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Guardians of the Veil
“Paradoxes strengthen the Abyss as punishment answers pride. • Sins for a just end grant wisdom to the Awakened. • Merit must guide the Fallen World.”

The Guardian Philosophies

xxxxxThe Guardians of the Veil are a secretive Order of Awakened Society. They are one of the Diamond orders - along with the Mystagogues, the Ladders, and the Arrows - are among the Pentacle (throw in the Free Council to the aforementioned groups) that form the local Consilium. Guardians are the secret police, the spies, the assassins, and the watchers of the Mage World. They fight the good fight, but they do it from the shadows. They do the dirty work that scars the soul that others can live a life of purity and peace.

xxxxx Shit! Are you writing this down? Stop! We don't write stuff down! It could be found by anyone!

xxxxx You know what? This interview is over. Give me that notebook so I can burn it.


xxxxxClassified! Which is to say that no one outside of the Order precisely knows when the Guardians made their first presence within Fallcoast. They have been a part of the Consilium since its inception and, as might be expected, have taken their role as intelligence gatherers and operatives in the battle against Seers and Abyssal incursions seriously.

Reporting In

Are you an existing Guardian coming into the area from out of town? Then reporting in to the local caucus can sometimes prove difficult. After all, spooks don't like to be found! But fear not, there are ways to get in touch.

  • Contact one of your Consilium Officers (Councilor, Provost, Herald, or Sentinel in order of preference; see side bar pictures for who's who).
  • +Request a scene with the Epopt from Staff if you can't find one of the above.


  • Safe House - The Guardians do indeed have a safe house. It's location is a closely guarded secret that can be found by looking at your +faction information (+faction Guardian). Naturally, we don't entertain guests.


xxxxxThere's generally two ways you can go about this. First, you app in as a Guardian. That's the easiest way. Second, you come in without an Order, find a Guardian and make your interest known (Guardians don't generally take Order transplants). Third, you get approached in a back alley somewhere with an offer you can't refuse. Yes, I said two. The third option.. well.. it's an offer you can't refuse!

xxxxxSo now that you're a Guardian in Fallcoast you get to be a superspy, right? Well. Maybe. Here's where you have two options.

xxxxxFirst, you are a recognized member of the Consilium. This means that even if the membership at large doesn't know you beyond your Shadowname.. it means that you have sworn an Oath of Allegiance to the Council and have identified yourself by Shadowname, Path and Order.

xxxxxSecond, you don't introduce yourself to the Consilium Council and instead report directly to the Guardian Caucus leadership. There's the obvious Pro to this method as it means you're totally anonymous in the region. Your superiors won't rat you out. Neither will your fellows. There is a distinct Con (see downside) to this. It means that you do not have any Rights within the region claimed by the Granite Coast (see Great Rights, Cabals, Sanctum, etc) and, if you're caught, you're likely to be thought a spy (you are!) for the Seers, Left-Handed Magi or Abyssals (You aren't but you can't prove it!). If you suddenly claim to be a Guardian? Well.. you can bet that the Caucus will likely deny ever having known you. This is especially true if you got caught doing something shifty (you probably were!).


The following is a list of roles generally found within the Guardians of the Veil and the level of trust (status) associated with that role. This information is not known outside of the Order and is provided for those considering new characters or those within the Order looking for something to do:

  • Cultor - Many are the labyrinths of the Guardians. Societies and organizations meant to draw in those sleepers curious about the supernatural and supernal mysteries and.. lead them astray. Cultors are those Guardians entrusted with organizing these labyrinths and reporting back their activity to the Epopt.
  • Emissary - Guardians are a secretive lot. Who they are and what they do is not generally known outside of the Order. They do not exist in a vacuum, however, and so the Order must designate a voice to those of the Diamond Orders. This falls to the Emissary who serves as the face of the Order.
    • Interfector - The position which has come to define the image of a Guardian in the minds of most Awakened, the Interfector is an executioner, a torturer and.. a scapegoat. Usually masked and wearing flowing garb to conceal their identity, Consilii employ Interfectors as headsmen and interrogators. Not all Consilium employ an interfector and they are generally reviled when they are. Often, the Guardian Caucus will swap out the Interfector with another member of the Caucus without the Consilium being aware due to the heavy burdens upon the soul.
      • Susceptor - A lofty goal within the Order, a susceptor is a proven spy within an order of spies. They are trusted to act alone with both guile and violence. Theirs is not a political position but one of direct action and they do not expect to live long because of it.
        • Epopt - The Epopt is the living hub of a Guardian caucus. Their formal duty is to supervise a region's Labyrinth, coordinate with nearby Awakened and Epopt of other regions. Traditionally, they expect members of a Caucus to be fairly autonomous but serve as the guiding hand. They are also responsible for making certain that the Veils are properly executed.

Guardians of the Veil

Martyrs who stain their souls so the rest of the Awakened do not need to. Spies, police, and assassins.

Members: Bones, Eve, Daedalus, Loot, Hinks, Calvin & Dalvin

Contact: Any Guardian

Holdings: Secret

Recruiting Status: Yes


Status ••••
Silhouette NPC.jpg
Silhouette - Epopt
Status •••
Status ••
Crux NPC.jpg
Status ••
Status •
Bones - Emissary
Status •


xxxxxWe used to have a modified status system based on the veils. However, after discussion with players, the players opted to have Status 1 represent having been through all the veils. Therefore, we no longer use the modified status system. If you have status 1, you are considered to have been through all the veils necessary to be a fully inducted member of the guardians. Increasing levels of status imply a level of autonomy and trust within the Order.


Gotye - Don't Worry, We'll be Watching You

Do you need a reminder
Of the love that we gave you?
Don't worry
You're walking away
But we'll always be watching you

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