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Adamantine Arrow
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"Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood."
— George S Patton

The Adamantine Arrow

What does it mean to be a warrior? Many think of the Adamantine Arrow mage as someone who was a member of a police force or special operations unit before Awakening. Someone who knew battle and now wields that knowledge with the weight of the supernal. Those who have risen in the ranks of the Order know differently. To walk the Adamant Way, one simply must not shirk from conflict and conflict has many forms. The corporate boardroom, courtroom, research and development firms, and even the gritty street life all are rife with their own conflicts which encourage the rise of the worthy. Of course, facing conflict is only one aspect of being an Arrow. Being an Arrow means being the point of the spear yet also the shield wall of the Awakened Nation against threats which would lay waste to whole civilizations. If you seek to walk upon the Adamant Way, you must leave your self behind.

Adamantine Way

The Adamantine Way
  • The First Phalanx: Existence is War
  • The Second Phalanx: Enlightenment is Honor
  • The Third Phalanx: Adaptability is Strength
  • The Fourth Phalanx: The Supernal is the Self
  • The Fifth Phalanx: Service is Mastery

New Member's Guide

Read Me: A Guide Of Things To Know About the Adamantine Arrow.

Getting involved with the Order and Sphere as a new player can be a challenge. This page will hopefully make that task a little bit easier.

Here are some things you should to do:

  • Be sure to join the Adamantine Arrow channel by typing addcom aa=AdamantineArrow. You can replace AA with any channel alias you want.

The Admantine Arrow has an Out of Character chat channel called 'AdamantineArrow'. It is a great way to get to know the other players in the order.

  • Add yourself to the Members section.

Add yourself to the Members section on this page by following the format used (for best alignment pictures should be 150x150, however any #x# that is square will work fine) or @mail Bente in-game to have one of them add you. Also, be sure to add [[Category: Adamantine Arrow]] to your character's wiki page so they show up in the Arrow group on the main Mage wiki page.

  • Page people!

If you spot an Arrow member online, Page! We don't bite...much!

Ranks and Titles

xxxxxTalon (Status •)

The Talon is the backbone of the Order. They have completed their apprenticeship and the Trials and proven themselves worthy of the name Adamantine Arrow. Now is their time to prove themselves. These individuals are often tasked by the First Talons to specific duties such as that of Consillium Sentinel, guardian of a sacred site, bodyguard to an important figure, and the like. It is in the performance of these duties that an Arrow proves themselves worthy of greater responsibility.

Current: Blades, Saighead, Smolder, Storm, CuChulainn

xxxxxBanner Warden (Status •)

A Banner Warden has pledged themselves to the protection of their individual cabal as an Oath of duty. They are obligated to answer any challenges to this cabal and to protect its holdings in favor of their other interests. This posting is a privilege granted by the Order to Talons who have proven themselves but are not yet worthy of promotion to Famulus and First Talon. As such, they reduce the Banner Warden's duties to the Order in order that the Warden might fulfill this new duty. Those who abuse this privilege are found to be shamed within the Order and woe to the Banner Warden who fails to protect their cabal's honor.


xxxxxFirst Talon (Status • • )

Famuli of the Order are addressed as First Talon though not all First Talons are Famuli. A First Talon is an officer of the Order and tasked with the Order's daily operations. Field promotions can happen though this is rare. Similarly, high status famuli (status 3) are also First Talon though they are given greater responsibilities. As might be expected of an officer in the ranks, their duties include logistics, training of prospects, and the leading of planned operations.

Current: Shen, Cora, Orpheus, Willow, Ephereal

xxxxxThunderbolt Guardian (Status • • •)

This title is granted to a veteran First Talon who has proven themselves an expert in a field. With this comes the expectation that they will instruct the Order in the field of study for which they were recognized. Some Thunderbolt Guardians are noted experts in martial arts, teaching the Adamant Fist, but others are engineers, hunters of the dead, or even actors.


xxxxxAdamant Sage (Status ••• •)

The proverbial Atlantean General, this position is held by an Arrow who has reached the rank of Magister (status 4) and now advises their local caucus on matters of conflict. Not every Magister of the Order must become an Adamant Sage but with the Order's mandate of service, this is a rare occurance. The Adamant Sage often finds their word heeded when it comes to war but is given lip service when it comes to advise on other matters. This serves the Atlantean generals just fine as it allows them to weave their strategies unnoticed.

Current: Repose

The Instructors

The members of the Ungula Draconis are best known for their skill at arms but they value other skills as well. Whether it is esoteric martial arts, marksmanship, legal tactics, logistics, or craftsmanship, the individuals listed below have made known their areas of expertise and willingness to share the same. Anyone acknowledged as a Thunderbolt Guardian will be listed here but members willing to share their knowledge without obligation are welcome to add themselves as well.

  • Smolder - Firearms
  • Storm - Hand to Hand
  • Orpheus - Adamantine Hand, Firearms, Occult, Slayerness, Item Crafting
  • Cora - Weaponry (particularly spears, staves, polearms), Occult, Slaying

Proximi and Sleepwalkers

The Adamantine Arrow welcomes any who would follow the Way and swear Oaths to the Order. So it has been for ages past that Proximus Dynasties have sworn oaths of service to the Order. These include but are not limited to: Eleri Ipin , Dvergenson and Laochra.
Current: Webb


The praxeum of the Order, the farm is a dozen acres of farmland surrounded by unsullied woodland. Hidden in plain sight, the Order hones its members here through various embedded obstacle courses, a dojo, a smithy, living quarters, a firing range and more.

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Local Arrows

Adamant Sage
Repose, moros
Thunderbolt Guardian
First Talon
Shen, thyrsus
Orpheus, moros
Cora, thyrsus
Willow, acanthus
Odin, acanthus
Riva, obrimos
Ephereal, thyrsus
Smolder, obrimos
Storm, obrimos
Havok, obrimos
Gautama, obrimos
Ronin, moros
Gilgamesh, thyrsus

Proximi and Sleepwalkers
Thor, acanthus
Fallen or Reassigned Arrows
Chance, reassigned
Chris, reassigned
Razor, reassigned
Leah, reassigned
Romeo, deceased
Sariel, reassigned
Snow, reassigned
Cathbad, reassigned
Chalice, Reassigned
Merikh, reassigned
Kara, reassigned
Primal, reassigned
Duana, reassigned
Seraphine, reassigned
Reaper, reassigned
CuChulainn, reassigned
Kern, reassigned
Blades, reassigned
Saighead, reassigned
Disclaimer: This page is intended to be used for OOC viewing and should not be considered general IC knowledge unless your character would have a good reason for knowing.

Adamantine Arrow

Ungula Draconis of the Granite Coast

Members: Willow_Maddox Sonja Connell Dion Moriarti Mikhail Ephereal

Contact: Any Member

Holdings: Steuben Farm

Recruiting Status: Yes!