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Une Nuit A Paris - Part One

Dramatis Personae

April, Ashlyn, Haywood, Kristy, Maxen

13 May, 2016

OMEGA are off to Paris to find the Salamander


Paris, France

Paris. Friday the 13th. There is a carnival around the Arc de Triumph - the area closed off to traffic so that stalls and tents have sprung up everywhere around the structure and crowds mill around buying overpriced trinkets and fattening food. The reason for this celebration is a combination of Friday the 13th, Eurovision and the upcoming European Football Championships. And of course that means heavy security.

Just up the Rue de Friedland is the rather post Hotel Napoleon and that is where the OMEGA crew are readying for their night out. Kristy has slipped into a black, skintight bodysuit to do her best ninja impersonation...though she is also wearing high heels. "Our information tells us that the Salamander (the name they got from their trip to Tangiers) will be at the formal celebration at the Arc de Triumph. Maxen, being Maxen, has been invited so the rest of you will be his entourage. Your job is to investigate the party and find this...person. No idea if it is male or female." A pause. "This suit is really riding up... Anyway, we are told that the Salamander, as his name suggests, is a pyrokinetic so be on the lookout for that. Oh...and he'll probably have friends. Any questions?"

April isn't dressed to stand out, she never really needed to. Jeans, black denim jacket with a hoodie. Some Soap shoes. Pads at her elbows and knees and beside the chair she sits on is a skateboard.

The slim young blonde woman kicking back and working on a coffee. "Entourage, party? So dress code?" she asks curiously while turning her smile to the rest of the team when she isn't working on the contents of that cup in both hands. Also do we have a map of where the fire extinguishers will be at the party?" she asks and shrugs her shoulders.

"I've got a couple. Why are you wearing a cat suit?" Haywood says as he readjusts his formal wear, at least having checked his email ahead to see dress codes, double checking in his cellphone camera that the shoulder holster isn't showing. "I mean I'm not complaining, but it seems kinda weird. Unless you're blowing us off to hang out at the fetish club?" Picking up the fancy leather shoulder bag, he flicks the bag open to double check his tablet. "And guessing we should keep Maxen safe, and probably not using any powers. Standing out would kinda ruin things for him."

Maxen is always dressed to stand out to the very maximum degree possible. He is currently going for gold in Olympic duckface as selfies are taken, rapid-fire. The suit is couture of course, the tailor having been flown in from Milan for the purpose and he is primped and preened and styled and shined and ready to go. He's kinda liking the idea of having the starring role in this little shindig though, so when the others start talking he does perk up and pay attention. "I don't think it's way noticeable when I do" he suggests with a shrug, though he's not going to turn down being kept safe and protected either.

"Do you like it?" Kristy does a little turn back and forth to show off her clothing choice. "Unfortunately I am not invited to the party." There may be some bitterness in her tone there. "I am running communications and leading from the rear" she adds with a sigh before handing out some earpieces for comms. "I am sure you could pass yourself off as some rebel sportswoman that no one has ever heard off, April. Or some pop star like that Kesha woman. I'm sure Maxen has that type hanging around him all the time." A deep breath as she looks them over. "Hmmm...you all scrub up...or down...very nicely. Now, go and get him. And be careful out there." Kristy makes her way back to her laptop which displays a map of the area. "I would think the fire extinguishers are all over the walls."

"Oh god it's not at a Fetish Club is it?" April asks with maybe just a hint of dread in her voice and a goofy eep looking expression. "And well it still depends on the place. I could probably get away with this." she says and looks down at the double denim ensemble. "I'll lose the pads though. Especially if you are sending us to a place like that." April says with a joking tone and a chuckle.

