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Working Up A Sweat
Dramatis Personae

Teth, Luci Fennell, Holland, Trudy, Gavin

7 February, 2017

The gym attracts a small crowd


Lower Floor - Flow Dynamics Gym

He's never been the sort to really buckle down and come work out. He likes to look good, but a lot of that comes from a mix of genetics and having been able to keep himself from aging further. So weights were just out of the question. Swimming, however, was enjoyable. So he came here at least a few times a week to swim. Joining a gym and using their pool is better than having to maintain a pool of his own, obviousuly. So he's in a pair of trunks, swimming laps at an idle pacing.

It is a quiet evening with just a few people around. Someone is doing laps and over up at the three story high climbing wall, if someone looks up, following a cable that is connected to a auto belay device on the ground they can see Luci halfway up the wall. The mature aged woman is quite fit and dressed in tight leggings and a sleeveless tight top as well as being all rigged up doing a lead climb and is currently hanging from one hand with only one foot on a foothold.

Swimming hurts too much for Holland to invest any time in it; her hand is a nightmare already and straining it isn't really what she wants to do, but after a run there's honestly no better place to come than the hot tub area of the gym. The water is hot, it smells good, and for a few moments she can feel like all of her body parts are you know. Not in pain, and also in working order. It might be an illusion, but it's one that she clings to, especially after a long day of work. She's tired, and she's not really paying as much attention as she ought to, which is maybe SORT of why she slips on a pool of water and crashes into the shallow end of the soaking pool. The sound her skull makes against the edge of the pool would be hilarious (it sounds like a coconut) if not for the implied...you know, possible drowning. At least it's late so there aren't many people around.

Well...That's not good. He feels societies conditioning saying he should do something, which is brushing up against the knowledge of 'this is how people get sued. Do you want to get sued?' He's not a doctor but he can at least get her out of the water instead of sitting around wandering if anyone else is going to do something about this, or just let it become a passing mention on the morning news. He swims over towards the woman, curling an arm around her and working to get her out of the water. Is she bleeding from where her head hit the edge of the pool? Swim time is probably over with.

Despite it being a quiet evening, it doesn't seem all that quiet down near the soaking pool.. Holland, having slipped may have sustained injury and Gavin has gone to help as he was the the closest. An attendant on the other side of the large pool hasn't been informed yet of the accident, but surely is soon to be told. On the other hand Luci is halfway up the climbing wall, clinging to it by a hand and a foot and from her vantage point looking down at the flurry of activity..

Exiting from the changing rooms - odd, when did he *enter* the changing rooms? - is a rare example of a Teth not in his coat and trou'. Instead, the tall Australian fellow is wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the University's name and logo, with a pair of slightly short shorts, and some running shoes on his feet, a small towel slung over his shoulder. He was ambling with an amiable if distant expression towards some of the equipment, only to stop with surprise at the scene.

Holland surfaces almost immediately, despite the sound her head had made against the edge of the pool. She doesn't look confused so much as she looks put out, and extremely embarrassed, because who the hell falls in a pool area that is older than ten? No one. She wheezes, and then someone is grabbing her, and she sort of flails but manages not to hit anyone in the face. With some effort, admittedly. She might be bleeding. She looks okay though. "Uh. So can we pretend that that didn't happen?" She's a little dizzy from the hit to the head, but because of reasons she doesn't have black spots or anything so that's a positive sign, right?

He purses his lips as she /seems/ fine. "I'm afraid I can't both pretend it didn't happen and tell all my friends that I saved someones life tonight," He points out, releasing her under the hope she doesn't drown later after blacking out from a concussion or something. That's how that works, right? "You're pretty resiliant for such a dainty looking woman."

Despite it being a quiet evening, it doesn't seem all that quiet down near the soaking pool.. Holland, having slipped may have sustained injury and Gavin has gone to help as he was the the closest. An attendant on the other side of the large pool hasn't been informed yet of the accident, but surely is soon to be told. On the other hand Luci is halfway up the climbing wall, clinging to it by a hand and a foot and from her vantage point looking down at the flurry of activity while Teth looks to have just recently stepped out of the changing rooms.

Luci, watching the saving of the vaguely familiar Holland from her vantage point, a hand and foot swinging in empty space before she refocuses upon her aim. Looking back towards a particularly hard hold point that she is aiming for she starts to prep herself for a leap that is needed to get to it.

Teth stands still for a moment longer until he's sure that Holland is okay and is receiving help, and takes up a quiet whistle as he head for the equipment again, in particular the boxing set up. He doesn't wear gloves, but takes some cloth from a back pocket and wraps his hands instead, squaring off against the pads and after a deep, slow breath begins making precise, quick strikes, apparently trained and well capable.

