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Valhalla Open House
Dramatis Personae

Adam_Skinner, Kyrie, Mirabella, Olivia, Owen, Reggie, Rhys, Ryan, Thorian, Tobias, Tock, Wendell_Goldman

16 July, 2015

Valhalla is opened for people to check out the new training center.



Kyrie has called an open house sort of meeting for Valhalla, and has helped people find it from the entrance located in the Hedge woods. People are encouraged to sit wherever they like, and even peek around the place a bit while others gather. She's even brought beer and water, along with some munchy type food. These are placed on a table on the arena floor, so they're accessible and out of the way. As for the resident valkyrie, she's perched on the wall that separates the stands from the arena floor, and is sipping on a bottle of water while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Mirabella enters with Ryan. Well, maybe she's pulling the Wizened along, laughing. She's saying, "What's the worst that can happen at an open house, Butler? Come on." So it goes. She pulls him in. Comet spots Valkyrie, and she stops pulling Ryan to go over and introduce herself. "Hi," she says. "I'm Mirabella. I assume this is your place?" she adds, looking around with wide, too-human eyes. "This is amazing." She offers her hand to shake toward Kyrie.

Rhys arrives swiftly through the front entrance, for fear that would arrive late, due to his college class having an extended discussions about the types of ferns present in the world. "Sorry I'm la-" as Rhys beings to say, as he is caught speechless yet again, by the grand-ness of the hedge buildings of the Sentinel Rock freehold. "Holy...wow.Just...WOW. They really don't make them like this at back in Bangor."

Ryan is clearly not comfortable in the Hedge, and perhaps only mildly less concerned when they reach the safety of the cavern. "Did I mention that 'Valhalla' is supposed to be the afterlife?" he says to Mirabella, for what sounds like the umpteenth time. "Is it any wonder I'm in no hurry to go there?" The Wizened is dress in brown walking shoes, denim jeans, and a loose gray hoodie. When Mira walks away he is momentarily left behind at the entrance, looking around, but then he rushes to catch up with the Telluric.

Tobias may have seen Valhalla in earlier stages while dropping supplies this is the ogre's first time seeing everything put together. Tobias stops in place once he enters. His gaze moves from one end of the open space to the other to take everything in. He'll make his way over to where Kyrie sits, though his attention is still focused on the structure around him. "I must say Kyrie, this really all come together nicely."

Kyrie nods to Mirabella, smiling and nodding to both her and Ryan. "I am. I'm Kyrie," she says, taking the offered hand. She shoots a grin over at Rhys. "Not sure most people make them like this." That grin shifts over to Ryan. "It's just a name. We'll have healers so hopefully no one will die. Hey Tobias." She inclines her head toward the refreshments. "Have a drink if you want, get comfy or look around. Or you can ask questions. Whatever."

"Speaking of healers," Mirabella says, shaking Kyrie's hand firmly, "I wanted to offer my services. I'm a first tier Oneirophysic, working toward tiers two and three." She then looks to Ryan and smiles in what she hopes is a reassuring fashion before looking back at the Valkyrie. "May I check out your clinic?"

At the greeting, Ryan looks to Kyrie and offers a polite smile. "Sorry, sorry. I meant no offense. It's a wonderful cavern." He offers a hand to the hostess when there's a chance. "Ryan Butler. Don't mind me. Just here to make sure Mirabella isn't wandering around the Hedge alone." Seeing a pair of larger Lost heading towards Kyrie as well, Ryan is quick to scoot aside once he's said hello.

Tock, as always, is dressed just a bit more formal than the occasion might require: indigo jacket almost masculine but for its tailoring, pants to match, and white linen collared shirt decorated with a bit of a loose tie. Her ever-present locket (glinting a bit with a blue shimmer) is held at her throat by a woven metal necklace today, matching the one at her wrist. No hat is worn in addition to the flowers in her cornsilk hair today, said hair also pulled back more neatly than typical. A small basket containing an assortment of apples hangs by its handle from one hand. She spends a few moments looking around when she enters, crystal-blue eyes taking in the surroundings and the people there. Mirabella and Ryan earn a wave before the girl continues on her way to greet Kyrie. "Thank you for hosting. Should I add these to the table?" She lifts the basket to indicate her meaning. "I'm Tock, by the way."

Rhys steps forward to Kyrie and says "Likewise on my part. I'm interested in offering my healing services as well,though unfortunately as of this moment,I don't have any healing of the magical variety. Also, If anyone needs ainy instruction on the basics of weaponry, I can help with that as well. My I also see themedical facilities?"

"A healer, huh? Can always use more. I'm hoping a few others I've spoken to will show up tonight," Kyrie tells Mirabella, giving the woman her full attention for a moment. "No offense taken. I know well what Valhalla is. But since I'm a Valkyrie, well, what else was I going to name it?" she asks before getting distracted by Tock. "Oh! You didn't have to bring anything, but yeah, just put them with the rest of the stuff. And Mirabella? You can go check out whatever you like. Just be careful if you hit the forge or armory. Everything else is relatively safe. You're welcome to join her too, um...sorry, think I missed your name. As for nonmagical healing? No worries. And I'm happy to have trainers."

"Oh,sorry I didn't introduce myself. Rowan Ainsley, but please, just call me Rhys."

Tobias frowns as he sees the wizen retreat when he steps forward. "You might as well make that the first stop on the tour. I was curious about seeing how stocked your set up was." Tobias look at Rhys, taking in the unfamiliar changeling. "Seems like there will be no shortage of medics. Where did you get your training?'

Owen makes his way in. It's the Hedge so he's bringing his ruck and setting it aside. He is in jeans and boots with a clean tshirt, grey, that has the black outline of an M4 with an underslung grenade launcher, long range scope, flashlight, IR light, laser, collapsible stock and atop it reads 'Does this gun' and underneath 'Go with these pants?'. He runs his fingers through his hair; drop scabbard on one leg with two fighting kali sticks in it, a pistol on his right hip. He gives a wave to Kyrie as he looks around.

Mirabella smiles warmly at Rhys after thanking Kyrie quietly. "Well! Healing is healing, no matter how you do it. It's nice to meet you," she says to him, looping an arm through his and walking toward the medical facilities. "Lovely place. Simply lovely, and well stocked, too." She nods her approval as she looks around the place. "Simply wonderful. She knew what to stock and everything. Well done," she calls to Kyrie.

Rhys calls back to Tobias "Five years medical training through various other changeling and non-changelings! Sorry, nothing formal!" as he yanked away towards the medical facilities.

Oh look, someone he knows! Ryan flashes Tock a relieved-looking smile and a brief wave, but doesn't interrupt as the clockwork woman makes her greetings. And then he sees Tobias frowning at him, and Ryan rushes to greet the ogre, "Hello. Sorry." He edges a bit further aside, and finds their surroundings suddenly very interesting.

Kyrie looks amused. "I can give a tour, sure. The point is just to let people look around and ask questions. Get people interested and informed. Well, come on. I'll start with the clinic then the other stuff." She stands up, starting to walk. "There's also a forge, as I said, so we can make weapons and armor. Beds, for people doing dream training or just tired. A garden, though there's nothing in it yet," she says sheepishly. "And a room for weapons, armor and targets."

