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Weird Waffles and Miranda Rights

"Go get yer warrant. Go file yer charges. I'm not afraid o' yer penis waggin'."

Dramatis Personae

Aisling, Morgance, Idina, Matthew, Nicole, Kilo, and special guest star 'Eryx'.

30 November, 2015

In which Officer Aisling found Idina for questioning, Moe got in the way, and we all enjoyed some waffles and mimosas. Yum!


Forbidden Arts Ink Shop

Kilo makes her way downstairs and is looking a little lost. Apparently it's already been a tough morning. The little Latina brings down coffee mugs and a half eaten bowl of fruit and sets them in the sink to be washed, which she does immediately, being as OCD as she is. She takes some time cleaning and straightening up and seems a bit off, fretting and agitated about something. The girl didn't even really seem to get dressed today; she's still in a pair of sweats, a hoodie and thick warm fuzzy socks. Her hair is up in a high ponytail.

The bell dings lightly followed a half moment by the theme of Dia de los Muertos, and then a light chuckled scoff from Matthew as he pushed open the black door to the Forbidden Arts shop. Beneath his eyes is some slight puffiness along with the wisps of vapor trailing from his breath as he steps in from the frigid air. It is entirely possible that someone might chide him for how many layers the skinny man was wearing but he was -warm- finally this morning and he aimed to keep it that way. Only the face was mildly uncovered and that was only due to him striding into a heated area. Hand lingering on the entry to keep it open for his travel companion!

Idina trailed in after him a moment later, hands jammed in the pockets of her coat. The kitty hat was on, ears askew like she hadn't been terribly careful pulling it over her hair.

Kilo brightens when she sees the familiar pair head into the shop. "Well, look what the cat dragged in." She kids and welcomes them in with a beckoning of her hand to come back into the lounge area. "Is it too early for alcohol?" She looks at her phone and frowns. "Is it ever too early for alcohol?" The baby gangster smirks. Chances are that's a no for her as she steps behind the bar. "Well, I'm going to have a mimosa, that sounds like it would pass for a early type drink, but as soon as we hit early afternoon..." She makes her solemn promise as she opens a bottle of champagne and heads to the fridge for orange juice. "You all can have whatever you like, however. I can make lots of things, including non alcoholic things if you're so inclined." She looks like she's not sure why that would be the case. "So whats happening in your little world? Warm enough in here for you Matthew?" She teases him.

"Cat's are particularly good at dragging in stragglers." Chuckling easily as the door was closed behind Idina to keep the chill out. "It's probably five o'clock in Europe, we should be good, yeah?" Once the door was closed and he was more than a few feet from it he began slipping out of the layers of winter clothing and leaving it on the arm of the couch. "Mimosa's are part of every good breakfast." His tone still fairly merry without a hint of exhaustion, pace once removed of all winter weight carried the gaunt young man towards the kitchen to peruse things curiously. "Inside is fine, outside is bullshit. I can make breakfast if you make mimosa. I kill at breakfast foods."

"I'll take a mimosa." The kitty ears bobbed as Idina nodded. "How are you doing? I was going to come over the weekend but I got sidetracked with things...do you know Sloan?" She made her way to the bar and chose a seat, hands just barely covering her mouth in time to hide the wide yawn. "I'm skipping work, I have to drink to justify that I think."

"Seriously? Because... Free made me like, a bowl of berries and I only ate a few bites. Breakfast would be goddamn amazing." She gives an upnod at the fridge. "All the stuff is in there, I always keep it stocked. Have at it." She then looks over at Idina. "Seriously? Don't let this guy out of your site. He is keeper material." with a conspiratorial smile over that, the girl pours everyone champagne and juice. "Sure, I know Sloan, he used to come in here quite a bit and hang. Oh wow -- you know when I detoxed off heroin he was *so* amazing. He brought me this home-made vegetable soup stuff that he actually made himself! The first time he brought it, I chickened out and didn't detox, so I got to eat it and it tasted delicious. The second time? Free actually forced me to go through with it." She smirks. "So all I did was throw the shit up. That wasn't as fun." She admits then cants her head at Idina. "How come no work? Though, you know, any reason to drink is a good reason."

