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Werewolf Thanksgiving 2016
Dramatis Personae

Seraphine D'Amour, Jones, Kharn, Katherine, Levi, Megan, Lilly, Jermaine, Brant, Abel,

23 November, 2016

The People of Fallcoast gather to feast


Varangian Hall

The invitation was left up at the Tur, along with directions out to the Varangian Hall. RSVP not required, there will be plenty of food. Those that know the Swampwitch accept this as truth. Most of the cooking has already been done, dishes that require more than a day to cook just right, and there's a menagerie of scents in the air, from the gumbo to the turkey to the plethora of sides out on the table. The only decoration is a centerpiece of fall flowers, and those of occult bent might pick out the symbols for the Loa worked within.

Seraphine herself has her long hair bound back, and she bustles along to set up the last few things. Men are banned from the kitchen - even Kharn despite it being his Hall. This the Swamp Witch has spoken, so mote it be.

Which is why the Gypsy, in the form of a black wolf with green eyes has slinked in and is currently sitting just under foot with tongue lolling out and green eyes focused on food. Because Men were banned, wolves were not. And if anyone was going to push his luck on getting food first? It was going to be Levi. Because he is the bottomless pit still. And because it's been a while since he slept on Kharn's floor. He even brought a gift for the hostess! See the bottle of wine that's currently slightly slobbered at the top where he has been holding it in his jaws for a while. Sorry? But it's a nice bottle of wine for the hostess with the mostess.

The newer addition to the People of Fallcoast arrives, the sound of a ran-down, beat-up vehicle making it easy to tell when Lilly arrives even if she doesn't pull up too close to the Hall. There's a knock on the door and then, after it's cracked open, she asks quietly, "Am I in the right place?" Silly of her to open the door if she isn't exactly one hundred precent certain she's in the right place, isn't it? "I... brought something. Er... banana bread." And a hand is shoved in through the crack she made, holding out a loaf of the quick bread that she just mentioned. It is store bought and not very big, maybe only large enough to get a few decent-sized slices out of, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Katt has embraced the cooler weather with all the enthusiasm who has an entire closet full of comfy clothes. The ensemble for today is just that. A pair of gray, slipper boots are on her feet. A pair of pink and gray sweatpants, and a matching hoodie style shirt, all with the brand-name: Pink. Someone went shopping. Hair unbound and worn down as well, is kept back with a loose braid that falls down her back. As the witch bustles, she is one of the few allowed into the kitchen. Her phone is somewhere in a pocket of the hoodie, a pair of earbuds in one ear, giving the woman a soundtrack to the events. Wiping her hands on a hand towel, she looks to the centerpieces and purses her lips slightly. Thoughtfully. Raising her eyes towards Lilly, she nods, "You're in the right place." A smile offered. "Come in, make yourself at home."

Kharn enters the Hall from the door opposite the stairs, fiery hair tied back to keep it out of his face. His beard sports a single braid with a small wooden skull woven into it. He's wearing the usual plaid shirt, green and red with sleeves rolled to the elbow, grey firehose pants and boots. The new Hall hadn't been used to entertain yet, so the myriad of aroma's is welcome to him. There's a grin on his face when he spots all the company and walks around handing out greetings and thanks for coming. A couple logs are tossed onto the hearth on the one wall, the dropping temperatures outside held at bay.

It's been a while since Jermaine has seen Kharn, but he wasn't on bad terms, so he was going to come and enjoy good times with the People. Walking in to the Tur, Jermaine smiles remembering the old Hall, and now here he is in a new one, he takes a moment and upon seeing Kharn and the others, he gives a quick wave to everyone.

Well, at least she wouldn't be alone in being completely lost when it comes to meeting people. Megan had found the invitation and knew well enough that meeting none of the other wolves wouldn't do her any favours after arriving very recently. Tugging her leather jacket a little tighter around her shoulders she arrives only a few moments after Lilly, clearing her throat a little and holding up what appears to be a bottle of whiskey. Stereotypical perhaps, but odds are she picked it up on the way here as a last minute realisation. "Uh Hi," she calls when she steps in, her accent extremly noticable. She's fairly sure she's in the right place, but that doesn't make it any less akward for her.

