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Wolfblooded Wake

"Come on in and eat!"

Dramatis Personae

Eden, Justice, Adele, Kharn, Banes, Andre, Abel, Ashley, Jermaine, Astrid


While the wolves perform the Darkest Night of Winter rite, a group of Wolfblooded have a Wake. Then the wolves join them.


Daywood Farmhouse

While the Wolves are off doing their Darkest Night of Winter Ritual the Wolfblooded had been left in the farmhouse. Astrid had been there for the day as it was helping Abel set up and cook.

Tonight, the house has been outfitted for a city-wide social event. There is a range of food, from freshly baked goods to fish. There is roast rabbit and venison to spare and a wide assortment of alcoholic fare, with even a couple of non-alcoholic options as well, for those less inclined to imbibe. There are plates and flatware and napkins enough for all, and then some. A humble CD player has been pulled out and wake-appropriate music has been selected from a few cultures, including more traditional Irish and Icelandic selections, as well as more modern American blues.

Just where has Eden been in... forever? Well, she had gotten a job and that and other things have kept her way, including some self-induced sense that she doesn't really belong. But she swore she'd come out to try and be more social and to try and involve herself in the affairs of the People more. Wouldn't her mother be proud of her? She is currently quietly looking over the selection of food and drink, the scents of which gets her stomach to growl loudly, causing her to blush. Ugh. How embarrassing!

Adele got lost a few times on her way out here, the old rusty escort she's driving chugging up the road. Parking the car she grabs the carrot cake she's brought along before looking out into the woods and then the farmhouse. Slamming the car door she strolls for the lit up house. She's trying to look normal tonight, no polka-dot leggings, no spiked hair. Her hair of course is still blue and she's still got that ring in her lip but she's got normal clothes on. Jeans, clunky boots with a tank top and a oversized shirt over the tank. She knocks once on the door before pushing it open, "Anyone home?"

Justice walks in wearing a pair of black leggings with a splattered paint look upon them with a soft purple sweater with thumb holes is upon her. Her heavy black coat with faux fur being shrugged off and draped upon something as she walks in her boots that match it. Her eyes nervously looking about, she made a teeny fuss not be able to tag along with Banes or Kharn to the ritual and was in the farmhouse and nervously rubbing on the back of her neck. Then she spots Adele and looks relieve, beelining for her and move to link her arm with hers if allowed as she says "Hey Adele." A warm smile curling her lips.

Astrid gives a smile to everyone that comes in, "Come on in and get warm. Fires going and there's lots of tasty food. Drinks are on the table and I can make things by request if you have special requests." she states. The Adele is peeking in and there's a motion for her to come in, "It's good to see you again, Adele." she offers. "Are you and your pack settling in alright still?" she asks her. Then there's a smile to Eden and Justice, "I'm Astrid Halldis, it's nice to meet the two of you." she states.

Oh no. She has to talk. Hopefully Eden's stutter won't be a problem for her tonight. Smiling, she offers a bashful wave to those here. "Hi. I'm Eden Lopez. Am from New Mexico, o-originally." Damn. She almost got through that whole thing without the stammer. Wincing inwardly, she adds, "I-it is very nice to meet everyone."

Adele's British accent is just as stand-out as ever, damn she needs to practice to get rid of it. After dropping off the cake she gives Justice a one armed hug before nodding to Astrid, "We are well, I think we're almost ready to move out of the hotel." (building is approved as a build and now we have to desc it) "Quinn and Sparx are pretty busy but I look forward to when they are working less." she indicates Justice, "Have the two of you met?" she smiles at Eden, "Hello, I'm Adele."

Justice smiles to Astrid as she says "I'm Justice. Nice to meet you Ast... Astrid..." Clearly saying the name for the first time before she asks "Could you prehaps tell me what food is what? I am um... still learning about this world." She looks to Eden and says "I don't think we have. It is nice to meet you Eden. I am Justice. Where is New Mexico?"

Justice smiles to Astrid as she says "I'm Justice. Nice to meet you Ast... Astrid..." Clearly saying the name for the first time before she asks "Could you prehaps tell me what food is what? I am um... still learning about this world." She looks to Eden and says "I don't think we have. It is nice to meet you Eden. I am Justice. Where is New Mexico?" She looks to Adele and says "I really haven't met anyone else yet. Just you, your brother, Banes.. Oh! I met Kharn! And sometimes I sleep there. And Banes got me a phone and Kharn for my a knife. And I was taking clothing shopping. And still learning a lot. But Banes is helping and so is Kharn."

