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Yule Ball 2020
Dramatis Personae

Balthazar, Chloe, Elijah, Hadley, Janeen, Taylor, Tobias (ST)


The Invictus normally hosts the Yule ball and this year Tobias is hosting it once more. The plan is one: to relieve tension with his fellow kindred, to present something to forget about the local troubles, and second: To lure VII out of hiding and capture operatives. All kindred are welcome to attend though it is expected that you dress your best for the event, it is a ball after all.


Warehouse within Fallcoast

The Yule Ball was a former affair hosted by the Invictus at the end of the year, and the biggest warehouse in Fallcoast was rented and Tobias was greeting people as they come into the warehouse. The warehouse was decorated like a ballroom, with an orchestra playing classical music in the corner with the other side dedicated for snacks for those who want to nibble on fancy food. Tobias was dressed in his french noble outfit, black with green edging with a white frilled collar and sleeves. He smiles as he welcomes those who come in. "Thank you for coming." He says to each vampire as he lets them decide on what to do.

The Gangrel isn't usually one to dress up but Casper and Janeen did get him some nice clothes though nothing for a ball. He did however get a lovely package from Tobias that was fitted to him. He gets dressed up and stares at the black tie but puts it back into the box. He is wearing a black suit with a slight sheen. His shoes are matte black and the suit jacket's collar and lapel are pure black suede. He's wearing a white oriental neckline dress shirt with the top button open. He's even tried to do his hair but it's just brushed back with some hair refusing to conform so they are spiked up.

When he finally arrives, he moves over to Tobias and smiles. "Thank you, Tobias. I feel great." He lightly touches the other man's arm to let him know where he is. "Thank you for organizing this too. Must have been ... heck." It's a formal affair and he's not going to be the first to cuss. "It's so fancy."

Some damn fool contracted Unum Sumus for security, and while that might net you an array of competent individuals, it also nets you, Balthazar von Clausewitz, there in a suit hand-made by orphans from wool sheared from a single sheep over the course of years, dyed with the finest of crushed semiprecious stones dissolved into actual acidic blood and rendered into a cloth dye the color of the sunset as the last light goes out of it, set with a mosaic of mother of pearl tiles about the shoulders and lapels, but with an inner lining that is none other than disco mirrors that create a strobing effect when any light hits the interior. Dollar bill signs are hand-stitched in the thread of spiders fed a diet of dye-injected insects to turn their silk red, an homage to the late Robert James Marella. He has on a pair of pince-nez sunglasses with an oil slick finish to them that obscure his eyes, and a Mississippi string tie with a Ninja Turtles cereal caddy for a center clip in place of a cameo. He is also flanked by a Siberian Tiger wearing a red and black cape of crushed velvet with a popped collar and a little skull medallion holding it closed. And matching glasses.

Walking into the yule ball Standing at 6'6", Elijah is wearing an ivory white suit with a white dress shirt beneath it and a dark tie to contrast the clean white colors. A single gold button holds the suit shut and from it hangs a delicate gold chain that disappears into his pocket.

Upon his wrist is a gold watch on a black band, he is clean-shaven, and otherwise looks very well put together. His black slacks and black dress shoes accent the white covering his broad torso. He looks around with those cold blue eyes to see who has arrived so far.

Already having been here for some time, Janeen has done a few rounds of security tonight and is returning from checking up on little things like making sure other building entrances are locked uptight. Security or no, Janeen is dressed to impress in a beautiful blue dress that has a red iridescent quality to it. Her hair is up in a beautiful braid and held to her head with little white pearl clips. There is a slit up the left side that ends about mid-thigh... no doubt so she can handle security needs if necessary.

Seeing Hadley, Janeen moves over to him and offers a smile. "You look great." She watches as Elijah makes his way in and she waves him over. "Elijah! Come! You must meet Hadley!" Since they were all working together tonight she figures that it is best for them to meet! Seeing Balthazar, Janeen gives him a wave. "Hey, Balthazar."

Tobias smirks "Of course Hadley looks great, I helped him." He says smugly and he moves to the inside of the warehouse and the others dancing to the music. He then turns to regard the others and he begins to move along the orchestra and he begins to pull out a violin and begins to try and play with the others.

