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Tooth and Nail LIVE at Bella
Dramatis Personae

Brand, Olivia, Melody, Grace, Kojiro, Ephraim, Althea, Ginger, Kilo, Kato, Sand, John Ihrck, DaisyLu, Mirabella, Peter, Amy, Kouri, Harley, Wendell, Arkady, Pyper, Denali, Nyx

10 July 2015

TOOTH AND NAIL, Brand Walker's band, plays at Bella Gentlemen's Club


Bella Gentlemen's Club - Pigeon Hill - Fallcoast - A02

Bella Gentlemen's Club is -packed-, so packed that the tables lining the stage have had to be moved further back to allow for standing room. The faux-leather seating has been kept in place for the early arrivals, creating an atmosphere of random unfairness for the lucky ones who get a seat. The chairs and tables have been moved to the far walls, closer to the booths, making extra room for a sea of bodies; an easy third of them are wearing some kind of Tooth and Nail band tee-shirt purchased from the merchandise booth near the entrance. As the time of the concert grows near, the girls giving table dances disappear from the floor towards the backstage area. Three microphone stands are brought out in a triangular pattern in front of an unoccupied drum set. Bouncers, easy to recognize with their black shirts that read SECURITY, maneuver into place near the stage, and the lights begin to dim. The show...is about to begin.

Kojiro looks a little nervous as he too quickly flashes his ID to the bouncer as he follows after his huge friend Ephraim. He is dressed in a pair of faded jeans, and a simple white tank top, already starting to sweat a little from the number of people packed into the building. Taking a quick look around he pauses to make sure Althea makes it in as well. "Shit," he mutters, not used to large crowds, and finding it nearly impossible to see through the crowd given his height.

There's another, smaller booth that's been set up off to one side of the stage. A small pile of t-shirts have been neatly folded at one corner, with the rest of the space occupied with piles of a number of different leaflets. The hand-made banner along the top testifies that the whole affair is courtesy of one Starecross Radio, which might be a familiar name should anyone keep tabs on the stranger elements in the area. Grace sits on a folding chair behind the booth, along with a pair of reasonably flash-looking laptops, one turned to face the stage and set to record. The Telluric stands out all the more as the lights begin to dim, her skin and hair softly aglow. She's been chatting away happily with anyone curious enough to approach her booth, and has been flogging off leaflets and the occasional (apparently free) Starecross shirt.

Olivia is already here of course. She's one of Brand's best friends, and while she doesn't make every concert, if there's one person in the audience who can get VIP access, it's her. She's teased her hair to give her mane a bit of a wild look, her T&N tee shirt's neckline torn and and shredded elsewhere in the right places. Combined with the mini-skirt and fishnets, it's...well, it's a little misplaced eighties glam, maybe? But she is clearly having a good time. a bottle of beer in one hand as she peers at the stage in expectation. For the Lost present, her Spring mantle swirls around her as a crisp, refreshing sea breeze. Spotting Grace, Liv lifts her unoccupied hand and flutters it in greeting.

Hanging around on the floor, lingering near the speakers at the wings of the stage, lurks Melody. She has a drink, clutching in a hand as she watches the crowd slowly filter in. Her pack hangs off her shoulder, a tshirt stuffed in the back, a sleave showing as she puts a hand on part of the stage, leaning. Pulling out her notebook, she presses it to her leg as she starts writing a few thoughts down.

Althea Is wearing a long oversized black that fades to a dark gray grunge sweater made of loose knit cotton with an asymmetrical hemline, under the sweater is a dark cobalt blue cage style bra, dark blue jeans shorts trimmed in black lace, and knee high socks the lead to a pair of tall black boots. Her hair is down with soft beach waves style of curls. She Follows in after Kojiro only to shortly stop at the bouncer to show her ID with a soft smile at them.

Kilo saunters in, ink up to her neck and down to her hand, in black Docs, black baggy cargos slung down over slender hips with a white tank top and big puffy flight jacket, despite the heat of July in Maine. SSK is embroidered on the back in gold and purple. She scans the club, noting who's here and what they're wearing, especially colours, and when no one in particular stands out, she makes her way to the bar for whiskey before parking it in a spot where she won't bother anyone.

So, somehow, Ark's managed to convince poor Wendell to come...and dragged him along. Doctor Tiger looks curious, but not exceedingly eager - rock concerts not really his thing. There might be Lasers....and Lasers in quantity=Cat Hell. But he's here, nonetheless.

Ephraim walked in with Kojiro and Althea. He was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and boots along with his normal cloth over his head. He looked about at the people around looking not to be the type of person to show up. Based on his expression he only came because of the other two with him. He looked back at them giving them a thumbs up before seeing where they wanted to head to see the show.

Grace is not the only one at the booth, although her companion is a great deal less obvious. A large rat sits beside one of the piles of leaflets, occasionally grooming himself but otherwise just chilling out, watching the crowd. When she catches sight of Olivia she returns the wave with an enthusiastic one of her own, then brandishes one of the leaflets and tries to mouth something to the other changeling - though whatever it might be is lost as other patrons go wandering in front of her.

Wendell walks in being invited by his new friends. He looks a little confused, He's wearing a white tank top. Cheap, plain looking thing, but fortunately his size. It looks relatively new in fact. He's got a sweater tied his waist and a pair of dark colored jeans that are tattered at the kneeds and on the ends. and is wearing black faux fur line boots as he steps in and tries to get a look at the crowd. Very curious about the people that show up He waves as the really tall man and some of the girls there. He seems to come in with Arkady, the tattooed men with the gray hair who he glances at with uncertainty. He seems another couple of others who he recognizes. Ephraim the tall man, and Kojiro the other man he talked to just the other night. He cracks a smile and gives them a wave.

After the initial cheers from the audience, ready for the show to begin, the lights are at their lowest. Shadows move in the rear, three of them. One sits at the drum set, another male figure with a guitar standing stage left with a microphone, and the third is a thinner, female-shaped figure with a bass guitar. For those in the crowd in the know, the cheering grows in intensity. Reddish orange light lowers down onto the stage as Tooth and Nail launches into the leading track of their self-titled album, 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead'. After the first opening bar of the hard rock music passes, a stream of attractive women -- all of them in rock gear; fishnets, torn Tooth and Nail shirts over string bikini tops, and tear-away skirts -- lead Brand Walker to the mic in center stage. Two girls take to the standing stripper poles, twirling around them, and the rest flood out to the tables and booths, eyes flashing as they hunt for people with dollars to spare.

Brand Walker makes it in time to the microphone to start the song. His 'BELLA BRAND', baggy tank top shows off a flashy, new tattoo that stems from his shoulder to bicep, an ensemble of tattooed skin that gives the arm an appearance of cracked marble, he looks the part. Black jeans covered in a dozen patches, dangling black bandanna, chain wallet, motorcycle boots, and a sleek, black Les Paul custom electric guitar. For those with the eyes of the Changelings, he's alabaster white in all his glory, smelling of incense and herbs.

Lasers? Oh, there's lasers, and a light dusting of fog over the blue-filtered lighting.

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Olivia starts to make her way over to Grace, in inquiring expression on her face but then the band starts up and like a dog with a squirrel she's diverted. The music starts, and Liv turns toward the stage, joining in the cheers by throwing her hands in the air (someone may get some beer spillage, sorry) and throwing horns with the free one. "Yeaaaaah!"

Ginger slips in and looks around for someone who looks lonely enough they're likely to buy her a drink if she smiles at them right enough. Scanning, scanning she kinda ignores the band on her first pass over the room, the second one though her gaze stops and she stops, staring at the stage and the singer on it. After a moment she growls, "Figures...." but it's lost under the blaze of music.

Grace drops the leaflet back down on the pile, promptly distracted herself once the show begins. Both of the laptops are checked, fiddled with, the one faced towards the stage adjusted minutely until she's satisfied with the whole set-up. Not expecting any traffic now the music has started she angles her chair away from the room and towards the stage, clapping and cheering loudly herself as Brand gets ready to sing.

Kojiro flinches at the first notes of the music, frustrated that he was late and stuck in the back of the club. "Ephraim! Think you can get us up closer?" he yells to his tall friend. He does his best to help muscle a space for Althea, to make it easier for her to follow after them as they try for the middle of the club at least, maybe even the front.

Melody pushes off from the side of the stage as the music starts. Her hair tosses a little from the speakers she was positioned in front of. Carrying her drink, she makes her way back towards that bar, notebook in hand as she hooks a barstool with her foot and draws herself up atop of it. Turning her back to the bar, she hooks her elbows up atop of it and watches.

Ephraim grinned as he did just that making his way to the front. Moving people aside as he did so if need be. If anyone protested he just stared at them for a moment before moving on. Though as he moved he made sure to keep his friends nearby so they could follow.

Who here does he know? Well, there's his fellow Lost....hey,Olivia! Arkady's heading for Madame Selkie, tugging Wendell along with him. "Do you know her?" he bellows at poor Wendell. "I will introduce you." Nevermind the deafening volume.

Wendell does a polite little golf clap as Brand gets singing. He assumed the man was a friend of one of his friends. There were definitely no small number of familiar faces. Wendell jerks his head around as he sees Arkady try to drag him to Olivia. "Um...I don't think so?" Wendell furrows his brow. "Might have seen her in passing!!" He yells out the last part of that. He shifts his gaze to the Olivia girl.