"It's nice to meet you, Eden." Astrid states with a warm smile. Her silver gaze then wanders to Adel as she speaks and she listens as she talks about Rupert and the others. There's a thoughtful nod, "Excellent. I'm glad to hear that it's going well. Abel and I were talking about maybe hosting a meeting sometime to see what packs are still around and maybe see about getting unpacked wolves and blooded acquainted to form others. He called it speed dating for Werewolves. I just rolled my eyes at him." she shakes her head at what her friend monikered it. Then to Justice there is a friendly smile, "It's nice to meet you and welcome to Fallcoast." she greets her. "There's chili, hunters stew and then we've got..." she starts naming some Icelandic and Irish dishes. "Kharn's favorite is that meat stuff right there. My brother will eat anything most days though." she muses to that.

Eden glances at Justice curiously for a second, not used to talking with people who do not know where New Mexico is. Takes her a bit but it eventually dawns on her that she might not be from the USA. "It is in the southwest part of the country," she explains, taking great pains to make sure she is able to be understood. There's a smile paired with the explanation. "It is nice there. A lot warmer than h-here, t-hat's for sure." Taking a second, she gathers herself, shaking off the rest of the nerves before continuing with the chatting. "It smells very good. And looks very good. Doesn't it?" Adele and Astrid are addressed next. "I feel so hungry. Like I could eat a bear!" With how famished she's feeling, she probably would try to take down the bear she'd try to devour.

Adele offers, "She would prefer dishes without heat. I would avoid the chili, no clue what sort of heat it might have." she grins, "I'm not sure if I've met Abel, I'm horrible with names." she laughs at the speed dating coment before nodding to Justice, "I mentioned you to Kharn last week." she can't help but shiver at Eden's discption, "ANywhere is warmer then here!" she teases.

Justice giggles at Astrid words and murmurs to him "Kharn is teaching me how to use a knife, evem gave me one to practice with and when he goes to hunt the boar... the meaner pig. He is going let me practice more on it just in case I ever need to protect myself. I like his hall, it is cozy." To Eden she says "Ah ok. Maybe you can show me where it is on one of those map thingys sometime?" She then looks to Adele and says "Okies so no chili and I ran into Kharn at the Crosscut. He is very nice. Just like Banes. Dragash taught me bad words though..."

"See, it's laughable." Astrid motions with her hand as Eden laughs about the Werewolf Speed Dating. "Eden, get something to eat. It's all right there and they should be in soon." she states. "We don't need to wait. They have to endure hardship. We'll be eating when they get in here." she nods sagely. "Dishes without heat, the stew is not spicy, so there is that. There are potatoes and veggies as well." she tells Adele and Justice. "And we could bring a map to the Crosscut. Kinda point it out like that or on the phone." she offers.

There's a name being said that Eden does know, that being Kharn's. She heard it while chatting with someone else so there's that glimmer of recognition when it keeps getting dropped. Of course, she only saw him while he was in wolf form, so she won't have a face to put with it. Ah well. Guess she will after tonight.

"I got the map covered! One sec!" Pulling out her smart phone, Eden does a search for a map of the US and zooms in a bit, putting the state of New Mexico in the center so she can show Justice where it is. "There, That is where I am from. Santa Fe is the city I grew up in." She waits for Justice to get a good look before the device is powered off and put back into the pouch-like pocket of the hoodie she's wearing.

Astrid tells her to eat and she makes a politely-paced beeline to where the food is from. "So. Justice, Astrid and Adele. Where are you all from," she asks, the question made with while she takes a plate in hand and starts to serve herself.

"Ah, you're the Banes I've heard so much about." Ghaz-Ur, in his Dalu form, arrives with two Uratha in Hishu. "I sent a message to Adele regarding the girl, Justice." And as they approach the others, Ghaz-Ur sees both of the girls he was just talking about, as well as his sister." He approaches them happily, leaning in to trade a few hushed words with Astrid. The big viking looks around and decides to take some finger foods.

Justice ooohs and pulls out her phone, unlocking the screen and offering it to Eden as she says "Can you please show me on this?" To Astrid she says "Thank you, I had not thought of looking it up on there, I am still even getting use to the phone but I like it since it helps me find my homes easier. And I will try everything not spicy. Still learning what I do and don't like." She tucks her phone away as Eden pulls hers out instead and smiles happily as she looks to it and says "Oh nifty. Wow... so you are from very far far away. And I am from well... it took 3 days to walk here but the first day I ran. So I am not really sure. The Spirits told me to run towards here so I did. They helped me escape so I knew I could trust them." Her hands grabbing some of everything that isn't spicy and putting it upon her plate. As she hears Kharn mention Banes, she looks towards them with a bright smile and lifts her hand to wiggle her fingers in hello.