"Seriously, Breakfast Bad ass over here." A light laugh as he bent over and started perusing what sort of 'stock' she had. "How heavy of a breakfast should I make?" Considering as his fingers roamed over cubbards and started pulling out mixing bowls and a whisk. Crouching a bit to peer at other cooking implements Kilo might have before pausing at Idina mentioning skipping work and drinking and giving her a bit of a sheepish smile as he got back to work rummaging. "Sloan's a cook to hmm? Seems like an every man, but totally a nice dude." His head bobbing lightly as Kilo mentioned detoxing. "That's a rough thing to go through, glad you came back to the side of the living and managed to still be awesome." Matthew chuckled as he set a waffle iron on the counter and plugged it in, to start getting it heated up.

"Oh, we're not...." Idina was a little wide eyed as she gestured to Matthew and shook her head. "We're friends. I don't... after everything... Sloan is really nice, he was the first friend I met after Matthew. I told him he should come and rent my second room so he doesn't have to live in that horrible neighborhood." Her head bobbed again and she gave Kilo a guilty grin. "I called in sick. I've never called in sick before."

Talk about looking out of place, the whole /not from around here/ look isn't helped by the badge and the gun proudly displayed on this dark haired womans hips. As she enters she takes a moment to look around the place, browsing as it were, stayng quiet. Seems she's just looking around, she's either exploring the city, lost, or here for something, who knows.

A slight shift in his movements as Idina spoke, a few eggs were set out on the counter resting where they wouldn't fall, It was difficult to ascertain what he was preparing at first beyond waffles, which he worked on the batter for calmly. "You invited Sloan to live with you?" His attention flickering naturally between the bowl and Idina as he turned to face her and Kilo as he mixed. It wasn't long before the first waffle was poured onto the machine and cooking. Right about the time Aisling made her way into the open room. "Uh... Welcome to Forbidden Arts." A lightly floured hand waved towards her before he returned his gaze to Idina.

"Uh huh. Like roommates? I don't know if he will, but it would be nice to not be all alone there." Idina gave Matthew a sheepish smile. "I can only call you late at night to come keep me company so often before you get sick of me." Her attention drifted to the officer as she made her way in, eyes widening and shoulders hunching like she had something to hide.

Aisling notices the people all gathered around, and well, beinga cop..she notices the one that looks like she has something to hide. That tends to grab the attention of police more so than people think. So, over she walks to the group smiling warmly to all of them. "Mornin!" she says brightly, "Uh, little new in town, don't suppose you lot might be able to tell me a little about this place?" she asks. Her accent is present, and yes it's semi-thick, it's also very much obviously Irish. "Oh, where are my manors.." she says as though she forgot, "Detective Aisling O'Donnell, Fallcoast PD. I just transfered in and I'm doing community outreach and getting to know the city, so if there's anythin ya need from me, please let me know."

As one of the waffles was cooking, Matthew worked on mixing up some eggs and adding cinnamon to them. A brief nod came to Idina at her comment of it being just a roommate thing. "I don't think that you will make me sick of you, silly. We said we'd look out for eachother remember?" Offering a faint smile before popping open the waffle iron and plucking the waffle out and dipped it in the cinna egg batter before dropping it onto a skillet. "I'm going for heavy breakfast by the way, french toast waffles. Delicious and good to hold folks over forever." Matthew's attention flickered over Aisling as she introduced herself. "Well... I'm relatively new here, Forbidden Arts is a Tattoo parlor, run mostly by Kilo, she stepped out to call her husband. I'm just making breakfast, would you like to join us Detective?" Smiling warmly to the woman even as another waffle was poured onto the iron then flipping the one that was grilling. "I'm Matthew, recent transplant."

Idina tried not to panic, offering the Detective a half smile. "Hi. Nice to meet you." Without an introduction though, Idina's eyes searching Aisling's face for signs of recognition.

Aisling's attention is directed at Idina for a moment while Matthew speaks, those deep blue eyes of hers are focused and locked on the girl while she replies to matthew. "No, thank you very much for the offer though.." she replies with a small smile on her lips. "Something the matter miss?" she asks of Idina. Yeah, she's pegged her, hence the constant attention she's now getting from the Detective. Though, for some strange reason, Aisling hasn't made a big deal of it, yet. "You look uncomfortable.." she replies pausing for a moment to nod to matthew again, "New arrival to the city as well eh? Seems I'm not alone then.." she adds with a grin. Again, her attention remains on Idina as she goes quiet.

"Is he out?" Idina had jumped to the worst conclusion, attention focused on Aisling now with a look of teary panic. "He's not out is he?"

Enter tiny preggor, Morgance, with her three-year-old son. He's bundled up in his winter coat, mitts, scarf, hat, and for some reason, goggles. Not ski goggles or anything that might make sense. Nope. Swim goggles. He's a toddler. He does what the fuck he wants. Over his winter clothing is a leather harness with a leather leash attached to it. And attached to the other end of the leash is Moe. She drops it once they're inside, though, and waddles towards the gathering area. The tot runs towards the back.