As an employee of Bella's, Amy was able to get a seat at the bar before anyone else - being there during the initial set up. While she's not working right now, that doesn't stop her from staying and enjoying the band, while fingers are wrapped lightly around a glass of red line. Amy may not be clapping and hollaring, but her attention is on Brand, watching him perform and work his magic over the crowd. She seems overly content to stay there, and be mainly out of the fray about the stage.

She missed the beginning of it. When Denali slides in, it's not with the usual pomp and circumstance the woman enters, no. She's not even attired wholly for the evening's events. The artist wears a blue dress just a few hues lighter than her hair; halter style with a skirt that falls to mid-thigh. Boots that cut off just beneath her knees. It leaves a thin swath of pale, tattooed skin visible. Her hair is left straight and long, swishing along her back as she moves. Down a side wall, she finds a place to lean against the wall. Though her expression is smooth, the siren seems attentive to the band on stage.

As soon as they reach the stage area Althea moves to stand in front of Ephrain and close to Kojiro using them to protected her from the other music enthusiasts.

Kilo only knows one person here, and it's a little loud to be meeting more. She takes her phone out and hits RECORD -- holds it up in the air and grabs footage of Brand and the crowds adoration. That's hot. She throws whiskey back as she films the song for another minute or so then gets another drink. Her head is nodding in time to the raging beat of the music.

When the song cuts in, the crowd -surges- in waving arms and cell phone cameras recording the performance(5 successes). Bella Gentlemen's Club quickly turns into a raucous, booming display of skin and dancing girls led to a band on stage, much like the vampire bar in From Dusk Till Dawn, which is -precisely- what Brand's vision was for the show. Belting out the lyrics into the mic while he plays, Brand lips curl into a charmed grin as his eyes scan the audience. Behind him? Tooth and Nail is on point, from the attractive, female bass player in the shredded leggings and skirts to the bald-headed drummer, banging away. The girls? They're just more performers on screen, and Brand Walker's doing his best to give them the room to collect the dollars being offered their way. All along the walls are girls in skirts, taking to tables. A den of rock and roll sin.

In the interlude before the guitar solo, Brand pinches his fingers, sending a guitar pick flying out over the crowd in Olivia's direction. He snaps a fresh pick off of the mic stand and moves to stage center, lunging into a solo while a topless dancer presses her shoulders to his, breasts to the sky, grinding while his fingers flail over the fretboard.

Her hand reaches up to try and snatch it out of the air, but there are hands between between her and the pick's origin point. She doesn't seem to mind being deprived of her prize - in fact, it's better for Brand if a mortal catches it. She's also promptly distracted. "Arkady!" Olivia brightens visibly when she sees the Russian, and...well, admittedly her prenounciation makes it sound like 'our kitty'; not inaccurate. She takes a few quick steps and suddenly she's flinging herself at him and pressing her mouth to his in a smacking kiss. "Hi! Who's your friend?" It's yelled of course, and it's like the music is a course of caffeine pumped through her veins.

Russians kiss on the cheek in greeting.....but that is nice. Very nice. His arms come around Olivia, and he returns it. Oh, it's a relatively chaste peck, but it's still on the mouth. And then he's half-twirling her around and depositing her on her feet. "This is Wendel. I just met him," he says, matter of factly. OR shouts, really.

Pyper glides through the club, weaving amongst people in a slow meandering path towards the bar. The show already started and she glances toward the stage. A smirk at the display going on and she watches a few moments, then suddenly she remembers what she was doing. Right, a drink. Finally making it to the vicinity of the bar she shuffles around a moment before finally scooting in between two rather large biker dudes. She leans on the bar and watches the bartending, waiting for a chance to snag a drink.

Kato has made his way in as the show gets going, settling in at the bar, away from the crowd. Dressed in an expensive but decaying blue suit, a frayed coachman's tophat on his head, he watches the show with an elbow propped on the bartop and a glass of rum in his other hand, he gives a faint smile despite himself.

Kojiro does his best to help create a tiny island of safety for Althea, but mostly just relies on Ephraim's size. While he starts moving with the ebb and flow of the crowd he looks up at the stage, his eyes wide at the amount of skin on display up there. His face turns redder than it was due to the heat, causing him to immediately to glance at Ephraim and Althea a little guiltily.

Wendell waves sheepishly to Olivia. "Hello." Wendell says with a smile to Olivia. "It's good to meet you." He furrows his brow as his soft voice is likely muted by the music. "I SAID IT'S GOOD TO MEET YOU." The young man with the sweater around his waist yells out at this selkie girl. He smiles more broadly after he yells that out. He inches closer to the two. He sees the amount of skin on stage and widens his eyes, then turns to the Russian. "Hm, what kind of club is this again?"

When the first song comes to an end, fists and cell phone cameras are thrust into the air, amidst a roaring approval from the crowd. Brand looks like he couldn't be any happier, with stars in his eyes, beaming his teeth across the sea of bodies to show just how happy they've made him. He glances over his shoulder to the rest of the band, and he shares a laugh with the other guitarist. Tongue out, he licks the air. Amazing. Brand turns to the mic, pauses, then says. "We're Tooth and Nail." Scanning the audience, he points to Melody, then Grace, on a hand that sways towards the bar. There's no doubt he's seen Denali, Kilo, Amy, and Arkady, and the others of his -kind- get a slow notice. "Holy. Shit. You guys are fucking animals." Brand laughs into the mic. "We love you so much," The drums begin to play and the next song starts. "This one's called Coma White." MOAR music.

Melody looks back to the bartender to get another drink and notices the man next to her hitting on another woman at the bar. She shrugs and takes his whiskey before sliding off her seat and padding down the way. She smiles to Kato as she passes, "Love the hat!" Mel leans in, to be heard over the music. Continuing on, she pauses by Pyper. "Oh hey, you made it...you have to throw ice to get them to notice, or cash."

Ginger leans back against the bar to watch the show, her head shaking now and then. Her hand slides into her pocket producing a flask which she drinks from while she watches.

Peter is late, he's always late, it's part of his charm. Another part of his charm is his flare for fashion. Like someone who has a time traveling closet he never seems to wear the right thing for the right time period.

Today he is dressed in a pinstriped zoot suit, charcoal black with a white button up shirt and a matching black tie. It comes with a baggy coat with large shoulder pads and wide lapels, the pants have reet-pleets and he wears a gray vest under the coat with intricate scroll work on it. He has the fancy black hat with a white band and somehow he has managed to find white flapper shoes that have a white accent.

Walking into the bar the almost 7 foot tall man stops dead in his tracks just inside the door hearing Brand playing. "Daaaym." Peter says smiling at his friend as he tucks his authentic dual chain pocket watch into his coat pocket. "This place is jumpin!"

Kato glances towards Melody as she passes, leaning slightly to catch her words. He smirks after her, reaching up behind his head to tip his tophat in her direction as she moves on. He sips his drink, then sets it down, raising his large hands to bang his palms together briefly for the band.

"Hi!" Liv yell-talks to Wendell and hmms? "Oh! It's a strip club!" She seems quite cheerful about that fact, and past Wendell, she spots a familiar face and begins to wave a hand. "Peter! Hi! Hi!!" She beams at Wendell then, patting him on the shoulder. "I'm Olivia!" Arkady already said that, and she takes a swig from her beer bottle happily.

Helpfully, Arkady explains to Wendell, "You pay the women on the stage money and they take off their clothes. But you must not touch. That is somewhere different, that you can pay your money and touch them." Then there's Brand's comment, and the Tiger grins up at him, showing his fangs.

Grace sticks two fingers in her mouth to issue a piercingly loud wolf-whistle when Brand points in her direction, then lifts her chin and peers across the crowd towards Melody, naturally curious for no reason beyond the other woman having been brought to her attention. Perhaps she'll be interested in a pamphlet. Though she's stayed seated at her small tooth off to one side of the stage, she's been watching the crowd with no small amount of interest, closely studying the other changelings in the crowd. The rat sitting beside a pile of pamphlets is starting to look restless, occasionally bounding back and forth across the front of the booth.

Amy has drank half her wine, but for the rest of it she seems to just be toying with it. Glass lifted. Swirled. It's hard to miss the arrival of Peter. He does make himself known quite easily. A hand lifts to the tall man, waving to him from the bar. But then? He may not see her. It's packed. The standing bodies blocking her out from view every so often.

Althea looks to the stage and it the array of skin she turns to Kojiro and giggles at him then starts to dance in her small space nothing special to not draw any attention to her just moving with the music.

Ephraim turns to Kojiro and gestures for his friend to dance with Althea as she started move with the music. He made sure to do it when she was not looking at him.

Kilo turns to look at the gentleman next to her at the bar in the decaying blue suit and amazing coachman's tophat and... blinks. "That is fucking fabulous." She nods enthusiastically and offers her hand. "I'm Kilo, nice to meet you." And then she sees Peter. "Oh, that's fabulous too." She smiles at him and raises her glass of whiskey in a salute.

Straightening at the voice behind her, barely heard over the music, Pyper turns to see Melody and smiles. "Hey there! Yeah, I figured some more time outta the cave would be good. This time somewhere it's not quiet I s'pose." She smirks and nods about the bartender. "Yeah, I ain't got extra of either of those at the moment, so guess I'll wait it out a bit."