"Not to worry," Tock assures Kyrie with a warming smile. "It is simply a habit of mine not to come to events empty-handed, needing or no. Every gathering is a bit brighter with fresh fruit, I feel." She gives a little nod as Kyrie is swept up in host greetings, moving on herself to deposit her basket on the refreshments table. Ryan's look of relief catches her attention, head tilting just a few degrees to regard him before moving in his direction. "Hello, Ryan! It is good to see you again. Oh, look, a tour is forming. Should we walk along?" Her arm stretches out slowly, hand tilting just so in the direction of the group.

"Bad ass," says Owen as he bounds his way over, checking out the fighting areas and making a beeline for the clinic area but taking care not to get ahead of Kyrie at all or take her thunder. "Oh hey, you have a triange area! And a resus room! What, an I dreaming? This is amazing!" he says as he approaches the group smiles at Rhys, "Heya, heard you. Owen. Air Force, pararescue, 18 years. What's up? You're a medic too? I'm almost done with my bridge program to physician's assistant grad school."

"It's Tobias." He says as Ryan approaches. It's not anger in his voice, but something more tired. "You don't really need to do that." He follows to group to the clinic. He takes a quick look around the room as if taking stock of the supplies. "I was going to offer to try to bring some things over from the clinic if you needed it, but it seems like you got just about everything you could need."

"Kyrie," Mirabella says with a smile, "This is the best clinic I've been in for ages. A lovely, well stocked area. I think you've done well." So many healers! Mirabella nods to Owen. "Hey man," she greets him, after meeting him in passing a few times before. Ryan gets a look, before she contents herself once that he's okay. Then she's back into the thick of things, enjoying people and company.

"Mirabella,was it?" as Rhys half-walks, half-stumbles to catch up being dragged along by this new person. "You're an Oneirophysic? How long?"

Kyrie gives Tobias an amused look. "Like I won't run out of some of that stuff? But yeah, people have been donating stuff. I was pretty surprised, but happy. I'm glad it's meeting standards of healers, though. Still, if anyone notices something, anywhere in here, not just the clinic, that needs work? Don't hesitate to let me know. Or hell, just drop it off."

"Good evening," Ryan replies to Tock with a smile and a dip of his head. "Nice to see you again as well." Her gesture towards the group draws the Wizened's gaze that way, and he waves a hand too, inviting her to go first. "Absolutely. After you." And then he blinks as Tobias gives his name, and flashes the man an apologetic smile. "Tobias? Nice to meet you. Ryan Butler." A slim, long-fingered hand is offered.

"Yes," Mirabella says to Rhys with a smile. "I have been an Oneirophysic for a couple of years, now. You're Rhys? What got you into healing on the mundane side?" she asks, letting Rhys's hand go so he can follow at a normal pace to her rushing about. She then nods to Kyrie. "I will, but I think you're pretty good!" she praises. Owen gets a warm smile, and she tilts her head in his direction. "I didn't realize you were pararescue. Thanks for serving," she says sincerely. "I figure you're continuing service as a Summer, but hey--just--thanks." The Fairest says, before finally shutting up.

And finally comes the gardener, Adam. He comes from the garden, hands dirty with soil. The Wizened glances around and when his gaze meets Kyrie, recognition comes to his semblance."Oh. That is the gathering you told me about earlier, isnt it?" He asks her. Then, glancing around again, he smiles."Hi. Im Adam Skinner. The Gardener."

Olivia walks in and for some reason, she takes one look at Owen and immediately starts giggling in delight. "You know you've become my favorite drinking game, right?" the selkie tells the ogre, adding with a wave of her webbed hand, "Hello, everyone. Kyrie, this place is amazing!"

The corners of Tock's lips tick upward at the Wizened's greeting. "Hello, Tobias," she adds herself into the introductions, as the nearby fellow also names himself to Ryan. "I'm Tock." She offers a small wave to him as well (such busy waving wrists today!). The clockwork girl leads for Ryan to follow along with the group, watching and listening as Kyrie explains the space. "Are you a healer, too?" she asks Ryan in a light tone. "So many of us are. Not me beyond the basics, so much."

Kyrie glances back to grin at Olivia. "Thanks. You're just in time for the tour. This, obviously, is the clinic. Do you really want to take a look at the beds or should I show off the forge or garden next? And yeah, more healers and medics than I'd have expected. It's trainers that I'm going to have trouble finding." Everyone's in or right outside the clinic area of Valhalla. Down on the arena floor is a table with food and water, including a basket of apples.

Tobias grins. "Well, if you run out we can talk." He tilts in his head in Owen's direction. "Were you guy who put those fliers up looking for medical folks? I had five years as an EMT. I was training to be corpsman before I got snatched." He turns his attention to the two unfamiliar changelings. "Good to meet you both."

"Too many years for my mom to be happy about it, but thank you. Yeah, I think I got the serving bug. But I still dig it. Trying to up my med game and get a higher level of care out of it," Owen tells Mirabella as he follows along. "You're welcome, but it's all good, I don't need to hear thanks. Folks did it cause they wanted, you know? Ooh. OK," he says as he steps in to peer around, "I didn't say I was a hedge warden!" he calls to Olivia, with an accusatory - but amused - look. "OK. So I haven't done higher level medicine in the Hedge. Think a life-pak would work here?" he asks the others. "You know, EKG, heart, EEG, that kinda thing? Or are we boned?" He steps into the rooms to begin to look around. "The beds are great," he tells Kyrie. "I like that station there, that's great for triage. We'll want lots of lights if we're going to try some field surgery. Do we have a place where we can keep stuff chilled - say blood products, blood expanders, packed red blood cells?" he asks. A grin at Tobias, "That's me man," he says, giving a wave. "Sweet. Dude, come to the meeting - Sunday. I want to see what we can organize, with all the healing oriented folks we have - and even people that want to learn. Yeah, that's me."

Rhys seems unsure of how to answer Mirabella's question. "Ummm...Errr...Well...magical and mundane factors kinda lead up to me being pretty good at medicine. It's horticulture that's my main interest. Medicine is what I just keep sharp to keep people alive, you know?"

Mirabella spots the selkie and squees loudly. "OLIVIA!" A flying tacklehug happens next, from comet to Liv, before she stands up and offers the woman a hand up as well. "Hi!" she adds, more normally, before turning back to Rhys. "I understand," she says with a nod and a smile. Apparently Mira can pay attention in 12 directions at once. Adam, the new arrival, gets a smile and a nod. "Hello!"

"I don't, no," Kyrie admits to the question about a fridge. "But I'm sure we could figure out how to get one. I mean, we know that there are such things that work in the Hedge," she says, blinking at the flying tacklehug. "Right, so. Forge?" she asks, starting to walk around the arena toward said area. "If you can't make your own gear, you can ask me for some, but I do have some weapons here for training. Be careful though, they're not blunted. I want people to get used to using the real thing."

To Mirabella, Adam lifts his right hand, in some kind of shy greeting. His green thumb can be spotted easily. His nails all dirty with soil underneath. The clinic is ignored and when Kyrie starts moving forward, so he does.