"Auntie Keylow! I heeyah!" Pause. "Whey Auntie Keylow? Whey Unkoo Fyee?" This is asked of anyone and everyone. He's eyeing them all like they've grievously wounded him by not being he people he expected to see.

"Kilo is on the phone she'll be back down shortly young man, How'd you like a french toast waffle? Fresh off the stove?" Grinning as he plated up the first one and set it down on the table. The next dipped in the cinnaegg batter and set on the skillet before finding butter and syrup to place on the table near the plate. "Lots of new arrival's in town Detective, it's a bustling place." A small frown coming across his features as Idina started slipping into the panic mode. "Relax Idina, you're safe here, drink some more of your mimosa and sit down... just because the Detective is here doesn't mean bad news follows in her wake." Matthew's voice smooth and calm, rational assurance perhaps.

Idina wasn't convinced, attention still pinned on Aisling though she did take a drink of her mimosa on command.

Aisling let's out a sigh and shakes her head no, to both things, then smiles warmly to everyone. "No love, he's not.." is her first reply. "You've done more than anyone could ask of you, and I have to confess to being here for you.." she adds with an outstretched hand. "I picked up your case file yesterday while working some other cases and decided I wanted to check on you. We can go talk if you want to? I know what it's like not having anyone to talk to about traumatic events." That smile is back and it's real, Aisling seems concernd for Idina.

Eryx, the toddler, looks at the waffle and says, "Okay! Dya! Gemmie outta dis stuff!" Moe waddles over and starts peeling off his winter wear. "Yer manners aren't workin' today or sommat?" she asks of the little guy. He looks up at Matthew and says, "Tankoo! I Eyix. Dis my Dya. Dat baby Seffy." The last introduction includes him pointing at Moe's belly. "She not boyned yet. She still cookin'." Once the tot is settled, she gets her own coat off and digs a sippy cup out of her bag for him. "Dat joos, Dya?" "Aye, Eryx. It's juice." "Tankoo!"

Idina looked between the Detective and Matthew a few times, giving Moe a distracted wave as she took her drink to slink over to a table like she was in trouble. "I haven't remembered anything new."

"You're welcome Eryx," nodding lightly, with a smile before putting butter and syrup on the heavy breakfast. Before meandering towards the cooking station to flip the next one. Batter poured to start a third, his eyes flickering between Moe, Idina and the Detective before nodding faintly to the blonde. "I think we only met in passing as I came in the first time, I'm Matthew, a friend of Idina's and more recently Kilo's." Offering an easy smile towards the pregnant woman and tilting his head. "Anything you'd like to eat that your cravings will allow?"

Aisling joins Idina at a table, "Hey, look, I'm taking on your case as part of my transfer. I'm not here to make you uncomfortable or put you through anymore trauma. I'm here to make sure you're ok and doing well." Something that Aisling doesn't have to do, at least she's not required to as a detective, seems she's just one of those types of people. "If I'm making you uncomfortable though, you let me know and I'll be on my way."

Morgance sits next to her toddler and starts cutting his food up for him, blowing on it, and making sure he can eat it without causing a huge mess. Then she hands his fork and knife over to him and kisses his head. "I'm fine," she says to Matthew. "But Thank ye. He won't eat all o' that. I'll jus' pick at his." "I gonna eat it ayy, Dya! It's mine!" "Uh huh. Okay. You eat it all then, Nivasi." She knows it wont' happen but she'll wait 'til he's full before taking any. She glances over at Idina and Aisling with a bit of a frown. She's going into mother hen mode.

Idina says, “Can I just... see some identification maybe?" Idina at least gave an apologetic smile as her paranoia kicked in full force. "I didn't know there was still a detective since he was arrested.”

"Of course.." aisling replies, the badge on her hip's normally not enough for most people, so she keeps another badge with her full ID in a wallet in her back pocket. That wallet comes out and she flips out, sure enough, there it is. Aisling Nola O'Donnell, Detective, General Crimes Division, badge number 1701. Her awards are also listed, Purple Shield, Police Combat Cross, and Meritorius police duty with commendations. "There, satisfied? It's not so much that there was still a detective attached to your case, as there's..other cases like yours that I'm investigating. I picked yours up in hopes you and I could talk about your ordeal. Might give me some insight in to closing these other caes."

