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Two Blooded and a Wolf Walk into a Bar
Dramatis Personae

Keith, Seraphine and Katherine

27 June, 2016

Katherine is introduced to Keith, while comforting Sera.


The Crosscut Backroom

What do you do when you've currently got an insidious, rambling Fetish in your house that won't stop cooing into your ear? You, well. Flee, for a bit, at least if you're Seraphine. The woman is seated towards the back of the room, looking like it's been a few nights since she's seen any decent sleep. Yoga pants, a tanktop that fits loosely and has 'No Saints Without Sinners' scrawled across the chest in vibrant red. Her flipflops are two different colors. She hasn't noticed, yet. Her head is on the table, cheek pressed to wood. There's a book open by her head, a fortress more than reading material at the moment.

Katt is pushing her way into the backroom at the Crosscut, with her face in her phone. Quick movements are seen, it looks like she's texting someone. With a slightly exasperated expression darkening her face, she hits the side button and the phone is put away. Katt looks like she's just showered. Jeans, trainers, and a t-shirt are her usual fare and today is no exception. Today's t-shirt has a rendition of Alice's Cheshire Cat on it, grinning toothily from the cotton. Beneath it says: We're all mad here. With the disappearance of the phone, there is the appearance of the slim cigarette case. "Fucking..." She's mumbling, to herself as she pulls a clove from the case and lights it. Exhaling in a huff of smoke, she notices Sera in the back. A frown touches her face and she heads for the familiar woman. "Hey." Moving to touch Sera's shoulder gently. "Wakey wakey sunshine."

Keith follows in not too far behind Katt, but clear enough they weren't arriving together. A bottle of beer in one hand and a bag slung over a shoulder. Hat on his head and a simpler jacket, he looks like he's not washed nor done laundry for awhile. The two women by the table, one snoozing unhappily and the other smoking get a brief moment of scrutiny. "Partied too much?" he asks in some slight humour in his tone, approaching albeit stopping at a distance away.

"Mrrrghggh," is the eloquent reply given by Seraphine, turning her head so she can rub her cheek against the hand that touches her. "So tired. The Most Fucking Beautiful won't ..." She pauses, when there's a second arrival, and starts to sit up. "I wish it was parties to blame. Hey, Keith." She pulls Katt downwards, into the chair next to her, so that she'll have something more comfortable than the table to lean against.

Katt snubs out the cigarette, waving the smoke away a little. Keith remarks and she lifts her head for a moment, brows knitting together. "No..." She stops short there, sliding into a seat beside Sera and opting to gently attempt to tuck the exhausted lady against her. Glancing at the book Sera was snoozing on, "Probably researching." That's as good of an excuse as any, right? Settling the dark woman against her, Katt tosses her phone on-top of the book, giving it a small look of disgust. "I don't think I've seen you before." To Keith. But Sera knows him, so she's obviously not rising the call to arms.

As both of them are seated, Keith first then fully approaches to stop across from them at the table, sipping from his beer as Katt continues to earn that slight scrutiny, coming across as more intense than he might perhaps mean. "You've not, I would have remembered." he replies easily "Keith." he adds helpfully. From a jacket pocket he produces a package of cigarettes "The Most Fucking Beautiful, spirit? Fucking is an unusual name to take."

"Researching, yeah." Seraphine, for the record, is a horrible liar. But it at least seems to be a partial truth. "Fucking is a descriptor that I added on, myself. Don't mind me, I'm cranky." She's tucked in against Katt, and lets out a breath. "Keith's one of my tribe," she muses to the other woman. "And our lovely Katt is one of the blooded." Back to Katt, "He's not as much of an ass as some of them."

Katt takes the scrutiny, not seeming too jostled by it. "Katherine Reynolds. It's a pleasure, Keith." She doesn't press for a last name, but she does off her own. Why? Because that gold badge under the edge of her shirt says she's probably a cop. "I would offer to shake your hand, but ..." A nod down towards the woman she's wrapped up gently in her arms. "Sera's life is full of interesting things." She gives Keith a faint smile, but the worry is still in her eyes. Lowering her voice, she speaks quietly to Sera. "Next time he leaves and doesn't take her, come stay with me." Intoned quietly. "You need to take care of yourself."