"I'm more wishing for asbestos underoos than fire extinguishers," Haywood mutters to himself as he pulls the tablet out and brings up the floor plan to show the extinguishers, bathroom and exits. "Honestly the bigger issue is going to be People. Lots and lots of people. Fun fact, people are both flammable, and highly conductive." The statement of it being a fun fact comes with a rather unfun frown. "I wish we had gotten some sort of identifying markers on the salamander. Tattoos? Smoker? Obsessed with flame motifs?" He chuckles at the banter between the ladies and shakes his head. "Yes, it's going to be stuck in here forever bosslady," he says tapping his head and glancing to April. "The dress you had in Tangiers would work too. But if we're doing any running about, not heels might be good..."

"So awesome" grins the celebribrat as he looks over the earpiece and slips it on. He's kind of been buzzing since the group arrived and now they're almost ready to go he does a sort of excitable little bounce in place while looking over his 'entourage' for the evening. The slightly silly grin remains plastered across his features as he nods in acknowledgement of Kristy's explanation, but at least the phone is gone for now and the selfies have stopped for the time being. He sort of blinks though, when a fetish club is mentioned, glances about with just a hint of concern, blinks again. "I could probably pick them out of a crowd" suggests Maxen "I mean, like, if they were totally thinking something evil at the time" he adds. "Pyrokinesis though? err...yikes"

Ashlyn has been there, the whole time - really. But like past missions, she's taken on a quiet and somber approach to the whole affair. She's been sitting in a chair, idly braiding her hair which is twisted up into an intricate loop and held still with multiple rubber bands. Her attire for the evening? Black slacks. Black tank top. Black keds. All this black makes her already pale complexion look almost sickly. "I can handle the fire," Ashlyn finally speaks, "It doesn't burn me. If it comes to that."

"There we go then. Ashlyn can handle the fireworks" Kristy smiles as she peers over the maps on her own laptop. "Fetish club? Sounds like fun but maybe later." Standing again she opens the door for her team. "Don't forget your comm, Ashlyn" she smiles, handing another over. "Love what you've done with your hair. And yes, April, take off the pads."

The ornately appointed hallway outside the deluxe room leads to an old elevator at the far end. They have pretty much requisitioned all the rooms on this floor so they shouldn't be bothered. The elevator bell rings and the doors slide open to reveal a maid and a trolley of room service. She pushes it slowly out, bouncing over the elevator lip and making the cutlery clink, before making her way towards the group. "Oh...did you order me room service for my birthday" Kristy asks the others. "You /do/ know it's my birthday tomorrow, right?"

The maid looks quite normal; correct non-fetish version uniform - clean and starched; flat shoes to help do the work she does. The trolley is laden with covered dishes that seem to be normal too. The maid averts her eyes from the watching group before saying something in French. And someone must have turned the air conditioning way up as it is getting chillier by the moment.

"I'll wrap someone up in a pretty little bow for you. How does that sound?" April playfully asks as she slips a little Bluetooth ear piece from a pocket in her jacket and into her left ear, hidden by long hair left loose. With the maid coming in she hmms and looks at the woman before turning her gaze on the others. "But no I didn't order anyone?" she asks and rises to stand and grab her skateboard by the deck. Her eyes on the maid as she tries to get some insight into the service employee's surface thoughts.

"Sorry, I hadn't known we were going to be out of town for your birthday. Your gift was being shipped to the office," Haywood says with a chuckle though he reaches up to adjust the earpiece a moment, frowning at it before his eyes go wide a moment glancing around. "Possible cryo unless one of ya'lls getting frisky." He offers the maid a smile and a wave. "Ah, bonjour mademoiselle," (the rest is in French but I don't want to try to type French) we were just planning on heading out. Are you sure the room service was for us? Perhaps the wrong floor?" He does his best to be friendly and nonthreatening, which isn't terribly difficult for the babyfaced agent.

Maxen pages: Well, since Haywood has mentioned it...Is she using Cryo? And is she working for the Salamander?

Long distance to Maxen: Kristy says, "There are thoughts in...English! Cryo powers are being prepared to be fully unleashed but she is not working for the Salamander (though there is an image of him so she obviously knows him)."

