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Character Generation and Respecs are moderated and reviewed because we do have standards. Mage Staff has the right to ask for adjustments or deny elements of applications.

Forbidden in Chargen

  • Gnosis above 4. (Note: Gnosis 3 to 4 must be purchased with XP and cannot be raised with extra merit points from flaws)
    • Since we've entered a new starting XP Tier, this is no longer applicable.
  • Order status above 2.
  • No Child Mages. All PCs on Fallcoast had their Awakening after the age of 18, even in their background.
  • The Sixth Watchtower path concepts.

General Formatting

Please start with your base mage stats, then perform XP spends using the +xpreq code (+help xp spends)
An example template is below, keep in mind that Legacy, Family, and Gnosis are optional. You might also not have additional XP needed beyond starting XP.


+xp/award NAME=50:Starting XP
+xp/award NAME=X:Incentive for extras
sheet/set NAME/Order=ORDER NAME
sheet/set NAME/Path=PATH NAME
sheet/set NAME/Legacy=LEGACY NAME
You might need to check stat/list legacy for the exact name.
sheet/set NAME/family=FAMILY NAME
If joining a family. You'll get family status added for free.
sheet/set NAME/attribute=ATTRIBUTE:LEVEL
Set your path's favored attribute here.
sheet/set NAME/gnosis=LEVEL
If using merits to raise Gnosis, do so here.
sheet/set NAME/arcana=ARCANA:LEVEL
To set your arcana. Do this multiple times. At least 3.
Do this as many times as needed for six dots of rotes. For a handy rote reference please see Handy List of All Spells with Rotes.
As an example: sheet/set NAME/rote=Harm Spirit:3/Str+Ath+Spi-Res MtA p149

Background Questions

You are free to write a story, but please answer these questions specifically at the bottom of your background. You can ONLY answer the questions if you like, no story necessary:

  • Information
    • How old is your character?
    • How old were you when you Awakened?
    • What is your true name?
  • Mortal Information
    • Who was your family? Were they normal, supernatural, or weird in some way?
    • What was your mortal life like? Did you live a normal life, brush with the occult or live an extraordinary life in some manner?
    • Did you have children?
    • Are you a part of a Family?
  • Template Information
    • How did you Awaken?
    • What Path did you Awaken in? Why?
    • What is your Order? Why?
    • Who were your Mentors?
    • Do you have a Legacy? Why that Legacy?
    • What made you move to the Consilium of the Granite Coast?
    • What have you done for your Order and Path since Awakening?
    • If your Mage has been here all along, what would people know about them?


Apostate mages do NOT receive 6 free dots worth of rotes at Character Generation, unless their background indicates that they were, at one time, part of an Order. This obviously applies to all Becomings as well. Both mages coming into play as Apostate and those who start play in the sphere with Becomings do receive 6 free dots of rotes upon joining an Order.

When formatting your rotes in your request, please format them as such:

Starting Rotes:
Spell Name:(Dot level)/dice+dice+Arcana p110 MtA

XP-Purchased Rotes:
Spell Name:(Dot level)/dice+dice+Arcana p110 MtA

Please be sure to use the Spell Name — e.g. Organic Resilience and not Bones of Steel.

Sleepwalkers & Proximi

  • Sleepwalker is a 4pt merit that gains the following benefits: 1) They do not cause covert magic to become vulgar due to improbable magic, they do not increase paradox, and they do not suffer from disbelief. 2) They gain Unseen Sense (Awakened Magic). 3) They gain a spell tolerance and can hold spells on their pattern. Sleepwalkers may be Psychics or Thaumaturges.
  • Sleepwalkers do not require special applications.
  • Proximus is now a Lesser Supernatural Template, it may not be crossed with other lesser templates. However, they automatically gain 6pts to put into blessings and count as sleepwalkers for the purposes of paradox and disbelief. They do not automatically gain the sleepwalker merit which would give them a spell tolerance and the ability to hold spells on their pattern.
  • Proximus must join a Dynasty.
  • Proximi are most likely to Awaken on the Path associated with their Dynasty. Please keep this in mind.
  • Proximi retain their Blessings (as rotes) after awakening.

Awakening On Grid

If you want to Awaken, please put in a job. You do not need a plot anymore. You may write a description of what happened when your character Awoke. If you would like, you may have a PRP run but it is no longer required. Put in a +request to the attention of Mage Staff. You can include your description and rundown of their Awakening in the job or ask for help, and we'll lend a hand. Include who your IC mentor will be. Let us know how knowledgeable with Mage you are.

It is the preference of staff that all potential Awakenings have an IC mentor lined up before hand either someone they already know or someone who will be introduced via the PrP.

  • New Awakenings get starting arcana based on the rules for chargen in Mage: The Awakening.
  • New Awakenings may buy their gnosis to 3 (and no higher, not even with XP).
  • New Awakenings do not get their 6-dots for free rotes until they ICly gain an order and get Status (order) 1 with the below restrictions.
  • High Speech can be bought before then if it is taught to you by a PC, however, it is socially frowned upon and can get you backlash. You will not get a refund for this XP when you join the Order because you've already learned it at risk.
    • Free Rotes and High Speech will be awarded when they have ended their apprenticeship and have joined an Order.
  • Practical XP (from Hunter) does not transfer to characters when they Awaken, it is lost.