Reggie comes swaggering in, dressed like some charicature of a WWI aviator, complete with goggles over his leather flying cap. His peculiar clawed little hands fuss and fidget with his zippers, buckles, and buttons. He's comparatively short, all things considered, but has a voice that's about four times his size. Thankfully. He wends his way through the crowd, trying to get nearer the front to see what all the fuss is about. "Pardon me, my dear boy. Do excuse me. Very sorry! Sorry! Ah. Yes. Very good." He ceases his advance only once at the front of the company, heels clicking together in satisfaction. "There. Now we can begin."

"By the almighty John Henry, you're quick!" ARhys calls to Mirabella as he rushes to where the rest of the populace is. "So,Adam the Gardener,right?", as he turns to address him. He grins. "Sweet. You and I got a lot to talk about,then. How long you been gardening?"

Olivia lets out a sound that can only be described as a seal bark in surprise, promptly tackled and letting out another laugh as she squeezes Mira and then takes the hand up. "Hey everyone." she says again, before finally managing to refocus on Kyrie once Mira's off and running. "I'm easy," she says, "I'll go wherever everyone else wants to go. I'm decent with first aid and eventually I'll be able to heal people as well, but I doubt I'll ever be as good as those who focus on it as a concentration." And oh, there's Reggie. She casts an amused look the otter's way. "Captain."

Ryan lends the hostess half an ear, looking over their first stop as Kyrie explains. And oh look, there's Olivia! He offers the Selkie a quick smile by way of greeting, and then seeing her pounced on by Mira, Ryan shakes his head and turns to answer Tock. "Me? No. I'm afraid my skills are limited in that regard. I'm here escorting Mirabella." And while he was going to say something to Tobias, the wizened keeps quiet when he sees Owen striking up a conversation with the man.

The sound of another British accent has Kyrie glancing back toward Reggie, and her expresion goes tense for a moment before she forces it to smooth. "Welcome. About to show the forge to people. If you have questions or want to grab some of the refreshments, please go ahead," she says, looking at him a little longer than is polite before she resumes walking.

Adam calmly walks to get closer to Rhys and smile."Honestly, I assume that was my task at Arcadia. Not that I remember anything, but, well." He grins and lifts his hand again, wiggling his green thumb.

Mirabella steps out of the group to go get refreshments, snagging an apple and a glass of water before returning to the group. She falls silent and slips in next to Liv, following along now that the clinic's been explored.

"Hence the need for the stocked medical clinic?" Tobias follows along with the group as people move forward. "Sure thing Owen. I'll see what I can do. It's an interesting idea at least. Trying to get some of these central services set up." He shifts his position to let Reggie by as he winds his way through the crowd. The ogre simply looks confused as the other man rushes his way to the front. "Do you do the forge work yourself, Kyrie or is there someone who helps with that?"

Tock hmms softly at Kyrie's revelation of staffing needs. "I wouldn't say I'm skilled enough to be an instructor, but I hold my own in hand to hand if there is need of some assistants to get started. I imagine there will be enough need for bringing new folks here. Seems fair to offer since I'll likely be directing enough this way." She leans toward Ryan just a little to add, "Not so much healing but the other thing on my part," with a wide, silly grin...all perfect little teeth. Reggie's boisterous entrance naturally nabs her attention. "Reggie, good to see you!" Yet another wave is directed at her motley-mate as he barrels through.

"Cheerio dude!" says Owen to Reggie with a wave, "Man, you look like an old school Army Air Corps dude, all retro, that's awesome! Were you Air Force? So was I, but now I owe Olivia five bucks. This is gonna get out of control quick." He continues to peer around the room. He digs into a pocket, coming out with a 'write-all' rain-safe notebook and space pen, making notes and sketches as he peers around the various healing rooms, moving along and talking to himself.

Owen also nods to Tobias, "For sure, we should talk," he adds, with another nod.

Olivia drapes an affable arm around Mira as they walk along. She's definitely curious about the forge. "Keep it up," she says cheerfully to Owen, "And I'll be able to buy a second plane."

"Your title in that place?! Why did you keep that?!" Rhys says to Adam, as he walks to the refreshments.

"Ah! Tock, I should have known I'd find you here! Glad of it. Good to see you." Reggie flashes a sharp-pointed and toothy smile Tock's way, one that contains a bright glint from one of his pointy teeth and a barely audible 'ting'. He turns about to offer Olivia a bright and cheerful wave, "And a very good evening to you, my dear! Excellent to see you!" Owen's down home and American dudeliness causes Reggie to give him a bit of a double-take, "Royal Air Force, 145th Squadron! Too right, my boy, too right."

Adam keeps walking by Rhys side."Because that is what it defines me. I tende gardens for living. Both mundane and Hedgey." He explains."Why? Is this a bad thing?"

"I'm a blacksmith and Hedgespinner, yes," Kyrie says, but she's stopped again, and is /staring/ at Reggie, brow furrowed. If he'd suddenly grown a second head she couldn't be looking at him more intently. "I'm sorry, but what is your name? You look very familiar. And my brother--" She cuts off rather abruptly there.

Mirabella leans into Olivia. "Did you want something?" she offers, after she realizes she's been rude to the selkie. "There's apples and munchy-stuff like chips, etc. I can grab you anything you'd like," she says. She seems to be getting a little overwhelmed.

"Dude, straight up you're the most awesome thing I've seen in a long time," Owen tells Reggie, but he fades out as he listens to Kyrie. "Only if I get to jump out of it," he says to Olivia's taunt, with a grin. He shifts a bit, as if he's ready to move closer to Kyrie, as if he's protective, a touch.

As the crowd gets a bit more boisterous, Ryan gets quieter, and pays more attention to the surroundings than the crowd. But he blinks and looks up as Tock speaks, and gives the woman a puzzled sort of smile. "'The other thing'?" Then it registers, and Ryan says, "Oh, /that other thing/. I ... try to avoid that as much as possible, myself."

"Reginald! Reginald Danger. The Daring Reggie Danger of Daring Reggie Danger's Flying Circus, a mind-melting melange of death-defying aerobatics and soul-lifting showmanship! We have a pretty woman, quite shapely, she wears tight jumpsuits, walks on wings, that sort of thing. Skywriting, sign hauling, barn storming, general skyward mayhem. If you wish to-- as the kids say --throw some shade on a rival, why not literally put a cloud of insults over his house, eh? Wot? Hey?" Reggie gives a jovial elbow to Owen as he ends this little personal plug. "Come to it, now, you look quite familiar, too! Ehm. Hmm." He opens his mouth and then closes it, puts a tiny clawed hand around his chin, and taps a claw against his cheek pensively.

"Personally, I think it's bad luck to carry a title that They gave you while in servitude. I would use a similar,yet different word for your profession. Hmmmm...Ahha!" Rhys exclaims as he points to your green finger. "Adam, the Greenskeeper! How does that sound?"

Tobias returns Owen's nod. "Will do." He turns his attention back to Kyrie as she answers his question. Noticing how intense she seems to be staring at Reggie the ogre also studies the smaller changeling. "There is something to be said about owning it, Rhys. We earn some skills the hard way so there's no reason not to take advantage of them.

