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Consilium: Timeline

Magic has been in these lands since people have walked them. The veins of Awakened Magic run deep in Fallcoast and are as ancient as words themselves, having existed before the family tree of the forefathers who named this place anew was even a seed.

The First People of this place had Wise among them, even if their lore seems so different. A keen eye can see the echoes of Atlantis and the initiated can see that the settlers who traveled across oceans were not the ones to bring the Diamond Orders to Fallcoast.

For a time, a the few arrived Wise and the Abenaki had a respectful relationship; learning from one another and satisfying ingrained curiosity. The relatively tiny population of Wise in the area was thrown off-balance with the arrival of more settlers with Minister Bradford. Religious zealots came on his heels, filled with the fire of hatred and the lust for converting nonbelievers.

At this point, trust snapped. Tensions grew and gruesome murders happened in the name of pogrom. Nonbelievers were accused of terrible crimes and despite everything, Abenaki numbers were decimated, both Sleeper and Mage, by the same. Relations have still not recovered.

The Granite Coast Consilium was founded before America's true birth. Although it has had different versions, different flavors, and different ideals, the name has remained as stalwart as its namesake -- unchanged through ages.

  • 1704 - The Silver Ladder founds The Granite Coast Consilium, headed up by Matthew, a pious, yet devout Obrimos, along with a few other local Magi. A copy of the first Charter can be found in The Cannery if one would like to see history.
  • 2016, January - The Council disbands after dubbing the Council to be chosen by Orders instead if paths, citing static growth and a need for movement and enlightenment.