There's a look of relief when Lilly is made aware of being where she should be, that getting her to relax and come in the rest of the way so she won't block the door. "Thanks. Where should I put this?" 'This' being the banana bread, of course. Seeing so many people she hasn't met, yet, she raises her other hand, lifting it so she can wave. "Hi. I'm Lilly. Nice to meet you all." As for the one she has met already, Kharn's given a bit of a quick upnod to go with his wave. "Thank you for having me."

Seraphine steps over Levi as she needs to, the underfoot wolf getting a little nudge with her foot in the process. At least she's barefoot, right? Not that it shows, with the long dress that she's wearing. The table's already set with plenty of room for all - while the Hall's not quite as big as the previous one, it's still plenty large enough for a gathering of the People. Her hands are wiped on a towel, and then after grabbing the last thing that needs to be brought for the table's main course to be set - that massive turkey. Seriously. It's not hard to imagine that it's the distant relative of a dino, the size of that bird. How the hell is she even carrying it? "Good evening," she greets in that New Orleans accented voice.

There's a bustle in the hedgerow, as it were. Then, suddenly, a wild Hobowolf appears. Jones slicks his fingers through his still-wet hair. He appears well groomed and, most importantly, freshly bathed - with soap! Old acquaintances may notice the subtle changes in the moustached Elodoth. Thinner. Longer features. The scent of the hisil still clings to him, even after bathing.

"Hi, folks."

Katt takes the loaf, "I'll take it in the kitchen, put it on a plate." This to Lilly. "I'm Katt, the very pregnant lady there, our hostess is Seraphine, the man over there..." She turns, to give each a introdution in turn and a point, "Big Red over there, that's Kharn." A pause, not sure on Jermaine, or the newest arrival of Megan and her whiskey. "I think the four legged one is Levi, but don't mark me on that." A flash of a smile, and in an obvious joke, "They all look the same to me..." She stagewhispers. Another turn, to the Hobo, "That's Jones. Just ask anyone else, they don't bite."

Megan, being new, is greeted with more than the usual Thanks by the Firebeard. Kharn waves her in and takes the bottle of whiskey, setting it next to the rest of the liquor that's been set out for everyone. "A new wolf in town? We haven't met. I'm Kharn Halldis, this is my Hall." He points to the Swampwitch, "That's Seraphine, the mistress of tonight's feast. It's nice to meet you. Make yourself at home, socialize, please." He's all smiles tonight. Jermaine gets a respectful nod from the viking. When the bird makes its way to the table, Kharn is drawn to it like Monterey Jack.

"Megan," the whiskey-baring redhead offers, although her accent makes it sound more like 'Meg-un' then how most Americans would pronounce it. Glancing around as she's parted from the bottle and then moving to sit herself down. "Megan Morne, just got to town a couple of weeks ago. No prizes for guessing where from," she says with a grin and takes in the introductions, looking at each party in turn. "Thanksgiving isn't really a thing back home, but 'm not gonna turn down an offer of good food."

Levi is good at being underfoot, and when she finally nudges him along he follows her out after the turkey. Because foooood. Why aren't you giving me foood? There might even be a rather undignified whine at her when Sera doesn't so much as toss him a scrap. The door swings shut into the kitchen, and opens again to the Gypsy stalking out in Chucks, jeans and an untucked button down rolled to his elbows. Hearing his name having been said along the way he finally finds Katt with bright greens and offers her and the new person with a smile. Big Red and the Gypsy end up colliding on their mutual path after the bird and he looks up at the bigger man with that crooked grin, "Normally I'd say you first, but I'm afraid there wouldn't be any left for us," he winks to the fire beard and gives his big shoulder a headbutt. He eventually catches sight of Jermaine and gives the other wolf a nod.