"Hmm? Oh no, I'm fine." Liv gives Mira a little squeeze, and then looks Owen right in the eye. "Okay." she says. "You let me know when you want to jump out of my plane, any day, any time." Her smile is toothy, "Providing I'm not already booked, of course." Calling the Summer's bluff, and then she looks over at Adam and Rhys, "Refusing to use a word because They used it is giving them more power than they deserve. Take it back, I say. More to the point; do whatever you like as long as it doesn't hurt anyone."

Adam stares at his thumb and thinks for a secons. Then, he smiles and nods."I liked it. I'll keep it. Thank you. But what is your title, then?"

Kyrie is definitely distracted from showing off Valhalla now. She takes a step closer to Reggie, her head tilting. "Pearl's husband," she says absently. "I'm Kyrie. I had a brother, his name was Reggie, too." There's a pause, a distraction from the distraction, when Mira slips out and she takes a step back from Reggie. "Right, so. Were any of you wanting to train people here?"

"I do get around," Tock replies to Reggie. The talk of squadrons and brothers brings a brief pause, a waver to her smile, before she sweeps past it. "Oh, don't tell him, he already knows it," she teases gently at Owen's compliment to Reggie. "Reggie's the star of the show over at our airfield." This is offered as an aside to Ryan. "That isn't a bad position if you aren't keen on adventuring. I tend to get myself out in the thick of it, though, so it's worthwhile to know how to hold my own." She perks at the talk of forges and hedgespinning. "Oh, makerspaces. Those are always the most interesting spots."

"Oh, I love making things almost as much as I love breaking them!" Reggie claps his clawed little hands together and proceeds to yank his sidearm from its holster. It looks like something John Carter of Mars might carry around, or steal from Buck Rogers. It's Very Futuristic In A Very Old Notion Of What The Future Held sort of way. And it has a rather uncomfortable looking beetle shoved in its backside. He brandishes the weapon about cheerfull, "And weapons! I love weapons! Fighting things with weapons. Threatening people with weapons. Making weapons. Showing weapons off. Shooting weapons at things. Weaponizing things that were never intended to be weapons-- good fun!"

Adam glances at those that are contrary to Rhys' viewpoint."Its okay, guys. I can use both. Adam, Gardener and GreenKeeper of Autumn." He grins again."Or something like that."

Rhys sighs. "You're right Tobias and Olivia. If we didn't use words that They used, we'd be silent for the rest of our lives. I'm sorry, Adam. You should wear the title "the Gardener" with pride. I'm deeply sorry for forcing my own superstitious beliefs on you. I should know better to use hearsay over fact." "Oh,and my title? Rhys the Magi."

'I'm on board for medical," Owen tells Kyrie, with a thoughtful and worried look. "Trauma, mostly, critical care. Combat search and rescue. Survival. Diving, water work. That's all stuff I could teach. Weapons, firearms, I"m okay but it's not my key speciality, you're gonna find folks a lot better at it than I am," he says. "Ray gun," he says about Reggie's firearm, with an approving grin.

"I don't do much fighting with my hands, but if you are looking for people to teach weapons I could help with that. " Tobias takes careful movements to say out of line of fire as he brandishes the gun about. "If you're looking to teach folks more than just the basic I can help with the more subtle things, scouting and the like. Medicine as well of course."

Kyrie gives Reggie another look before she nods to Owen. "Gotcha. And you know me. All sword and shield," she says, nodding. "I'm looking for people who want to teach anything that'll help Lost stay alive. How to use weapons or their fists. How to survive in the Hedge or use Contracts. Things like that."

The rhythmic, perfect timing of tapping against the floor heralds in the arrival of Thorian, the sound produced by the black and silver cane the man holds in his left hand. This evening? He's dressed in black slacks, a white dress shirt, and a black bowtie. The man pauses just inside the cavern, allowing his twilight gaze to adjust and soak in the sights, a quirk of a smile coming to the corners of his moutn as he spots the group and begins to head that way. There is a brief moment of focus upon the hostess of the evening as the Eternal Echo casts a nod towards Kyrie, but for the moment his voice remains silent, choosing not to interrupt the other conversations going on.

"Oh, survival in the hedge? I can definitely teach that!" Rhys exclaims.

Olivia seems inclined from her expression to volunteer, but for the moment holds back. There might be little she can offer that isn't already covered by those with more expertise, but surely she can find a way to assist somehow. The tapping perks the selkie's ears, and the celestial haired man is greeted with an upward tilt of the corner of her mouth. She doesn't say it, but he'll know she's thinking it. Reggie's sidearm is eyed appreciatively; she shares a time period so the aesthetic appeals.

"Tip one: Don't go in the hedge!" Reggie lets out a bark of laughter at his own joke, then gives Owen another double-take, "Oh, no. This here's the Queen Mum. Ray's my toaster. Ha!" Reggie holsters the weapon again and pats it affectionately before swiveling about to go snaking through the crowd again like an otter through water, "Refreshments, refreshments, surely there'll be tea?"

"I can do that too." Adam says gesturing to Rhys."Probably not as good as him, but I can keep myself in the Trod." He says and glances around, paying more attention at Thorian.

"Liv, I bet you know navigation right? From your job?" asks Owen as he leans a hip against a table - he seems to be taking notes, perhaps to help Kyrie keep it all organized. "I bet that'd be super helpful. "And you have to know some mechanical stuff as well." A grin at Reggie, "He may be more enthuasistic than I am." he tells the group. "I had thought of maybe suggesting some initial Hedge hikes for people that wanted someone," a nod to Rhys and Adam, "With them that knew the way - go from a short hike to a longer one, to an overnight stay, stuff like that. Walk, jog, run, that's how we learned in the job I don't talk about cause Olivia gets another plane that way. We could set up instructor teams - lead instructor, assistant, and a medic. That'd be safe enough, I think."

Tock's head shakes slowly at Reggie, a few degrees back and forth, though she's still smiling and chuckling at his enthusiasm. "I am not much for the /use/ of weapons, but crafting them is a different story. I'm just more used to doing things with my hands." With slow, purposeful, and non-threatening movements, she clicks a couple of fingertips open to reveal some rather sharp tools therein. "So to speak." She nods as Kyrie lists needs again. "Contracts and survival...I'd also be able to lend a hand." She realises the pun a moment late, smile turning sheepish as she clicks the tools back away.

That's it. Kyrie moves up to Reggie, within arm's reach of him, and her hands settle on her hips, her head tilts. For a moment there's no one else there. There's also a minute of silence staring (she's gone creepy valkyrie, yo!) then quietly and very precisely says just a single word and watches his reaction closely. "Kay-Shuttleworth." There's no accusation there, just curiosity and a scared sort of hope.

"Olivia. Your mind is on my pants, isn't it?" A warm, teasing smile is cast towards the selkie, only comfirming that the stardusted haired fellow had caught that glance she cast his way. It is closer towards her than not that Thorian comes to a stand still and he leans against his cane, taking some of the weight off of his left leg. His gaze shifts next the people the Echo doesn't recognize immediately, studying each silent for a few moments.