Ginger recaps the flask and her lips start to curl into a bit of a smirk as the thoughts start to congeal in that little ginger head of hers. Mmmmm... yes there is a plan forming there.

Peter tips his hat to Olivia but he is here for a special lady, a lady who has stolen his heart and once he sees her at the bad peter makes a beeline for Amy. Dodging between the people in the crowd Peter builds up speed and as he moves towards the bar until he's almost in a run then he jumps a little and sliiiiiiiiiiiiiides up to the spot next to Amy, "Hey, Sweetheart, what's a gorgeous dame like you doing in a place like this? Let me buy you a drink and you's can tell me all about you's self." he says to Amy as he leans against the bar all suave and smiles. Apparently he's playing mobster tonight instead of pirate.

Kojiro frowns at Ephraim, "I.. Need to go grab one of those pamphlets or something, can you watch her for a minute?" he Half yells, half mouths up at him. Without waiting for an answer he starts trying to push his way through the crowd towards the booth with the T-Shirts and papers. He gets knocked around a few times, but he perseveres and eventually makes it to the booth.

"OH!" Wendell nods his head, seemingly unsurprised that she's happy about that fact, he turns back to Peter. The man in the trashy thrift store getup gives him a small wave, then he turns back to the Russian and nods. "Okay, I understand the concept. Yes, I know what it means to strip..." He says a tiny bit testily as he rubs the back of his neck. "And right sure. There's that er...other thing too." Wendell looks up at Brand himself and chuckles. Seeing as how he picked them out. He didn't know him but he felt like he fit in with that crowd well enough.

Melody turns to look back at the stage as she is pointed at, grinning to Brand and giving a thumbs up, nodding her head in rhythm of the music. She also catches an eye to Grace, offering a wave to her then looks back to Pyper. "What do you want? Maybe I can help out. " She sips her drink, or the one she got from that other guy and winces. "..its like all water."

Near the end of Coma White, Brand turns to stage left, playing as he walks over to the raven-haired, female bass player. Sensing a chat, she leans her ear out. Brand has to practically put his mouth -inside- of her ear for her to hear him, but after a few seconds she nods and they share a laugh. Brand, growing slightly sweaty already under the hot lights, nods to the other band members, who immediately transition into POISON FOR THE SWEET. All of the standing band members take a stutter step forward, launching into the same, coordinated power chord to start the song. One leg bend forward on a monitor, Brand leans out and shows Arkady his teeth, growling down at the man...as the BASS PLAYER begins to sing. Hair drifting in waves over the crowd, he waits until he can afford to, then claps an arm out, slapping fives before he steps back to the pole dancer. Chest to back, she digs her hands into his shirt, nails running over his chest as he plays.

Kato looks back to Kilo as she calls him 'fucking fabulous', taking a moment to process that, before he tips his hat to her as well. He sets down his glass of rum, reaching out to squeeze the offered hand, his palm cold from holding the icy tumbler. "Kato," he calls back, only needing to raise his voice slightly to be heard over the band, "Nice to meet you." His attention drifts to Peter as Kilo points him out, needing to see what qualifies as 'fabulous'. Well, that doesn't seem so bad.

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Grace waves back cheerfully to Melody, then looks back down when Kojiro arrives at the booth, grinning broadly in welcome. "Hello!" She has to half-scream to make herself heard above the music, but she's got a good set of lungs on her. "I'm Grace, do you listen to our show?" A pamphlet is thrust out enthusiastically towards the other changeling, a home-printed job with information about the pirate radio station. A second pamphlet is slapped down atop the first, this one discussing vaccines. No, they don't cause autism. But it does allow 'them' to track your children. Stay informed. The Telluric continues to beam at Kojiro.

Amy gives a soft laugh at Peter's words, fingers lifting to tug on his suit jacket as she regards him. "You are looking very nice tonight, oh man I don't know. Take a seat, stay a while. I'm good on a drink. Being careful. Just in case." A flash of a smile to Peter at this as she lifts her glass of wine, taking another sip and swallow.

If Liv is offput by Peter's flyby, she's easily distracted by all of the rest of the stimuli around here. She gently pats each of the two men on the arm. "Seems you're not the only new guy in town, Wendell!" She wriggles her knows at Arkady. "Back in a bit, Tiger." And then she starts dance-traveling her way through the crowd, making a beeline for Kojiro, Ephraim, and Althea. "Hi!" she hollers at them over the music. "I don't know you guys! You new?!"

Arkady looks momentarily bereft. No, the seal lady, where is she going? But....he turns to Wendell. "Let us get drinks. What would you like? I am buying." Just in case the poor ogre had any doubt.

Kojiro seems startled by the enthusiastic greeting from Grace, standing there a little dumbfounded as he's loaded up on pamphlets. "Uhh No.." he responds t her first question, then looking even more confused at the second pamphlets, "Uhh I don't have any kids.." He responds too quietly to be heard normally over the sounds of the club. "Ohh.. I'm Kojiro!" He yells to her, realizing he was being rude. "I'm here with my friends! Ephraim and Althea!" He waves back through the crowd in the general direction of the seven foot tall bear.

Pyper grins at Melody. "You...kinda know everyone it seems." She laughs as Melody has a drink and winces. "Not sure I want one after that, but whiskey or beer always works." She leans back and looks down at the other end of the bar and then back at Melody. "I'm sure you got people to go see, I can wrangle a drink eventually."

Wendell furrows his brow and whips his head around to the Russians insistent offer. But it was food in a way. He bites his lip, but has this odd underbite. "Um...they got a rum and coke? And if not that a wheatbeer" Wendell sighs and siddles up much closer to Arkady. "RUM AND COKE.....OR....WHEATBEER. GERMAN KIND." Wendell calls out to Arkady. He glances back at the seal lady, but there's so much hustle and bustle about he's forced to keep his attention on the Russian man.

So much is clear. One of the girls pole dancing on the stage decent, but the one in the forefront, the one that's been all over Brand, is on fire. The blonde shreds off her T&N top, exposing herself to a crowd of waved money. She plucks the sides of her barely-there bottoms to collect cash, drawing as much attention from the crowd as the band itself. Brand lifts his guitar high and to the side, playing over the blonde's back as she grinds against his lap, spiraling down to her knees in a whipping display of hair and a probably-not-too-standarding press of her shoulder into Brand's groin. Brand catches his tongue between his teeth and keeps playing. When the display ends, the blonde looks to him, they share a laugh, and she dances down the line, collecting her earings, of which there are many. Ducats for a pound of flesh.

Ephraim shook his head at his friend before he turned to look at the woman that walked up to him "Hello and no I am not new and no I do not know you." He said his voice rumbling through the music a bit as he spoke. He turned and tapped Althea in case she did not hear the woman gesturing to her.

Rum and coke for Wendell. White Russian for Arkady. Because vodka and cream is exactly what a Russian cat wants to drink, right? Listening to the music for a moment, ears still pinned back a bit, he observes, "Music is not bad. If noisy." Like he's a critic.

Peter reaches an arm around Amy and rubs her back lovingly before he slides into the seat next to her. On the back where his hand was rubbing is left a sticker that clings to her clothing. It is a square with three check boxes on it. One of them has, 'Single' and it's blank, the next one has 'Taken' and it's blank the third one, at the bottom has a check in the check box and it says next to it, 'Burdened with glorious purpose!'

Slipping into the seat next to Amy Peter waves at the bartender for a drink then says to Amy, "You know what I realized today? I have never taken you out to a romantic restaurant. I was thinking about it all day. I want to do that. Will you's do me the honor of being my date?" Peter asks Amy.

Melody looks around. "Actually, I have seen some of them but only know one or two. And definately never been here." She laughs and slowly sneaks around the counter as the bartender is at one end. They are far busy enough to not notice as the Lurker darts over and snags an iceborne beer, leaving a five on the metal liner above and slides back around. After a mintute or so, she puts the chilled bottle in front of Pyper. "I just gave them a hand. Yeah, I'll be back, maybe we can grab waffles after?" Pushing off from the counter, Mel makes her way through the crowd on her way to Grace's table.

Kilo grins, "Nice to meet you Kato. I do tattoos and stuff, over in Hidden HIlls. What keeps you off the streets and out of the bars. So to speak." She considers him a moment. "Do you know Brand?" She sips her whiskey and turns to check out the antics on the stage before giving him back her attention.

Althea looks over at Olivie with a sweet smile, in her soft melodic voice she tries to talk aloud enough for the woman to hear here. " Hello... And yes I am kind of new here..."

"That's okay, you should still stay informed!" Grace calls back to Kojiro, tapping a long finger against the pamphlets. "It's nice to meet you, Kojiro! We're on the internet too!" She peers through the crowd when he points out his friends, not having too much trouble spotting Ephraim at least: she smiles and waves towards them, then asks Kojiro, "Can you give them some pamphlets for me?" She's already getting together three small piles as the rat scampers back across the table, makes a running leap for her elbow, then quickly scrambles the rest of the way up to her shoulder. Three? One is ready and waiting when Melody arrives at the booth, held out with a smile and a curious, "Hello! Do you listen to our show?"

