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Wagners Go Deep
Dramatis Personae

Sonja, Dani, Kara, Sol, Mane, Asger, Alexander, Kirsikka, Rauri

20 March, 2021

The Wagners are generally unhappy with the present arrangement with their current spiritual patron and so are seeking another. Having heard of a descendent of Jormungandr lurking in the deep waters of the bay, they seek to entreat him. Many of the Family are strangers to the Shadow and it is quite the new experience.


Gulf of Maine, Shadow, Watery Depths

====================> Sonja's Current +Events <====================

NUM ST Genre Title Date Sgnps 4284 Sonja Wagner Under The Sea! Tue Mar 16 16:00 est 4

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=============> Under The Sea! - Tue Mar 16 16:00 est <=============

The Wagners take The Warlord out to deep water where they will begin their Umbral journey to establish a New Deal. This is the first in a series of plots specific to the family. Family Friends are welcome if you get cleared ahead of time. Apologies for the weird plot time but thanks to the comm job it looks like a good fit for the most people. Storyteller: Sonja Genre: Wagner Signups: Sol, Mane, Fluffy Cat, and Asger

====================> 4284: Under The Sea! - Tue Mar 16 16:00 est - 4 <

The Warlord owned by Sol is a well used and experienced vessel. It smells of fish guts and the sea but is generally kept clean despite its regular use for the traditional family profession. For those not used to the sea, the day on the sea was filled with the ups and downs of waves. Fair weather kept them from suffering too badly with the waves being bearable and soon land is lost to the horizon with the only sounds now being the hum of the engine and the splash of the bow against the waves. Sonja had spent the better part of the day before in meditation, requesting a hair from each of them. After several hours, she came out of crew room seeming satisfied with her efforts. Those who can sense such things would feel the etheric influence of the shadow wrapping about them like an intangible armor. "Well.. we're about an hour off. Now's the last chance to beg off because once I open the portal.. we're going down.. down.. and down more. I've never done this before but you'll find yourselves gifted with the ability to speak with the spirits we'll come across as well as flippers once in the Shadow. And yes, before you ask, flippers. Because we don't exactly have a submarine to get us down there in a hurry."

Kirsikka blinks at that "So, Sonja. t will be like... Gillyweed?" she offers, scrunching her eyebrows, her stomach growling... smells of fishguts would make any cat hungry! "And... remind me why we are going to talk to spirits?"

Rauri has been off in a corner of her own making, between hauled in netting and a barrel that smells of fish guts. Not that she seems to notice as she sits on the deck, crossed-legged, working her way through some prep of her own. She offers, without opening her eyes, "It would be most helpful if most of the direct commination with this bitch were limited to Sonja, Asger, and myself only because spirits adhere to a very strict ... ranking system when it comes to who they speak with and why." There is a slight pause as she soaks her hands in whatever she's working with. ".. just a thought anyway. Not that I see this bitch willingly giving up without a fight."

Asger sharpens his axe and helps with the vessel's duties. He has been on the sea before, both in a traditional longboat and a fishing ship once before coming to Fallcoast. He keeps his axe ready and feels the magic from Sonja. He looks to the others and he moves an arm around Kirsikka and ruffles her hair. "Because we need the help of a powerful spirit to oust the Matron off the island." He says as he seems to be used to the smell of the fish guts. He hen nods to Rauri. "I am only rank 2 spirit wise. I don't think I will command much clout."

Dani, decked out in actual jeans rather than her normal denim skirt along with her leather boots and jacket, has her set of throwing knives strapped to her right thigh and her knife, Midnight's Edge, on her belt at her left hip. "In my opinion the time to bow out was beforre this trrip got underrway," she says with a slight purring-trill on all the Rs while staing such an agressive opinion. She then asks, "Will you be making it so that my jacket and boots are able to go with me also, Sonja?"

"The portal I will be opening will let you enter as you are. With everything you have. You will be in the Shadow world." Dun dun dunnnn. Yes, Sonja's tone was every bit as ominous as her words. "That means spirits will touch you and you will touch them.. but this is /their/ world. their rules, as Rauri says. I.. will be letting Rauri speak for us here. She knows what our purpose is. To initiate a bond similar to your contracts. We protect the sea. The spirits ensure us prosperity upon it." She takes a step to pat a barrel that was recently filled with water and fresh caught herring. "We'll be bringing this down with us as a gift. Which means it has to make it all the way down. Almost a mile." There's a glance to Asger. "If rank becomes a point of concern.. it.. can be resolved."

Kirsikka ooks over, her stomach growling again as she checks the puukko at her hip "Sonja.... once we are done you are so taking us out for fish,." she mutters, her hunger only growing "So, no talking. Good." she sighs "Never interacted with spirits." she stops "How... is the shadow world?"

"No speaking to it unless directly spoken to I'm assuming and fine with," Dani says and then asks, "Right?" and "Also... any risk it would lie? If so, is this an official family function?" With the second question her lips curl into a "shit eating" grin as she has an idea that she's considering.

"Probably for the best, Rauri is an Ithaeur, negotiating with spirits is her purpose." Asger says as he takes off his tank top to reveal his torso, wearing diver's leggings on his waist and legs and he shifts to Dalu form and goes to heft the barrel. "Make me able to breathe underwater and I will do this." He says as he keeps the axe on a strap on his back, grunting as he hefts the barrel. "The shadow world is...tricky. Everything that comes to the material world has a spiritual counterpart. Emotions, animals, even legends exist as real there. No matter what you see, do not be frightened." He says reassuringly to Kirsikka. He then looks to Rauri and Sonja, his english sounding gutteral. "Ready."

Kara is somewhere over there, out on the deck near the bow letting the salt water spray this way and the wind blow that way. Everyone else stirring up behind her catches her attention, and she heads back to where the rest of the folks are. She's got Bloodthirster sheathed on her own left hip, her shield is noticably missing, but if that concerns the Valkyr, she certainly isn't showing it. "The spirit world is full of dangers and many things that will see us as either a new source for spiritual energies under the best circumstances, or want to rend our flesh from our bones for being born of Father Wolf's brood under the worst." There's a spark in her eye and a tone to her voice that miiiight seem a bit. Over-zealous?

Rauri rises to her feet without touching anything, her hands held out. "In my pack there is a can of sealant, I need someone to place grab that and spay it all over my hands." Hands that are coated in ... blood? She sighs a little as she nods, listening to Sonja. "Everything will be ... off. Nothing will be what it seems. Spirits are dicks. Seriously cannot stress that enough. Just assume, for the most part, that they are lying sumbags that want to kill you. They are -all- that way, but assume they are and I've found it tends to keep most from doing .. yanno.. stupid things. The bitch is *not* going to want to do this, so having all this Wagner blood will be good." She nods to Asger, sending a wink his way and Kara's way. Werewolves. They are a crazy lot. "One last thing, and I cannot stress this enough. If any of wolves start to really lose our shit... vanish. Sonja will likely be the only one that can hold us long enough for the others to beat back our rage. None of us want to kill you."