Holland looks nonplussed in response to Gavin's statement; she has never particularly thought of herself as dainty, although...yeah, it's probably accurate. "Uh...I have a hard head?" Apparently. She glances over to the edge of the pool, but there isn't anything that immediately jumps out at her as being violently red and awful. Her savior swims off, which she appreciates because the whole thing had been embarrassing enough without people trying to talk to her. At least she was already dressed for soaking. She may just stay in her little soaking pool forever.

Trudy plods downstairs in typical jogging gear with a bright blue headband to contrast bright red hair. She gave a curious look at the recently toppled over Holland that Gavin abandoned, tilting her head as she appraised her. "You're not getting pushed around are you?"

Luci swings slightly from her spot, her body tensing before she leaps, tossing her body across the, to her, vast distance with an arm out stretched and fingers reaching for a grip. Success! Her fingers whiten from the tension as the grasp and grip the handhold tightly, her body swinging from the slight incline even as her feet start to feel around for a lower foothold. It should be around here somewhere... For anyone watching a faintly paniced expression crosses Luci's face as her grip starts to slip...

And there she goes! Grip is lost and she falls, the sound of a loud Italian exclaimation of "Cazzo!" (Fuck) coming from her as she falls a few feet, now dangling upside down, swinging on the guide rope that she is attatched to.

Teth blinks in surprise and looks over at the climbing wall at the exclamation, pausing in mid-swing. He mops some of the sweat from his brow and meanders through the equipment to peer up at Luci as she dangles.

"Need a hand?", he asks with a clipped Australian accent, free of the heavy nasal element, almost slightly English in sound.

Holland turns to look at Trudy like she thinks she might get kicked out of the gym. For...causing a scene maybe. Or because the manager doesn't like her face something. "Uh. By what?" She asks, because that's the first thing that comes to mind. Once she's had a moment to think about it, she realizes that that sounds stupid and blushes slightly. "Uh. No. I fell. I wasn't paying attention and someone dripped...water all over."

Trudy says, "Well it is a pool... I suppose it isn't the most unusual place to find water dripping all over" she mused before glancing off curiously at the itallian themed yelp from the other section. "This place must be cursed" she claimed, drumming her chin in speculation"

Luci pulls herself upright, giving the offending handhold up over her head a dirty look before she glances down at the man below, "Just bear witness to my momentary defeat. This particular path has won.. for today!" She starts tugging ropes, her feet perched on the wall as she starts to work her way downwards, giving a few small bounces. "And once the bruises heal.."

Teth smiles slightly, and looks the wall over with idle curiousity. "Not my kind of thing, wall climbing, but kudos to you for it." He scratches at the scruff on his cheeks, "On the whole I like to avoid bruises as a result of a work out, where at all possible anyhow, and I find the harnass is a little... uh... uncomfortable?"

Trudy walks out to investigate the source of the Itallian cursing, watching Luci wiggle down from her once upside-down position. "That's a different way to do it" she chimed as she walked up. "Proffessor Teth?" she asked in almost an accusing tone.

Luci bounces the last short distance until she lands on her feet, her body showing signs of being a little shaky considering she has been on the wall a while already, and she is no spring chicken either. "It might be that you arn't wearing the harness correctly or just haven't found the right way for you." She starts to peel the fingerless gloves off her hands, "But then again, as you insinuated, climbing isn't for everyone." She glances over in the direction of the familiar face of Holland, not finding her and catching sight of the approaching Trudy she gives the woman a grin before she looks back towards Teth, "And the bruises arn't that bad. Anyway.." Her hand is wiped down on her thigh to clean off any residual chalk dust before holding it out. "I'm Luci."

Teth looks sidelong at Trudy when she addresses him. "Yes. What? Hello!", he exclaims, and turns to face her. "Hello hello, yes, I'm Teth. How do you do?"

He turns back to Luci, and takes her proferred hand with his cloth wrapped one, and after examining her hand a moment, he shakes it. "As mentioned by the lady here, I'm Teth. A professor over at the University, although that's not entirely relevant here in the gym."

Trudy might be recognizable to Teth as the Master's student and student teacher who is occasionally seen feeding supplies to the basement of the "Dork" for only the most nefarious art projects. "I think they're supposed to be... adjustable. I dont think I've ever actually used one for rock climbing." she said as though it were a novel idea.

Luci's hand isn't soft but there is a firm feel and grip to her.. a climbers hands. "A pleasure to meet you Professor Teth. I'm an old SJU Alumni myself." She inclines her head before she reclaims her hand and starts to detatch herself from the lead rope, fingers spinning its locking mechinism on the carbine. She glances towards Trudy for a moment before she gets a step closer to freeing herself, soon enough working on buckles and straps before the harness drops from her hips to the floor and she steps out of it. "Harnesses can be used for quite a few purposes other than climbing." There is a pause and the woman in her forties blushes ever so slightly, "Yes, well.."