Amy leans over to rest her cheek on Peter's shoulder when he sits down next to her, a distracted 'Hmmm?' coming from her to his words of eating out. "I don't need all that, Peter." A smirk from her to the man next to - a smirk forming on her lips. "I would suggest we just eat here, but Matteo doesn't serve food." A turning of her wineglass on the bar as she looks over to Brand, watching him play before she idly lifts her wineglass to him on the stage. Then back to Peter her attention returns, "We can't leave now though. Brand." Pause, "Unless you just mean in general." A hand into his own as she gives it a light squeeze, "But yeah. I'll be your date."

Wendell shrugs. "It's a little loud and flashy for my taste When I used to write songs they were...much different." He takes a long sip of his rum and soda through a colorful song. "That being said, I think it's important to support them man." He says with a nod. "Obviously very talented." Wendell smiles as he sucks down the drink. "Thanks for that." He says to the Russian with the Caucasian and gives the man a nod and a wide, toothy smile.

Kojiro scrambles to keep hold of the stack of pamphlets, getting bumped into from behind a couple times as he does so. "Uhh sure.." he mutters under his breath as Grace's attention shifts to the new arrival.

Pyper smirks at Melody as she slips behind the bar, and she turns her head back to the stage but glances to the girl as she gets her a beer. "Thank you!" She laughs and shakes her head. "Oh yeah yeah, you go on, I'll see you around."

Melody offers a grin to Grace, talking over the booming speakers. "I have heard some of your music, yeah. I bought a shirt, to ..ya know, support the band and such. I was talking to Brand about lyrics..." She squints, realizing she probably isnt being heard well. "Can I..have a ...paper thing?" She points to the pamphlets.

"Sorry, what?!" Olivia hollers cheerfully at Althea, wedging herself a little closer so she can hear better, and gestures to Ephraim. "Who's your friend?! And I think there was one who wandered off?! Aren't they great?! I know the lead singer!"

After the third song ends, Brand and the band wait for the crowd to die down. The bass player curtsies with her bass held nearly upright, eyes sharp and lips closed, so professional. Hopping in place, Brand's chains and bandanna's bounce. Crackling with energy of a rare kind, he claps towards the audience and steps back up to his microphone. "I think it's time for a little chat, yeah?" Brand calls out to the crowd. He holds up devil horns, beaming with pride. "Alright arright arright. We'd like to thank some people for putting this all together. Matteo and Amy here at Bella. Holy shit, how about these fucking girls? Where'd that blonde g-" Brand laughs, looking around the stage. He waits for the crowd to die down. "This place is amazing. You're all so perfect tonight, we love you." A beat. "Special thanks to Starecross Radio and this -fabulous- fucking ink I just got from Forbidden Arts; I love you guys so much all of you. Thank you for coming." He steps back from the mic to salute the crowd. He claps over the audience and steps back up to the mic as the next song begins.

Returning the squeeze of his hand, Peter is lost to the rest of the world, as amazing as the music is, it's all a backdrop to him, it's like in those movies where you see The One and you hear glorious magical music? Well, that's what is happening to Peter right now. Even just sitting there, drinking her wine, Amy, to him is an angelic beauty and he only has eyes for her.

She said yes! Amy will go out with Peter in public! The way he eats, that must be love. "Are you ever gonna clean the house?" Peter asks Amy. A dangerous question for most men but not Peter! He's a brave soul! "Do you want to? Does my collection bother you all scattered around like it is?" Peter asks Amy.

Arkady flicks an ear at Wendell, unthinkingly. "You are a poet?" he asks, looking over. He's sipping his own drink, apparently intending to nurse it to the bitter end.

Althea eyes follow Olivia as she points to Ephraim she leans in to her so the other woman could hear her better. " Oh that is Ephrain and I'm Althea it is nice to meet you..."

Grace seems to be catching enough of Melody's words, or at least thinking she's catching enough, leaned forward to better hear and be heard. A half-dozen pamphlets - mostly different Truther-style documents, but also the one with the station's information - is pressed promptly into Melody's hands. "Have as many as you like! Take extras and give them to your friends!" she encourages. When she hears her station mentioned she looks back towards the stage, holding up an arms-length thumbs up before looking back at Melody with an even wider smile. "Cool, huh! We're going to start streaming his shows on our station."

Kato nods to Kilo, looking her over curiously. "Who tattooed you?" He inquires, a brow creeping up under the brim of his hat. At her question, he gives a slight shake of his head, looking up towards the stage again, smirking faintly as Brand throws up the horns. "I have not met the man. This is not the type of music I normally listen to, but he is a very skilled performer. Why? Do you know him?" He asks, nursing his rum further.

Wendell turns to Arkady after spending some time staring at his drink. "Yes...." He takes another long sip. "Once upon a time..." Wednell speculates on the memory with a someone sad voice before finishing his up his drink through the straw.

Kojiro continues to stand next to the little booth awkwardly, looking between Grace and Melody, trying to hear what they were saying. Eventually leans in towards Melody, "Hey! I'm Kojiro, nice to meet you."

After the shout out to herself and Matteo, Amy flashes Brand a soft smile from her place at the bar, watching him for a few moments before fingers lift and rake through her white-blonde hair before it's tucked behind her ear - a flash of white hair that doesn't seem to match the rest easily seen. But then she's turning in her barstool to Peter, a leg lifting and manipulating so that it's moved between his own, creating extra contact. "I do clean it. You simply keep getting it messy." A smirk to Peter at this as her wine glass is lifted then sipped and swallowed. "When do you want to go out for supper?"

Olivia cups her hands around her mouth and yells at the stage, "We love youuuuuu!" before turning back to Althea. "We should talk once the band takes a break, yeah?! I'd love to talk to you and your friends!" Yeah, she's hollering over the music, which makes her throat a littl parched, so she finishes off her beer. And now she has nothing to drink. How sad! "I'll be right back!" she says to Althea, and starts to heard to the bar.

Kilo almost looks a little surprised at Kato's question. "Joker. Joker did my ink. He was the only I trusted to touch me, God rest his soul." She pulls out a bullet attached to a chain she's wearing around her neck and kisses it reverently before spilling a small quantity of her whiskey down on the ground. "That's for Joker." She nods as if she had to explain. "Do I know Brand?" Her grin turns wicked as all get-out. "I might." She pauses, studying Kato. "You got any ink? Seems like you ought to if you don't. Seems like you're the type of guy who should."

Melody is focusing, looking through the stack of odd pamphlets as she leans in again to Grace. "Thank...you. I'll be sure to.listen." She flashes a smile then leans in toward Kojiro. "Hi..I'm Melody...nice to meet you too." Sliding the hardned cards into her pack. "Do you follow the band, Kojiro?"

Still standing near the end of the bar, Pyper has a long swig from the beer in hand and contents herself in watching the show for now. That's the idea right?

Althea nods and waves to Olivia as she walks off. she looks around for Kojiro for a bit before not seeing him in the sea of people and goes back to dancing.

It's getting a little warm in here with all the energy in the room so Peter takes off his coat laying it on his lap as he talks to Amy. "Oh, whenever you like. When is your next night off?" he asks Amy as he scoots closer on his barstool and leans forward a little to get his drink.

It's proving a good night for handing out pamphlets. Having had this much luck with the two changelings at her booth, Grace takes a moment to eye them up, make reasonably accurate guesses as to their measurements, then offers out folded up Starecross Radio t-shirts to the both of them.

Ephraim saw Althea looking around. He turned to see if he could spot Kojiro when he spots him he gestures him back over.

And that's when Ark's phone goes off. Surely, he can't hear it in all the wall of sound, but he can feel it. He claps Wendell on the shoulder, shouts some half-audible apologies, and goes out to take it - slipping through the crowd tothe door.

Kojiro shakes his head at Melody, "No! I just heard about them yesterday!" he confesses loudly, then looks startled at the suddenly proffered shirt. "Uhh.. Thanks!" he yells to grace. "How much?" he shouts, then notices Ephraim gesturing to him, he nods and holds his hand up, "ONE MINUTE" He mouths awkwardly.

Amy smirks at Peter, and when he leans forward to get his drink Amy is there to intercept him a bit - rising off her barstool to steal a quick peck from him before she's back on her barstool. But then he's taking off his jacket, amusement in her eyes as she gives a playful wink to the man next to her. "How about tonight? After the show? I want to leave a little early before Brand ends - so I won't be stuck holding the bag for clean up. Then we can take a midnight swim. And see." See what, she doesn't add on.

Late with her own glacial pace as she slinks through the door, Nyx's wide and pale eyes slowly wander over the interior. Each individual gets their own stare, particularly those that she has never met before. It isn't impolite, prying or rude - just curious. The snow slyph wears a pair of ratty shorts and a black wife beater and a pair of biker boots with questionable scuffs and stains. Blue woad marks trail up and down her arms, collarbone and face. They look freshly applied - or frozen, given the cracking the marks exhibit. Still, she manages an awkward wave to the room itself and starts inching towards Grace with a great lack of subtle intention. Direct beeline here.