Maxen sort of taps his pockets as the maid comes down the hallway, wondering if he has anything he can pass off as a gift. He'd forgotten, typically, but he makes a mental note to have something lovely sent over, since she is his boss now, sort of, maybe, kinda. Then he feels that sudden chill as the maid approaches and his brow furrows as he studies her. Suddenly, his eyes widen with alarm and he murmurs, hopefully quietly enough the maid can't hear. "Err, guys? This one is like, trouble" hoping that one of his new buddies is going to be equipped to deal with her.

Ashlyn is pulling up the rear like normal, fiddling with the earpiece before giving it a sigh and stuffing it randomly in her back pocket. Giving up on it - it seems for now. Haywood's words of a possible cyrokinetic don't really seem to bother her right now, instead those green eyes of hers lifting to Kristy, "Birthdays are just another day. Now death days. That is something to celebrate." Just a random comment from Ashlyn - fingers lifting to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear. But then Maxen says his words about trouble, and Ash simply responds, "So? Do something."

The maid hurls the trolley forward...it rumbles a couple of feet and then stops cold...before raising her hands to help project the power of her mind. Waves of cold emanate from her and the temperature drops 10 degrees Fahrenheit - so it's down to about 60. Hardly the most uncomfortable of temperatures. "Freeze!" she yells out in English; obviously expecting something a bit more impressive.

"Oh, you delivered it to the office?" Kristy smiles at Haywood before there is a mad maid making things a bit nippy. "Get her!" she yells out before eyes squint and she attempts to blow the other woman's brain to smithereens! Unfortunately, it is more like a mild headache but she will keep it up as long as possible.

Sighing and scratching behind his ear as the room gets somewhat colder, Haywood shakes his head and looks to Ashlyn. "Well, I guess this is where we do something about it, hrm?" He shrugs slightly as he holds up his own hand towards the maid. "Sorry about this, but ya know. You did just try to kill us." He does look at least mildly put out by this at least for the few moments before electricity arcs across the room into the not-actually French maid.

Morose. Moody. Cranky. And now getting cold. Ashlyn is annoyed. When Haywood makes to fry the lady - Ashlyn simply pushes past the rest of the group, runs up to the lady - and with something akin to a feral snarl... just makes to punch her in her face with all the strength she can muster. Who needs psychic powers?

The maid reels from the blow, clutching at her nose and breaking her concentration. She manages to stay conscious though...just.

April can't help but chuckle at the drop in temperature. The maid may be cryokinetic but these guys are from Maine goddammit. The order given gets a chuckle as well while the others work on subduing her. With zapping and punching, the small blonde makes her move once set and runs in to wrap her arms around the maid and lock in a good clinch, making her best effort to make sure the maid while groggy doesn't go anywhere.

April slams into the maid and knocks her to the ground, breaking the flow of electricity from Haywood while also getting herself zapped in the process.

Blinks. Wow, that all happened pretty quick. The wave of cold washes over him nearly as soon as he warns the rest of the group and then, yeah, the maid is being zapped and punched and grabbed, which is fine by him. He sort of takes a couple of steps back out of the way, but mostly leaves the guys to do their thing otherwise. "She's like, totally not the Salamander" he explains then "but, seems like she knows him" he adds. So much for the element of stealth and surprise. He frowns just a little bit, troubled.

The maid is winded as she slams into the carpeted floor, still holding her nose...as best she can with an April holding her down. Her arms trapped in that position by the blonde's weight. "I don't need my hands to hurt you!" she yells, though the threat is decreased slightly by the nasal inflections caused by a broken nose. "Let me go and I'll let you live!"

Kristy stares at Ashlyn for a moment. "That was quite a punch" she notes in a surprised tone before April is flattening their attacker. She strides imperiously over to look down at their captive before glancing up at the security cameras in the hall. "I think we're in this hotel for a reason" Kristy muses to the others, "And not just because of the awful room service it supplies." A quirk of a brow at Maxen. "Does she now? You have a description? Tie her up and leave me with her. I think just getting out of the hotel now might be a bit more dangerous than we thought. I suggest using the fire stairs."

