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We use the theme, mechanics, and general fluff from:

  • Mage: The Awakening
  • Legacies: The Ancient
  • Legacies: The Sublime
  • The Silver Ladder
  • The Free Council
  • Guardians of the Veil
  • The Mysterium
  • The Adamantine Arrows
  • Astral Realms
  • Sanctum & Sigil We use this book as far as theme and general fluff which is subject to Staff interpretation.
  • Tome of the Mysteries
  • Tome of the Watchtowers
  • Boston Unveiled
  • Magical Traditions
  • Mage Noir
  • Keys to the Supernal Tarot
  • Grimoire of Grimoires
  • Secrets of the Ruined Temple
  • Intruders: Encounters with the Abyss

The contents of these books are not for use unless otherwise noted on the wiki:

  • Banishers
  • Seers of the Throne
  • Reign of the Exarchs

  • NOTE: Any rule that ever has "Optional" next to it is not considered in play for our game unless the HR page or the "Optional Rules In Play" section of this page specifically notes that they ARE in play.
  • ADDITIONAL NOTE: We may use some of the mechanics and fluff of other books as well. When in doubt check our house rules page, merits page, and speak with staff.

Optional Rules In Play

Spatial Command and Temporal Command

We accept the 'Spatial Command' and 'Temporal Command' rules from Tome of Mysteries, pp 71 & 74. These can be applied to level 5 Arcana, but abuse of this will result in action by staff.

Summoners and Supernal Pacts

Yes, you can summon supernal beings. The descriptions of the various supernal realms and their associated beings are in use. The book, in general, is not in use. The summoning rules and pact rules can be used. Some merits are in use as well, but those are specifically listed on our merits page.