The lights stutter and flash all over the place as the song comes to its natural end. Sweaty now, Brand wipes his forehead with the bandanna covering his forearm. He whips his sweaty hair out of his eyes and starts to tug on the tank top that reads 'BELLA' on the front of it. Laughing at the wolf-whistling from the crowd, he throws the shirt out over the stream of people and turns to the mic. "We love you too, baby." He sniffs, rolling his shoulders back under his guitar strap to get comfortable. He turns his eyes across the audience once more, cupping a hand over his eyes to get a better look at the faces. He's able to better track Olivia, Amy, PETER, and Nyx. Nyx? Surprise there. "Okay, we're gonna change things up here and playtest something we've been working on for the new album. You guys wanna hear some new SHIT?!?" Brand calls out, raising a fist to the sound-off that howls back at him. With a casual glance back and a nod to the new girl dancing on the pole behind him, the drummer begins the countdown and Brand prepares to sing. "This one's called 'Ground to Dust'." Taking a deep breath, Brand starts to play.

"He did good work," Kato remarks to Kilo, though he doesn't appear to get any more sentimental about her fallen friend than that. He nods as she answers his question... vaguely, then sips his rum as she asks her own, considering it. At length, he sets down his drink, removes his blue suit jacket with its ripped seams and moth-chews, folding it and tossing it upon the bar. The sleeves of his tattered dress shirt are uncuffed, and he tugs them up, exposing his beef-brisket forearms. On the inside of his right arm is the veve of the loa Ogoun. On the inside of his left arm is the veve or Baron Samedi. "I have a few others," he says, displaying them to her, "But nothing near the artistry of yours. They were done by priests, sorcerers, and in a few cases soldiers. Not artists."

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Drawn away by someone -- another part of the local scene -- Denali had disappeared from the venue for a time. The woman reurns now, sans whomever had summoned her away to speak. The woman resumes a place near the back. It's not an outcast sort of role she takes- not precisely. Instead, the siren seems to be a keen observer. Eyes drift over those present, the band, and beyond. It's a common position for her, for those familiar with the music scene in Fallcoast. The woman tends to observe, watch, and play mother hen more than she gets fully involved. Generally, at leat. Often, others will drag her into the fray. Tonight, she's waved them all off.

Ihrck waded around the crowd letting it part for him like a steamship cutting through ice so the sassy crieature, DaisyLu can wade in behind him without getting crushed in the crowd. There were advantages to being a 6'7" defensive tackle some days. This was one of them. Finding a place to park his arms folded across his chest, beer in hand so DaisyLu could plant herself in front without getting smushed, crushed, shoved, and really that might be for the safety of others. he's such a goddamned humanitarian. His head dipped withthe music cause really this was one hell of a show.

Melody nods to Kojiro. "Nice to meet you, Im sure I'll see you around." She offers another wave to Grace as she leaves the table and heads back towards the counter, weaving between people including Nyx. Trying to find a spot at the bar to dwell, she keeps getting pushed this way and that from those ordering drinks. Dismayed, she bounces back forward through the tables, yet no where to sit. Eyes look around as she finally ends up in the center of the room. The exact place she rather not be.

Wendell goes looking around for Rio or Ephraim or Mr. Bear. Whatever the was calling himself these days, even though he came up with that last one. He managed to get a soda. He takes a minute to observe the new arival with widened eyes but just keeps moving through the see of unfamiliar faces, using his build to push people aside if necessary. Once he gets close enough to Ephraim he gives the tall man a big wave and a wide smile. "Hello!" He says happily.

Daisy appreciates a humanitarian. She follows in John's wake until she can plant herself in front of him. She's tall enough to see over people and he still dwarfs her. "Thank you kindly, John," she says to him, before taking a slug from her own beer bottle. She seems to be enjoying the hell out of the show, herself, and smiles affably on the crowd, in between sips of her carefully guarded beer.

When Brand starts to riff on the new stuff Peter is quiet until the intro is over then he leans over, adjusting his gray vest and says to Amy, "I don't think I'm paying him enough for my guitar lessons." Peter brings his hand up to the side of his head and makes a fist then opens it suddenly in the 'He just blew my mind' motion. Peter is even distracted from the thoughts of a nighttime swim and that, that my friends, is an olympian feat of musical magic.

Grace waves back to Melody as the woman heads away, then looks back to Kojiro to tell him encouragingly, "It's free! Take it!" as she continues to try and press the shirt into his hands along with all the pamphlets. She spots another familiar face coming her way, waving energetically towards Nyx.

Nyx is standing on her tip-toes and blinking down at Grace, "Hello." she greets in monotone, waving her unnaturally blackened fingers. Her back is to the stage and her attention zeroed in on the more familiar face of the room. "Did you get that interview?" Her eyes follow the pamphlets beind handed out, side to side like a metronome.

Olivia weaves her way to the bar, dropping her empty beer bottle on a table with intention of acquiring another one. That's when she spots Ihrck and DaisyLu, yelling out, "Yeeeaaaah, new stuff!" She heads toward the pair, grins at DaisyLu, but her initial primary target is the big man behind her. She does a little football side dash, and pretty much just hops up toward Ihrck (here's hoping he catches her) and gives him a smacking kiss. "You taste like beer!" she informs him happily over the music. Seriously, how many guys is she going to snog tonight?

Kojiro nods enthusiastically to Grace, "Hey Thanks!" he yells and waves the tshirt around for a moment like it was a trophy. "I need to get back!" he yells at her and waves the pamphlets at her, then turns and starts trying to slip back through the crowd towards Ephraim and Althea.

Kilo now gives her full and undivided attention to Kato and the intricate ink on his arms. "That's... amazing. And so meaningful. I find that to be more powerful than any 2-bit artist could ever produce for you. More relevant and eloquent and strong. I absolutely love these Kato. I'm a huge fan, for sure." She smiles then, nodding with true appreciation. "I'd love to have had an opportunity to have something like this. Maybe I will someday. We'll see. Anyway, you should stop by the shop sometime -- just to hang and talk about these. I'm sure they come with good stories." She grins.

"No. You're probably not." A chuckle from Amy at this as she looks to Brand on the stage, listening to him play for a tick before her wine glass is lifted - the contents drained and swallowed. "Too bad Matteo isn't here. He would love to see this. Hasn't been this packed as of yet." That leg on Peter's lap gives a back and forth motion as she regards him. Her voice lowers now, words just for him as the music around them does the rest and drowns out her words.

"Nice to meet you!" Grace calls again as Kojiro heads off, then leans back in her chair so she can look up at Nyx with a smile. "Hi Nyx! Take some pamphlets!" she invites, sweeping an arm out across the selection. Fluoride, pyramids, UFOs, the reptoid Monarchy, it's all here and more. "Would you like a shirt? They're free!"

Yet again, Brand is just yet another performer on the stage. Two topless dancers prance to the front of the stage. The touch his shoulder to let him know they're coming behind him. One presses to his back, pressing a kiss to his neck and turning to grind back to back with him while he plays, leaning to get his lips to the mic. The other -carefully- wraps his arms around his leg, sticking her barely-covered ass out to the crowd. Brand? Brand -notices-, but his focus is on the music, drinking in the energy from the crowd. He launches into a guitar solo, his hair plastering over his face as he rocks it back and forth, growling into the solo. When he's done, he flips his pick towards Nyx then lashes his hand out, shouting 'WOOO' off of the mic while he slaps at hands, trying to slyly crack a high five to Althea, Wendell, and Kojiro." Back to the song, Brand slips back to the mic and the girls disperse to the crowd again. More money. More tunes.

Ihrck took a swig of his beer and winked to The tall-but-shorter DaisyLu and winked with a wry grin. John did appreciate having his uses. It was however either Tooth OR Nail's fault (not certain which portaion of the band but we suspect all of them) that he was distracted enough to be ambushed by one Olivia from the side. He turned quick enough to catch the hoping Liv and dipsmoosh her faintly before setting ehr back on her feet. He laughed, "Yeah well there's a reason for that." He took another swig of his beer and handed it to Liv. Hey at least he offered to share. "The is balls, Liv. It's like Brand got talent when I wasn't lookin." He grinned and pointed one sausage finger from one gal to teh other. "Dais'Lu, Olivia. Liv. Dais'Lu."

Melody backing up through the maze of tables and faces, Melody finds her way back by the bathrooms, blending in as she can and disappearing into the mass.

"Why are you handing out pamphlets?" Nyx asks as she continues to watch them being waved back and forth. She even starts tilting her head back and forth with it, though her hoarfrost curls stay perfectly in place and do not move with the motion. It is Grace's mention of a shirt that gets her to stop the odd movement. She reaches out for a pamphlet about pyramids. She looks like a heretic, might as well find likewise ilk. "And yes...of course. It is better than stealing them, to be given one."

Kato gives a faint smile to Kilo, retrieving his jacket and pulling it back on without bothering to roll his sleeves back down, straightening his lapels. "I will come by some time," he agrees, "I'm sure some of my older designs could use touching up. And I expect you likely have stories as well." He retrieves his glass. "You don't seem like the type to get tattoos purely for vanity."

Peter looks up at the stage as Brand plays entranced by the music and oddly not even looking at the girls on the stage. In fact he hasn't oggled girls at all, all night. It might prompt people to think he has been replaced by a pod person until Amy whispers something to her and Peter leaps to his feet. Picking Amy up clean off the seats he takes her in his arms and dip-kisses her in front of everyone. Not just a normal, nice, polite little kiss that you would use in public either, he holds her there, cradled in his arms above the floor and kisses her with a burning, boiling passion that leave him blushing deeply as they lock lips and taste each others mouths.