As Kristy looks to the security cameras, Haywood curses. "Leave those to me. I should be able to take out their system at least while you guys get to the stairs." He grumps at that and after yanking down the ethernet cord from the camera he pulls out his laptop and plugs it into it. "Two shakes of a lambs tail. Or some other tail," he glances amongst the rest of them. "Please select a tail preference at a later point."

Ashlyn may not be carrying her normal weapons tonight due to her attire - but that doesn't mean she can't conceal something small. That something small is pulled out of her back pocket - teeth nipping the edge of the straight razor as it's pulled out even as she hunkers down over the maid. Fingers sink into the other woman's hair, the blade up against her throat as Ashlyn just helps immobilizing the target - green eyes flicking briefly to April to make sure her hold is still steady on the other woman. "We need bindings."

The maid being held and grappled gets a chuckle out of the grappler. "So anyone gonna go get something to tie her up? " April asks while feeling both a little chillier and after getting a jolt, frazzled. Luckily it mostly just made her hair go wonky and misbehaved. With a little effort she gets the job done. Wrangling impromptu restraints and a resisting maid takes a bit but soon the maid is good and hogtied for people to go to work on her.

Maxen nods his head in response to Kristy's question, a glimmer of that smile returning as he is able to contribute something helpful. "Yeah! Like he's way old, like about fifty or something" he replies chirpily, much of his confidence returning now the creepy French maid is properly subdued. The celebrispawn reaches up and points at his hair then "with white hair and a red bit" he explains, sort of drawing his fingers down and indicating a streak. "Weird clothes too. Like, expensive, but weird" he shrugs, doing his best to convey the mental image he got of their quarry. He sort of watches for the most part while the others get to work, wandering over to check on whatever had been arranged on that trolley.

Under the various metal tray covers there is no food...but rather a collection of ropes, torture devices and even a pistol where the dessert should be. Kristy frowns at the discoveries. "I certainly didn't order any of that" she notes before dragging the maid to her feet and pushing her into the room...via slamming her face into the doorframe. "Oops. Sorry about that. This Salamander sounds like quite the character. And also pretty hard to miss. But we're obviously expected now so move fast and find him. See what he knows about Alpha."

Haywood seems to be grumbling about stupid French passwords and shoddy cat five cable before he seems to relax. "Alright, let me tweak the security controls and we can see about finding the gentleman in question." He glances at the trolley goods and raises a brow. "Wow, she was planning one interesting sort of evening."

"What?" A small unkind snip of words from Ashlyn as she unfurls her fingers from the maid's hair and slowly stands up, removing herself from their prey as nimble fingers slowly close up her straight razor which is then tucked into her back pocket. Those green eyes turn upon Maxen now - starring at him, "Let's not call those people in that age range.. 'way old' yah? I prefer older men." But then Kristy speaks, and Ash gives an actual laugh, "Oh come now, Kristy. I bet I can use all of those implementations, and give you a very... very nice birthday gift." A brief flash of a grin to the other woman - teasing her, and then it's gone. "Older man. Fire starter. Sounds like my cup of tea."

"Well at least she brought her own tools for you to interrogate her with!" April states and grins, sounding way more bloodthirsty than a young woman ever should. She lets the maid get dragged off to the other room Al Bundy Style. Turning that smile to the others she bounces on the spot and runs a finger nail along the pistol she spied on the trolley. Ashlyn's joke gets a chuckle as well. "Well shall we get going while we are still fashionably late?"

Maxen sort of grumbles to himself a little as he gets told off by the cranky Ashlyn, lips pursing as he glances to the floor and gives a little scuff of his foot with the air of a kid who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The slightly bratty teen isn't used to being corrected, especially not so sharply, so it does produce a brief sulk. He looks up though and nods when April speaks, glancing down the hall towards the lift.