He kept working at the waffles, ensuring there was enough for everyone to have two if desired, gotta live to eat to handle Matthew's cooking apparently. If nothing else there would be leftovers for Kilo and Free for a while. French toast waffles were a solid and hearty breakfast though for sure. "Eryx has a healthy attitude for eating... Might have to cook for him again." Chuckling lightly as he started the oven on low and slipped the extras within to keep warm. "Help yourselves when ready ladies." Eyes pointedly on Aisling and Idina, as he served himself one and moved to sit at the table with Moe and Eryx. Eyes lingering on the other conversation every so often, but a polite and warm smile on his features as he settled in at his own.

When you're still learning how cutlery works, eating is messy business. But when you're eating something sticky it just becomes an explosion of goo. The toddler manages to get most of the food in his face (with Moe stealing bites here and there when he's not looking). Most of it. The rest of it is in his hair, on his hands, all over his face, on the table, on the chair, all over the cutlery, on his clothes, and a little bit on his mother. It's amazing, really.

Morgance is looking at Matthew curiously. "Ye've changed a bit since we las' saw one another, aye." Her geist is always showing. It's sort of a possessive thing. Like... This is my woman. I am her god. Don't touch. She gets a washcloth out of her bag and hauls herself up from the chair to go to the sink and wet it with warm water. Someone's got to hose down the child and she doubts anyone else is going to volunteeer.

"What you name?" the 3-year-old asks of Matthew. "You got kids? You got a dog? I got a dog. She name Chawvi. I yive onna boat wif Dya an' Feyix an' de byuddeys an' Baby Seffy. She gonna be my sistey. I nebey had a sistey befoy."

Idina says, “Right..." She studied the ID and gave another apologetic smile. "Sorry. I've had people pretend to be police that just wanted me to tell them things. I never knew how many sick people there were in the world.”

Da-ding. The door opens, the bell chimes. A woman in her thirties steps in; Nicole. Dressed nicely, made up and styled, she doesn't look like a typical tattoo-seeker - certainly there are none visible on the skin that shows; arms, face, neck and a hint of calf through her stockings. Then again, it takes all sorts - maybe every non-visible inch is covered. She pauses by that entryway, uncertain; she hadn't ben expecting children in here, and perhaps that's confusing.

Aisling looks around and looks down at the table for a moment, letting out a sigh before returning her gaze to Idina. She's hiding something, but it's hard to tell what, cops are usually much better at hiding things but this is obviously something that's getting to her. She holds out her hand for Idina, "I'm going to be here for you, I promise you that. What happened to you is never going to happen to you again, or anyone else I have anything to say about it."

There was a bit of mirthful appreciation in his eyes at just how much Eryx seemed to be enjoying the food. "Nah not so much, just a little more open to people today than I was in the immediate moment between our previous meeting." Nodding easily, vagueries were so nice. His attention flickering towards Aisling a moment and her paused clock. "I'm Matthew, I don't have kids or a dog yet, but I did just move here recently, I'm not sure what kind of Dog would be good for the weather here. I'd say a husky but then I'd have to run in the cold too." Grinning lightly towards Eryx, at the sound of the bell his eyes lifted towards the door. "Welcome to Forbidden Arts." Warm smiles and the scent of french toasted waffles syrup and butter greeted Nicole. "Breakfast became... kind of a thing."

Morgance starts wiping syrup off her child. She'll get the surrounding area once she's done with him. She's quite efficient. She's got kids coming out her ears. If she weren't quick at cleaning up after them she'd be cleaning 24/7. "Chawvi is a Geyman Sheppeyd," Eryx says. "She yike to go ousside, eben if it code." Moe sets him on the floor so she can start cleaning up the table. He wanders over to Matthew. "De pyetty yady you giyfyend?" He points at Idina as he asks Matt the question. "I take she foy wayks. I da big byuddey." He's very proud of his Big Brother status and takes his job quite seriously.

"That's.... I meant I'm.... Excuse me please." Idina popped up from the chair like she was spring loaded and all but sprinted from the room to outside.

Kilo comes back down the stairs, a bit dejected, only to find the lounge/kitchen full of people and munchkins and the smell of frenchtoast waffles. "Oh my god, this is amazing!" She brightens and slips her phone back in her pocket along with her worrying. "Matthew, are you responsible for all this? Or..." She looks at Morgance with a smile. "Did you have a hand in this too? Matthew, Moe is a world-class chef in her own right -- I have a feeling you two will get on rather well, making some amazing stuff. And we're all gonna get fat." She then walks over to Eryx and put her hand up for a short high five. "Don't leave me hangin' buddy!" She gives him a smirk and then starts looking around, introducing herself to the two other people that seem to have come in that she doesn't know. "Hi there! I'm Kilo, so nice to meet you. I was making mimosas here somewhere..." She looks around for the champagne bottle. "Would you all like one? Moe? You want something? I have sparkling cider -- same great idea!" She gives her friend a little half a grin.