A cigarette put into the corner of his mouth and a lighter soon follows as Keith nods lightly "It is." he agrees to Katt "Her future too." how cryptic. Taking a drag from his cigarette he pays the whispered conversation no mind, dumping his bag onto the table. "The Most Beautiful, sounds a vain creature." beat "All I seem to meet are Blooded." he muses idly "This is a Tur, right?" the humour is dry as a desert.

"So many interesting things, I just wish it came with more naps," bemoans the swampwitch. One eye closes, but the other says on Keith as she gives him a slight smirk. "She's the most vain of creatures, yes. Not undeserved, of course. But." She quirks that smirk into a grin. "Us blooded are the friendliest ones. But you'll see a wolf pop in, with frequency. Your timing just must be off, darling." Up towards Katt, a nod. "Yes, yes. I know. But I'll take you up on that invite. Maybe sooner than next time, if he doesn't return soon."

Ok, that made her laugh. A short chuckle, she watches the man with a sliver more interest. "Ah, fuck." She mutters, unable to contain her grin as Keith remarks on Beaut' and the woman she cradles. "You must be the card reader." Katt shifts only to grow more comfortable. "Stick around long enough, they'll come. The wolves, I mean." The woman in her lap promises to take her up on the offered bed and she nods, leaving it at that. "Maybe they're shy." That's clearly a joke. "You could always take him to meet the wolf on the mountain Sera." Then a pause, "Or maybe not, actually. Probably not a good idea." Mumbling those last words.

"One of my many talents." Keith notes with a slight nod, taking another sip from his bottle of beer as he stretches out lazily, scratching his cheek afterwards. "Suppose you are. Most havn't liked me so far." beat "Thin skinned." he drums his fingers idly against the edge of the table. "Wolf on the mountain?"

A quick flash of a grin, and Sera lifts her head to take a better look at Keith, even as she speaks to Katt. "I don't know. I brought my brother, and Jed, to the Wolf on the Mountain. That worked out well. Very well, actually. They could get along. Or, do you think, maybe the Gypsy?" Considering, brows furrowed with thought. "Yes, there are a lot of thin skinned ones around here. Shame. You think that fur would be good for something. The wolf on the mountain is Desmond. One of the worthwhile wolves around here."

"Don't take it personally. It takes a while." It seems Katt has come across a few thin skinned wolves during her time here. A glance at her phone as it buzzes once more and she pointedly ignores it. Hands move to gather up Sera's hair, gently tugging the somewhat tousled hair back some with careful movement of her fingers. A nod as Sera mentions the wolf by name. "He stays there up there, possibly a few others from his pack up there too. I know at least one stays in town, down at the Marina." Then there is mention of the gypsy and Sera might feel a subtle twitch. "Who do you think is blowing up my phone /right now/." Muttered.

"Most like keeps his locus up there." Keith notes, taking another drag from his cigarette he pulls a chair back, settling into it as he pulls a hand back through his coarse hair. "Suggesting I trespass? Things like that can be difficult." there's a distinct lack of concern in his voice however. "Boyfriend?" he asks, as he begins digging into his bag.

There's a quiet murr from Seraphine as Katt toys with her hair. It takes some effort for the witch to stay upright, when that begins. "Laurent has his vineyard. But I think that Josiah stays up there, at least." She rolls a shoulder up in a shrug, before agile fingers move to steal Katt's phone, taking a look at the screen before quirking her lips. She looks, for a moment, like she's going to start texting someone back. "It's not trespassing, if you're guided up there by a friend of the pack with the intent of introductions. The friend being me, of course. Just so you get to meet some of the locals when we're not in crisis mode. Because gods know that the shit will hit the fan again at some point, it's just a matter of time."

That expression on her face, is one that Katt can't repress. After last night's adventures and this mornings antics, she's getting a little weary and her cop face isn't quite in place. Wrinkling her nose, she looks like she might have swallowing something a bit sour for her taste. "No." Katt responds shortly. There is a flicker of Katt's eyes as her companion picks up her phone and looks through the text messages. Idly her hands still move through Sera's hair. "Whatever you're thinking of saying, don't dig a hole I can't get out of." She says to Sera, who holds her phone still. "And she's right, about Desmond. Don't tell him I said that, it will do strange things to his ego." A grin, "But seriously, I suggest you go see him. But only when Sera's up for introduction. I don't head up the mountain unless there is an emergency. Or a polite request."