"I'll let you know how they work out" Kristy smiles to Ashlyn before dragging the trolley into the room and closing the door behind her...and locking it.

On the hacked computer Haywood manages to find the security camera feed and he gets to see lots of disturbingly empty hallways. But when the camera switches to the lobby...it's not so empty. Armed men, they look like SWAT or anti-terrorist police, mill around as they receive orders from one in the center. Indicating the lift, a couple walk over to hit the button to ascend. No sign of the Salamander though.

The camera in the basement shows a typical hotel basement save for a door that has been left open. Beyond it there seems to be shining corridors of white. Being led to that doorway by two armed men is someone that looks awfully like...Salamander. He does not seem to perturbed by the escort but his hands are tied in front of him.

"Sooo, good news bad news. Good news? I found Salamander. Bad news? Elevator is about to have a whole lotta angry gun men. Unsure news? Salamander is somewhat tied up and being escorted by armed men in the basement." Haywood glances around at them. "So, stop the elevator, and deal with stairs. Annnd hope we don't get shot in the process." Glances to Kristy closing the door and frowns, then looks to the others before he wipes the security footage and frees his laptop. "Ready to move?"

"I don't have any weapons save my knife. So. You know. Go on, Haywood." A smirk from Ashlyn at this then a snicker from her before she starts to trot toward the stairway door, pulling out a cellphone as she moves - flipping it open - and seems to be texting someone as she trots. Multitasking.

The blonde hmms as she peeks at that feed Haywood pulled. The SWAT-ish team in the lobby gets a look of concern. "So did the Maid have any communications devices on her? I bet all those guys have radios. A little bullshit and misdirection might be in order." April suggests and grabs her skateboard ready to move. "So we tell them pretending to be her we're heading to the roof. We haul down stairs once they're past us as we hide in another room." she explains her plan. "Ashlyn, that pistol looks pretty sexy right about now!"

Maxen winces just a little. He was sure he was meant to be breezing these guys in as his entourage, right? That was the plan! Maxen chews pensively on his bottom lip as he listens to Haywood's assessment of the situation and then follows Ashlyn over in the direction of the stairwell, suddenly feeling terribly out of his depth and more than a little nervous. Then he looks over his shoulder at April. Waiting for a decision on a plan.

"Remind me the next time that I made a mental note to get night vision goggles," Haywood sighs as he rubs the bridge of his nose. "I am thinking that the frosty lady works for Salamander. Salamander got caught by this yet unnamed other government agency with weaponry that doesn't like either of us and he's just an arrogant tool not worried about this at all. One of us with electro can stop the elevator but that will only stop the ones who got into it. We can also drop the lights, but we'll be blind as they are, and they probably have swat gear. External fire escapes are best bets assuming they don't have snipers on us." He frowns again, "I could listen to their radios but I'd be distracted, which isn't exactly the best idea. We could always get the rope and rappel down if people don't mind rope burns."

The fire stairs are halfway down the hallway and opening the door to them reveals an empty stairwell leading down and up. Only a couple of floors to the roof and four down to the lobby. There is no sound of anyone coming up the stairs but there is a sound of an elevator slowly rising. And also the sound of a muffled scream from Kristy's room.

Ashlyn takes the time to actually push her thumbs together in thought with her fingers laced, looking down the stairwell, then down the hallway, then back down the stairwell, then up the stairwell. A slow blinking of her eyes before they turn to Haywood - almost accusing in nature. "Well. This is just fine. Just fine." Turning away from the stairwell, and people, Ashlyn simply lifts up her foot, and /kicks/ the nearest door in an attempt to break it open.

Taking a look at the apparent exit, April frowns and then when she hears screams and the elevator she just says "Fuck it. I'll meet you down. And let you know if it's clear! Or make it clear!" she says and makes a dash for the door, jumping on the inside railings with her skateboard beneath her feet to start heading down, jumping, twisting against walls and turns to keep up a pace as she heads in a long rail grind for the bottom and hopefully not into a hail of gunfire.