Aisling looks shocked, outright stunned even as she stands up and holds a hand, out but sighs and lets Idina go, for now. She turns around to face the people here, "I assume you are all friends of Miss Morris yes? I need to know her current mental state and health and well being, please." she asks to everyone present. The look on her face has changed at this point to one of pure determination and she's gone all buisness mode. She looks..serious, to say the least. "I expect honest answers as a note..." she adds giving everyone a dead pan look.

Eyes traveled along with Eryx as he mosied over to him. "German Shepards are good dogs, I'm not a huge fan of the cold though." Chuckling lightly, before coughing on the question that the young man asked. "I uh, no, we only met recently when I moved here. We're just friends." His eyes shifted away from the toddler a moment as Idina all but bolted from the table to the outside. His phone slipping up to his fingers so he could send a text to her swiftly. After it sent he glanced up at Kilo's reaction, "well I mean I'm not responsible for all the people... but I cooked and more kept coming. The rest are in the oven, keeping warm.... The waffles I mean not the people." Blinking a bit, shrugging gently. "She's paranoid and rightfully so, she's working on being more welcoming to new people in her life. It is slow going, but she's making good progress with so many new friends in a short period."

Children, Nicole is wary of. But waffles, and mimosas? She can totally get behind that. Her expression lights up at Kilo's offer, a little of her unease lifting. Too, some of the less-visible folks in attendance, they cause a little of the tension to slip from her shoulders. A small smile, a polite nod to some, a broader smile to others - particularly to Matthew with his welcome. "Yes, please," she directs to Kilo, taking a step towards the proprietress.

Morgance wrinkles her nose at Kilo. "I'll have a beer, aye? Eryx has juice." The tot abandons Matthew entirely the second he hears Kilo's voice. He bolts towards her. "Auntie Keylow!" He high-fives her. "We gotta kissmas tyee! A YEAY ONE! It gyeen and spikey an' it smey yike a foyest. Chawvi yike it too. Hey keep chewin' on it. Me an' Himmyos an' Eyos decoyate it! You come see it, okay?"

Moe then turns to flash Aisling a dirty look. "Yer office should o' contacted her ta let 'em know there was someone comin' to talk ta her. An' yer crowdin' her an' gettin' in her face when she's tryin' ta relax. An' if anyone deserves ta relax it's tha' girl. I think ye shoul' back the fuck off an' let her breathe. As fer yer demands abou' her mental state? Fuck you. When ye've got a warrant or sommat, maybe then ye kin start bein' all demandin' an' rude."

Ok, that's not gonna fly with this detective. Aisling moves over to Moe and gives her a look, "No, you listen to me Miss" she snaps at the woman, yes, infront of everyone here and infront of her children. "This is a very delicate case and situation, and calling her in advance would have put her in a state that would have made it difficult for me to talk to her. My questions about her current state do not only not require a warrant, but if you want me to get one, I can, and I will. When I come back, I'll also be sure to charge you with obstruction of justice, harrasement of a law enforcement officer, criminal hindering of a law enforcement officer conducting an active investigation and for good measure, disorderly conduct." With that Aisling's arms fold and she stands there, "Or you can apologize for that ourburst and I'll overlook it. Because I am here trying to do my damndest to help this girl when no one else will. her case is closed, that means no other detective will even look at her and that all she gets is shunted off to a psycologist at best." Then she lets out another deep sigh, "Look, there's a copycat. I'm investigating a copycat killer with the same MO as Steve Tanner."

Aisling says, “Oh, and no, I'm not going in to details on that case.”

Kilo stares at the officer. She is... dead. Or, something. She is somehow... not alive at all, or not aging. She glances at Moe and knows she can see this. In fact, she's pretty sure the entire room can see this. This could get... well, let's not let it get interesting in front of Moe's kids. "Officer..." Kilo missed her name. "I'm sorry. My friend meant no disrespect." She's careful not to use Moe's name. "Idina is our friend. She is good. She's doing good. We're having a great breakfast and spending some good time with each other. I know that if she's having problems she'll seek out help." Kilo walks over to Idina to almost shelter her, but doesn't touch her. She isn't sure if Idina could handle that as she seemed fragile the other night.