> Tobias to Here <====================================================

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====> Dexterity + Expression.musical_instruments + 1 + 3 [No Flags] <

Hadley lifts his eyes and smiles at Janeen. "Always the mermaid. Lovely." He pats his stomach and lets his other hand slide into his pocket. "Tobias picked this out for me." His eyes move over to Balthazar and then the tiger. His eyes widen and he clears his throat. "Oh wow. You look..." He gestures with both hands though he does smile at Tobias while he compliments them both. Though as his eyes look over to Elijah who was just called over, the tall Gangrel makes the sound of choked breath before pointing to Elijah and his mouth opens a moment before he turns to Janeen. "Oh look. An elaborate distraction!" He turns and moves over towards where Tobias started playing, sitting quietly in a chair to listen.

Elijah looks over nodding his head as he passes a few and moves in the direction of Janeen and Hadley, his head tilts slightly when the other moves away to sit, "I did shower." he looks over himself than to Janeen, his eyes look over in the direction of Hadley then back spotting Balthazar and nods to the man.

"Yes. There are no words. Except for these words." Balthazar seems to agree with the failing assessment of his appearance and then crosses his hands behind his back before saying "Lazlo. Please do the perimeter look-around. Do not accost the guests or the staff, please." It's about the best you can hope for. The tiger... Might understand? It's very difficult to tell. Then just wanders off somewhere and this is not going to end in tears. Turning toward the orchestra, the Ventrue tuts a little, saying "The acoustics.. In here. Really." He smiles to Janeen, waving, and then toward Elijah, before producing a small snuff box of fine red powder.

Janeen blinks a few times when Hadley runs away from Elijah's approach. "But..." She looks very confused as Hadley sits down and Elijah reaches her. "I don't know what just happened..." She frowns for a moment but then Elijah is speaking and she offers a half-smile. "You smell great, Elijah. As usual." She leans up and gives Elijah a kiss on the cheek if he allows it.

Yay! Free time tonight! She enters the building where the others are gathered and looks over to seem them. The female Mehket that a few here knows happens to know smiles brightly, Sure there was a face she may not recognize, but well she will meet them in time. She is wearing a purple dress, with an outer layer of matching purple lace, a pair of silver heels, and enthusiasm for the night radiate. "Good evening everyone!" She calls out and starts heading in their direction.

Elijah allows the kiss to the cheek and he smirks, "Oh well good, I was worried." he looks over at Hadley again then turns when Chloe comes in, "Ahh I was wondering when you would show." he calls to her waiting for her to get closer, "You both look wonderful this evening as always."

> Tobias to Here <====================================================

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====> Dexterity + Expression.musical_instruments + 1 + 3 [No Flags] <

Tobias continues playing though it is clear it wasn’t as good as before. He listens to the others and he continues playing seeming to play with the rest of the orchestra. He then smiles as he focuses on playing.

Janeen looks around the room, searching for trouble, but seeing nothing out of the usual she looks to Elijah. "That was Hadley... he's a member of my pack. I was hoping to introduce the two of you. I think you two would get on very well." She clicks her tongue and motions over towards Hadley. "I recommend that you two meet and maybe dance. This is a thing that should happen. In the meantime, I'm going to just make sure nothing is going to explode." And with that, the Gangrel sets off to check on security things.

Hadley lifts his eyes up and looks over to Chloe who enters. He's off by the orchestra but he does look at Janeen and there is a look in the man's eyes. Though he looks back to the blind Nossie playing and he seems to sit back and enjoy with a small smile playing over his lips. He unbuttons his suit jacket to get a little more comfortable as he crosses a leg over the other.

> Janeen to Hadley <==================================================

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========================================> Wits + Empathy [No Flags] <

Chloe's smile remains when addressed by Elijah, she waves as Janeen heads to check the things. "Mother Chloe Abernanthy, of the Mehket," She introduces herself to Hadly and takes a seat so as not to crowd the others. She closes her eyes and listens for a moment as she hears the music play and then smiles at the two that remain. "I couldn't miss all the fun now could I?" She asked Elijah and winks to them both. "How are things going so far?"

Elijah smiles, "So far they are going well." he leans in to kiss her cheek, "But if you will excuse me a moment." he touches her cheek lightly and turns looking at Hadley, and moves in his direction with a small smirk showing on his face.

Hadley turns his eyes to Chloe and offers her a small smile. "Lovely to meet you. I'm Hadley. Gangrel Berzerker." He offers her quietly. "I don't know if you've missed all the fun. It's just beginning." He points to Tobias. "He's playing and it's lovely." His eyes lift up and he sees Elijah smirking looking towards him and he quickly looks behind him. He glances back to Elijah and his face turns to confusion. He points to himself with a raised brow at Elijah.