Lilly turns slightly, tracking the people Katherine introduces her to, trying to dedicate names and faces to memory. "It is nice to meet everyone," she semi-parrots her earlier statement, that sad while relinquishing the bread over. Hands fully empty now, she holds them in front of her. "I've met Kharn already, along with a few others," she says easily but then she stops herself and just watches Jones for a moment. "Hello."

The massive bird is set down on the table, and Seraphine gives a flash of a smile. Taking a step back, she takes a moment to admire it, and all the other food around it. She is, indeed, heavily pregnant. "There's plenty for everyone," she murmurs at Levi's words. "Food, and drink. Lilly, Megun, good to meet you both, and welcome to our table." She moves past Gypsy and Viking, with a brush of shoulders. And then to Katt, who gets the same. Finally over to Jones, who she touches at the shoulder and then cheek. Respectful, that greeting. "I'm glad to have people here." Then, turning back to the gathered masses, "Sit, sit. I won't make you all say what you're thankful for or anything like that, I'm not that cruel - quiet, Kharn - but if anyone wants to say anything, go for it." The other faces, familiar and not so, are also taken in.

Katt disappears briefly, returning with the banana bread, now sliced and laid out on a plate. It's set down and she hovers briefly, as if undecided as the others gather at the table. Levi's two footed arrived gains him a brief wave, the other hand is disappearing into her pocket. Drawing out a hand-rolled, she steps well back from the others and hovers instead near the kitchen to enjoy her smoke and fetch things as needed. As she is approached by Sera, she gives her a light hug, and says quietly, "You should sit down." Katt even goes as far as to shoot Kharn a well meaning look that say, make her sit down dangit! Hand cupping a lighter, she draws deep on the smoke and watches. Content. Relaxed.

Kharn grins at Levi's comment, giving the Gypsy a shake of the hand. As he moves about doing things to help the hostess set up shop, it's probably noticeable that he's missing a finger on his right hand. He waits until Seraphine completes her bit and piggybacks on it, "It's been hard times during the last year. Many things have been lost, many gained. Relations have been strained and strengthened. We have a moment of peace, and it happens to be during the holiday season. So eat much, drink more, and let's just enjoy not having some threat foreshadowing every move." Kharn smiles, a mote of sadness in his eyes. He takes a bottle of his own whiskey from where the others sit and disappears out the front door for a few minutes.

Jones is here. Mostly. On occassion he appears to be over there. Wherever there may be. Mentally, at least. Seraphine's touch anchors him, if only briefly, and he blinks. He sandwiches her hand against his face and leans into it for nary a second before letting it go.

"Hello," the moustache speaks in Lilly's direction. His approach takes him quite close. You could fit a sheet of paper between his nose and hers; more than that would be a struggle. "Nice to meet you. My name is Jones," he overennunciates as if he were talking to a deaf person. The invasion of personal space lasts long enough for him to finish speaking and then he's off.

"Katherine," he hugs her, awkwardly.

That awkward hug accepted by Katt, her grin is good natured. Accustomed to family having sometimes... odd natures, she isn't phased. "Good to see you Jonsey." He's that weird uncle in the family. That's alright with Katt. Another drag, she's careful to exhale away from those who are beginning to break bread at the table. However, those eyes follow Kharn and his exit, briefly narrowing before she turns her eyes back to the gathering. Now and again, she draws a phone out of her pocket and does something on the screen. Adjusting the bud in her ear, answering a text or an email probably, before replacing it into her pocket and returning to her people watching.

While a bit nervous Lilly is by no means one of those 'withering flowers' who wilt when someone gets too close and for a moment she looks directly into Jones' eyes for a moment. "Lilly." The name's given just before Jones is off to another part of the hall, leaving her standing there for a moment longer. "Everything smells so good," she compliments Seraphine but then, with a self-directed groan, she hurries to ask, "Is there anything I can do to help," is queried even while moving to sit. She'll wait to take perch upon the chair, however, keeping to her feet in case the hostess or anyone else needs her assistance.