Keith just shrugs loosely to Sera's explanation of territory borders. From the bag he produces a small knife and a wooden box, familiar to Seraphine before he shifts it lazily down onto the floor, the bag that is. Taking another drink from his beer. "Just some asshat then." he declares simply leaning back into the chair. "Sure, I am sure I will meet folks sometime. - I saw a few with the .. Bale Hounds was it? Didn't chat much."

"I'll be very polite," Seraphine assures Katt, even as her fingers rapidly work over the screen to tap out, and send, a text. Only showing it to the other woman after the fact, of course. Then the phone is set back down, and the curling in resumes. "It's likely. That was the latest crisis, after all. I don't imagine anyone was particularly chatty. But if you want to meet Desmond? I'll bring you up there, Keith." She looks to the box, the knife, with no small amount of interest.

Katt takes a moment to look at the phone message Sera types out, and grins. It is a slightly toothy display, but she nods and seems content as she phone is set aside. "I think I will take bale hounds, over the rats I saw last night. And the stink." Katt wrinkles her nose again, making a intentionally, comically disgusted face. Looking to Keith, she nods. "Well, family asshat, but yes. You can't always pick and choose, as they say." Finished fiddling with the woman's hair, she tucks it carefully to one side. Sera might know, but Katt doesn't so she asks, "What are you doing?" Careful curiosity.

"Sure, why not." Keith shrugs loosely "I am in no rush though, so far this town seems .. adequate." the lid is slid off the top of the small wooden box, revealing a deck of cards, a bit larger than usual and the back of each carrying a strange symbol, First Tongue. He picks them up and begins to shuffle them idly. "Rats? Hosts? Where'd you meet them?"

Wait, why is the hair-fiddling stopping? Seraphine takes Katt's hand, and brings it back to the mass of curls. There. That settled, it's no more than a few seconds after one phone was put down that Sera's starts to vibrate on the table. The screen is glanced to, shown to Katt, before there's more quick typing. "It grows on you," she insists towards Keith, watching his hands move.

Katt's hands are directed back to the curls and she at once, without real thought but a small smile, begins to gentle movements again. It's reminiscent of a house-cat, who wants to be petted, NOW. Looking back to Keith, Katt nods, "A tented residence, down by the university. I call it university row, it's where the big residence buildings are and the frat houses. Kharn, a few from his pack, Nadya, a few from Jackson's pack, they took care of it for now. It probably won't be the last we hear in that area. But that particular nest, it's nothing but ashes." A shall shrug of her shoulders and a visible shiver as she remembers all those rats. Then all those bloody rats. Crunching under her feet. Squeaking. "Like a fungus." Chimes in Katt at Sera's comment.

"Rat hosts? There's always more, always. And the ones you killed will come back." Keith says in a almost tired tone of voice "I find them worse than the spiders." reaching into his jacket he picks out a small leather pouch, and undoes the leather cord keeping it closed. Pouring out what looks like ash onto the table in a small heap.

There's another glance to her phone after Seraphine sends her message, and one comes back. A little smile plays on her face, and then she just leaves the phone be. She's getting hairpettings. This may be the only thing keeping the woman from going on a vicious murder spree. "Fucking spiders," she says with a little hiss, then flomps her head back onto Katt's shoulder. Watching, the whole while, what Keith is up to.

"Oh, I'm sure." There isn't a groan in those words, nor is there really a sound as if Katt is in-particular looking forward to it. Instead, it seems to simply just be, an acceptance. As Keith pours out the ashes, she leans back a little, as if not wanting to disturb the little pile. Or breathe it in accidentally, because that could be anything really. "When they come, we'll take care of them as well." Quiet, lacking the usual tones of bragging.

"I am sure you will." Keith notes without any particular emotion to the words. Picking out his lighter again together with a piece of torn cloth "Right, who owns this place? Is there a fire alarm?" he looks around idly to the roof and around the room.

"I've never heard it go off," Seraphine muses, in a way that suggests that, more than once, it should have. "And, we're near enough to the vents that any smoke shouldn't stay with us long." But she does sit up, now, finally. Curiosity beats out exhaustion, sometimes.

Sera moves to sit up, and Katt does the same, pushing herself up some with palms on her seat. Clearing her throat, she glances up, "She's right, if that hasn't gone off all the times I've smoked in here." Katt says thoughtfully, then looks back down to Keith. While Sera looks a little perked up, Katt looks like she's not sure.