That is definitely still Peter.

DaisyLu seems entirely unperturbed by the dipsmooching going on just behind her. She turns to look and gets a big ol' grin on her face. "Liv!" she yells. "Didn't know you were here! Holy hell, how they hangin'?" She turns to John, and says, "I didn't know you knew the Seal of Approval! Looks like you gettin' it, though!" Olivia gets a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Met each other in New York!" Ok, it's bad manners to talk like this when there's music going on. But she is anyway.

Wendell chuckles as the man starts giving him and the other two people he knew high fives then once he turns around, he wipes the sweaty hand on his jeans. He watches what the man does next closely with apparent interest. Then turns back to Kojiro and Althea who he notices are near by him. He nods and smiles at the two. "Hello, how are you doing." he says trying to keep it loud while still sounding friendly.

> Brand to Here <=====================================================

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=================================> Wyrd + Expression + 1 [No Flags] <

Althea stops in her dance to hi five the singer back with a smirk at him then goes back to her dancing.

Grace looks Nyx over, then selects a size out of the pile, holding it out to the other Winter with a smile. "You don't need to steal from me, just ask! Do you listen to our show? We've organized to live-stream the band's events, so I'm letting people here know about the station!" And the aliens. She looks back to the stage, watching Brand for a short while and then calling to Nyx over the music, "He looks like he's having fun!"

Ephraim just stands there like a wall to stop people from bugging Althea though he roared out a laugh when she got a high five from the singer.

"DaisyLuuuuuuu!" Olivia swings her free arm around the other woman and kisses her smackingly on the cheeks. "When did you get into town? Screw that, why are you in this two horse town when you were in New York City?" Yes, it would seem the two ladies know each other. She grins at Ihrck. "You make good friends."

Kojiro almost doesn't notice the gesture from Brand as he pushes his way through a sea of people taller than him. But as he arrives back in the small sea of calm around Ephraim, he manages to look up and notice the gesture. He blinks and does quick look around thinking the singer must be looking at someone next to him, but then smiles. "Hey Althea! I think he noticed us!" He yells to his friend, suddenly more at ease with the whole situation. As he notices Wendell he grins, "Doing great!" he yells.

A trio of boys just barely old enough for the show come up to Denali. They reach for her hands and arms, trying to drag her towards the stage. The banter and actions are playful and though the blue-haired woman smiles, the expression does little to reach her eyes or affect her overall demeanor. "Go on!" It takes a few more rounds of begging and brushing off before they tease the artist for being 'no fun' and pressing off into the crowd. Either to dance, flirt, or both. When they depart, the siren's expression returns to neutral and she continues to observe.

There's something deeply personal being belted out on this new song for the crowd tonight. When he's not being felt up by the dancers on stage, Brand's eyes are sharp as knives, focused on the song with lyrics like 'I'll be gone and never come home' and 'Never coming home' and 'Live before I die'. The song ends on a long solo that has Brand resting his head against a dancer's, sweat everywhere. The closes his eyes into the final notces, and before he can bother to get back to the mic, the music for the next song begins, a medley-like transition into 'THE LAST DYING LIGHT'

"I just started getting the technology to work so that I can listen to it." Nyx admits as she holds out an arm for the shirt to be draped over. "Thank you, you are too kind, Grace. I would offer clothing in return...but that would only the that which is on my back right now." The Winter turns to face the stage and stand beside Grace, conversing in loud dead pan. "He appears to be enjoying his inevitable ravishing by the bare fleshed women, or the not so bare fleshed women in the crowd."

Nyx is also, apparently hit square in the collarbone with a guitar pick. She holds up an upturned palm to catch it and blinks down at it. Instead of screaming along with the other fandom, she holds it between two fingers to study it. Belatedly, she calls to Brand, "Salutations and thank you for this small piece of plastic. It is much better than your tabacco sticks."

Amy gives a sharp yelp when Peter just picks her up and dipsmootches her, she seems shocked at first but then laughs against his lips into the kiss. After the display, and once she's back on her feet Amy gives a soft chuckle as her arms wrap around his waist, giving him a hug with her cheek to his chest. "Why Mister Penley." Back on her bar stool she sits, her voice lowering to a mere whisper again, talking to her male companion as fingers hook into the waistband of his pants. Back to the stage she looks at Brand though, watching him for a good time and listening to the music then looking back to Peter.

Ihrck had his eyes locked on the stage, still able to hold a conversation keeping DL and Livi in peripheral view. The comment erupted a clow chuckle from him, "I know a lot of people, especially when I'm tryin not to, Dais'." He glanced to Olivia and nodded to his sassy sohort amused, "Yeah. I try to hang onto the good ones. She adopted me as her pet doorstop. Now we just need a damn door. Shit I didn't know you guys knew one 'nother. Somehow that fails to surprise me. Should grab a pizza and catch up soon." It was then his words drifted off and his focus fixed on the stage transfixed by teh tactile imagry of feeling and association of that last song in there. Not so much so that one hand didn't extend with his gorilla reachstop some dude with his hand flat on his chest and keep him from running smack into the ladies with his beer. he didn't even look at him but pointed away which was where that guy needed to go and went. Vigilant Hulk was vigilent.

Wendell grins to Kojiro. "Very good!" He calls out as he turns to Brand, he frowns a little at the song. The beginning sounds sad to him but he immediatelly turns back to the rest of the people he met. Wendell wrinkles his nose. He doesn't smell any food. The bar had drinks, but that was no good. His ears did prick up when he heard the mention of pizza. "Is anyone getting any drinks then?" He asks curiously.

"Well, who wouldn't?" Grace reasons with an easy shrug, managing to flog off another couple of pamphlets on a girl who passes too close to the booth on the way to the bar, then turning her attention back to Nyx and the crowd beyond. "Aren't there a lot of us here tonight! Not all faces I recognize, how about you?"

The lyrics of Brand's song, such as they are, draw Denali's gaze to the stage. Away from the crowds. Away from the familiar faces. Away from the writhing girls. Instead, the woman watches the frontman of Tooth and Nail intently for a moment. At least, until he's transitioning into the next song. At this time, she decides to start moving her way to the bar. It'll take a while, likely. Not just to get there, but to be served.

"Even better," says Daisy to Olivia. "We're gonna be roommates! John's a good guy, which he knows." She grins at Ihrck and adds, "With an inducement like that, why /wouldn't/ I want to be here instead of Pollution Central? About now, the roads should be melting!" She glances at the stage. "This guy's pretty good!"

Kato looks back to the stage, sipping his rum and enjoying the music more than he thought he would.

Peter leans over and whispers something to Amy as he sits back down next to her and motions over the bartender.

Melody makes her way back out from the restrooms and scoots along the bar. All drinks look attended to. Darn, just going to have to pay for one this time. She dodges this way and that, looking for an opening until she ends up next to Kato. "Hello Brother, can you flag down that bartender?"

Kojiro grins at Wendell then seems to remember the pamphlets in his hands, "Here!" He yells at Althea and Ephraim, handing them each a stack of pamphlets ranging from a plug for the radio station, to a laundry list of conspiracy theorist regalia. "Uhh sorry! She gave me a free shirt, so I had to!" he shouts to them over the music, and then turns to look at the stage, focusing on the band in the hopes they wouldn't pummel him.

Olivia lets out a peal of laughter that's almost like an odd kind of bark, and chugs some of John's beer back. "Well, I'm glad to see you. You'll like it here, promise." Her gaze strays to the stage as new music plays, and she beams, briefly pressing the bottle to her chest. "That's Brand. Isn't he amazing?"

The next song comes to an end, the band is covered in a layer of sweat, and Brand, for those in the know, is quite literally drinking his fill off of the audience. The entire room is lined with booths and tables with half-naked, or fully naked women on them, and those who aren't blocked in the middle of some kind of dance are watching the show. The applauce rolls over the room, sometimes deafening. Brand just stands up there, eyes scanning the crowd, pupils large and black as they fight against the heavy light. When he sees John Ihrck, he extends his arm in a pair of devil horns to the man, smirking his lips against the microphone like a lover's kiss. His lip drags. "...well..." Brand laughs, pausing to scoop his matted hair away from his face. "This is pretty fucking cool." Giggle. "Oh my god, I've always wanted to play a show like this, you guys are everything worth living for in a world gone black, and we're here tonight to be alive. Who's FUCKING WITH ME?!?" Brand barks out to the crowd, lifting a fist and stomping his feet.

"I recognize a few that would want to be recognized, and a few that wouldn't." Nyx remarks to her fellow Winter. The guitar pick is stuffed into a shorts pocket and the shirt is stuffed into the waistband of the ratty denim, hanging off the back like a weird tail. "Commentary on either or is welcome to you. There is a lot, yes. Performances seem to grab more attention than say.....public recitations of old verse."