"Seriously, assuming they are all lying is all well and good but... would it help to /know/ if there's truth or lies being stated?" Dani comes out and asks direclty since the bait she dropped didn't seem to get a nibble. "It would help if there was an 'official family function' statement made but I can do it without that if necessary," she adds.

Eventually, they arrive at the coordinates that Sonja had provided to Sol and the anchor is dropped. Not that it will hit bottom but the drag will help them keep station. "For the moment, our family function is unity. A combined front to show the Great Sea Serpent that we have a Court of our own. I.. have a surprise.. that I'd rather save for after this bit. This is just an introduction. A proposition. No doubt It will require proof of our ability. That's when we go after the Russians. Then return to seal the deal. So right now? We're puffed chests, bluster, and a show of force that we are to be reckoned with and not dismissed." She gestures to the wolves in the group. "Spirits like to believe they're more important than us. Just like we believe the same. So long as you recognize that you're dealing with a malignant narcissist? Everything should go fine." It's at this point that she steps to the back of the vessel where the nets usually land and begins to chalk a sigil out upon the deck while murmuring words of power that crackle at the air. Soon, the air within the sigil seems to ripple with power. "Who's first?"

Asger steps forth, carrying the barrel. "I will go first." He says calmly as he steps through the portal and goes in first with the barrel. He remains in the spirit world, keeping an eye out on the terrain and making sure it was safe for others to come forth.

Kirsikka blinks "We are... going after russians?" she asks, surprised, peering towards the portal, before sighing and stepping into them. There goes nothing

Rauri steps up, but not into that ripple of power even as her body shifts. She grows taller, wider, hairier, thicker, until she's suddenly just more then what she was. Even this form is the thing of nightmares. Those blood soaked hands hang at her sides and she waits until the others have cleared the portal before she steps up.

"Sure, call it a family party, it's for the island, after all," Kara says with a grin. She rolls her neck, then rolls her shoulders, and... um. The shoulders pop. Dislocate. ARMS SHOULD NOT BEND THAT WAY. And her clothes star srouting white fur? Do soes her face? And it's taking on a rather canine-look, too. Except NOPE, that is WAY too big to be a pupper. Or even a normal wolf. This is some, like... SUPER wolf. Closer in size to a horse than a dog. The she-wolf pads over to the portal, 'accidentally' bumping into Sonja on her way by.

Taking Sonja's words to mean this is indeed an official family function, Dani feels that the catch for her Goblin Contract, the Sight of Truth and Lies, to be activated without any glamour needing to be spent so that from that point further, for this encounter, she will know with certainty when any entity is lying or telling the truth.

The things of nightmares do not seem to bother her, perhaps she's seen similar in the worlds of the Changelings... or recent exposure to shifters has helped her adapt. "Tell me when I should go in, I know I'm not a heavy hitter but I'm no slouch either." She didn't explain that she mustn't lie with the Goblin Contract active but it is the case.

Stepping into the circle is not unlike stepping through the mirror. Only Alice in Wonderland had nothing on this. The sun is more SUN. It blazes down upon them as they 'stand' atop the waves within the circle. It is Hot. The Wind is Blowing. The Waves crash against the mysterious gateway almost angrily as they try to swallow the group within the Waters. As Sonja steps through, she is seen to be shimmering in a suit of ethereal maile and bearing a flanged spear of meteoric steel. Her free hand lifts to do a quick headcount, making sure everyone was brave enough to step into this strange world that mirrors their own. "Now. Don't worry about breathing. Here, breath is a concept not a requirement. So breathe because you breathe. Don't think about that we're soon to be underwater. You'll just give yourself a panic attack. The Depths will do that on their own. When you're ready simply step off of the gateway and we'll be on our way." True to form, everyone else seems to be covered in a faint misty glow and ethereal flippers extend out from feet not unlike a scuba kit. Sonja? She steps off into the Water and sinks beneath the waves. Still visible, she appears none the worse for wear.

Kirsikka blinks "This place is odd." he just mutters, looking over at her other family members. This.... she doesn't feel normal here. So hot

The manner in which Rauri moves might well indicate that this is not her first portal. She steps up and then she's dropping like a lead balloon through the water. Seconds later she surfaces, also no worse for wear.

<<All the better for you to lounge the day away in the sun,>> growl-snarls the shewolf... somehow the gutteral sumerian-sounding whatever noise coming from her hits the universal spirit translator of Sonja's spell and it comes out making a sort of sense. Swimming doggy-style, as you do, and tongue lolling lazily out of the giant direwolf sized maw.

Dani's appearance changes when she steps into the shadow. Cat-like slit pupils, tuffed ears... yeah, there's a reason that Asger refers to her as a cat-girl sometimes. Her boots take on the flipper appearance from Sonja's spell and when she smiles at her family her sharp, predator's teeth show. "Luckily, not all cats dislike the water," she says truthfully.

The man at the pulpit, located at the vessel's prow, turns to the erstwhile crew as his features liquify and morph into a haze of reddish fog, revealing his true face to them - a pair of dead eyes the color of a dead sea, tendrils in front of his mouth, and a mane of reddish fins, slicked back with oily blood. He grins like sane people don't, and raises both of his hands, exulting in the raw glory of the season of wrath.

"<<Fly, Tanngrisnir! Fly, Tanngnjostr! Red tide, roar!>>"

The Warlord's paired pontoons then begin to split, opening at the forward hatches, and flood the area in front of them with the brackish ocean water, releasing a pair of gun-metal grey sharks, their teeth capped with the dull blue-black of steel - ammunition-as-teeth. Nature on hardcore mode.

The sharks swim to the pulpit and he leaps into the water, his massive clawed hands clamping onto the reins of the smaller of the two sharks.

"<<A pity we have just the two.>>"

Then he looks to Mane, waiting for her to join him in the water, looking proud and violent.

Down. That's the direction to go. How long it will take them is anyone's guess but there's a pair of sharks nearby now that are VERY interested in the barrel that Asger is dragging with him down under the waters. As they go deeper and deeper it is becoming readily apparent that there is NO LIGHT down here. The glow of the Sun above them is fading quickly. That's when Sonja unslings her satchel and offers out a stick. "So we've got a limited number of flares. They're designed for underwater use.. just in case we have to leave the Shadow. Who wants to be the torchbearer?" Clearly, she's volunteering someone else because she's currently holding a seven foot long spear.