"Great." Keith says, apparently that's all the leeway he needs before he sets the cloth on fire, dropping it down -onto- the table, seemingly betting on it not spreading as it burns quickly. This being placed a bit before the pile of ash. Next he takes out the knife, and with one secure motion slits his wrist, blood first splashing out over his face, then he begins to press it out around the ash in a circle.

There's a reassuring little pat to Katt's thigh from Seraphine. And while the curiosity from the swampwitch shows that this isn't a ritual that she's seen before, there's a sort of comfort that comes from it being done by a member of the Tribe that claims her. Even as blood is spilled, she seems to accept it as part of things. Don't mind that flash of predatory nature in her eyes. She's harmless. Really.

"Oh..." A little startled at the blood it seems. Katt's pallor drops a few shades. Lots of blood lately and well, events still fresh in her brain, she's a little more responsive than normal. The pat on her thigh somewhat reassures her and Katt watches, curling an arm around Sera's waist and tucking her close. Maybe it's that predatory gleam that shows itself.

After the circle of blood is complete, it's a messy thing really. Keith takes a deep breath before he snarls some words in the ancient language of spirits, his other hand pressing against the wound that still bleeds even so, the stained knife discarded. For the Blooded, there's a definite chill down the spine familiar with spirits as the burning cloth moves rather unnaturally for a moment before it is burnt to ash. A foul smelling smoke rises from the other ash pile, the one circled by blood.

Yes, there's definitely a cast to Seraphine's features that speak of the sort of hunger that has nothing to do with Keith himself, or food. Her gaze settles on the blood as it pools, and she gives a very faint rumble, before she comes back to herself. Blinking, and then curling in a bit closer to Katt. Watching, and shifting in her seat, scrunching her nose at the scent.

Feeling Sera's hunger, she tightens her arm a little more. Katt wrinkles her nose, that foul smell making her tilt her head some into her own shoulder, as if trying to escape it. A hand reaches up for a moment to tug at the collar and shoulder of her shirt. However, knowing that it's probably sacred or at least spiritual goings on, she doesn't speak the "ew" aloud that is clearly on her face. After it passes, she rubs the tip of her nose a bit and glances sideways at Sera. Mostly to see her if her occult BFF knows what might be happening. Because, really, that smell, it can't be good, can it?

The rite does seem finished, as Keith wrinkles his nose slightly looking at his wrist. But it's already mending quicker than it ought to, albeit clearly not as swiftly as he could make it. He very carefully begins to gather the ashes back into the small leather pouch. The table is now stained by ash, blood and the reeking smell lingers. He raises a brow for a bit looking to Seraphine in silence at her reaction.

More silence, from Seraphine, as she moves her gaze from where the cloth was, to the pile of ashes and blood, and then back to Keith as he gathers the ashes back up. That unpleasant scent still there, her nose scrunches again. "That was..." she seems a little puzzled. "I don't know that one," she decides on. Like she still doesn't know that one.

Was she supposed to study for this? Is this something she should have known. There is a small touch of worry on her face, but when her companion confesses to not knowing what that was all about either... she exhales softly and there is a small sliver of relief on her face. "Me either." She says quietly.

"It is a simple one." Keith notes simply "A cheap trick, kept by Bone Shadows. But it's useful, your brother might know it." he doesn't go into detail beyond that. Closing the leather cord that closes the bag he shifts it back into his pocket. "But it's done now."

Seraphine's brows furrow, thoughtfully. But after a moment, she has a smile for Keith. "Perhaps one of them does," she allows. "It was interesting. Cheap tricks are often handy ones." She starts to uncoil from Katt, then, and gathers her book. "I need to head home. I don't like leaving Beaut' there for long. I worry that Samedi will show up and fall in lust or something. Keith, it was good to see you once more." She even touches the man's shoulder, briefly. He may have puzzled her, but her skin apparently isn't that thin. She looks to Katt, to see if she'll be coming along with.

Untangled from Sera, Katt nods. "I'll come along, I need to get some case files from work anyway." That slightly weary expression settles onto her face again and she puts her phone into her pocket, "It was a pleasure to meet you Keith, I'm sure we'll meet again. Maybe you can tell me what that trick was." Katt isn't familiar enough for a touch, but she does give a nod. "Take care." Moving to walk beside Sera, she loops her arm around the woman's back, "Want some ice cream? I think you need ice cream." A small wink.

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