Kilo stares at the officer. She is... dead. Or, something. She is somehow... not alive at all, or not aging. She glances at Moe and knows she can see this. In fact, she's pretty sure the entire room can see this. This could get... well, let's not let it get interesting in front of Moe's kids. "Officer..." Kilo missed her name. "I'm sorry. My friend meant no disrespect." She's careful not to use Moe's name. "Idina is our friend. She is good. She's doing good. Or at least 'was' doing good until this happened." She tries to keep her voice calm. "Officer, is she in imminent danger? Will that copycat really want to come after the same victim again? Or choose a different victim? Or do you need her to study the case? I appreciate you can't divulge much, it just might help to sooth Idina to know which way this is headed."

Thiiiiis is a good point for Nicole to fade into the background. Inasmuch as a trendy thirty-something can blend in with the sugar skull decor, but she goes quiet and still, watching with wide eyes. Maybe she chose the wrong inkstore to come into today.

"Eryx," Morgance says quietly, "Go an' use the potty, aye?" She points the boy in the direction of the washroom. "I don't hafta pee, Dya!" "Try anyhow." He sighs and stomps off to the bathroom. Moe then turns back to Aisling. "Aye? You go righ' ahead then. Go get yer warrant. Go file yer charges. I'm not afraid o' yer penis waggin'. Bu' I'll not have ye harassin' a young woman what's tryin' ta move on wi' her life jus' because ye suck at yer job an' don' have any other leads." Then she looks at Kilo. "I meant loads o' disrespect. An' I'm not apologizin'." Poor Kilo, always trying to protect Moe from her own mouth. And not making much progress.

"Ladies, let's all just simmer down to soft boil. We have a lot of passions flaring and normally? I'm all for that, but considering the fact that we have children present, and soon to be born children about Let's all take a step back and address this in a more calm fashion." Breathing slowly as he allowed himself to calm and remain in control of his emotional state, his countenance flickering a moment before resuming the smooth and happy face he projected often. "Detective, I live just up the street from Idina, she has asked that I keep watch for her. I am doing so. If you need any assistance in the case that a civilian can provide, I will do so because I want her to be happy." His body shifted a bit between Morgance and Aisling (high Empathy.) "Moe, why don't you go check on Eryx?"

And this, naturally, is when Idina shuffles back in. Red eyed, she marches back to the bar with her chin high and stops dead in her tracks when she sees the red smoke surrounding Matthew.

Yeah, that did it. Out come the handcuffs, pretty quickly at that. Aisling moves in to arrest Moe right at the point Moe continues to get mouthy. "I am placing you under arrest for Disorderly conduct with intent to incite. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you can not afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to?"

Aisling moves to grab her phone from her pocket, she dials a number, "One Delta Seventeen-oh-one, Show me 10-28 with a 10-26 at Hanging Hills, Forbidden ats. Request pick up times one for one..." and she moves to sit moe down in a chair and reaches to grab her ID.

Morgance sighs heavily but doesn't offer any resistance. For starters she doesn't want to be thrown around and risk hurting the baby. "Kee, could ye watch Eryx fer me? I'll call Felix when I can ta come an' get him." Speaking of the toddler, he comes waddling out of the bathroom with his pants around his ankles and his underoos all rolled up uncomfortably. "Dya! I can't puyy my unneypans up! Dey ayy tangood." He starts swinging his hips. Because he's a boy and since he's not got his pants on, he may as well flip his penis around, right? It's a guy thing that's even more irresistible when you're three. He pauses, though, confused. "Whatchoo doin'?" Moe sighs. "Coul' someone pull his pants up fer him?"

Idina says, “What's going on?" The calm she'd achieved disappeared as soon as the handcuffs came out. She looks from the Detective to Moe to Matthew to Kilo and finally to poor Nicole, as if she holds all the answers. "What is going on?”

There was a slight sigh from Matthew as he rubbed his brow, "Moe is under arrest for speaking her mind in a way that seems inciteful. The Detective will be taking her in, later we'll talk about some things that the Detective came here to do and we'll have you file a report in a method that is conducive to everyone getting on with their lives."

"I-.. well, the officer here wanted to speak to somebody. The lady she's arresting didn't want her to." That's Nicole's short nutshell of the story as Idina looks her way; to be fair, Nic is about as confused as anyone, and she saw most of the thing.