Ashlyn's heavy foot causes a door to crash open...who has she been hanging out with? A hidey hole is available for some even as April skates her way to the bottom of the stairs.

"Right. So chaos it is, do your best to get out then, I'll do what I can." Haywood lets out a sigh as he places his hand on the elevator button. There is a tzaap and a pop noise and the light indicating the elevators motion is gone. "I'll get my system up and cry havoc over the radios. Stay safe everyone," he hefts his bag over his shoulder as he yanks his tablet out. "Come on I bought this model for the damn radio, fragging piece," he grumbles as he walks and swipes.

Ashlyn seems to find herself alone in this little party - yay. So into the bedroom she goes, and instead of hiding, or crawling out the windows... she does something totally... crazy. The door is slammed behind her, and if the doorknob is broken, the security latch is thrown. And what is she doing? Ashlyn's stripping out of her clothes. Off comes her tank top, then fingers are pulling out pins from her hair dropping them everywhere. Bra goes off. And soon her pants follow suit. Soon there is a naked Ashlyn in the bathroom, turning the shower water on, and stepping under the spray. Just another hotel guest. Right? RIGHT?!

The elevator grinds to a halt with a lurching screech and no doubt there are people now frantically hitting buttons...though Haywood will be 'helping' them out.

April zooms past the lobby door as the 'ramp' continues downwards before finally coming to an end in front of the basement door. As she reaches it she hears the lobby entrance to the stairs opening above her and booted feet rushing upwards.

Maxen is famous, he'll be fine. The police will escort him out of the danger area. Ashlyn...there will be much apologies for disturbing her shower. Kristy...as long as they don't get in her room and find the tortured maid then things should go alright. Maybe.

April keeps on with her descent. It takes some effort to keep that kind of speed and not splatting into a wall and luckily no one has gotten in the way so far but you never know. Once in the basement she skids to a halt and dashes behind the first good of cover she can find. In her ear piece she tries to speak, slowly and very out of breath. "Okay, they're coming up the stairs now. They know the elevator isn't gonna cut it. Hopefully Haywood's got them heading one floor up from you." she pants while coming down from that huge rush. "Want me to find us a car? You guys are gonna have to drive though." she didn't bail, she's advance scouting a clear exit!

Ashlyn is naked, and is still showering. Ear piece in her pants pocket wadded up on the floor. Even after being disturbed, the young woman just hangs in the shower, letting the hot water fall down upon her. Unless physically collected, she'll probably be in there a long time just to play the part. Or maybe she really needed a shower. Who knows.

Time passes and eventually the police wander out in search of better location information on their prey. Though those in Ashlyn's room take a really long time to leave. They head up to the next room. "At least that tells us they aren't working for Alpha" notes Kristy as she leans on the bathroom doorframe and watches Ashlyn. "Otherwise they would take us regardless of what we are wearing. Haywood's still scrambling their signals and Maxen is attracting the onlookers so we should go and check out the basement. April says it is all clear down there if we take the stairs. Coming along?" Kristy half-turns. "Unless you need someone to wash your back" she teases. "Or your front."

Ashlyn finally turns the water off, grabbing a towel as she steps out and brushes past Kristy - intentionally brushing up against her before giving a wink. "They are men. Tis not hard to set them off course. Maxen in the shower with me would have been better though. And, heck - he could have gotten press coverage." It doesn't take long for Ash to get dressed, and this time the ear piece is placed in her ear - and turned on. "I am a little sad though. I came with you all in hopes for another weapon to add to my collection."

Cut back to the basement and there's a blonde in tight clothes using her skateboard as a seat while hiding behind a dumpster out of the way. A finger tapping her ear piece while the other hand shakes her phone like it meant something. "Hope this thing is working. You guys okay up there?" she says softly trying to hopefully not make more noise for the other women as possible.