Peter starts thumping his big fist on the bar and yelling, "Fuck YEAAAH! MORE! MORE! MORE! "

Amy lifts a hand to Peter's cheek, a nodding to his words as her eyes move to the stage. "Yeah. I guess. Not really my call though. If I get in trouble, you are paying me back." A smirk to Peter as she pecks his lips before slidding off the barstool. And now she is weaving her way through the crowd, slipping this way and that - she is nimble and deft. Over to the side of the stage she moves, hands pulling her fluffy white-blonde hair over one shoulder as she attempts to get Brand's attention, a finger crooking at the man as she flashes him a soft smile. "Brand." She isn't yelling, but her lips are forming his name.

Kato looks to Melody, considering her request for a moment, as though there might be very good reasons for him to refuse. But eventually he nods, turning around to look across the bar, picking out a bartender and beginning to stare unblinkingly, nostrils flared. It's not long before the bartender notices, doing a double-take, and hustles over to take his order. He jerks his chin, directing the man to Melody. "Sister Mel," he says to her, turning to look back up at the stage.

Catching Amy's crooked finger off the side of the stage, Brand looks down and cracks a broad smile to the blonde that he recognizes. "Alright hang'on, I've got a visitor. Smoke'em if you got em. We've got another one coming up you won't wanna miss." Brand laughs, holding a finger to the crowd. He scoops his hair away from his ear, holding it to his neck, and leans down towards Amy with one ear out, expecting to be told something.

Melody squeezes up a little. "Hi..yeah..I need a rum and coke, with a piece of orange..ok..pineapple?" She sighs being turned down on both. "Lemon? Ok, sure put one of those in." She puts a few crumpled up bills on the counter and turns back to look at the stage. "I never have this much."

There's a familiar face at the bar. A keyboardist for one of the bands working its way up the Fallcoast scene. He's already buying beers and has one added to his tab for Denali. It's passed her way and the woman offers a smile and moves along; delving around the perephereals of the venue towards the stage. She's a ghost, in a sense... But it's just that talent. Years of small, packed places, with sweaty bodies. You notice the cracks. Which way to step, to turn, to eventually wind your way through and to the front. Then she's there, by the stage. She's not jumping, screaming, or yelling... but she finds a place, lifting her beer in a sort of salute should she catch his eye- even for a passing glance.

Ephraim takes the pamhlets from Kojiro, grinning when he sees him talking to Althea.

Wendell takes the pamphlet with a confused look on his face. He doesn't need to quite know what to do with this. He leaves it on a table somewhere after giving it a cursory glance. Be looks back up at the stage then sniffs loudly again. Nope, still no food. He frowns just a little bit though the headmon does seem to put on a decent show alright. He sticks around to the end he decides. He doesn't seem to have much of anywhere else to be. Wendell nods at Kojiro "Oh uh, that's okay." he says, twisting his face in confusion, he turns his eyes back to the stage as it was difficult to keep his eyes of the great speactacle that it was.

Ihrck squinted at DaisyLu disapprovingly. "Don't tell her that. Word gets around and everyone will want something" He sighed. No he meant not a damn word of that. "This show's off the fuckin chain I'll give em that" The back of his hand went int eh air flashing the horns back to Bran. He bellowed, "WE'RE FUCKING WITH YOU MAN!" Mildly frightening raising his voice but hey he was with the crowd and not against them. This was good for everyone. He flashed a sharp toothy grin to the stage and gave DaisuLu a sort-of-not half hug. "Yeha the Bitch is badass. I wasn't going to turn her down. She's terrifying." Yes. The meat mountain just said that with a straight face. Either that was true or he's got deadpan humor locked down. He was having a good time though and laughed clapping his hands abave his head as the next song started and went back to 'floor monitor' mode.

Kojiro shouts along with the rest of the mash of people around him, throwing the horns at the stage and Brand in particular. "Who'd have thought a high price strip club would b such a fucking awesome venue?" he yells at his friends.

Kato quirks a brow at Melody. "Rum and coke without lime?" He asks, shrugging. "To each their own. Are you drinking more than usual for a reason? Or because it is a thing to do?" He asks her, able to speak clearly with ease while waiting for the next set to begin.

DaisyLu half-hugs Ihrck back, while saying, "He's fuckin' great!" Then, she, too, is shrieking at the stage, "WE'RE WITH YOU! FUCK YEAH!" She grins at Olivia and manages not to bounce up hard where it might hurt someone. She drinks some more beer, getting down a little bit. And not a single ass kicked!

Melody looks at the drink then back up. "Lime would have been good. I never had it with lime. I thought those were just green lemons." She speaks honestly and shrugs. "Oh..for a reason..yeah." Tilting the glass back, she jostles the ice and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, watching the stage passively.

Althea takes the pamphlet form him with a small blink looking down at them. She takes a momnet to look them over then looks back at kojiro with a soft smile.

Amy moves up to her tip toes and speaks in Brand's ear, her fingers lifting to idly twirl around his long hair before she releases his locks and steps back from him. Words are mouthed only to him before she's going back to the bar. Back to Peter.

Wendell furrows his brow. "High price? But I don't have any money." He says with concern. "What if I'm too poor for this place." He says in a worried tone as he looks around. "Man. I need to find some stuff to do." He says with a frown, turning back to the stage then observing his surroundings a little bit more. Always, looking around for something it seemed.

Kilo claps for the band in between songs and continues to take pics and video from her vantage point. And then her attention returns to Kato. Who is talking to someone else. She shrugs and stands to leave, firing off a text and heading to the door.

Kato glances at Melody as though expecting her to elaborate. When she does not, he disregards, sipping his own drink of straight rum. "Nope. Lime is a different fruit," he says simply, "Good with alcohol."

Nyx just seems to realize she is at a strip club. The frosty woman openly (and vacantly stares) up and vertically-wise at a pole with a dancer on it in mid-air spread eagle. "Heavens, how do you fit singles up there?" she asks with all the wonder of a researcher poking at a microscope.

Brand leans down to whisper back and forth with Amy for a few seconds. Something she says makes his eyes widen and he grins as he rises, stepping back to the mic. "Wow. Everybody, say hi to Amy from Bella." Brand laughs, pointing out Amy as she's walking away from the stage. Pointing the attention on her, whole droves of the crowd reply HIIIII AMYYYY. "Ladies, Gentlemen, Badass motherfuckers of the night, Amy has just informed me that beers are going to be lined up for a free round on the house courtesy of Bella Gentlemen's Club, and they thank you for supporting the Fallcoast Local Scene." Brand claps over the mic, grinning broadly. He wets his lips and reaches out towards Denali, a salute of some kind to her, another local musician. "Okay, okay, do we have any West Coast girls in the house? West coast people? Show me some hands. I love you LA types." Brand pauses, waiting for some hands to show. "DOES ANYONE LIKE GUNS AND ROSES?" The band begins to play. "This song's called Nightrain."

Olivia drains yet another beer, and finds another surface to set it down. Which is wonderful because there's more screaming and more horns, this time the double with both hands free. Who doesn't like Guns N Roses?

Melody chears out. "Paradise City!! OH..um..Nightrain?" She sinks back to her seat, crestfallen. "I guess I dont know that many GnR songs." Running fingers through her hair, she looks back at the bartender. "HEY!" The lemon is thrown, pegging him in the arm. "Brother here says lime is better, why did you give me that thing? Lime, dang it!"

Harley slips into the strip club. She adjusts her backwards cap and her oversized sweater, peering about curiously. She slips idly through the crowd, taking everything in with wide blue eyes. She squeezes into a spot at the bar, flashing an ID and ordering a drink. When she finally gets it she takes a long sip, turning to take everything in.

Grace points a finger towards the stage when Nyx talks about people who want to be recognized, though her laugh is lost over the volume of the music. She cheers along with the rest of the crowd, bouncing on the balls of her feet, then settles down and looks back at Nyx. "I have a couple of cousins who dance, you should talk to them," she suggests, then distracts herself for a minute or two with checking the status of the laptops.

Kato very nearly smiled at Melody, but stops at a faint smirk, looking back to the stage as the show begins again.

Kojiro turns away from the stage and looks at his friends, his eyes a little wild with the amount of emotion and glamour in the air. "What do you think??" he yells at them over the music, with a hopefully expression on his face. "Glad you came?"

The gesture from Brand summons forth a smile from Denali that is a bit more true to self. It doesn't linger long, but at least it's there. Though she remains by the stage during the song, the woman doesn't dance. She drinks, she savors the music, but she does not move as much with the beat as she otherwise may. It's only when the final bars begin to taper away that she takes another drink, before offering the bottle out towards the singer himself. An offering of kind.

Nyx just keeps blinking up at the dancer's thighs and cants her head to the side. "And so much...glitter spray as well. How is this stage not a slip-n-slide by now?" She asks with childlike wonder, perhaps directing the question to Grace and stripper both. "I dance, but only when others aren't watching. Are they any good? Do they enjoy it?" A pause. "Do you dance?"

Peter is at the bar next to Amy. He takes out a thick roll of money and hands it to her, saying so only she can hear it, hopefully, "Here, since it was my idea, I'll pay for it. Otherwise it would be stealing from your boss in a round-about way.." then he looks at the size of the crowd, "At least most of it. They might run out of booze if they keep playing. " Peter is out of place among the crowd because he is dressed in a zoot suit and because he's almost 7 feet tall. They grow em big in Maine.

Harley simply sips at her drink. Her gaze lands on the same dancer as Nyx, but the girl blushes a hint. She's obviously watching for a much less clininal reason then the other girl. She clears her throat and glances about the crowd, adjusting her hat again.