Eden glances up when she hears the new arrivals, all faces she doesn't recognize. She gives an upnod of greetings to them, her hands too busy with a plate and such to wave, and then she's back to serving herself. The way the others interact with each other is observed from where the food has been laid out, her own interactions kept brief for a bit.

Abel makes his way back into the house after several minutes of further, mysterious Ithaeur business at the ritual circle. He wears an overcoat and a pair of loosely-laced winter boots, which he stomps on the mat outside the front door before making his way inside. He glances around the room, sizing up the situation and simultaneously checking on the state of the food and drink, making his way first there to get a dram of moonshine rye from an unlabelled amber bottle.

"We're from Reykjavik, Iceland originally." Astrid states to Eden when she asks the question. Astrid looks to her brother when he comes in and there's a bright smile and she gives him a wave, the size comparison and their stark contrast in color might make one question if they are related, but they are. "Brodir." the Icelandic woman states as she reaches out to squeeze his arm in greeting and listen to what he says. Though she looks to Abel when he comes in later than the rest of the group. "You seem to have survived." she tells him with a smile.

"Indeed, I am Banes and you must be the one she calls Kharn. Well met. I've taken her on as a ward of sorts to protect and she says you are the only other she trusts. I am glad she was able to find you." A genuine smile is given as he nods to the man and the to Andre and and Abel. Walking into the farmhouse a smile is given to those gathered as Banes waves to Justice, checking and finding her well. Back in hishu form he's dressed in a heavy black jacket over a gray shirt with dark jeans and heavy work boots. A wave is given to the rest of the group as he ask Justice, "Can you introduce me?"

Andre nods to Kharn and Banes as he heads towards the food and drink; he's dressed in a heavy camo jacket and jeans. He makes himself a plate of a bit of everything. He arches a brow at Astrid's statement, then smiles, moving back towards Kharn slowly as he eats.

Abel pours himself a couple of fingers of the moonshine and grins over at Astrid with a toothy, friendly sort of look. "I should probably be saying the same," he notes. "Though... it got pretty cold out there." He had lifted his hand slightly toward Astrid, and he glances past her to Banes as he speaks to Kharn. Something in the comments prompts the raising of his brows to Astrid. The movement of his hands ends up being nothing more than shifting a glass from one hand to the other, so that he can take a sip of his warming drink.

Justice smiles to Banes as he comes closer and says to him "Of course. This is Astrid, she is Kharn's sister. And this is Eden, she is from New Mexico and she showed me where that is on the map on her phone. And you met Kharn. But the others I do not know yet so I would need you to introduce me to them Banes." She takes a minute and blushes and says "Sorry guy, this is Banes. He is the one who found me in the woods and got me somewhere safe and he is teaching me how to cook and stuff." Warm smiles offered to Abel and Andre as she says "Hi, I am Justice." And then she it grabbing one of the veggies off of her plate and eating it, seeming to make an 'ooo yummy' face as she politely chews with her mouth closed.

"H-h-hello. N-nice to meet you a-all," Eden says, her expression faintly skittish. Social skills? Sure, she has them but she finds herself getting slightly overwhelmed, hence her stutter coming back, and she looks vaguely like she might bolt or something. Or, she might if she wasn't settling in to eat. "This is very good. Did you make all this, Astrid?" Hungry as she is, she wasted no time in trying a little bit of all that has been spooned or forked onto the plate she has balanced carefully upon her off hand.

Astrid gives a look to Abel when he lifts his hand towards her, "Do you need that warmed up? We could stick it in the stew." she gives him a grin. "Or we could try to fit my mittens on you." she adds with a wink. Though she's not sure what the eyebrow raise is for and the shorter woman moves over to him to speak in a quiet tone. When her name is said she turns to smile and gives a wave, "I'm Astrid, yes. Kharn is one of my older brothers." she confirms.

You whisper "Is there something wrong?" to Abel.

Abel leans in nearer to Astrid when she offers a few quiet words. He gives a small smile and a shake of his head, before he notes, "I think I'll stick with the whiskey, thanks." There's still a grin to that. Then his attention focuses more on the others. He offers Justice and Eden each a nod of greeting, saying, "Hello, I'm Abel Daywood. I'm glad you could both come." The latter also gets a further explanation. "Astrid and I made all the few. What's Icelandic-seeming... and some of what doesn't seem to be but is, is all her. The rest... you'll have to guess." He takes a sip of his moonshine to punctuate the comment.