Well that's a rather serious and somber turn! Megan shifts a little akwardly in her seat and reaches to retrieve a glass for herself, waiting for the others to dig in on the food first. She can't really claim to have endured the same hardships as the others, sure she had her own but they were back across the see and not shared with any of the people in this room. Instead Megan just watches quietly, taking in all those little exchanges around her.

Levi can't help the cheeky grin on his face that shifts from Katt, to Kharn and then Sera. It kind of shows the pre-mature aging, the wrinkles at his eyes and lips the sunken quality of his gaze, that streak of grey that shocks backwards from his temple. With the hostess deciding that they can eat, the Gypsy is slipping past Kharn while he gives his rousing speech. Once - and only once - he has that turkey leg on a plate with fork in hand does he pay more attention. The sadness seen he watches the big guy slink out the front door and tilts his head to the side. Looking at the rest gathered he takes a look at the familiar and unfamiliar faces for a long moment. "It hasn't been a year since I've been here, yet I find myself thankful for another family. I know we're all focused on our own shit, it happens, just don't forget we're one big pack at the end of it all," then he promptly takes a bite out of the turkey drumstick he's got like he's at a Ren Faire.

The mote of sadness that was in Kharn's eye seems to find a home in Seraphine's, taking root there and blossoming before she lets out a breath. Gathering herself back up, before there's a chance for any actual shattering allowed to happen. Putting on a smile, she chimes in with her agreement, "Yes, everyone dig in." Her gaze follows the Firebeard towards the door, and then she finally does sit - surely to the relief of Katt at least. A smile for Levi, if brief, before she's starting in on getting some of her own food - including that gumbo that's in a big pot on the table. She's a swamp witch, after all. "Thank you," she says towards Lilly. "You can help by eating your fill. And maybe then some."

"I missed you." Jones tells Katherine. There's a look that passes from him to her within which the Elodoth is fully present. He doesn't offer any more words. He turns from Katt and approaches the table proper, on the way Lilly gets a nod. The vacancy takes him again until people start eating. Jones leans down close to the turkey leg Levi has and his lips peel back. While the Gypsy still eats, the Hobo sinks his teeth into the unchewed side and tears off a chunk of birdflesh.

It's only a few minutes before Kharn returns. The whiskey is half-gone but the sadness has melted away and replaced with warmth. He B-lines for Seraphine and looms over her while she gets some food. As soon as she seems to have served herself enough he says, "Now you sit." Only when she's sitting and as relaxed as a hostess can be, Kharn ushers anyone without food to eat before he does. The bubble-necked bottle of Lagavulin in hand, Kharn tosses it back with conviction. The firebeard fixes anyone wihtout food with a stern gaze and raised eyebrows.

Jermaine had went to the bathroom, but as he comes out, he walks over and grabs a beer. Jermaine hasn't seen most of these people in a while and honestly he feels pretty bad about it, some had helped him out when he first got here, he sighs a little and he walks over to a wall to just lean against it and watch everyone for now. He opens the beer and takes a sip of it.

Those words from Jones make Katt smile, meeting his eyes for a moment. Then, he too turns and following behind Jones, approaches the table. The joint is snubbed out and disappears into her pocket and coming up behind Sera she rests a reassuring hand on the woman's shoulder. Kissing the top of Sera's head, Katt moves to take a plate as well. As she departs, a nimble leg comes up and in a three stooges type move she kicks Kharn in the butt as she passes. Then, she's putting food on her plate, because good cooking and lord knows, Katherine could burn boiling water.

Lilly nods to Seraphine. "That's something I can do, no problem." And with no need of having Kharn usher her to where the food has been laid out. A huge plate's worth of food is gotten and a drink, everything brought with her to where she'll sit for the evening. "Hi," she says warmly to Megan, all but little dredges of nervousness to be heard in her voice, "I'm Lilly. Very nice to meet you."