Janeen makes a couple of loops around the building before she leans against a wall and watches from a distance. She is all pretty but she's still on security so she's watching to make sure everyone is safe. At least while it is her turn to be on security. Who knows when she passes off that torch.

> Tobias to Here <====================================================

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====> Dexterity + Expression.musical_instruments + 1 + 3 [No Flags] <

Chloe returns Elijah's kiss with her own and a pat on his cheek. "Honey, not vinegar dear." She smiles at Hadley. "Charmed, Hadley. Mother Janeen mentioned she had a new friend. I'm sorry I couldn't join you on your outing. But should any of your clothing get ripped, just reach out to me and I would be happy to help fix things up..."

Tobias continues playing with a smile on his face as he hears the others. He then stops as the orchestra keeps playing. He then makes his way over to Hadley and he smiles. "With luck, VII won’t attack and this will bring peace to the praxis."

Elijah nods his head to Hadley, "Yes you, unless there is someone standing behind you I can not see." he says to Hadley, "I’m Elijah, Mekhet, and do not worry whatever Janeen has told you it’s not true I do not bite too hard that is." he grins teasing the Gangrel. "Dance?"

Hadley looks at Tobias as he stops playing and he helps Tobias to a seat. "If they do, there are enough of us that we can hurt them. I'm here to make sure no one else is hurt by them. This is for us to relax, right?" He lightly taps Tobias's arm. Though he does look up to Elijah and he slowly stands up. "I don't know what Janeen has said about it. It's probably true." He fixes his suit jacket and bows his head. "A dance would be lovely."

Janeen watches Hadley and Elijah for a minute and there is a satisfied smirk on her face. For her part, she really does think the two of them will get on smashingly. But watching them exclusively isn't her job. So she sits back in that pretty mermaid dress and continues to scan the room.

Chloe says, "Well, if they do or do not attack, sadly that doesn't relay to the peace of the praxis. There is too much we don't know, that we cannot identify what their true end goal is. At least as far as I am aware." She rests her cheek on her hand. She lets her gaze drift where it can a minute. "If they are here, capturing one may not be a bad idea."

Tobias smiles as he listens to Hadley. The warehouse is set up to look like a ballroom. there is an orchestra playing classical music and snacks on the other side of the warehouse. Tobias smiles as he begins to go to the entrance to greet those who come in. "Welcome. Please relax, enjoy yourselves."

Hadley turns his eyes to Chloe, staying standing. "Sure capture is a good choice unless they murder. Then it's only fair to murder them back." He speaks softly before taking a seat again. "Tobias, your playing is beautiful. It was lovely to hear."

Taylor comes inside of the warehouse dresses in a fancy red silk dress her hair is done up nicely this evening. She is definitely looking her best. When she heard word about this ball she at least wasn't planning on going at first but.. then she decided last minute that hell why not. So, here she is dressed up with pink hair pulled back in a very professional style. Once she comes in all the way she greets whoever is at the door greeting guests. "Good evening. "

Tobias smiles when he hears Taylor and he moves to offer his hand. If she takes it he kisses her knuckles and he smiles. "Dance with me?" He asks curiously of the woman as she arrives. "A shame I cant see otherwise I would say you look Ravishing." He says to the woman.

Taylor allows Tobias to kiss her knuckles and when his lips touch them he will find that she smells of candy apple perfume from bath and body work's. "It would be my pleasure to dance with you and are you trying to hit on me Tobias? " She asks as she is leading him on to the dance floor and placing his hands firmly at her waist as she guides him.

Chloe waves politely to Taylor as she arrives. She sits at one of the tables keeping a wary eye out as those present enjoy themselves and work.

"Now why would I want to hit on a clearly beautiful woman? I am a vampire after all so sex cant obviously be a goal." Tobias says sarcastically as he gently grips her waist as he dances with her. "Careful, I may step on your toes. I am not the best dancer in the world." He warns in advance as he dances with her.

"So tell me about yourself. Tell me why a beautiful woman like yourself can go anywhere without a gaggle of men trying to woo you." he says with a grin.