"Right...good joke...ummm,Reggie,was it?" as Rhys laughs a bit nervously, not sure how to take that comment. "I disagree Owen. I feel that there should be two medics,and lead instructor and the assitant for instruction teams. What if something happens to one of the medics? Hmmm...but then again, given our ratio of healers, the instructor or the assitant very well could be a second medic..."

"small trips though the hedge should work, but we probably want to space thing out a bit. We don't want to draw too much attention after all." Tobias stops for a few moements to think."With small enough teams and training how to cover a track there could be a lot to gain from that."

Adam keeps paying attention to people around as they talk about their skills and how to coordinate them to teach others. In the meantime, he goes serve himself with water and apple.

Reggie, who had been in the midst of taking a sip of tea, proceeds to spit take his tea all over the bloody place. Apparently the words Kay-Shuttleworth mean something to the fellow. He turns towards Kyrie and looks her up and down more thoroughly. A credit to the missus that he hadn't bothered to do so until now. "Good God in heaven, is it really you?"

Owen nods to the rest with a grin, "Yep, there you go. Now we're thinking, and Rhys, I like how you think - it's Rhys right? We want duplication of effort. I'm thinking we can even fold Adam in if he wants - for example, he could teach folks about fruits, vegetables, so on in the wild. Stuff I don't know, for example. And I agree, we could set up a several week course, over time. Patrol it, make sure we know it like the back of our hand, so we know what to expect when we take students there. Nothing crazy, a couple of people at a time, very slowly ramping up and we'd have to establish some criteria so the students know if an instructor doesn't feel comfortable with the danger level, we're out." He watches Kyrie and the flier, just keeping an eye on them.

After nodding vigorous agreement with Tock's last aside to him, Ryan trails quietly along at the back of the crowd. Then the Wizened perks up when he notices Thorian's arrival, and there is a not-so-subtle glance between the Telluric and the Selkie, and a small grin steals across Ryan's face. The grin is mostly gone by the time he edges around the group to greet Thorian. "Hello, Director. I didn't expect to see you here tonight."

"Hell," Kyrie whispers, taking a step back. "Yes Reggie, it's me." That's all. Nothing else, but she's looking somewhere around the vicinity of her feet, if her eyes are even open, and her hair is effectively hiding her face. Even badass valkyries need a moment to compose themselves, too!

"...I see." Reggie, for once, is struck into sobriety and a sombre sort of affect that's decidedly not like him. He clears his throat, ticks up his furry little chin, and shifts his weight in his boots. "I shouldn't interrupt your plans for this evening. I will leave you to your company. But you should stop by for supper with Pearl and myself. Our at the airfield. You can meet Darcy, my bio-mechanical flying companion contraption. State of the art stuff, very exciting. Lots of widgets and bobs and things." His hands fuss and fidget before himself at the mention of things that sproing and spin. Then he's lowering his goggles over his eyes, which only make his big adorable brown eyes all the more googly. "I should be flying back." More loudly and to the rest of the room he calls, "Jolly good seeing the lot of you! I look forward to more in the future!"

A warm and quite genuine smile graces Thorian's lips as Ryan steals over towards him, those twilight eyes focusing upon the fellow for a moment. "Surprised? We need be supportive of our fellows. Even if our own bodies," The cane shifts, tapping against his left leg in indication, "don't let us partake directly." There is a moments pause, and then his hand lifts, running through his hair in a rake that leaves bits of comsic essence floating about him before it fades into nothingness, "Good to see you, Ryan. Here to volunteer?"

Tock finds the refreshment table to collect herself a bottle of water to sip at. She sidles a little closer to Reggie as Kyrie appears to speak to him in a bit of code. The addition of shock from both parties only heightens her curiosity and concern, keeping her close at hand until Reggie begins to take his leave. "Have a good evening, Reggie. I imagine I may run into you again later in the evening."

"Pearl." Kyrie starts slowly shaking her head and laughing. "Bloody fucking hell. I had sushi with her...had no idea." She slowly lifts her head to look at Reggie, and she's not a good enough actress to hide her emotions. Freaked, happy, more than a little shellshocked. "Yes. I'll come to dinner. Just...don't disappear between now and then, okay? If you do, I swear I will hurt you," she says, lifting a hand toward him, letting it hover for a moment, then dropping it, like she's not sure she's allowed to touch him. Who knew people were getting dinner, a tour, /and/ a show?

"There's no harm in having overlap. Not everyone will be here all the time. There is a benefit to having redundancies in a system." Tobias does glance over to where their hostess has separated herself from the group. "Some basic ground rules before people start heading out in groups. An emergency meeting place, those sorts of things. Make sure everyone understands exactly what could happen."

"Hmmm." is Olivia's non-committal answer with regard to Thorian's pants, and while more or less watching Reggie and Kyrie with - yes, the very air of someone who has been unexpectedly gifted with dinner and a show, she eventially manages to sidle her way over to Ryan and Thorian. "I feel like there's two movies playing and I'm not sure which one to watch." She seems delighted by it all, though.

"I'm all for redundant procedures, for sure," says Owen with a nod to Tobias, "And making sure everyone knows what to do. The Hedge is no joke. Mark and I - he's my boss dude, we've worked together for several years and we still go through the checklist everytime we go out. That one time you don't, that's when Murphy totally smokechecks you and then you're wondering what the heck is going on." he adds.

Rhys,finally finding his way to the refreshments, takes a bottle of water,some meats,cheese,and crackers, finds a unoccupied space, and starts to nibble his way to a full tummy.

Kyrie clears her throat and moves down to the refreshment table, grabbing a beer, opening it, and gulping down a good half of the bottle in one go. "I apologize. But if all of you would like to find someplace to sit, we can talk organization, what you feel could be used here, that sort of thing," she says, without looking at any of them.

Ryan registers something unusual about the exchange between Reggie and Kyrie, and he looks between the two with a half-puzzled, half-troubled expression. He calls out a polite farewell to the pilot as he departs, "Good night!" And then Ryan turns back to Thorian, offering several quick nods for the Fairest's words. "Yes, absolutely. About being supportive, I mean." The Wizened looks briefly through the crowd. "I was here with Mirabella, but she seems to have gone off somewhere." Back to Thorian again, Ryan shakes his head. "I don't think I have much to offer all these people. Unless they need catering. Or bloodstained taken out of their clothing." Olivia receives a bright smile from the Wizened, but he makes no reply to her remark, instead edging back a little and looking towards Thorian, as if assuming this was meant for him.

Rhys sits wherever is not yet taken, still eating.

Owen tells those around him, "One sec," as he moves back to where he left his rucksack. He digs into it and slides out a leather clad metal flask, walking over to Kyrie and offering her a pat on the shoulder and the flask with a mutter to her before he returns back to where he was. "You can still offer help, Ryan. You cook. You can, for example, show folks how to take local ingredients and make them healthy and taste good, even if they are out in the Hedge, right?" he adds. "Everyone can totally offer something."

Olivia studies Kyrie rather pointedly. "You know what? I think maybe you ought to have a little nibble. Take a breath, take a moment. The boys here are having a grand old time talking details, and I think you need a little ground. Just come sit and have something simple." Owen offers Kyrie booze, this is nodded at approvingly. "I'll come sit with you for a minute if you like." And aside to Thorian, "You just missed Mirabella, by the by."