Kilo stand there, stunned, as she watches the cuffs go on. "Uhhhh..." She goes into gangster mode: they know what to do when people get arrested. "I'll take care of the kids, Felix and Free will get you bailed. Don't worry Darlin'. Give it an hour." She nods politely to the officer. And then Idina is back. "Sweets, just... hang here for a second, she might need you to talk to her, yeah?" And then to poor Nicole. "Just hang tight. This we'll be over soon enough, then we can talk." She smiles, trying to be encouraging.

Aisling is still talking on her phone when the little one comes out, and something grabs her.. something she forgot about. "Control..one delta 1701, 10-22, Code Four. Disregard my last on that pickup times one.." yeah, the cuff's come off at that statement and she lets out a long winded sigh before putting her phone in her pocket. "Ma'am, please take care of your child.." she says to moe as she backs away from everyone and stands near the doorway. "Ma'am, you are free and clear to file a complaint with the department for missconduct on my behalf." For now, she just stands there, near the door, with her hands out so everyone knows she's not reaching for a sidearm or anything. But for a cop? Something seemed to just, click, and then click right back over.

Morgance rubs her wrists, even though the cuffs were on for all of a minute and a half. She waddles over to pull up Eryx's underoos and pants. "What have I tol' ye abou' walkin' aroun' naked?" "I not naykeed!" "If yer penis is showin', it counts as naked." "Oh. Soyee." She straightens up and turns to face Aisling. "I'm sorry fer losin' my temper. I'm not goin' to file any complaints. Nor is anyone here." Then she looks at Kilo and adds, "We prolly shouldn' tell Fee, aye?"

Idina has slowly gravitated to Matthew's side, still looking wholly unsure of the entire situation.

"Right then, well... still plenty of breakfast to be eaten. We should do that and maybe talk ink Kilo?" His attention still flickering between Aisling and Idina a few times. "I think that we'll need to run by the precinct later to talk with the Detective more formally Idina, I'll be with you if you'd like." Matthew offered gently.

There's a slow nod from Nicole. "Sure," she murmurs to Kilo, quite happy to remain standing just where she is, by the door, against the wall and out of the way. Watching.

Kilo blinks. She's absolutely, positively *never* seen someone get 'unarrested' before. "Thats... Wow. Officer, that was so cool of you. We're grateful. Eryx really needs his mom." She smiles at the woman, intently, as she's seen a lot of things in this town including dead and rotting vampire cadavers. But she's never seen a statue-like thing before. So strange. "Would you like a french waffle toast?" Kilo offers. She skips the mimosa invitation because, well, on duty right?.

Morgance scoops her toddler up and kisses his cheek. "Did ye tell Auntie Kilo abou' the tree?" she asks of him. "Aye, Dya. She not yistenin'. Den you teyy me go potty." The pregnant woman puts the tot back down and flops onto a couch. "Yer gettin' too big, Eryx." One downfall to being so tiny is that your kids get too big to carry far too fast.

Aisling let's out another sigh and sits back down at a table shaking her head no as she folds her arms and crosse her legs. "Miss Morris, I'd very much like for you to come down to the station with me. You are welcome to bring anyone here with you that you feel comfortable with. I also owe you a very large apology. I was worried that calling you in advance would cause undue stress to you and it turns out I did that on my own, I hope you can forgive me, but I really do have your best interests and safety at heart. Though, I still need to speak with privately..." then hse looks to kilo and matt and shakes her head no. "No, thank you. I don't deserve the hospitality."

So Nicole, who has watched the situation ramp up and then be defused, who was offered mimosa and waffles and so far has had none.. well. She straightens a little, and steps over to Kilo, skirting around the Aisling/Idina/Morgance/Matthew grouping. "So, uh. Who do I talk to about tattoos?" she asks of Kilo. Because that's why she came to an inkshop, after all.

Matthew remained where he was though for those who could see it the plumes of crimson smoke had faded to nought but a faint wisp about his fingers. His eyes dancing over everyone in the room. "Passions flared, it's a natural thing, nothing says hospitality like moving beyond that and ensuring that everyone is healthy and happy." A return to his usual smile as Idina drew nearer. "Have something to eat, cause I know you haven't yet." Attention flickering towards Nicole as she approached Kilo, the answer was something he was curious about too.

So Kilo gets a sudden call and rushes off. Moe smiles at Nicole. "Tha' woul' be her. She's tryin' to find her husban' right now. I think he's been out partyin' or sommat. She'll be back, though." The little boy runs over to the pile of pillows and faceplants into them, giggling.