Kirsikka rolls her eyes "No, Dani. Clearly all cats hate water!" she claims with a smile, before sighing "I suppose I can bear the torch?" she offers

Asger swims decently well despite having an axe and a barrel of fish on his shoulder. He speaks the first tongue and it sounds sorta garbled. "So where to?" He asks as he remains With the group and studies the spirits around him, a low growl heard as they draw close to the barrel.

Rauri's feet kick powerfully and when aided by the flippers, they send her rushing for the ocean floor. She doesn't get too far from the others, but she's not lingering, either.

<<I'll take the flares,>> Kara growl-snarl-offers in spirit tongue, but Kirsikka gets there first. Probably because flippers on dire-wolf paws makes pretty much no sense. And the flipper on her tail is just humiliating. It does nothing! The she-wolf nips at Sonja, annoyed. The she-wolf half lopes... half swims... a good ways away, to the edge of the light coming from the flares, and lets out a shadow-piercing howl that reinvigorates her and... doesn't really help her go any quicker with the flippers. Stupid flippers.

From within Dani's hair, Jorgee can be heard to say, "Just don't expect me to try to fly... or swim! I'm safe right where I am," in his Québécois accented, youthful and mildly androgenous voice while Dani just nods and follows along, keeping up with the larger and stronger folk without to much of an effort on her part.

She's comfortable in the water, which is apparent in how Mane moves through it, heading toward one of the warsharks that Sol had called forth. For the most part, she stays away from everyone else, never getting too close to them. Which is likely a good thing, seeing as how there's a crackle of electricity around her body. Sol and the warsharks are the only ones that she gets close to.

Latching onto the port-side fin, Sol is a natural in the water. Whereas he lumbers on land, he is now in his truest element. The warshark, all sleek and dangerous, gives a low, plaintive howl, and begins to croon out a rather unsettling copy of Warren Zevon's 'Werewolves of London', and is remarkably not a bass, but a baritone. The armored monstrosity slips by Rauri, waving a clawed hand. "In need of fast transportation?" he asks, his mouth filling with water, utterly ignoring the normally-drowning part of this process. The leeward fin of the warshark then waggles at Rauri, an invitation to join the speedy travel.

Sonja moves through the water with an easy athleticism. It's as if she practiced with the long fins and moves them in unison as though she were using a monofin. She keeps pace with Asger with one eye on the barrel though with the debate over the flares she decides to split them between Dani and Kara as if to hedge bets in the event that one of them doesn't make it.

The first fifteen minutes of swimming is fairly simple. Being straight down it leaves little chance for random Beings to discover their presence but then the aroma of their chiminage is soon getting the attention of Things. Shapes are seen in the darkness at the edge of sight. A single Great White jaggling comes within sight but continues onwards after giving the group an eye. It descends into the deep beyond the reach of sunlight. Soon, the group must ignite a flare just to see.. nothing.. in the vast nothingness that is nothing. Certainly, they aren't in the Water here. They're in Shadow. So the ruse of breathing isn't a requirement. And yet the chill depths are becoming cloying and oppressive. The land dwelling mind is playing the expected trick of wanting to be above the waves where it can breathe.. and maybe even see what's out there. It might be a fear easily dismissed if it weren't for the paired musical notes coined by John Williams that so easily ring. Dun dun. Dun dun.

Starting a flare without thumbs is hard enough on it's own, but with FLIPPERS on your paws, it's another level of complicated. Yet the she-wolf manages well enough, once the dark has engulfed them all. <<This is rediculous,>> she complains after a moment, her body spasming in a motion not... entirely dissimilar to a dog shaking the water off when they come in from the rain, or get out of the bath. And then she just... MOVES. The flippers helping her zip through the water. By Odin, even the one on her tail seems to help her zoom along through the water.

Kirsikka sniffs, just as she begins to salivate. Fish! This is torture! So many fish and she can eat none. But she can swim surprisingly well, even if it isn't real water, looking around curiously. And then there is the big, friendly fishies. She is safeish... for now ... zoom along through the water, keeping a distance from the others. They are in the sphere of light, but also far enough off that anything that might target that light source is coming for KARA, and not the others. Crazy wuff.

Having not seen Jaws, Dani's mind is not filling in the silence of the depths with the (J)awsome music of Williams but her ears are twitching nervously and from within her hair Jorgee might be heard by some around her to be saying, "Anyone bring any pretzels?" because he obviously is aware of the most famous shark movie.

"Incoming!" Dani calls out as she quickdraws Midnight's Edge into her hand. "Smells like tuna," she adds as she turns to face the direction she senses the swarm coming from. "/Lots/ of tuna!" she adds with a mix of excitment and fear in her voice as she takes a defensive stance since she knows they are in their element.

Rauri's body twists in the water. Werewolves don't spend a lot of time in the water, but thankfully she was a swimmer long before she was a wolf. Dani's warning offers time to turn and widen her stance in the water, claws out. Ready.

Asger turns when he hears the warning. He then reaches behind him, grabbing his axe and swinging it into a readied stance as he snarls at the creatures, it is a battle axe so he has to have 4 str to use it one handed but in Dalu form he has 6 str so yea. Kirsikka blinks, pulling her puukko out, and holding the finnish knife ready "This shouldn't happen! Tuna is lunch, not I am their lunch!" and then... she swings. And misses. Because this is an insane situation! With a kick of his heels, Sol is astride the warshark, head leaning into the slipstream as the beast slams through the water. Built for elegant murder, the warkshark's hide ripples with marine camouflage, blending in for scant moments, then contrasting, and it starts to whistle as it spirals. Clutching tightly, Sol is a singular entity with it, howling his battle scream, zipping through the darkness in a series of tight spins as he moves toward the wall of tuna.

Just before he hits, the beast's jaws open and reveal the rows upon rows of bullet-formed teeth, and a series of explosive crunches ensue, the mouth clamping into hunks of tuna and pulverizing them into floating gore, Sol's claws flaring out in a series of brutal, cruel strikes, tearing open flanks of flesh and slamming one fish to another, coated in their blossoming fluids. Oh, he's a happy man.

Kara zips and zooms through the water, Father Wolf helping her speed through it with ease. She gives one group of fishies chase! Growl-snarling at them. <<Get back here,>> she demands, teeth nipping at their... fins. TRYING to distract them, and drive them into a trap set by her kin somewhere. Somehow! Some... didn't work. The fish seem not to care that the viscious she-wolf is snapping at them. The bastards.