A sly smile is cast towards Olivia at that sound she makes, though her question draws one stardusted eyebrow to arch upwards. Clearly, the man's ego feels there really shouldn't be any question there at all. Thorian's expression turns to something a bit more somber at Ryan's words, his head tilting to consider the fellow for a moment. "You count yourself too short. People who are very resourceful are always of value in expeditions like this." His attention shifts back to Olivia, and his head dips briefly towards her last comment, "So I hear. Always time to catch up with her later, however."

Kyrie switches her beer for the flask and takes a sip. But the quiet words make her shake her head and she turns to the others. "I'm fine. Sorry. I just...I thought he was dead." Another shake of her head, and she rubs a hand over her face. "Everyone has something to contribute. Having food here wouldn't be a bad idea, and it's not something I thought of. Just like the refrigerators. So is there anyone here who /doesn't/ want to help at Valhalla in some fashion?" she asks, though she is decidedly more distracted than she was.

"From what I understand it's some skill to pick out the stuff that'll actually help instead of the things that'll just poison you. You know, kind of like mushroom picking." Tobias shrugs. "This thing is only narrow or broad as skills people bring to it and the skills people want. I"m sure there's a way to integrate what do into this little idea. If that's what you want, of course."

Rhys goes for a second plate of food, not yet quenching his hunger.

There are two lightning fast attempts to kiss a cheek - one Ryan's, one Thorian's. Regardless of her success, Olivia tells both men, "Be right back, and moseys on over to Kyrie. Sidling up to her she makes an oh-so-casual attempt to shoulder nudge the valkyrie. "It's a big deal, Kyrie." she says gently as possible. "I understand you're trying to minimize it for the sake of not being over the top, and we all appreciate it, but take a minute and look out for yourself." Olivia's eyes, big and brown and liquid, look into Kyrie's. "I /promise/ the conversation won't halt because you take a minute to get centered." Could sell ice to an eskimo, this selkie.

Tock backs away a bit as Reggie leaves, finding herself a seat as Kyrie instructed. Her expression still betrays some concern about the eyebrows, though with her motley-mate gone it seems less her place to step in. She drinks her water and listens to the other conversations ongoing for a bit. At the reassurances to Ryan, she gives a firm nod. "Not getting poisoned is a good thing. And keeping things running is terribly important, even if it isn't the immediately obvious...thing." She hesitates a moment before addressing Kyrie. "I am sure you're more than welcome to drop by the airfield as you like. I work over there, as well, so I could take you by sometime. Or just give you the contacts should you want."

Ryan blinks up at Owen when he realizes the ogre is talking to him. "Ummm ... I suppose I could do that?" he responds cautiously. "If people actually need that sort of thing?" Then he catches Olivia's words and turns to study Kyrie himself, head tilting slightly as he studies their hostess. "I'm certainly willing to help, if I can." Thorian's words are endured with a small smile, and then Ryan bobs his head to the Man with the Hair. "Perhaps you're right," he allows, "I might be able to ..." The sentence goes unfinished, however, as Olivia sneaks the kiss in on his cheek, and Ryan turns to shoot the Selkie a scolding look.

There's food, drinks, refreshments - everyone is standing around in little groups and talking about this and that - some folks are eating and some folks are just talking. Owen moves back to where he was with Tobias, Rhys, Ryan and the others in that same general area. "You know guys, we could come up with a basic frameowrk, if we wanted - for this survival thing - and then find someone who wouldn't mind going out, and see how it works. The first basic hike-class, we'll see what we want to do different, what works, what doesn't work. Do what we call a hotwash - that means we all sit down, no ego, and just talk about what worked and didn't work, and figure out how toi make it all better, you know?" A grin at Ryan, "You can help man. I'm sure of it. When you're surviving? Knowing how to make say, a good tasting tea from local leaves? That brings up morale. That gives you energy. That gives you hope. And boom," fingersnap, "Like that you just helped. You know?"

Kyrie doesn't so much sit as half-fall onto the stone seat. "If I stop, I'll break. This is important. I can't think about...him...right now. I need to get through this, first," she murmurs to Olivia. She smiles faintly at Tock. "I've got a card. Got it a couple nights ago, just didn't...realize." She shakes her head, taking another drink from the flask. "Before anyone leaves, just let me know how you want to help here, so I can keep track of who's doing what and what we still need, please. But people can teach how they like, with a few guidelines. No telling or showing Loyalists or Privateers this place. No intentionally killing or causing anyone to be killed, unless they're a Loyalist or Privateer. If someone gets hurt or taps out, medical attention ASAP."

Thorian's cheek is offered up readily to Olivia, and for a brief moment there is a look of approval cast her way as she makes off to try and tend to the valkyrie. "Mmm. See? It sounds like people can most certainly use your help, Ryan." The Butler garners a broad, dimple producing smile from the Fairest as he casts a look towards him, his left leg stretching out a bit, trying to get comfortable but finding little relief. His attention shifts, but rather than the small scene that recent reunion produced, it is towards Tock that the nebula haired man turns his attention, studying her for a few heartbeats before he murmurs to Ryan, "Are you planning on staying long?"

"Yeah,Ryan. I don't know how many times a good-tasting meal kept me going where it counted" say Rhys.

Tobias nods at Owen's suggestion. "Sounds like a good plan. Do a few test runs and maybe scout out a few good areas to run people through. Make sure we get all the kinks out of this thing." He crosses his arms over his chest, fingers almost reflexively tapping against the scales on his arms. "Sounds like good common sense rules."

"Is she faint?" Ryan helpfully calls towards where Olivia is tending to Kryie. "Perhaps you should loosen her clothes?" But the Wizened is hemmed in by people who all seem to think he can be of use, and his gaze quickly darts between Tock, Owen, Thorian, and Rhys as they all chime in. Ryan's mouth opens to protest, and then he shuts it. "Oh, very well. Cooking is something I can do."

"But yes,Owen. I agree with the idea of the hot wash." says Rhys.

"Kyrie," calls Owen, "Five minutes, OK? It's chill, we got this. I'm taking lots and lots of notes," he lifts his notebook, "And you aren't missing anything. You got rocked a touch, it's all good. Sit with Liv, and chat, and eat something and sip something, and it'll be all good in a few minutes. Let you get your legs back under you OK? Otherwise I gotta go get the stethoscope and then we're taking blood pressures and you get all snarly and we know how that goes right?" An easy smile. "Seriously, it's ok. Dial down just a coupla, honestly. It's ok. It is. We got folks here helping."

Once Kyrie is seated, Liv takes a seat, plucks up an apple and holds it out to her. While doing so, she throws a look Ryan's way, mutters, "Well, we all have our kinks.", and then looks back to Kyrie. "Here. Munch on the apple, and look at me. I'm pretty and entertaining." She flashes a cheesecake smile.

Kyrie scowls but bows to good advice. She takes the apple and bites into it, shooting a look at Owen. "Just notes," she tells him in a mutter, but at least she's giving in, for the moment at least, and eating the apple. Nevermind that every bite or two is followed by a drink.