Aisling puts a hand up and shakes her head again, "No, I mean it, thank you very much for the offer but I'm fine." Aisling's phone goes off and she reaches in to her pocket to grab it and answer it, "One Delta seventeen-oh one" she answeres, "Aye, Yes sir. Mark me ten-six ten-seven. No Sir, I'm fine. No, code four, negative, was a possible four-two-five. I was mistaken, all is well. Yes sir, mark me ten-twenty-eight in ten." She hangs up the phone and slides it in her pocket as she stands up and bows to everyone. "Excuse me, duty calls. Thank you all for uh, the hospitality and again, I apologize for the..incident earlier..."

"Okay, thanks," Nicole tells Matthew and Moe as Kilo dashes out, looking around for a seat - taking it if she finds one that isn't a) in use and b) next to a child. Hand dips into purse, cellphone taken out, checked for the usual updates/messages/emails/etc.

A light laugh as Nicole seemed to painstakingly avoid the child before Matthew pulled a waffle out of the oven for her and slipped it onto a plate. The dish slid in front of Nicole easily enough. "Breakfast, most important meal of the day, also? Delicious." Grinning as things seemed to settle down. "No worries on my end, just keep safe out there, the world's a dangerous place." Matthew quipped easily to Aisling as she started to head out.

Eryx is undaunted by Nicole's seeming fear of him. He starts to walk towards her and Moe reaches out to stop him. "Jus' leave the lady alone, Eryx. Go an' talk ta Matthew, aye? Or get out yer toys." The tot decides to do both things. He pulls a stuffed octopus out of Moe's purse. It's got a little red super-hero cape on it and has a rubber cowboy hat (Woody from Toy Story) sewed to it's head. He waves it at Matthew. "Dis Yiddoo Bubba. Him a supey heeyo cowboy ockapoos. I da king ob da ockapoos."

"You're an angel, thank you," Nicole tells Matthew with a small smile as he presents her with a waffle, scooping up her fork and beginning to break the lattice into bite-sized pieces using the edge. An almost apologetic glance is directed at Moe, though Nicole doesn't say anything aloud, focusing on eating her breakfast.

"The first an likely only time I'll hear that." He snerked lightly and pulled away from Nicole before settling down low to peer at Yiddoo Bubba, "That right? Super hero eh? What kind of powers does he have wise king of the octopi?" Eyes lingering on Eryx curiously with honest appreciation of the boy's energy.

The little boy loves anyone who will play along with him. So Matthew's a new favourite. "He can fyeye!" He flings the stuffy across the room. Thankfully he's three and has the strength to match, so it doesn't go too terribly far. "An he can swim. An' he got x-yay bision. An'... an'... umm... Him got YASEYS in he eyebays!" He runs across the room to pick the stuffy up and fling it back in Matt's direction.

Moe also likes people who will play along with her son because it means she gets a short break. "I'm Morgance," she tells Nicole. "Ye kin call me Moe. It's a good thing I didn' bring all three o' the lads today, aye? The little ones are at home wi' my fiance." She gets up and helps herself to a waffle. After all, she only had a couple of bites of Eryx's.

"Nicole," the less-child-friendly woman responds after finishing her mouthful of waffle, setting her fork down and offering her hand to Moe for shaking when she returns. "I'm sorry, I'm sure your boys are lovely," she voices, softly. "I just.. children make me uncomfortable." A nod, and she resumes snarfing down waffle. Not daintily; oh no, there's a definite 'efficiency inhalation' tactic here.

"Aye, nothin' to worry about," Moe assures Nicole. "There are days when I don' want ta be aroun' them either." She's far from a dainty eater herself. She's got the bare minimum as far as manners go. Otherwise she couldn't care less what people think about how she eats. "Kilo did my tattoo," she says between bites. "It's on my back. She'll have ta add to it soon. What're ye thinkin' o' gettin'? Or is it personal?"

Normally, Nicole would say it's personal, and leave it at that. But given the company in the room, she makes a small admission. "It's something my.. uh, friend asked me to get done." A slight glance over her shoulder - though even to Sin-Eater sight there's nobody stood there - and she looks back down to her waffle, resuming eating. "Lesser of two evils, and all."

It takes a moment, but Moe clues in. "Aah. Well, we do what we can ta keep 'em happy, aye?" She doesn't ask anything more. "Eryx, come an' get yer coat on, lad." She finishes her waffle and takes her dishes and her son's dishes to the sink. "Sorry ta run. I've got ta get home an' start lunch fer the family."

"No problem, have a nice day." Nicole offers the other woman a smile, then sits back to finish the rest of her waffles.