However brief the smile was, Levi's eyes are lingering on Sera a moment longer as she finally gets pushed into sitting and taking a load off. That's about the time he realizes that Jones is Right. There. The Gypsy is far more feral than he used to be and when he sees bared teeth he /snarls/. Mine. And when the hobowolf ends up taking a chunk out of his pick he goes to a growl and Jones' nose gets whapped sharply before Levi turns and moves away from the other alpha with narrowed gaze while he shuffles over to a seat. Now at least Jones will have to crawl over the table to get at his food. Grumble grumble, harsh stare.

There's a little bit of grumbling from Seraphine as she's hovered over and watched and damn protective wolves, but the witch does sit. And even relax. Despite the goings on between her Alpha and the Gypsy. A hand lifts to rub her face - sweet Legba, give her strength - before she's starting to eat a bit of the food. Jermaine's lingering on the edges, against the wall, is noticed and she makes a gesture to the table. "I remember your face, if not your name. I'm a bit absent minded lately, forgive me. But please do join us. It's a time for re-establishing old bonds, along with forging new ones." Katt gets a little nuzzle when the other blooded touches her shoulder.

Jones blinks. Blink. Blink-blink. His eyes narrow to slits and from under the protective ward of his moustache a tongue creeps out slowly like the Kraken's tentacle. It travels up through the bristles to his nose and removes any signs of grease left there. He sits. The tongue retracts. Jones softly burps into a closed fist then reaches out towards Levi and opens his hand. Jonesy smiles. "Miss me, Levi?" Also, Jones is twelve.

"Good to see I'm not the only one completely lost here," Megan offers Lilly, giving the other woman a smile while she loads up her own plate and continues listening. There's a lot happening and a lot of history, but at least she's -trying- to follow it all.

Wolf shenanigans. It's not Thanksgiving without a family fight, on some level, apparently. A faint snort escapes the relaxed Katt, a fork in one hand and a full plate of food in front of her. With a mouthful, forgetting manners for a moment as elbows rest on the table, she watches Jones with amusement. Akin to the face a parent gets, when they watch kids do something funny that's not intended to be funny. That's Katt's face. You can't practically hear the mantra she recites internally to not encourage the pair. Swallowing, she takes a sip of her beer, "Behave yourselves." She chides, managing to pull off a serious tone and face. Cop face for the win.

Levi is behaving! No reason for mutters of strength from the Loa! He didn't shove the turkey leg down Jones' throat or something. A glance between Sera and Jermaine and he mentions, "Jermaine, ran with Desmond while the old man was here. Is he still here?" he asks kinda curious at this point. Then Jones is trying to deliver a belch that smells of Hobo and Stolen Turkey and the Gypsy remains surprisingly stoic faced, just the slightest wrinkle of his nose and he chews through the bite in his mouth, "Oh Jonesie, you know every day we been apart has been hell on my poor mind. What hellish ditch could you be sleeping in, what grisly thing are you gnawing on in the dark. It makes a man consider his life rich when he misses another man as much as I've missed you." Yeah, Levi's still got that streak in him. The new faces are given once overs and the Gypsy offers lopsided smiles for Megan and Lilly, "Levi," it's an introduction okay? He's stuffing his face before Jones gets anymore ideas.

The interaction between Jones and Levi has Kharn grinning, white teeth peeking out from that bramble of auburn whiskers. Most everyone has food, which is good enough for hin, and he loads up a plate with a mountain of food and sits beside Seraphine. He is as civilized as he has to be when shoveling food into his mouth, which is that he looks up from his food every third bite to notice things. The pace is slowed and a pause is taken from the inhalation of food, to turn to Sera and say something quietly and resumes.

"It is nice to meet you, Levi. I am Lilly. Newish arrival to the city." a half-smile is given to him and Megan both but it eventually falters when the anticts begin. Time for her to put her head down and eat.