Tock nods in answer to Kyrie, not pressing herself any further into the situation. "Good to have," she adds simply before returning to the how-to-help conversation full-force. Her lips tick upward into another smile at Ryan. "In truth, sometimes a good cup of tea is all one needs in many a situation." She nods at Kyrie's request and also glances to Owen at his announcement of note-taking. "I can be put down for some assistant-instructing. Some bare-handed combat, use of elements for the same. Hedge survival and navigation. I pop about looking for ingredients and all manner of other things there often enough."

A warm ripple of laughter comes from Thorian at Ryan's comment about loosening clothes, apparently of the same mind as Olivia on this particular aspect. His features are full of wicked humor, his weight shifting further against that cane. "A good suggestion." There is a brief glance cast towards Kyrie, his mouth pursing in silent consideration, but then the man turns, starting to head back towards the entrance of the facility. "I'll see you soon, Ryan. Don't get in too much trouble."

As Ryan mentioned Kyrie's health, Rhys's eyes quickly dart towards Kyrie,, and stare for a couple of seconds to confirm that she's okay, then goes back to surveying the room, every once in a while, eyes darting back to Kyrie. "Oh, so you explore it frequently,too Tock? I've been wondering, since I'm new to this hedgespace, is there anything I should known? Even the smallest detail or concern?"

Owen takes notes, nodding to Trock as he does, "Got it ma'am," he says as he writes. "I'm going to note you as well on the side for the Wardens, cause I'm getting a list of everyone that's comfortable in the Hedge, to help out in search and rescue missions. Alright, so I have this all written down. Guys, I think we're going to have an awesome team, I really do think so. Good food, sustainable, lots of spread of skillsets. So, if you don't mind ma'am," to Tock, "Wander through the maker spaces, you see something you'd like, let me know and I'll write it down for Kyrie? Guys, same with the healing area and the survival gear we're going to need. We all practice healing differently so if there's something you know would help out a lot, we can add it to the list for her." he adds.

Wendell is walking around with his giant meatcleaver axe thingy slung over his shoulder and his sweater tied around his waist. He's shirtless with his white hide exposed to the elements. His clothes are covered in dirt and grass stains, but he's reasonably happy. The beastly think has a wide grin on his fuzzy face. He thinks he saw a face or two he recognized. A friendly face even? And people. And were there was people, there was food. Wendell had been wondering around the Hedge and the normal world in his vagrant state for a while. Unsure of what to do, but he thinks he smells something in the air. Oh yes. He rubs his stomach and takes a series of big whiffs with his bearlike nose as this new gut feeling leads him to the building. Valhalla? What was that? A restaurant? Something. His memory was fuzzy, but once again he feels drawn to the sheer number of people. People have been friendly towards him after all. Plus he was curious. What kinds of foods awaited him today he wondered. Or if not, company was just as good. He walks in slowly are carefully, like a hungry animal unsure if it was walking into a trap or not.

Olivia has no problem with Kyrie getting a bit toasty. She does occasionally point to her face and do another cheesecake photo smile, because the looking at her part, that's important too, okay? Over her shoulder at Thorian, though, "Are you leaving? I haven't had a chance to talk to you for more than twenty seconds these past few days. Do I have to track you down and tie you up?" Ask her if she'd like that, Thorian. Go ahead. To the clatch of dudebros, she announces (though some of them already know), "I'm a pilot. I can teach swimming and ocean survival and navigation. For what it's worth."

No clothes will be loosened? Ryan looks baffled by the look he gets from Olivia, and then murmurs an aside in answer to Tock. "I suppose you're right, she's probably not wearing a corset." His confusion is banished when he hears Thorian laughing, and Ryan brightens as he turns to bob his head to the Telluric. "Good night, Sir." And then the Wizened hastily corrects himself, "I mean Thorian. Sorry." And though he spots Wendell's entrance, Ryan seems to recoginze the grubby newcomer, and he waves him towards the gathering.

Kyrie does as she said she would, sitting there quietly. She doesn't seem to notice the talk about loosening her clothes, either. Probably a good thing. No, there's just the apple and the booze. Mmm. Booze.

Tobias is mostly silent for the moment. He's made sure Owen has his qualifications and is instead just watching the other changelings. Most of group was unfamiliar to him at the start of the evening and he's making an effort to note faces and skills. He glances over his shoulder at Wendell as he slowly makes his approach.

"Why," Thorian pauses, and he can't help that innocent smile that creeps to his features, so sweet and perfectly pleasant. "do you think I gave you that tie, Olivia? Do I really have to spell everything out for you. Heaven's sake," That cosmic word is stressed with mischief, bits of stardust floating from him as his head swivels to look at Ryan. "Thorian, yes. And a corset isn't the only thing you can loosen, Ryan." As if finally realizing the why of it all in being here, the man's exit is fully halted as he speaks to Owen, "I am happy to offer my abilities in research to those here. There are many bad things out there... and I am more than happy to educate people what they will be facing."

"Research, roger sir. And got it Liv - piloting, nav, swimming, ocean survival - that's super key here." he adds. Owen grins at the pair, thanks. Wendell's here - Ryan has him on task, sweet.

Tock lifts a hand to wave (more waving!) at Thorian as he makes his exit. She laughs, first, at all of the 'ma'ams' from Owen, then at the surmounting talk of loosening clothing and tying up of...other things. There is a faint music box quality buried in the richer sound. "I am actually with the Knights of Ophois. We have similar aims as I understand it, however. I am certain we can and should work together in the future." She nods at the instruction to look over the makerspace, but is again distracted by Thorian for now. "Let's face it, though, corsets are certainly at the top of the list of most entertaining things to be loosening."

Kyrie takes another drink, then draws herself together. "So. Does anyone have any questions for me? Suggestions for things they think we need here? Anything?" she asks, sounding hopeful for the distraction from her shock.

Wendell inches towards Tobias slowly, he turns to see Owen leaving at fowns, then eyes the other odd looking people. He slowly puts down his weapon somewhere close to the door with a big thud. He squints his large eyes at Tobias. Did he see him before? Perhaps. He decides to play it cautious. "Hello my name is Wendell, but you might know that? Maybe? I talk with Owen some. Also some Spring people. Some of them." The ogre scratches the downy white fluff on top of his head. "W-what is this place? Looks like a...well it don't look like no restuarant." He frowns. "But I thought I smelled somethin'."

Kyrie's eating and boozing and that's as much as she can hope for. Olivia gets up, if permitted she'll squeeze the ogress' shoulder, and then sashay her way over to Thorian. "Well," she says, looking a bit comically offput, "I understand there are many tasks of use for a tie, but you can only perform them one at a time." She looks like she's considering bailing with him, distracted briefly by mention of the Knights, and the new arrival.

"Knights of Ophois? That's a new entitlement to me. You said you're similar to the Magi? Hmmmm..." As Rhys considers the possiblities. "Anyway, it is reassuring to having another group exploring the Hedge. I am looking forward to our work together" as Rhys grins. Then he notices Wendell "Ummmm...Hi? If you want, there's food over there," as Rhys points to the refreshments.

"No, I don't think we have. It's Tobias." He says, turning to face the other ogre. "There's food over there if that's what you're smelling." He points towards the refreshment table. "No, it's not. It's her little get together." He'll gesture over to where Kyrie is seated. "Though you should give her a minute."

