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Lore Batiste


The Basics

Full Name - Loretta Batiste
Occupation - Moto Mechanic / Painter
Date of Birth - 19 Jan 1993
Place of Birth - Savannah, Georgia
Virtue - Courage
Vice - Wrath
Sphere - Psychic

M & B Custom

Location - The Waterfront
Co-Owner - Irina Molinari
Shop Dog - Hades
Services - Custom Paint & Bodywork & Mechanics
Specialty - Vintage Motorcycles & Hotrods & Cars
Payment - Cash or Credit (CASH!)
Hiring - Not Presently


A transplant from coastal Georgia, Lore, and her business partner, Irina, opened up a shop here in Fallcoast in summer 2020. M&B Custom does repair, rebuilds, and custom paint on motorcycles, cars, and trucks. Lore's specialty is custom paint, be it hand-pinstriping, lettering, or airbrush. She prefers to be paid in cash. She works midday to evening, then prefers to spend her off time in local clubs and local eateries. Work hard; party hard!

Before coming here, she lived in Savannah, GA and Daytona, FL, working as a mechanic in both places for a time.


Ciara - Paint It Black

I see your red door, I want it painted black
No colors anymore, I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes
I see the line of cars and they're all painted black
With flowers and my love, both never to come back

Drink the Water - Justin Cross

It's not a sin if it can't make me cry
He's not the devil unless there's fire in his eyes
It ain't the ghost if it don't speak in tongue
It's not a victory 'till the battles been won


Mechanic - certified motorcycle mechanic specializing in custom builds, vintage builds, and paint.

M&B Custom - co-owner of a local custom bike & hotrod shop. Come spend your money!

Southern by the Grace of God - rockin' that GA accent.

Inked -like her business partner, she has a collection of ink that grows over time.

Hades - A large black Cane Corso dog that sleeps in the shop and goes with the girls plenty of places.

Psychometry - She just accepts her psychometry as natural and normal. She's had it her whole life, and her grandmother's always just called it insight. She doesn't talk about it much, though. People tend to look at you a little funny. Southern girls and their weird superstitions. It runs in the family, you see.


Irina Rae - She stops talking to you, you done pissed her off. My best friend, my sister. Do not. Start something. You cannot finish. It would be wholly unwise and, more to the point, we stick together. And we're friends with the guys who run the junkyard.
Wiley - Fast mouth, fast hands. Always in some kind of mess from what I remember. Met him in GA back in the day, and it was him who first mentioned Fallcoast to us as a good place to disappear to when things get too complicated other places. I didn't realize it'd be so cold here starting in August. 70 is sweater weather.
Lennox - Bought a couple rounds at the club down the street from our new digs. Drives a bike. Maybe he'll become a client?


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