Ashlyn finally turns the water off, grabbing a towel as she steps out and brushes past Kristy - intentionally brushing up against her before giving a wink. "They are men. Tis not hard to set them off course. Maxen in the shower with me would have been better though. And, heck - he could have gotten press coverage." It doesn't take long for Ash to get dressed, and this time the ear piece is placed in her ear - and turned on. "I am a little sad though. I came with you all in hopes for another weapon to add to my collection." A canting of her head at Kristy, then she simply responds, "Mmmmm. Hold on. We're coming down. I was taking a shower." Pause. "That female is inquiring about our location, Kris."

"It isn't over until the fat lady sings" Kristy smiles to Ashlyn about a weapon before finding a hand towel to delicately wipe at her damp body suit. "I think Maxen gets press just for breathing." A quirk of her brow at the relayed information - or at least the terms used. "You mean April? Let's get down there." Slipping out of the room she heads for the stairs and down towards the long waiting April. She does at least try to be quieter when passing the lobby doorway.

"Well that's a relief!" April says softly but cheerfully over the communications. She's only one side of the communications at the moment. But for now she's happy to try and relax and bask in some of the better skating she's had for a while. "See you guys when you're down here. I'll keep my eye out for you." she says again over the headset. "You'd think I'd figure out how to do that with my brain by now." she says to herself at her own expense. Ashlyn follows after Kristy - her hair now just in a light ponytail rather than all twisted up. And damp. Back she goes into her more quiet and morose state, perhaps because the immediate threat is over. Hands even sink into her pants pockets.

The trio slip into the dimly lit basement, Kristy trying a light switch that does not work before walking warily deeper into the room. It is filled with sheets, towels, boxes of food and drink, everything a hotel needs to run. They are looking for that open doorway but...nothing. The only other door that can be seen is one that leads to the wine cellar. "Any ideas?" she asks the pair with her.

April has her phone out and ready. "Lemme switch this to light up." she says and thumbs a few spots on the touch screen before the camera flash is engaged as a light. Peeking about slowly she sweeps that light while looking over wherever it shines in the small, small range provided?

Ashlyn gives a small sound from her lips, "Mmmmm. Nothing good ever comes from going deep into the earth. But I vote wine cellar. If nothing else - we can have a few drinks." Fingers to the side of her neck now - scritching at her pale flesh and of course leaving red marks in her wake.

As Kristy looks around, but not too much in case she gets dirty, the other two are much better at this hidden door lark. They find the barely discernible line that denotes the entrance in the basement wall that leads to who knows where. "How do we open it?" Kristy asks while glancing about for a non-secret handle to a secret door.

April beams a lot more than her light when she and Ash spot the hidden door. However, she has less luck finding a way to open it as yet. "Well is it a door? It's not ajar?" she asks curiously while keeping as much light on their find as is possible.

Ashlyn moves over to the "hidden" door, kinda shouldering her way between Kristy and April. Nimble fingers start to trace down the door - feeling the way before it's found, and unlatched. Back Ash steps now, letting the two move forward. "Time away from this group - has had its benefits," is all she says to the skill allocation Kristy may have been noticing this trip.

Kristy watches with pursed lips as Ashlyn opens the door. It's not really her business anymore but it is curious. "Well done" she manages to get out before looking into the revealed corridor beyond the door. The white walls shine with light and everything looks so pristine and clean. There is a gentle slope downwards but there is no sign of life or even cameras. At the far end is a closed sliding door.

"Hopefully it's not locked or too hard to unlock from this side." April asks as Ashlyn gets to work and starts checking things a bit better while the blonde girl keeps the light following the other woman's hands. With the well-lit new corridor, she smiles and puts the phone off and away. "Well I think maybe we've found us at the edge of the half pipe. Shall we take the plunge?" she asks while smiling towards the women before looking down the path before them.