Teth doesn't appear to recognise Trudy, but he doesn't really pay much attention to the University outside of his immediate faculty, so that's no surprise. He looks wry at her remarks, "Yes, well, I don't know about you, but I'm not all that fond of a harnass gripping me that tightly around my testicles."

He smiles slightly at Luci, "I'm new in town, and even newer at the University. Seems nice, though." He raises an eyebrow at Luci's comment, and grins broadly. "No doubt, but even in that instance it's not something I'd personally like to wear. I can see the appeal, though."

Trudy says, "Well after seeing a man wear nothing but a harness... I can assure you it doesn't have to grip you at all around the testicles" she mused with a giggle. She gave Luci a bright grin "What else do you use it for?" she asked her curiously, not that she expected a true answer. "I'm Trudy by the way" she introduced."

A valiant effort is successfully made on the part of Luci's not to look down Teth's body towards said discussed parts. "Well.." Yep, that blush is reddening even more, "Well, those harnesses are built differently and don't..." A hand waves to Trudy as she explains ".. grip around sensitive areas as much." She focuses on her own harness and she leans down to pick it up giving it a bit of a shake to make sure it doesn't tangle itself. "Or so I would guess." She pauses for a moment, glancing back towards Trudy and Teth, her ruddy cheeks showing "How did we get on this topic again?" Her tone faintly bemused. "As for my harness? I only use it for climbing, sorry to disappoint."

He grins broadly, "I wasn't aware I was in the company of two such aficionados in the matter of harnesses and testicles." Teth bows sweepingly and low. "I humbly bow before such expertise!"

Teth is wearing gym shorts, so Luci's peering is likely to be more... revelatory?... than it might have been had he been dressed in his usual clothing. "I'm not sure how we ended up here, I'm placing the blame entirely on the two of you, though I'm hardly complaining."

Trudy says, "Really? Not even one wild harness story?" she asked in dissapointment. "I could think of dozens of different things you could do with a harness!" she claimed. "I have no idea" she admitted before narrowing an eye at him "You're the one that brought up testicles." she accused Teth with a smirk"

Luci blinks once at the mention of blame and gives a unladylike snort, "Indeed." She agrees with Trudy's final statement, "I don't see how the blame can lay with me." She guestures towards the younger woman, "This woman on the other hand seems quite facinated with my harness, so I can't speak up on behalf of her innocence." She offers the woman a friendly smile before she glances back towards Teth, "Now, if you excuse me, I need to have a shower. Climbing can be sweaty work. It has been a pleasure to meet you Professor Teth, perhaps I will see you around the SJU campus. I do spend quite a bit of spare time there in the library doing personal research." She glances toward Trudy, "And it was nice meeting you too. Good luck in working out all the things to do with a harness."

Teth snorts with amusement at Trudy, "I suppose, though my experience with a harnass for rock climbing ended up with chafing in areas I really didn't want chafing. My testicles were entirely relevant!"

He waves a farewell at Luci, "I imagine I shall see you about, I'm often in the library myself. Pleasure meeting you."

Trudy says, "Totally innocent" she chirped in false claim before giving her a cordial wave "Nice meeting you" she returned with a smile. "I'll give you a list once I'm through.""\

Trudy says, "The poor things" she said with a mock frown, glancing down as though there were a litter of abandoned puppies on the floor before glancing back up to give him a sympathetic look"

Luci can't help but chuckle at Teth's comment about relevancy even as she steps away giving the two a small wave goodbye before she heads into the womens changerooms and out of sight.

Teth raises an eyebrow at Trudy, grinning, "They've well and truly recovered, though my testicles and I thank you for your concern." He head tilts, "I'm not keeping you from your workout, am I?"

Trudy giggled at the comment. "Only after months of light work and vigorous rehab I suspect?" she added "No, to be honest I was done a while ago. I just wandered down here to explore and cool off. I was mulling over the idea of a sauna or hot tub... or pretty much anything without work to add to the end of my work out"

Teth looks mock serious, "Oh yes, the entire region required special attention until it was all healed up." He rolls his shoulders, and looks over at the boxing equipment and chews on his cheek thoughtfully. "I could do some more boxing, but I'm kind of done. I was thinking about having a sauna, actually, helps wind down after a session and keep the kinks out of the muscle."

Trudy says, "Training for the big match?" she asked with a smirk. "Oh? You should join me then. That way you can swelter in the infernal heat..." she beckoned with a mockingly dark tone before adding in a more happy, chipper tone "With company!"

Teth snorts good naturedly, "Nah. I like to box, I enjoy the discipline of it. Helps keep me in shape, you know?" He tilts his head to the side. "Sure thing. Let me change out of these and get a bigger towel, and I'll see you in the sauna?"

Trudy pointed at him with finger guns. "See you on the other side" she agreed before turning to leave for the changing rooms.