Much like Sol's shark had done, the one that Mane is holding onto almost seems to leap through the way, barreling into a swarm of tuna. Mouth open and teeth barred, it doesn't quite have the impact that its twin did. Mane, in the meantime, had readied her crossbow and let loose with one of the arrows once she was within sight of them. With the fish swarming around them, it's hard to see which it hits and how much damage might have been done. There's a lot of commotion at this point.

Out of the darkness comes a swarm of... Tuna!? Yes, there must be hundreds of them. All moving in unison. It is, after all, a reflection of Tuna but not just any tuna... TUNA. For those familiar, it must be a rank three spirit at least.. represented as a swarm of its component namesakes.. the swarm.. school of tuna.. move with lightning speed with mouths of razor sharp tiny teeth taking chunks out of flesh here and there from the likes of Rauri and Kirsikka. The swarm is.. everywhere now. Reach out and you are as likely to lose a finger as strike one. Sol, for his part, leaves a hearty hole in the massive swarm that it very quickly tries to fill again.

Meanwhile, Sonja sees a hole in her own plan and preparations. She'd protected them from numina.. but not from injury. And so she floats near to the barrel with one hand on her spear while the other reaches out towards the group. Her words of power are foreign to their ears but the sensations are clear. Their bodies invigorated. Blood no longer flowing from the bites they've been given.

A wounded target is the best, reduce the opponents as fast as possible. Dani, approaches the swarm that has already been engaged and slashes though fish left and right as Midnight's Edge's black and sparkling blade flashes in the dark of the depths. Somewhere in her mind is the thought that this is such a waste as the combat fileted dead fish begin to sink. You paged Asger with 'Shapeshifting takes an action so.. you can swing or shift.'

Rauri is a pretty big target in the water. Not like the shark, mind you, but still.. pretty big. So it's no shock when that swarm comes for her. Claws slash through the water, but the tuna are faster then she was prepared for and they slipped right through her defenses. As the last tuna takes its pound of flesh, she lets it spin her around so she can lash out at the next swarm that dart near by as the ones that attacked her flutter to the ocean floor thanks for Dani. Her claws rake through the other swarm as the wolf snarls. Asger snarls as the runes in the axe glow bright white and the edge gains a silvery sheen to them. He swims to the tuna swarm and swings with one hand at the swarm, cleaving the fish into pieces with his axe, his bloodlust not kicking in yet as he waits for others to attack, taking out the swarm.

Tanngnjostr is a fine steed beneath the waves and carries the bloodied Sol into the fray anew, a crimson streak formed in its wake. With a return to the spiral form of forward motion, the bullet-like analogy is complete - once more, with feeling. The rage from Sol is a furnace blast of heat, his skin's boiling appearance resulting in a froth of blood that turns into smoke as he flashes through the water.

Upon impact, the warshark's maw tries to grip more than one of the tuna, only resulting in a severe mauling of one, while Sol continues to flash his hands out, legs clamped to the torpedo shape of the fae mount, blasting flesh from bone and tuna from water. He's having an absolutely amazing time.

TUNA. BELONGS. ON. SUSHI! TUNA DOESN'T EAT CATS! And that is enough to get this one's blood boiling. TAKE THIS DAGGER! A low growl can be heard from Kir as she tries to fend that offending swarm off!

Fishies are dying around Kara left and right, but no matter. There's still plenty left to kill. Or rather... plenty left to goad into being dumb and ignoring the dangers the others pose. The she-wolf SNARLS and she zips past the final swarm, teeth nipping at the fins all distractingly. So dangerous! Look at me, and none of the others! RAWR!

There's a crackle of electricity through the water, the faint glow making it easy enough to see Mane where she is with her shark. The warshark rounds on the attacking tuna, snapping through them again with teeth, catching hold of several to tear them apart. Likewise, Mane lets loose several more arrows, her aim rather precise. The Darkling simply smiles as blood billows through the water, a hand petting the warshark as she praises it in Finnish.

With the last of the semicorporeal TUNA dispatched or at least dispersed, the remaining fish flee from the clearly superior predators. Has the spirit been slain? Unlikely. TUNA is a powerful spirit and its swarms are not yet extinct. Not for lack of trying by mankind. It leaves Sonja now giving Asger the hairy eyeball. "I tell you what. How about /I/ guard the barrel and you go eat the fishes." One can't just rush off and fight fishes without being mindful of the prize after all. "Who's wounded?" She looks around at the group to see who appears worse for wear.

Asger looks to Sonja and the glow on the weapon fades and two slashes appear on his chest. He then hands the barrel to the mage and looks to everyone else, making sure everyone was alright. He then looks to Sol and smirks. <<"I like you alot better now.">> He says in Norwegian to the mantis shrimp.

Floating in a fair amount of spectral chum, Sol grins to Mane, waving at his wife, then kicks his heels against the sleek beast, sending them into her direction. "<<Much of them, few of us,>>" he says, sounding so very much happy. "<<No better day than this, no finer company than you.>>" Then he leans in, kissing Mane, ignoring the crackle of electricity which runs along his body, the sparks sizzling and popping. He looks to Asger, then disengages his kiss, giving the wolfen man a silent stare. "<<And you have earned a question, not to be asked today, and my respect - never to be questioned.>>" He sounds downright pleased to see Asger.

Electricity still crackles around Mane, sending off little sparks when Sol kisses her. She smiles at her husband, then pets the warsharks. <<It's been a good day, I think. Hopefully it stays that way now.>> Black eyes drift over the rest of the group as she turns her head to look them over, checking for injuries or any issues. "Not normal tuna, I'm guessing? I haven't seen them do that before."

Rauri twirls this way and that in the water until she's sure they have no more tuna coming after anyone in the group and then she soft of just nods. <Well done all> she tells them, knowing some of them are not fighters by nature. She glances over at Sonja and offers a bit of a shrug. <I'm already beginning to heal.>

Dani stares whistfully at the changeling couple but then smiles at Sol's comments to Asger as she gets her running translation of the Norwegian into Icelandic from the beetle hiding in her hair. She grabs one of the quasi-filets floating near her and takes a bite of it. "Tastes like tuna to me," she says after swallowing the fishy flesh.

Kara zooooms over to the others, the flare shining bright and dangerously in the not-water of the spirit realm. <<Wounds fine... we should swim deeper, before more spirits come,>> she growl-snarls in the spirit tongue.

Asger looks to Sonja and the glow on the weapon fades and two slashes appear on his chest. He then puts the axe on his shoulder strap and he grunts as he drags the barrel over to Sonja and nods to her. "Here." He say to the woman in gutteral english. He then switches to Norwegian and smirks at Sol. <<"I like you alot better now, You are as deadly as you are colorful.">> He say with a smirk.