Jones winks, "Love you too, booboo." Gunfingers. Then, without warning, the vacancy. The lights dim behind Jones's eyes and he stares at the light reflecting off of the turkey grease. His pupils dialate. His breath slows. When the food stirs again as folks make their plates, the Alpha blinks. "Love you too, booboo." Gunfingers. Wait. He looks around. "Uhh. Hm." beat "I'll be right back."

Jermaine walks over to the table and finds a seat and sits down. He smiles to Seraphine, "My name is Jermaine." he says to her. Looking around at the table and the People there, he does smile and feels the weight fall from his shoulders. "Kharn had allowed me to stay at the old Hall until I was back up on my feet and helped me get on my feet because I had recently just changed I think a month or so before coming here." he says.

Seraphine's gaze stays on Jones and Levi. Not that she's nervous about the interaction between the two, more like she's that special sort of curious about it. Then the gunfingers happen, and there's words whispered by Kharn, and the witch lets out a soft bit of laughter, shaking her head. "Me too," she says with a pat to the Firebeard's leg, before she goes back to eating a few bites. "Are you both set up with a place to live, and the like?," she asks towards the two newer arrivals in the company. Then there's Jermaine joining the table, and she fixes him with a warm smile. "He helped me get my feet when I first got here, too," she muses. "And because of that Hall, I have some memories I'll always be glad of."

Fork poised in hand, Katt lifts her eyes to watch Jonsey leave. There is a familiarity in him, in some memory, that makes her put her fork down for a moment and look away. A small frown is seen on her lips and she washes it back with a draw of beer. Turning to her plate again, she glances sideways at Kharn and Sera, watching their interactions for a time before returning her attention to her food. As Sera does what she is so good at, the wolfblood draws out her phone with one hand. Fork in the other, she looks to her screen between bites, thumb absently scrolling or swiping.

Fingerguns aside, Levi's been enjoying his meal, when the turkey leg is cleaned down to the bone he moves on to gumbo. Because gumbo. And when he hears the words float around about the old Hall, he just smiles, "I miss that Hall. That Hall held two of my favorite moments," he adds in to the conversation. So there might be a pointed look to Seraphine in a mong those words, and then he's flicking a napkin down at Kharn with intent to get the crumbled paper stuck in his beard, "You and your beef jerky packets though, not ranked as high, I think I still have a scar," he points to the corner of his eye convincingly with a smirk. Jones is poofed, people are lingering or fading and the Gypsy is tucking into gumbo and having a small moment where he kinda melts into his chair.

"Well, I think I kinda spaced out." Jermaine says, "How about we go around the table and just do introductions?" he asks as he looks to those around the table. "I see most of you already know one another and I think I'm the odd wolf out." he chuckles a little bit. "Granted I've been hanging out up in the mountains, I think I need to be more back around here with the rest of you."

The food is being consumed, drinks are flowing, and the hobowolf broke the Matrix. Everything is right in the world for Kharn rignt now. He just sits and eats at a slightly less alarming pace. "Yes, I miss it too. Though it housed a lot of demons for a lot of people. I thought it better to rebuild, to start fresh. And this is a bit more manageable. And I've been spending all of my time in the city, honoring a pledge, so I'm glad to not have the upkeep." More food is shoveled into his mouth, nearing the end of his pile.

There's a brief, amused quirk of lips at that look that Levi gives her, before Seraphine's busying herself with downing some more food. "I made that thing that you like," is said in a conspiring tone across the table to Katt, along with a waggle of her brows. The request for introductions is not unheard, and so she leans forward just a bit as she offers, "Seraphine Spireson-D'Amour." A smile to Kharn, a soft chuckle. "The new hall is nice. It would be good to make use of it, more often."

Levi gives Kharn a bit of a dry look at that, folding his arms over his chest he bites his tongue from what he was about to say. Probably in the spirit of things? While Jermaine speaks up he glances back and nods with a shrug, "Levi Grey." A smirk is cast at Sera and then he looks at Kharn again, "It's a grand Hall you've remade, Kharniepoo," and then he's slurping down the last of that gumbo and going in for thirds, because it's Sera's gumbo...and it's been at least six months since he's had some alright?