Ashley and Jermaine arrive late and together. Tied up with work in the city, they arrived in Jermaine's truck and park outside. By the time they get up to the door to knock, Ashley holds a tote carrier with a few gifts for the host of the party. "I hope no one minds we're late. I tried to get out of work as fast as I could."

Jermaine hugs Ashley as they wait at the door, though he lets her speak for them, "Hello." he says as he greets their hosts before being allowed to come inside. Once inside Jermaine takes a moment to look around from where he is noting who all is here.

Astrid gives a smile, "Abel is the host and did most of the work." she tells the crowd as she gives a nod to everyone. Then she hurries over to get the door and recognizes the faces there, "Come on in." she greets them. Then she's back to talking, "Sorry about that. But we wanted to thank everyone for coming out. At some point in the near future we'd like to host another meeting of sorts to talk on packs and seeing about getting others started up and maybe seeing if any of the active packs are interested in new members and that sort of things. Would you all be interested in a meeting like that at the Crosscut?" she asks.

Abel hears the knock on the door, not far into the house. He turns to open it, but Astrid beats him to it. He offers a wave and a nod of greeting to the two there, his gaze pausing for a moment on Ashley, as though trying to figure out if he knows her. Or if she's *the* AShley Firestone. He glances back toward Eden, with whom he had been standing and talking, giving another benign sort of smile as he drinks his drink. He listens to Astrid's invitation with interest, glancing around the room at those remaining.

Ashley greets everyone that is about to leave before they get out the door. In passing it seems, they were a bit too late to arrive. "Better late than never." She places a fist to her heart, to greet Astrid and smiles to her. The same gesture is given to Abel, "Hello, and sorry we're so late. Work and everything, but we wanted to let you know the Sentinels pack did hear about your gathering and we wanted to stop in." Yes! It is the famous singer celebrity that the local town boasts of, and in the flesh here. She grins to Abel, "We brought you a gift. It's from the pack." In the tote bag are four section slots for booze. A high end amount of Fire Whiskey, which Astrid may realize she's seen before a long, long time ago from the first bar that was built in Fallcoast for the People. "I'm Ashley Firestone, and beside me here is Jermaine."

"Nice to meet you, Abel. I-I am Eden." There. Eden must be feeling a bit better if she's sitting now, instead of standing around, looking about as tense as all get out. "I-I would be interested, Astrid." In the meeting, that is. Smiling, she looks around, before asking Abel quietly, "Is there anything good to drink that won't put me in the hosptial?" Yes, she is very familiar with what Uratha drink. As more arrive she waves hello.

Ashley adds in to Eden who just spoke up. "Hello Eden." A warm smile is offered to her too.

Jermaine is content and he brings his fist to his heart as well in greeting. Once Ashley makes introductions, he nods his head at her words. "I'm Jermaine Irraka, Hunter in Darkness and Scout of the Sentinels of Dawn pack. Thank you for allowing us to participate in this gathering." he says. He looks to Astrid as she speaks up about further meetings and helping with packs working together. He nods his head, "Sounds like a good idea, and something that would be helpful for all." he states. He smiles at Ashley and he moves with her to find a place to sit before more of the meeting begins.

"That is a really nice nice there." Astrid states with a smile as Ashley hands it over to Abel. And it was! When people seem to take the talk of a meeting of packs and unpacked well, she gives a nod, "Great. I think there's a lot of unpacked that just need to meet others and maybe some of the already established packs can see if there's anyone that they meet and want to bring into their fold. But we definitely need more packs around." she admits to the group.

Abel looks back over to Ashley as she greets him. He looks down at the bag and reaches forward to take the offered bag. "Thank you, Ashley," he answers with a deep nod of thanks for the drink. He gives a slightly more shifting smile and adds, "I don't know much about the human world, but I *have* heard of you. It's a pleasure to meet you. And please extend my thanks to the Sentinels of the Dawn." He turns to Jermaine then and he dips his head to the other Uratha. "Thank you for coming, Jermaine. I hope next time I can schedule our celebrations for when you can make it." Then, with Jermaine looking for a place to sit, he turns back toward Eden. Chuckling at her question, he adds, "I bought some beer and liquor from the store. Stay away from the moonshine if you'd like to keep it tame," he advises, waggling his glass and then taking another drink. He listens to Astrid and nods sagely. "With all the comings and goings, it could benefit packs to even keep aware of the membership of the others... just in case there's need to work to a common effort in the future."