Sonja offers a modest healing of Kirsikka's wounds while the traumatized cat stays close to her and the barrel. Once more unto the depths the party goes only now they begin to see shapes below them in the darkness. Not moving ones but pillars of stone marking once plumes from the churning of tectonic forces in the depths. It is rapidly becoming a maze of dolmens each of which are etched by myriad tube worms and other deep water life. It is here that the lobster dwell. Here that deep sea crab eat the detritus of surface life. Here where the ephemera of the defeated Tuna drifts to be devoured by who knows what. Or perhaps Sol and Mane know. This is where the likes of he crept into the pages of horror novels, after all. In fact, Sonja gives the pair a glance now and then as similar thoughts drift into her mind. "I think.. a cave.. or something similar. Keep your eyes peeled. We're getting close." Close enough that something moves in the darkness alright.

Sol flows with the group, sitting on the flank of his warshark, one hand gripping the dorsal fin, the other a curled fist/claw, each knockle almost comically oversized. As he moves, the warshark's skin ripples, the coloring shifts following his skin, mottled with similar coloration before fading rapidly. He eyes the stele in their positions, his general sense of caution at a newfound high, agitated. Warily, he casts his eyes to Mane, no affection to them - they are dead, simple orbs of jet, unblinking and cold.

Asger turns when he senses the movement and right away he shifts to Gauru form, the man wolf being a golden white and blonde in fur color and he grips his axe with two hands as he snarls a warning in the first tongue at the darkness, the axe glowing brightly once more as the edge of the axe seems to sing for blood.

Mane remains close by on her warshark, crossbow held so that it's ready to be used. She keeps looking around, watching for anything that might jump out at them, even as they continue on their way. For the most part, she stays close to where Sol is, never straying too far, even as she takes up a position near the back of the group so that she can keep an eye on everyone else.

The shadowy movement slinks between the stone pillars, each of whom are the size of a skyscraper. Whatever it is must be huge. Or many. Perhaps large sea snakes weaving between and behind the pillars just out of reach of torchlight.

Kara ranges a little bit ahead, her flare bringing light so the others can kinda see what's going on. LIGHTING THE WAY! But not straying so far that she can't regroup with the others if needed.

Thanks flippers! Pulling her feet down under her, she points off at the stone pillars. She prepares as best she can but unlike the warsharks, this is not her best location in which to fight!

"Incoming?" Sonja looks about, noting the 'slither' around the pillars. "Are you sure? Aren't most things supposed to be attracted to light?" At this point, she looks to Sol and Mane, their resident aquanauts. Still, she begins to tred water in place and holds her spear at the ready just in case.

From the depths comes a deep resonant voice, <<Who are you that seeks the depths? Who are you that disturbs the silt and blinds with light?>> Again, the snake like slithering around the pillars can be seen. <<Speak now or be buried with treasures untold. Your tale unsung.>> How fast /could/ they swim.. upwards? How high above them were the pillars of stone now? Was this moment now a trap?!

Taking the initiative, Sol swims forward, looking proud and crustacean. "<<I, Sol Wagner, son of a Wagner, have arrived,>>" he announces, his voice carrying his words far. "<<We seek to meet you. Our light is for the eyes not accustomed to perfect darkness. When we leave, so too does the light. We would not begrudge you ink in a time of need, to shield you from the hateful sun.>>" Then he motions to the distant skies over all of their heads. "<<We show our honor, we bring you our respect.>>" Then he looks to the group, shrugging. Quietly, he murmurs, "<<Ironically, I am out of my depth on this.>>" His newest attempt at humor.

<<Did better then most.>> Asger says as he bears his fangs and he waits for the creature to reveal itself. He lets Rauri speak for him as he keeps his axe ready, the war spirit within hungering for more blood to be spilled in it's name.

Mane is quiet as she listens to Sol speak. She tips her head back to look toward the surface and the light that's so far above them, then back toward the stone towers, regarding them carefully. She doesn't say anything, though. Just tries looking through the murky water beyond where their light hits. Fortunately for her, the darkness isn't much of an issue.

From the depths comes a deep resonant voice, <<Who are you that seeks the depths? Who are you that disturbs the silt and blinds with light?>> Again, the snake like slithering around the pillars can be seen. <<Speak now or be buried with treasures untold. Your tale unsung.>> How fast /could/ they swim.. upwards? How high above them were the pillars of stone now? Was this moment now a trap?!

Taking the initiative, Sol swims forward, looking proud and crustacean. "<<I, Sol Wagner, son of a Wagner, have arrived,>>" he announces, his voice carrying his words far. "<<We seek to meet you. Our light is for the eyes not accustomed to perfect darkness. When we leave, so too does the light. We would not begrudge you ink in a time of need, to shield you from the hateful sun.>>" Then he motions to the distant skies over all of their heads. "<<We show our honor, we bring you our respect.>>" Then he looks to the group, shrugging. Quietly, he murmurs, "<<Ironically, I am out of my depth on this.>>" His newest attempt at humor.

The party has swum to depths hitherto unheard of for those without specialized submarines. Were they in the Real World, they would have been crushed by the weight of water. Drowning instantly, they would be fodder for the deep. But they are not in the real world. They are in Shadow. Even in Shadow there are reflections of eons past. Fumaroles and sea stacks spew hot gas and inky mineral rich clouds into the cold waters creating an environment rich for life even here. Mounts the size of skyscrapers give the rocky surrounds the impression of a primeval downtown. Instead of glass covered towers filled with business tycoons, the stone is covered in tube worms, crustaceans, deep water shrimp.. and their reflections within the Ethereal.

Of more immediate concern are the slithering tentacles or serpents that are weaving in amongst these mighty stone reflections. At the light's edge from their magnesium flares, it is hard to say just what they are speaking to but its voice is resonant and sets the air to rippling. The core of their mission is simple. Find the Great Sea Serpent rumored to reside in these depths. Gift it the huge barrel of real fish they have brought with them. They were already attacked once by a school of Tuna.. or the spiritual reflection of same. Now this..entity in the shadows potentially bars their path.'

Asger moves between the movement and alongside Sol. <<"I am Suthar-Uthar of the blood talons. Me and my comrades have come here to seek the descendent of Jormungandr. We bring a sacrifice for you, and request you hear our bargain. Our kin in the past made a deal with a spirit and she has killed many humans and used the spirits as her servants. We seek you to battle with her. In return you will have dominion of the island we live on and the seas neighboring it, and return for worshiping you you give your blessing onto us and our ships.">> He says as he speaks a garbled first tongue.