Katt lifts her eyes, listening as Levi speaks. A smile touches her lips and she takes another bite. Her plate is slowly becoming empty, her phone back in the pocket and bud still in place in her ear. Finishing off her beer, she laughs softly Sera's words, "You always make that thing I like." Giving the woman a wink. Watching another newcomer depart, she turns her attention to the others at the table. "Katherine." She chimes in, raising her fork when it comes to her turn. Setting the fork down, Katt rises, "I'm going for beer, do you need anything?" This to everyone.

Kharn isn't oblivious to the look Levi gives him. Green eyes gleaming at the Gypsy for a moment. "No, thank you Katherine." He looks around the Hall, "It's just big enough, I think. Though I do miss the fire pit in the middle, some grand meals were cooked there." Megan leaves and Kharn watches as the party shrinks by another. He doesn't introduce himself, though, as he's one of the ones Jermaine knows on more than one level. Kharn looks at the man with an intense stare. It only lasts a moment before he pats his belly with a satisfied belch of his own.

There's a playful waggle of her brows towards Katt, and Seraphine blows the woman a little kiss. "Maybe you could bring out the pies?," she asks towards the other woman, "Provided that Jonesy hasn't devoured them all as we took care of the main course." She grins, and then leans back her chair. "Plenty of new memories to be made, I'm sure."

"I can do that." Katt moves with that lazy grace that comes from good times, good food and good drink. It takes her a moment but she comes out with the pies, clean plates and forks. The various pies and cakes have been sliced and there is also, upon another trip, ice cream and whipped cream for toppings. Quietly, she also begins to take up those plate that are empty and move them back into the kitchen.

Dessert?! Levi's eyes go wide and he groans a bit leaning back with a rounded belly instead of a flat one. "Fuck. Mistakes were maaade, I shoulda dedicated stretchy pants," he whines a little and at least loosens his belt and shifts uncomfortably for a minute. Eventually he settles back into his seat and looses a mighty belch that has him promptly popping back up. "Alright. Dessert!"

Jones returneth, at least for a moment. His eyes appear glassy and he's got a little wobble in his step like his bell has been recently rung. It settles by the time he makes it to the table where he sits next to Katherine who serves as a sturdy post for him to lean on while he catches his breath.

Nostalgia has a funny effect on the Firebeard. He says something quietly to Seraphine and stands, giving her a possessive squeeze of the shoulder and steps out the front door with that half-empty bottle of whiskey still in his hand. A phone is fished out of his pocket as he's on the way out the door.

"Thank you, Katt," Seraphine muses with warmth to the other woman. And then there's a bit of a smirk turned towards Levi. "You should have known, Gypsy. How quickly people forget." She starts to reach for one of the pies, when Jones returns. And that look that she gives him has very lifted brows. But then the Firebeard is squeezing her shoulder, and she reaches out to touch his side, to give him a concerned look.

Katherine has a piece of pie, a scoop of ice cream melting atop it. Seated, she watches Jones' wobbly settling and she allows this leaning against. A sideways glance at him, as if to take a mental checklist to make sure that he's alright. Well, alright for Jonsey. Casually, a spoonful of ice cream is taken and she offers it to him.

As people began introducing themselves, Jermaine smiles to them all. "I'm Jermaine Johnson." he says to them all. "Kharn, glad to be back at the new Hall." he says as he looks to Kharn. He does catches his glare and yes he knows Kharn very well. Still Jermaine gets some food and begins eating, he is quiet for now, something that he's always done when in big groups.

Levi blinks as Jones comes wobbling back out, but there's dessert, and it has the Gypsy's attention. But then Sere has to go and open her mouth and he gives her a look and a playful pop of his teeth, "Yes yes, swamp witch," there's a smirk that dimples his cheeks and he gives Kharn a wave, "Be well, Kharn," he offers before another mouthful of pie is shoved in his mouth. Oooom pie.