"It might be, yes. There are so many possibilities. We should experiment sometime, perhaps." Thorian offers a coy smile towards Tock. His tongue dips out as Kyrie's words reach the Fairest's ears, and those starry eyes shift to focus upon the valkyrie for a moment. "It is a wonderful place, Kyrie. Congratulations." Olivia's approach has his chin tilted up, considering her words before he counters, "I'm happy to show. I tend to be a hands on teacher, you know." It is his right arm he offers out towards the selkie, a silent offer of invitation should she choose to accept it.

Kyrie shakes her head. "No, I'm okay," she says more firmly, getting to her feet. "Like I said, I'd like to hear any suggestions people have. How they'd like to volunteer. Things they think we need. I /am/ okay enough for that."

Tock nods to Wendell, a small smile in greeting offered. The others manage his questions well enough that she does not repeat replies. "It's a new entitlement to everyone, really," she replies to Rhys with a light chuckle. "The Shapers look to find new knowledge, new growth, new understanding. New weapons, the newly escaped in need of guidance and healing. A lot of 'new'." Thorian's smile earns a flash of grin in return, a nod to both him and Olivia as they appear to escort one another away.

Wendell slowly moves up to the refreshments table. "Hmm." The ogre smirks and hovers his long, hairy gorilla-like hand over it. "Which one should I pick..." he gets whatever meat and sweet things he can find. "Oh sorry, my mistake. Maybe you look familiar for some reason." Wendell says turning back to Tobias. He continues to observe the conversation with not much particular attention paid to it. He finds to place where he can sit down and get to work on whatever scraps he can pick up. He eyes his axe in the back there nervously.

"So similar in methods, yet different in philosophies..." as Rhys thinks some more about this.

"Yeah. I'd worry about the two groups stepping on each others' toes." Tobias will glance back over towards Wendell. "Maybe." He seems to put a lot of thought into the statement. As if he needs to be sure. "At not that I remember."

Pleasure principle wins out in the end. (Sorry not sorry.) Olivia hooks her arm into Thorian's and flashes a smile at the others. "Kyrie, thank you for letting me see this place, and help. Tock, sometime I will get you to come look at my baby," her plane, "someday, I swear. It's probably not as flash as Reggie's but I promise you'll appreciate what's under the hood. Gentlemen, I admire your passion. I look forward to helping how I can." To Thorian, "Off like a prom dress?"

"Mmn, yes," Tock agrees with a slight bob of her head. "Similar methodology, but with a very...Spring as compared to Autumn mind-set, to put it simplest." The hand not full of water-bottle turns up at that. Simple. "Oh, I'd hope more that, when overlapping, efforts could be cooperative as opposed to toe-squashing." There is assuredly another broad grin to be had for Olivia. "Yes, indeed! Feel free to look me up, or I can do the same. I /do/ appreciate a good peek under a hood. Never a disappointment."

Kyrie frowns as she looks to Olivia and Thorian. Well, between the two of them, anyway. Then Reggie is mentioned and she goes back to the bottle. Or the flask, anyway. "Right, so. When people figure out how they'd like to help, let me know. If you're going to start training people here, let me know."

Laugher spills from Thorian at Olivia's last comments, but before turning to escort her out, his left hand lifts, giving a salute towards the others with that cane. "Good evening. Marvelous place, really. I look forward to the benefits it will bring is all." It might well be because of that limp to his left leg, or maybe he has no concept of personal space, but the Fairest leans in against her shoulder as he begins to walk back out of the cavern.

Wendell chuckles quietly as he begins on his late night meal. "Hm. Getting late." Wendell looks outisde. He crawly into a little corner and starts munching away quietly as he eyes the rest of them. As it dies down he starts eating more and more quietly, shrinking into that little corner more and more as he keeps glancing outside with uncertainty.

"I doubt that our respective entitlements will clash. Very small chance of it, in my opinion" Rhys says to Tobias. "The Magi tend to be few and solitaryy. I'm more worried about the Knights fighting amongst themselves, being even larger than the Magi. However, as the Knights do grow, some backlash may occur from some of our..."grumpier" members. My mentor taught me with a open-Hedge mind,so you probably don't have to worry about me."

Kyrie turns that frown onto Wendell. "Did you just come to eat and not be outside when it got dark?" she asks, before looking to the others. "Sounds like we're wrapping up. Anyone have any questions before we do break things up for the night?"

"I wasn't too worried about it for myself. I'm part of a different sort of knighthood. I just know how protective everyone is of theor own little domains." Tobias shrugs. "It'll sort itself out or it won't. Time will tell."

"I came here cuz I thought I saw familiar faces and food which I got kinda drawn to. Now that the faces are gone, it's dark, and I got food I'm not sure...." He looks outside with a little nervous lip bite "If you're wrapping something up I'll leave. I didn't know and I don't want to waste your time with a buncha questions cuz I was late to whatever it is..." Wendell yawns. "I don't mean to be a bother. Just kinda wanted to say hi to people that ain't here anymore and be around the food." He stants up out of his seat. and trudges closer to the exit.

"I don't think we're /quite/ a large enough group for that worry to be at the forefront as of yet. We're anything but solitary sorts, though." Tock's shoulders rise and fall ever-so-slightly in a shrug. "Open minds in most settings are a boon," she pronounces with a smile. Her gaze travels over to Wendell for a moment, before sliding away from him. He seems to be seeking solitude. "No specific questions currently. Thank you so much for hosting this, Kyrie. Is there anything else we can help with?"

Kyrie considers Wendell for a moment. "I don't mind people wandering in. Just thought you came here only to grab food," she says, shrugging. "But yeah, we are wrapping up." She shakes her head to Tock. "Not unless you can think of something else we need. Otherwise, just to know who's doing what here. Thanks, by the way, all of you, for being here, and volunteering to help."

"No questions here,Kyrie. Thanks for having us." says Rhys.

"I can help...er. Maybe it'd be best if I get going. S'pose it woulda been a problem if I came in just for food?" He asks looking down at what he has. "He shoves the remainder in his maw. "If I can't help and everyone's going I guess er...I should then."

"I think we have a good foundation we can build on here. We just have to keep in touch and plan out a few more things, but I think we have a handle on the next few steps." Tobias will look over at Kyrie. "Thanks for hosting this. It's goot to get everyone in one place."

Kyrie wiggles a hand a little. "Just a little rude, is all," she tells Wendell before giving everyone a faint smile. "You're all welcome. Sorry there was a...I freaked out a little. But we'll meet again. Trainers, healers, all that, to figure out the details. In the mean time, keep yourselves safe."

Wendell picks up his big axe thingy and slings it over his shoulder, he quivers a little bit as he steps just outside. "Well now I know where this place is." He bites his lip. "I think I have this place figured out. Might be good to reach people here." He says to Kyrie and the others as he prepares to be heading on his way.

"Likewise to you all. Keep yourselves safe and cared for." Rhys then walks out of Valhalla, back the way he came.

"Be well, everyone. It was a pleasure," Tock adds before heading for the door herself to fetch her bike and be off.

"It was good meeting most of you. It seems like it will be an interesting next few weeks." With wave, Tobias heads back out into the hedge.