

Spell Cloaking

Spell cloaking works as is in the books.

Spells and Roll Modifiers

In general, if a spell specifically lists that spellcasting is not an applicable target for the effects then you cannot use it to give yourself a roll modifier for spellcasting. However, if the spell lists that it may be used to give 8-again, 9-again or rote to a task then spellcasting is an eligible task for that benefit.

Task vs Skill vs Attribute

If a spell states that it applies to a skill you may:

  • apply it to a skill used in a rote and gain the benefit when using that rote
  • not apply it to an arcana
  • not apply it to gnosis

If a spell states that it applies to an attribute you may:

  • apply the benefit to any spell resistance roll if the attribute comes into play
  • apply the benefit to any intermediate rolls that spells might require if the attribute is part of them
  • not apply it to an arcana
  • not apply it to gnosis

If a spell states that it applies to a task you may:

  • apply the benefit to instant spellcasting
  • apply the benefit to a rote
  • apply the benefit to ritual casting
  • apply the benefit to anything really short of derangement rolls and a few other exceptions
    • But teuton, why derangement rolls? Because those aren't things you do of your own will

Arcana and Gnosis

Just to be clear here. Your arcana and your gnosis are not attributes and they are not skills. They qualify for neither of these descriptions.


  • Unless otherwise specified in the spell text, spells can apply the rote modifier to spellcasting rolls. The developer of the book has specifically said, for example, that Superlative Luck would apply to spell rolls.
  • If the spell text specifies task, spell casting counts as a task.
  • Keep in mind that most spells that apply such conditions only apply for a certain number of rolls. If you are performing an extended roll each roll counts as a separate roll. Keep this in mind if you intend to buff your spellcasting rolls while performing a ritual as it may only apply to your first X rolls in the series.


  • Again, any spell that confers 8-again to a task and does not specifically list spellcasting as off limits can be used to apply 8-again to a spellcasting roll.


  • See above

Soul Stones

Creating a Soul Stone is a Wisdom 4 sin that requires you to roll 3 dice, as per Tome of the Mysteries and the Chart in Mage: The Awakening. It is not a Wisdom 3 sin @ 2 dice, as it notes in the Soul Stone creation section. This is an error.


Do we use the optional rules for Spatial and Temporal command in ToTM?
Yes. See above, under spells.
Can I use Familiar Pact (MtA 249) without the merit?
Yes, but it can be dispelled.
Can Fae enter Oneiros, Temenos, and beyond?
Yes, a Fae can enter Oneiros. However, their contracts explicitly do not work unless it's a world that allows them to. A Fae can enter a Temenos realm, with the cavaet that their contracts explicitly do not work, period, no matter what. At this point, Temenos is so disconnected from Arcadia that fate does not exert influence. The exception is a Fate Temenos, where contracts explicitly do work because they operate by manipulating fate. They can enter Anima Mundi, though the world will eat them. Fae are 'not of the world.' Anima Mundi will detect a fae as an 'alien creature' and react accordingly. Their contracts explicitly do work here, because the world, even the world's oneiros, is bound by fate and fate allows contracts to work. In general, a Fae's Oneiros will allow contracts. As will any other Oneiros or Temenos based on (or at least including) Fate. Fate is the magic word for contracts. Also see Changeling Dream Rules.