"Jermaine Johnson." Jones snaps back to the land of the living and straightens himself, "Nice to meet you." That's it, Jonesy. It's not so hard to be a people. He gives Katherine's leg a squeeze. He's alright. "I'm sorry, eh, I've... spent a lot of time abroad," Jones shrugs and eyes dessert but does not partake.

Jonsey gives her leg a squeeze and she nods, watching him pop in and out of here and there. Sometimes there, sometimes not. Finishing up her dessert, she licks the last bit of ice cream from the spoon and again the woman is on her feet. Without a word, she begins to slowly gathering up the discarded glasses, plates and silverware. Silent steps allow her to disappear into the kitchen and she spends a few moments in there taking care of dirty dishes before exiting and joining the group.

Seraphine watches Kharn for another moment, before turning her gaze back to those still at the table. "He'll be back," she says softly, letting out a breath. She fiddles with her hands for a moment, but then she finds her smile again. Yes. Not so hard to be a people. Right. "I'm glad people could make it. And even two new faces. We need to remember to come together more often, when it's not a crisis or a death. It makes us stronger," the witch muses.

The invitation was left up at the Tur, along with directions out to the Varangian Hall. RSVP not required, there will be plenty of food. Those that know the Swampwitch accept this as truth. There's a menagerie of scents in the air, from the gumbo to the turkey to the plethora of sides out on the table - people have eaten, but there's still plenty left, and the dessert has just been put out. The only decoration is a centerpiece of fall flowers, and those of occult bent might pick out the symbols for the Loa worked within.

Abel arrives very late, wandering in in unhurried fashion. He pauses a short distance inside the room, dark-eyed gaze sweeping up and around. He'd been here once before, a long while ago, and the place had an impressive atmosphere. Still, he doesn't dally for too long, making his way over toward the side where the food is. He makes no grand introduction, but if he catches the eye of any he knows, he will offer a nod, social smile, or wave, as appropriate.

"Nice to meet you." he says as he looks over to Jones. Still Jermaine eats, he does watch as Kharn leaves. His gaze does go back over the others and he yawns a little, but he covers his mouth as he does so.

Kharn returns after Abel, setting the empty bottle of whiskey on the bar and gets himself a slice of pie, resuming his place next to Seraphine. The pie is savored in small bites as he just listens for now. The firebeard is relatively quiet for the time being, but he does nod a hello toward Abel who's just arrived.

Jones is here, dozy, and perhaps slightly inebriated. He adjusts himself when Katherine leaves and decides to finally poke at a piece of pie. Once certain that it's dead, he stuffs it into his mouth. "Ifs weely goodf mmff pie," he says, brushing crumbs from his moustache into his mouth. Manners.

You sense Kharn grabs your leg and give it a little squeeze before going back to his pie.

It was inevitable that Brant would be late, since he's yet to be on time to any gathering the People have held since his return to Fallcoast. Yet, perhaps the covered baskets that smell of cinnamon rolls that he caries might earn a little lenience for the Elodoth. He offers a wave to those gathered, making his way to the dessert table to deposit his bounty. "Good evening and happy thanksgiving to all." He offers by way of greeting, before letting his nose guide his eyes to the remains of the feast.

Abel is at the sideboard, sniffing at the food slightly. He looks back and forth along its length, searching out... a glass of water. This he picks up. Turning toward the tables, he notes Brant's approach. The other Uratha is offered a nod and a social smile. "Evening, brother," he says. "Your cooking smells good." His eyes drift toward the baskets, but he makes no move to take any of the promising food within.

Levi eventually catches himself dozing off and startles some to see new faces. There's a grumble and he kind of rubs his face a lot before picking himself up again. "Should head home, have patrol to run, corners to check," he stands and clears his plate at least before stopping to give Kharn a pat to the shoulder, pausing at the woman beside him, he bends down to bonk his forehead against the crown of Sera's head, muttering something before both shoulders get a squeeze and he's slipping out the front door without so much as greeting the new guys. Gypsies are rude.