Mane has mostly hung back as both Sol and Asger moved forward to talk to 'The Voice'. Her head tips a bit as she looks beyond them, obviously picking out details that others aren't seeing in the darkness. After a few moments, she looks upwards and frowns, her brow furrowing. "It's a giant quid," the words are called out to the group, loud enough for them to reach everyone, without being shouted. "There's also an ink cloud above us now, which is going to make it impossible to see through if it settles in around us."

Has Alexander been here all along? Seems likely! But being a generally quiet man, he hasn't had much to say. Just your average male selkie, tagging along in the ocean-based mayhem. An helping to drag along the barrel of fish. Because when you're a giant, you schlep things. It's what you do! He's still wearing his human guise, although the ethereal flippers he bears seem to come naturally to him. At least, he's had absolutely no trouble with them thus far. He looks less than thrilled at the inky darkness that spreads, but seems willing to keep his peace for the moment.

There is a cat! A cat looking over towards the squid.... But, she stays silent. How do you talk to a spirit anyways? She has no clue With a look to his wife, Sol says, "<<If it comes to the moment, sing us all a lullaby,>>" with a grave tone to his gravelly voice. Then he dips the nose down on his warshark, bringing it up rapidly, a new line of sight suggesting itself. He's readying for a fresh charge, the tail of the beast wriggling in anticipation, sharp, bullet-shaped teeth clicking softly.

Asger snarls as he grips his axe. "Lead us to our target, or be gone while you still can leave." He says with a commanding tone of voice which is definitely reminiscent of an authority figure. He then looks about him and gives a smirk.

Kara is not a human at the moment... she is a giant horse-sized wolf... with flippers on her paws and tail. <<I'm only diplomatic at funerals,>> she growl-snarls and plops down on her haunches, tongue VISCIOUSLY lolled out of the direwolf maw as she lets everyone else try their hand at talking to the giant murder-beast. What's that? Ink? Squid? NOT the big danger noodle they're looking for? The playful, if... horrifying wolf demeanor changes to angry and horrifying. She scoops up the lit flare that she's been carrying, and ZOOMS FORTH. Trying to help shed some, uh... light. On the situation. But the maybe-snake-bits, maybe-squit-tenticles... whatever they are, keep retracting as the light draws near, much to the she-wolf's annoyance.

Dani, the feline-themed Changeling, has been keeping an eye on things from atop the barrel... after all its nearly as tall as she is so if she's behind it she's not seeing past it's five-foot height and four foot diameter... from her perch she is watching the interaction. Watching and learning how spirit interactions.... should be done?

"<<Very well, strange and large squid,>>" Sol says, then turns a tight spiral in place, the warshark's turning radius rather small, given its species by design isn't typically suited for that. "<>" And judging from what comes out, his people are a 1970s Norwegian folk band with vaguely menacing lyrics. He's just belting out the nostalgic hits from Norway's entry in Eurovision 1980, and doing a passable job of it. When he finishes, he stares at the squid-ish thing, clearly more engaged about the issue than it likely was.

Kara draws closer to some of the flailing tendrils, and she lets out a little... growl? Wuff? Baby doge snarl? The tendrils seem like they are not scared of the direwolf, either. HUH.

<<So much fire.>> The resonant voice sounds in the deep. The darkness above the group begins to fade as curiosity gets the better of it. <<I have not seen such since I dwelt upon the surface.>> Yes, it is a giant squid. Something straight out of Nemo's 20,000 leagues and every bit as large. It's beak could swallow one of you hole. It's many tentacles appear to be wrapped about the nearby stone towers, ready to crush the group with them. It's two primary tentacles hover over the group with their broad flats covered in wicked barbs that impale as much as grip. <<You.. you say you are Wagner. Speak with respect. Answer me. Or I will feast upon your confused wolf, first.>>

Dani bristles at the way this seems to be going but made a promise to not speak unless spoken to so she keeps her mouth closed. However it is clear that she has an opinion as she is shaking her head in disbelief about the spirit's need to ask for respect.

Mane is still quiet as various people take turns trying to.. talk to the giant squid. She looks a little more alert when it focuses its attention on Sol, though, her gaze staying on him. Beyond petting the warshark that she's with, she doesn't move or say anything else for the moment.

With a squeezing of his knees agains the flanks of the warshark, Sol approaches the gigantic creature, his eyes on it, not even to look back at Mane. Rather, he arrives within twenty feet of it, dismounting on the fly, floating forward with easy motions of his arms, his body level with its gigantic eye. His warshark turns to face the group, double-timing it to Mane's side, moving into a defensive posture, teeth bared and fins wiggling in anticipation. "<<Wagners,>>" Sol says, motioning behind him, looking into that singular eye. "<<None owned, all free. We come to speak, and your tuna, it learned who we are. If you've a request for the same lesson - I am no farther than a blink, and that is in both directions. We speak to each from respect. I have died fighting monsters. Now, I am facing no monster - I am facing a creature in its home, requesting parley.>>" He then extends his hand up, out, and away, exhaling as the smoky blood that boils from his shell retracts and reveals his bare, human hand, the mask reinforced in full. "<<My name is Sol Wagner, born of Wagner. I have no idea of your name, and ask you share it now.>>" He seems to be requesting.. a handshake.

Alexander looks not so terribly thrilled by the way things seem to be taking a turn for the...questionable. "Fucking shit me a pile of fucking hardtack biscuits, guys. Can we we please just talk nicely to this majestic beast?" He sounds sincere when he says this, honest respect lingering in his voice. He looks about to say something when Sol says something pretty passably civil. Then he simply nods his heavy chin in the direction of the slightly more diplomatic member of the family.

Asger decides to remain silent an let Sol handle negotiations. He then looks to Kara and he watches the she wolf and he turns to Alexander and he shrugs as he remains quiet now. <<Sol Wagner.>> The SQUID repeats with the Shadow water rippling from its power. <<You seek to parley.>> The squid shifts with its huge eye focused upon the changeling. <<You have no power here. No standing. Why should I entreat with you? Or this rude rabble?>> The massive shining orb of its eye shifts to focus upon the rest though it lingers a touch upon Kara and Asger and those near the barrel.