"It's been awhile, since we took in some more people for the Sentinels. But I think the timing would be excellent right now to consider it. We can speak with our pack Alpha at our next meeting and see about settling things." She nods back to Astrid, then Abel as he recognizes her. She flashes a wider smile, "It's good to get away from it all for awhile too. Just being with our people again and not on tour? It's a good feeling." She looks to Eden and then over to Adele as she takes up a seat with Jermaine.

The beer is what piques Eden's interest the most but she stays seated, instead finishing her meal. Better to not partake on an empty stomach, after all. She listens as the plate becomes increasingly devoid of the delicious food items, that then taken to the kitchen once it can be put in its proper place. "Pack..." A whistful sigh. "I haven't been in a pack since I came here."

Astrid gives a smile to Abel and there's a nod to him when he heads off. It was good to help out the Bone Shadow. Then she turns back to the others, "Abel's going to retire for a few and clean up some of the left over ritual space. There's plenty of food and desserts." she states. "And packs are a major part of our world. Being in a pack is like a family or second family for some. Hell...it's the family that some never had." she admits. "So I want people to be able to have that." she states.

Adele got called away, a phone call or something. She finally comes back in with a frown, muttering her appologies, "Sorry, work and the boss wouldn't accept my calling back later."

Jermaine brings his arm around Ashley's waist as they sit down, he nods to Abel before he leaves. He looks to the others as information from Ashley about their pack maybe wanting to bring in new people, "Yeah we will need to talk with our Alpha, but I'm sure she would be interested in this as well." he states.

Ashley peers to all the food spread out and eyes the desserts. 'Good lord, if you have pie I am going to have some of that. You want some Jer?" She waves over to Adele. "Hello there."

Adele goes to retake a plate, making a mental note before turning towards Ashley, "You need help with the cleanup after everyone's gone? No clue how much of this spread you might have to find room for if the animals will scarf it all down." she grins a bit as she teases.

Jermaine nods to Ashley, "Yes please, I will eat whatever your getting, so just bring back one plate." he grins at her. She knows he will eat more than his filll before the night is over and honestly that may be good, she told him not to eat before they came here so he didn't.

"We've got pie, yes. And I've got containers if anyone wants to take things home to pack members or anyone that couldn't make it." Astrid offers with a smile. When Adele comes back in she gives a smile, "Adele, this is Ashley and Jermaine." she introduces them. "We were talking about having a meeting were established packs come and talk with ones that are forming and unpacked wolves. Do you think your pack would be interested in participating in something like that?" she asks her. "And no, it'll be easy to clean up really. I don't know where all Abel is wanting to put it either." she muses.

Ashley chuckles and proceed to fill one plate for her and Jermaine to share. "Hello Adele, it is a mighty pleasure to meet you." She nods back to Astrid, "I would love a container to take some food back home to Chris. He's stuck on patrol duty near the pack grounds." Then she explains to the others, "We have an innovative pack and our pack Alpha is a female." She's SO very proud of that. "Kyrie is a different sort. Fair minded. And she cares about all of us. I just love her, and they took me in awhile back when newly forming. And I can tell you that it's great to be somewhere where you feel like you belong. It's just like Astrid said, it's a lot like family. More family than just friends."

"It's nice to meet you Jermaine." Adele deffinatly has a punk vibe about her but it's toned down for the night. Listening for a moment, her reply is a bit cautious, "I would be interested but I don't know if my brother would be." she grimaces, "I think we need a bit more pack members but I don't think he agrees with me."

Jermaine watches Ashley for a moment before turning to see Astrid and Adele, "Hello Adele nice to meet you." he says to her. He bows his head, he's respectful though he does take each one in for a moment, than scenting the air. He looks over to Ashley as she speaks of Kyrie, he nods his head in agreement, "She is easy to speak with as well, though if you piss her off worry." eh chuckles. "Still I like what we are doing here and keeping communications and an open relationship with other packs to help out and such is good. We all should be working together regardless of our packs differences."

Astrid gives a nod to Adele when she says that, "If you think of it, mention it to him. If he doesn't want to entertain the idea then you guys don't have to." she admits with a nod. "But I think if you find a few like minded people you could do a lot of good." she adds. Then she gives a smile, "I'm going to be over in the kitchen, you guys talk." she tells them.

Ashley sits back down on the sofa with the larger plate balanced on her lap. She offers a spoon over to Jermaine, which will make it easier for him to sample the loaded pile of food on the plate. She sticks with a slice of pie however, and doesn't eat much else. "Right. No one has to do anything they aren't comfortable with. But I do love visitors, and anytime either of you wants to step in and say hello please feel free to do so. I can leave you both my cell number to pass around. I have a private number just for family that is available."