Taylor looks to Tobias and takes in his handsomness even though he is blind.. she can still tell a handsome man when she see's one. Though him being blind doesn't stop her from showing her beauty and charm through her voice. "Well, I simply travel alone these days. I know it isn't safe to do so though after losing my Sire and finding my freedom so to speak. I have been wanting to focus on my goal to learn as much as I can from my covnant and grow. Though.. I choose to not have a gaggle of men trying to get me to be thier arm candy. I mean.. I never have had guys following me around like that either. "

"Ah Ma Chere, now you will have me worried about your safety. The last thing I want is you to put yourself into undue danger." Tobias says with a smile. "Oh I do desire you more then mere arm candy, but our kind is so paranoid and as I understand it don't believe in romance." He says as he holds her close to him, a slow song playing as he held her. "So what do you desire to learn? as I understood it the circle did blood rituals and magic, not really educate others." He says with a shrug.

Taylor looks to the man now with a bit of a grin played upon her lips. "Oh, I am not going to put my self in any undue harm that isn't needed or any at all. Trust me I might be a Deava and a Crone but.. there is alot in this life that I know how to avoid. " She does look to him as they are dancing. "What is your desire of me if you don't mind me asking. Though, I do play video games for a living and have taken dance classes. " Her moves show it.. with how she gracefully moves upon the dance floor. "Though what I plan on to do with what I learn that I am afraid I can't share openly. "

THe music is lovely, better than anything Chloe would be able to magage for her, herself. Chloe stands up calmly and heads towards those that are dancing, giving them a gentle smile. "Romance is as alive as you want to keep it with your blessing of time," She smiles. "Many get dis-illusioned or bored, it's up to you what entertains you through your time. Done right, romance can entertain through the ages, it's why it appeal in cultural history never dies." She tilts her head, "Tobias, your skills are magnificent, but please do be diligent. I do not know the extent to which you secured this venue, but talk of immortality or our secretes if over heard, could indeed cause an issue." Her tone if jovial, but direct. It quiets to a little more than a whisper for the next part, just loud enough for them to hear. "Into the matters of the covenant you are not apart of, please do be wary. I do not know your sources, but I can assure you just like any they are prone to good leaders and bad when it comes to education. Some take their roles in teaching very seriously." Chloe winks, and politely pats Tobias on the shoulder in a friendly mannter. "If I can hear you, others may too, yes? Or worse, catch you on one of those devices that records while people are out enjoying themselves." She smiles. "Taylor, keep up the good work, you will make your ambassador proud." Chloe then moves to entertain herself while the others were present and dances on her own through the dance floor, keeping an eye for danger among the croud.

"I wont lie, I want to get to know you. If you cant tell me certain things then I will respect your wishes." He says as he dances with her. "I been alone for so long, I am beginning to think I cant woo anyone anymore. I wish to see if I can win you over. As for playing video games for a living, I play music for a living, and I try and do good enough to entertain as many as I can." Tobias says with a smile.

Taylor looks to Chloe and nods to her at everyword "Yes, I am sure she will be. Thanks for your kind words that you have spoken to Tobias. A little reminder goes a long way. " She soon turns back to Tobias and dances with him some more. "What do you want to know about me? There are certian things we can't speak about here in public. Though I also won't give away secrets. As for getting to knowing me. I can indulge you on that note.. though as for winning me over.. " She pauses. "That might be the hardest thing you have ever done as well.. no man has ever been able to win me over entirely. I guard my heart and emotions very well as I have to in order to protect my self. " She smiles when he speaks about music.. as she likes music he can even hear the smile in her words when she speaks. She is certianly having a good time. "Oh, what kind of music do you play if you don't mind me asking?

"I look forward to the challenge." Tobias says with a smile and he nods. "I play a bit of everything. I do have most experience playing classical music, but I gained my fame in paris for punk metal music. I do like everything though, except when it is mutilated on a church organ." He says with a face before he listens to the environment. "What kind of games do you play?" He asks curiously as he dances ith her.

Chloe continues to dance among the others, keeping an eye out and having fun. She will keep herself low key and meet up with the others of her coterie later.

Tobias smiles as he dances with her. "créatures de la nuit was the band I was with. I am bandless now." He says as he dances with her. They continue to dance for this song and given a chance to enjoy the evening without any trouble.

Taylor looks to him and smiles not that he can see it but he can tell by the way she moves and how her hips feel that she can dance at least. "I would love to look that up sometime. " As the night moves on she will exchange contact info with him. Though the night will end with the two going somewhere to talk but.. she still doesn't give much about her non mortal life to him.. besides her clan and convant she is of. They wil talk about her talnets and he will find out she is quite good at dancing and games.