"<<I have power enough,">> Sol says with that unswerving confidence, "<<That *my* death at your touch would stain the memories, and you will live a long life with them - fearful of the day you murder me, remembering the pain that I brought.>>" Confidence is key, apparently. "<<The great witch of the Wagners will carry the rest of the threat home to your heart.>>" He angles a hand away from the tentacled creature, staring at it in absolute defiance, the request and offer of a handshake rescinded. "<<If you think me overconfident, consider that I speak with the weight of the Wagners behind me, and through me, hear these words - you are the door through which we will find the Great Serpent you serve. What say you, nameless one? I would honor you, as a great creature... were you to share your name. Share your name, or who will remember you, when we leave here alive?>>" He stays silent from then on, looking into the great eye.

Mane rests a hand on the other warshark as it moves to join her, idly petting it as she listens to Sol and the Squid speak to one another. She constantly looks around, though, black eyes looking through the darkness to make sure nothing else comes up on them while they're distracted. At least the ink cloud has dissolved, no longer darkening the water above their heads.

Dani mutters, as if speaking to herself or Jorgee (who is in her hair), but loudly enough for anyone to hear, "I am no rabble. And strength rarely breeds courtesy so if you want it best to deal with those of us Wagners who have little standing here rather than those who feel its their divine given right to be here. If one was wise at least of course." Reuben pages: thx

When the eye lingers on Kara, she stands up and begins to lope forward. In a not-sprinting, non-threatening way. About halfway, the sharp pops and cracks of bones dislocating and breaking and reforming in smaller proportions pierce the not-water, and by the time the shewolf gets up by Sol, she is no longer a white shewolf, but a human! Or... not quite a human. She's big and lumbery-looking... dire-human? She looks almost like a neanderthal decked out in her viking leathers, hand resting on the hilt of Bloodthirster, still on her hip, undrawn. <<I am Kara Wagner, the Blade of Storms, Valkyr to Father Wolf and herald for the honored dead,>> she gruffs out. <<We seek an audience with the grand-child of Jormungandr and carry gifts only for the sea-serpent at this moment. If you would be willing to let us pass, we might discuss returning with chiminage more suitable to your tastes?>>

There is silence for a time as the Giant Squid considers the words of both Sol and Kara. On the one hand, it could slay them out of hand. Or believes it could. But.. it also knew the Tuna school was dispatched with ease and this Sol speaks of a Witch of power and a court. More, Kara is a werewolf of some experience and is not refuting the words of this interloper. Knows that It serves another. <<I will hold you to your bargain, Blade of Storms, but have a care what you wish for. The Great Serpent is not to be trifled with. You may yet go to your end.>>

And so the tentacles begin withdrawing and the squid moves with impossible ease through the gaps in the pillars. It is as if it does not care if the group follows or even can. If they cannot, it still fulfilled its bargain to show them.

"Jesus." Such is the commentary from Alexander, letting out a long-held breath as things seem to go okay. For the moment. He once more hitches the tether of the barrel of fish over his shoulder. "Hopefully that doesn't come back to tentacle-squish us in the asses later." He doesn't sound like he's holding his breath about it.

Rauri flicks a look at Alexander because he's likely not wrong. Content, for the moment, to allow the Wagner's to handle as much of this as they can, she's remained silent, letting the squid make what it will of her mere presence with the group. When it moves off, she glances at the others and nods, keeping pace with the spirit without getting all up in its bubble as that is rarely wise.

As the mighty Squid slips away, the group of Wagners do their best to keep up. A number of them have gathered about the overlarge barrel in order to keep it moving at a pace even close to that of the squid. In the end, it is the spirit's vast size that helps them keep track of where it is going. Following its tentacles more than the body as it navigates the pillars of stone the size of skyscrapers. Soon the pillars become more canyon like and less divided. A channel leading towards a hole in the earth which the squid does not enter. The hole itself reminds the oceanographically inclined of sinkholes and the like where it is simply a pit in the earth leading to.. more darkness. Only the water appears to be a lighter hued blue despite its lack of clarity. Perhaps it represents the barrier to a lair of sorts. <<Enter at your peril.>> The squid echoes to the group as its tentacles encircle the sinkhole.

Rauri pulls up short as the squid has it's parting words. Turning to the others, she nods, "Might be better to hold here for the moment and let me go take a look? Better to risk just me at this point.." Denver might feel differently, but he's not here, so he doesn't get a voice in this choice.

Sonja looks to the wolf then to the spirit looming overhead. With a few swift kicks from her legs and virtual flippers she comes to Rauri's side and rests a hand upon the woman's shoulder, "You realize that if you go in. If you speak for us. Then you will truly be one of us. There will not be a question of name only. Of a marriage or a mating or any such. You will be speaking with a great spirit in the name of the Wagner family. The spirits will remember. They will label you a Wagner. There will be no turning back from this."

Rauri turns those big bright eyes on Sonja. For a long moment she's utterly silent and then she nods, "When you and Denver have this talk, I want to be there to film it." The wolf is always cracking jokes when things are too serious. A little frown pulls down her brows over those too-blue eyes that seem so out of place; one cloudy and the other clear.

Sonja's hand lifts from Rauri's shoulder to briefly run a hand across Rauri's temple. In that moment, the wolf can hear Sonja's thoughts. Or, they may be Sonja's words in Rauri's head. Her lips don't move. (I will linger here in the even of trouble. If you have need of me. Or when you are ready for me to bring the chiminage. You simply have to think it. I will know.) There's a warm smile offered..or felt. (Have no worry. I do not do this lightly and were there another way I would have asked first. You can hit me later.) This time she actually does smile.

"Maybe I should go with you, to protect you from this beast." Asger says to Rauri as he walks to her and keeps his axe out of it's sheathe.

Kara, now in Dalu and only with feet flippers (no more horrible tail insanity!) is now swims at a normal, more human pace. She nods. "We can stay, or we can go. Though if you truly count yourself as Wagner and end up falling, you will need someone to sing your song." A pause. The Valkyr doesn't say to whom that song will be sung. "Are you sure you wish to go alone?" You paged Reuben with 'Well, there's two ways to do that. One is to assume it's already done, stay on the family channel, and slap your NPC wife name on your wiki page. Tada, Wagner. Two, we do it all IC and drag it out with family wedding and someone posing the NPC wife etc. Which might be cumbersome.'

Asger watches Rauri and he nods to Kara. "You go with her, I will stay and protect the rest of the people." He says to Kara as he swings his axe in readiness for combat. He then looks to Sonja and watches them.

"Blood or marriage or bond of life, it does not matter." Sonja intones. "I think between Asger and Sol the rest will be well guarded. If there are to be more than you.. then we three. I would have this Serpent know of me even if it does not know me. Yet." She must have some manner of plan because a faint smile comes to her lips then. "Lead the way, Rauri. Kara and I will follow. Thus you will have blood with you as you desire it."

Rauri glances between the trio and then she nods. Turning, she kicks her way down into the darkness. The wolf can see fairly well, but it's certainly not bright light for the wolf.

