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Mage Staff

Rules and Systems

Helpful Things!

  • Player Timezones: A list of player timezones, by popular demand, where players can add their timezone info to try to arrange group RP.

Open Sphere Plots

  • Coming Home to Roost: Skeletons fall out of closets and it is up to Fallcoast's Wise to decide what to do with the bones.

Local Consilium

This section will be about the local cabal and Consilium members, both PCs and NPCs.

Active Characters & NPCs by Order

Adamantine Arrows Free Council Guardians of the Veil
Mysterium Silver Ladder Apostate

Active Characters by Path

Acanthus Mastigos Moros
Obrimos Thyrsus Sleepwalker

The Sphere & Themes

xxxxxOn Fallcoast, Mage is a place of discovery and mysteries. The Past is looming in the dark waiting to come to light and the present seems tranquil and status-quo. The Wise have the means to carve out their own destinies and to bend reality. There are few puzzles they can't solve and few hurdles they can't overcome. They will discover their destiny, encounter hubris both from within and from others, and discover and take advantage of the synergy between the Diamond Orders & paths.

xxxxxIn 2016, the Hierarch disbanded the standing Council in hopes to stop inertia and stagnation, and the Council never quite recovered. Now, the area of Fallcoast is experiencing a lull. With upcoming challenges looming on the horizon, how will the lessened population of the Granite Coast Consilium come out on top?

xxxxxDiscovery: Every Magus has a sliver of discovery in them; it materialized the second their name was etched on their Tower. In Fallcoast, there seems to be an endless amount of Mysteries to explore -- from the mundane to the Supern(atur)al. Ask questions and crack the shell of the world to have them answered. Some rabbit holes might go deeper than you intend. How far will you follow them? What price will you pay for truth?

xxxxxHubris: Your Awakened soul is able to bend reality. You hold the key to destroying the lie in your hands. Your ability could mean life or death for others. How will you wield that? Will you let hubris rule you, or will you evade its clutches? To what lengths will you go to have your goals realized? Are people helping hands or simply stepping stones?

xxxxxSynergy: Every clock is only as good as the sum of its moving parts. You are a being with untold potential, but so are the others. Every Order and every Path fulfills its own purpose, and no one Mage can be everything to every problem. How will you overcome your differences and work together? Synergy is rewarded and no man is an island.

Character Generation

xxxxxMage is currently open. Please see App Standards for game-wide application standards.

xxxxxConcepts & Backgrounds: Mage Staff would love to hear your ideas about character concepts. While we do not require you to submit a job and trust our players to follow the wiki, we understand that sometimes you are looking for niches and ideas to tie into the Sphere. Along with Mage Staff, your fellow players are an amazing resource for this. You may addcom ma=Mage and hop into the fray and get talking.

xxxxxDynasty Families allowed in play: Listed in Proximus Dynasty page.

xxxxxSanctum: If you take this merit, please list a grid square it occupies even if you don't have a physical build.

Prospective Proximi players must come in attached to their Order. This makes integration into the sphere a lot easier.'

CG XP Incentives

  • At this time, due to the recent increase in Starting Xp, we are not offering any additional XP Incentives.

Banned Concepts

  • Banishers
  • Seers of the Throne
  • Relic Maker Mages
    • (Sleepwalkers and Proximi may be Relic-Makers)
  • Unknowing Proximus
  • Proximus outside of associated Order


Present & Past