Louise Turner

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Louise Diana Turner

Full Name: Louise Diana Turner
Birthdate: February 22, 2000
Apparent Age: Early 20’s?
Occupation: Sea oracle.

Race: Uratha
Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Storm Lords
Lodge: Lodge of the Maelstrom
Deed Name: Simgidh'mul (Swallows the Stars)


Bad Ritual - Timber Timbre
Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde
My Silver Lining – First Aid Kit
Pretty Little Head - Eliza Rickman
Valkyrie - Battle Tapes
Water Witch - The Secret Sisters
The Mountain - Matt King
Wolf - First Aid Kit

I've got my fingers laced together and I made a little prison...

Moon-eyed and laughing; a contrarian of the highest order from the outside, and an oracle of violence underneath, Louise is the kind of trouble that not many people sign up for. Her vibe is a mixture of drinking hand sanitizer just to see what happens, getting so drunk that you get into a bar fight that ends in a fire and the kind of hair porn that suggests she has a Hollywood stylist on speed dial. She’s got the force of personality that volunteers other people for stupid shenanigans and always comes out smelling like a rose. There is often blood beneath her fingernails. She has probably eaten an orange out of the garbage.

And I'm locking up everyone who ever laid a finger on me...

I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s, and his hair was /perfect/. – Some people have game night, and others violently change form and prowl the woods to eat small animals raw. #livingthedream. You know, if your dream is terrible, terrible nightmares and a huge investment in lint rollers.
You’re the storm that I believe in… – Followers of Skolis-Ur, the Winter Wolf. She ended up in the ranks due to an unfortunate circumstance of her change that caused her to view survival in a whole different light. It’s fitting anyway; Louise likes to make it rain.
Let loose the dogs of war... – The Cahalith are dreamers, visionaries, and inspirers though some of them take it to the extreme. And since everything that Louise does is extreme, is it any wonder that she’s at the front of the rush, sprayed in blood and howling with laughter? Lead by example.
We’re all mad here... -.All the Cahalith are a little mad, but Louise has leaned into the Cahalith propensity for prophetic dreams and refused to come out the other side. Most of her life is spent in contemplation of the omens and the visions she receives from the moon, and it has taken a toll on her in the form of Hypnagogic hallucinations.
The sea shanties were a surprise... – She has adhered herself to the Lodge of the Maelstrom, despite her understanding of the shared cosmology of the Uratha being heavily colored by the beliefs of the Valkyrja Mot. She was invited to join, but Luna called her away and she found her home amidst the watchers of the sea.
Power and control... – It’s not necessarily common knowledge, but having been born into the Ivory Claws as a poor wolf-blooded wretch, Louise has sort of a chip on her shoulder in terms of eradicating them from the face of the planet. She has a host of issues from their treatment as a child and the best outlet seems to be murder.
I am the snorlax, I speak for the strippers... - Louise has often filled the role of priestess for the totem of the packs she’s been involved with. It’s less about spirit prowess and more about history; she knows who the totem used to be and who it will be, so she can figure out who it is now.


The (Un)usual Suspects

Partners in Crime

Rosaline - "We both go down together..."
Dutch - "I'm sending the raven; black bird in the sky..."





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