Kara up-nods at Asger and the others, and gives Rauri a grin that is a little too much teeth. "Blood or no, all Uratha who are worthy deserve to be remembered," she says, before swimming along into the darkness. Not lighting a fresh flare just yet.

As the three make their way to the milky blue waters, the layer is disturbed in wispy tendrils that almost feel like they could burn were it not for the magics protecting them. It takes a moment but then they are beyond the barrier such as it is and into what must be a massive underwater cave. At one point, it must have been limestone or similar rock that dissolved away to leave harder rock exposed but then this is just the reflection of the real. Who is to say what truly lies in the depths. Two pinpoints of light, golden and gleaming, rest in the far distance seemingly watching their approach.

Rauri kicks her way deeper and deeper, moving through that protective layer with ease, thanks to some magic. Still, there is a tingle that races down the wolf's spine that she cannot shake until they are clear of it. Once she takes note of those pinpoints of light, she pulls up short and for a moment, she merely remains still.

Kara follows the lead of the witch and shaman. The Valkyr coming along in part because if diplomacy is blown, the battle will be glorious... but also Valkyr kind of have a reputation for having a death wish. Really it's about being worthy of joining the noble dead, but... eh, semantics. "You want flares, or no?" she inquires, ready to light one when asked.

"Somehow I don't think we're going to need them." Sonja offers with a small gesture given to the two orbs as they begin to get closer. Larger. They illuminate the area quite on their own but also serve to give some sense of dimension and shape to what they're attached to. A sea serpent. Long enough that the light fades to darkness along its length long before seeing the end of it. The orbs of eyes much be the size of monster truck tires. Or bigger.

As the maw opens, teeth the size of cabers are revealed only they are curved and ivory and come to needle points. <<Who are you? I allow you to impress me that you have reached this far but speak wisely err you become elsewise.>>

Rauri looks, for a breath, at the others and then she pulls herself to her full height. It's not her stature that matters but the glow of her brands. <<I am Jateus and I have come to seek an audience with the Great Serpent of the Sea.>> She lets it linger there, her tone properly respectful.

The head of the Great Serpent glides closer. Close enough that the group realizes the spirit could swallow the three of them and not notice. <<An audience you have. But it will not be a long one. I hunger. Sate it and you may live long enough to beg your favor.>> And so the maw opens wider. The head coming closer..

Rauri holds her ground as the serpent slithers up closer. There is no doubting the size of the spirit, but the Shadowbinder is not so easily intimidated. <<I have something of favor to offer one such as yourself, but there is much to discuss.. Your cave is well protected, it's true, and the minions that serve you are ..loyal, but there is more you could have if you wished to enter into an alliance.>>

Kara stays back, letting the Shadowbinder do her thing. At the mention of a favor to the serpent, Kara tilts her head in the direction of the big ol' barrel. <<An alliance,>> she chimes in, <<that will bring you more gifts!>> Such helpful! Wow!

<<More?>> The Serpent is intrigued but also amused. <<I am Master of the Sea. Above and below, this is /my/ realm. What use of allegiance have I from those who would die simply trying to reach my realm?>> Oh yes, this is a haughty spirit. Still, it can smell the offering and a glowing eye shifts to focus its attention. <<Bring your gift.. closer.. and I might listen to your proposal.>>

Rauri tips her head a little to one side. "Oh, I see," she begins with a nod. The wolf can smell the offering, so she knows the spirit can as well. She half turns to Kara and Sonja, an eye kept on the spirit because she's not stupid. "I'm beginning to think that this isn't the mighty spirit we've been hearing so much about. I'm worried this one only wants all that amazing goodness we brought with us." Of course she can be heard. "I mean, we mowed through the tuna. The squid did our bidding.. and then we find this one hiding in the dark?" She sighs a little as she looks back at the spirit directly. "My tales spine bright in the darkness," she tells it, speaking of her spirit brands. "How do I know you're the one we seek? The one that will be powerful enough to fill a power vacuum we're about to create? All that Chiminage all the time... We have to be sure, you understand?"

<<The squid is the guardian of this descendent of Jormungandr,>> Kara chimes in, correcting Rauri. Trying to play off the spirit's sense of self-superiority. Good cop bad cop, maybe? <<Surely this is the serpent whom we seek, to gift this chiminage to and ally with the faithful and trustworthy Wagner kin?>> A pause, while she regards the serpent. <<If we are wrong, let us leave with this gift unharmed, for it is a tithe blessed only for the Midgard Serpent and its kin!"

Rauri's mouth opens after she's danced out of the way. She was going to say something, but then the Mage speaks up and not for the first time, she wonders why she's even here. Snapping her teeth closed, she listens until the serpent looks back at her.

Kara gives a little bow to the Serpent. <<Oh, child of the child of Midgard, hear us!>> Maybe if she acts all pompous like they do in the stories? <<Long have we heard tales of your hunger, but believe the mortals steal a bounty which is yours by right!>> A pause. Dramatic flare! Nothing she has said thus far is technically false...

The Midgard Serpent floats backwards a little to give Rauri some space. It is forbidden from eating her.. for the moment.. but also its hunger is momentarily sated. Large eyes once again focus upon the Ithaeur though the words of the inspiring Cahalith are not unwelcome. <<What is it that you want from me, surface dweller? What will you give?>>

Rauri makes a little face, but it's more at herself then anything else. Spirits are dicks. <<We seek to rid the hisil of one that has been stealing from you for days beyond count.. To the time before these members of the Wagner Court were even born. Way back then a the Red Maid came into power and it began to steal from you and it has ever since. That which should have rightly been yours was snatched away!>> And thus begins the fancy verbal dancing. <<We seek to see you well fed beyond the time when our bones are dust. We will patrol and protect our waters, and in return, she will either be removed in full, or she can be put to work and answer to you, ensuring that you always eat well. Our offering proves our worth on the surface.>>

Kara grins her feral grin, teeth bared, but not like... 'grr'. Humans mistake it all the time, but the serpent is cool... it gets it. Probably. <<Many songs will be sung of this alliance, and lesser choirs will scatter in fear at mere mention of your name, great serpent!>> Maybe she's laying it on thick now. <<Even the kraken that attends your gateway may feast on the scraps you turn down, you shall be so sated!>>

There is silence from the Serpent for a count of ten easy. <<Go then. Surface dwellers. I give you a cycle of the moon's face. Show your strength. Demonstrate your worth. Do not return again until you have.>> And so the Midgard Serpent slinks back into the darkness of its cave, leaving the Wagners unharmed. For this day.