Amy slinks back to Peter at the bar, attempting to deflect as much attention from the crowd that Brand causes. A soft sound from her throat as she just slides up against Peter once more, her arms going around his waist. When he offers the money she pushes it back into his hand a shake of her head. "No. We'll see how we do with the numbers." A smirk from Amy at this as she moves to her toes, whispering at Peter as her fingers tug on his shirt.

Ephraim grinned at Kojiro his voice rumbling out "It is fun. Not my thing but hey you can tell the guy knows his stuff." He said with a nod.

Peter stands up from his seat and stuffs the money back into his coat. He slides it back on and waves to brand giving him a thumbs up before he slaps Amy on the ass playfully and says, "Catch me if you can!" slipping into the crowd to make his way towards the door.

Another couple of pamphlets get passed off onto a passerby, then Grace is beaming widely at Nyx again. "Yeah! I mean, not professionally like this lot," an acknowledging nod towards the dancers on stage and about the room, "But I like to dance." The rat on her shoulder makes his way down the back of her jersey, jumping free to land back on the booth and waddle over to one corner to groom his ears.

Melody drains her current drink with lime. Now -that- is what she was looking for. Ordering a double, she gets another rum and coke but only one lime. Wait, she ordered double lime, what did he double exactly? She looks confused but just pays and bumps into Kato, a bit less stable than before. "Hey, dont step on my tail there, big guy." She furrows her brow then smiles at the priest before padding through the floor, dodging tables as she makes her way closer to where the nice girl with the free pamphets was sitting.

Goodness know what's brought this latest vision of beauty to the club, but they seem prepared. The raven-haired beauty is dolled up to the nines, looking dressed more for a night on the town in an actual club than in a strip joint. A tight black cocktail dress hugs a prominent rear, hem down at mid thigh, while the front wraps a lithe and slender chest nicely, though doesn't hide too much of the temptress's dark skin, back bared entirely. Of course, the Lost present see a bit more, in the dark, on approach...dark eyes scan the room with a grin, long eyelashes fluttering as a breath is drawn in slowly.

Kato lightly rests a stabilizing hand upon Melody's shoulder, but only when she bumps into him. She's on her own when she goes careening off onto the floor.

Amy gives a soft chuckle at Peter as she makes hasily toward the door, a shaking of her head. Amy looks around the club, making sure the staff is staffing and everything is all in order. A hand lifts to Brand, catching his attention as she waves at him - a soft smile to the performing man. He may see her. He may not. Lots of people. But then Amy is heading toward the door, following after Peter as the two seem to take their leave from the concert.

Ihrck grinned in spite of himself at the endorsement of his roommie. The man didn't deal with praise well but he handled it like a champ. He turned, picked up Olivia and moved her to the part of the counter that was behind him vacated so she could see, moreso be near DiasyLu (to help protect the rest of the world) and upnodded seeming impressed. "That's badass. I'll go ge t the beers. That mob bumping into you two the whole goddamned city might go up in flames and I have a thesis to finish that beeds to be not-burnt." He gave them a wink and drifted off like a steamership cutting through ice again but did stop and let the poor 'norm' pass to not get run over by some Broskis. He made busy with getting the complimentary beers for DL and Liv, and himself since he didn't get to finish his, and left a ten in the jar. Those got palmed in one meaty mitt and hoist overheadas he started to wade his way back occasionally and TOTALLY not deliberately I tell you, making sure people were being groovy and shit. There we go.

Althea turns and looks at the group of men around her "I'm going outside to get some fresh air guys " she smiles at them.

Even from his place mid-song, strutting around the stage past the dancing girls, Brand can see the wave from Peter. Jerking his head in an upwards 'what's up'. Hair blasting to one side as he walks under an air conditioner. Moving up and down the stage, Brand leans out over Grace's booth, hips thrusting the base of his guitar close to Melody, Nyx, and Grace, as he hammers into the near ending of the song. He's looking down at them with a vainglorious smile, he knows exactly what he's doing, and as the song comes to an end, he mouths something to the band over his shoulder. He heard a song title. He mouths 'PARADISE' and the other guitarist breaks into the flangy intro to the song. More Guns n' Roses for the shitfaced and clothes-stricken.

Harley catches sight of Kouri through the crowd. How could someone not. Her eyes widen a hint, and she seems even more nervous then she did when she was watching a mostly nude dancer a moment ago. The blonde buries her nose in her drink, taking a long, deep swig. She clears her throat and leans back against the bar, trying to act casual as she finally manages to peel her eyes from the woman to glance about.

"Someone caught me dancing the other day..." Nyx divulges vaguely to Grace before mentioning in passing like it is nothing, "I almost slit her throat...." Her attention is drawn slowly to the other woman noting her commentary on the logical physical workings of strippers and their hidey-holes. Harley now has the Snowskin's undivided attention for a whole two minutes as she points and intones, "Your cheeks brighten in color. Becoming and wholesome to those so inclined, or a sign of chill or a bloom of health. Are you embarrassed? I am certain we can ask this girl to dance for you to make you feel less so..." Yes, because that will make her less embarrassed to bring the girl closer. Nyx turns to ask the dancer, "Would you mind dancing for her, over there?" She points to Harley again. Mortified, yet?

DaisyLu actually tips her hat at John, as he goes, and says to Olivia, "We need to keep him. He's fuckin' great, ain't he?" Then she shrieks as they actually play a song she knows, and then puts two fingers in her mouth and whistles, a loud, shrill blast. LOOK! Talent!

Nodding to Althea, Kojiro then looks up to Ephraim. "Looks like its curtains, can you get us to the door?" he yells up at his large furry friend. he glances over at Wendell, "Looks like were done here! have a great night!"

It's difficult to get a performer's attention at the best of times. A venue this size? A whole different story. Denali simply tips her beer back and casts a thoughtful gaze back across the crowd. The woman straightens, accepting the commplimentary. It means a beer in each hand and... perhaps the artist herself tethered to her spot a bit longer, perhaps. At least until she's downed enough ebeer or found someone to hand it off to.

Kouri notices Harley...and a smile slides onto the beauty's lips. Hips roll back and forth with an exaggerated sway, driven by dark-skinned bare legs fitted into high pump heels. Wandering up to the bar, that chin dips upwards, head rolled back, to draw in a long, exaggerated breath, taking in the atmosphere literally...and parting dark lips to let out a sultry, almost gratuitous little moan of vicarious enjoyment. "Why hello," is intoned in a gentle, sweet voice, as eyes fall upon Harley and her flustered look...and that serene smile also notes Nyx and Grace nearby. Grace gets a big grin.

Harley is caught in the headlights by Nyx, and her eyes widen. "Um, what?," she asks, surprised. Her gaze flits to the dancer. "Um. I was just...admiring. That's all. No...no need to come over here and dance. Really." Her cheeks are beat red now. Then Kouri draws her attention again, and her gaze lands on those swaying hips. When Kouri reaches her and makes that little moan before speaking, the girl looks like she's just about to bolt. She, instead, downs her drink and quickly orders another. They look strong, too. "HI!," she says, much too loudly.

You know what is a beautiful thing? Getting past cover charges. Well, past everything, really. Reality snaps, folds and reforms in a mens room stall. After a little nose candy to get the night going juuuuust right? Sand makes his way out, checks himself in the mirror and then into the fray he goes. Those black shades intact, pulling a Nicholson isn't for everybody, but he sticks with it. Music? Check. People? Check. Shiny new establishment? Very check. Competition-ish as it may be, Sand can't help but smile as he surveys the domain of a probable rival. Any recognizeable faces? Still looking.

Melody pauses by Grace's table, downing her amber colored drink and swaying to the music. She is fairly toasted now, pausing as she see's a box of tshirts then looks over to Grace, "Can I grab one? Or two...one for my friend?" A hand grips a chair to keep her stable.

Ephraim Nodded to his friends making his way to the door.

"That's terrible!" Grace calls over the music with a sympathetic look at Nyx, more concerned about the interruption than the fate of the woman who did the interrupting. "I--" but then Brand is right there and the Telluric turns back towards the stage with no small amount of excitement, though it doesn't keep the pragmatic part of her from quickly checking back over her shoulder to make sure the laptop's webcam is catching it as well. It is, and she looks quickly back to clap and cheer with enthusiasm through the end of the song. "This is so great!" she tells Nyx and Melody, quickly picking out one of the shirts to hand over to the latter. "What size is your friend?"

Kojiro isn't much help as he walks with Ephraim through the crowd, trying to make a path for Althea. But he does what he can, and eventually they break through onto the street.

Kato finishes his drink and moves off the bar, moving towards the exit.

Biting down on his cheek, Brand bobs his head in a stiff-lipped notd of approval to the crowd. So, so vastly many people know the words to the popular song. With a swing of his shoulders, Brand laughs and turns to the mic. "Fuck, I love this song, sing it with me, TAKE ME DOWWWWN TO THE PARADISE CIT..." Brand continues, taking a moment in the guitar break to clap his hands to the tempo of the music, inviting the crowd to sing the song right back at him. The strip club? Bedlam. Naked girls dancing, a girl hanging upside down from a pole next to Brand? It's what bachelors and rock fans would refer to as a 'Target Rich Environment', and now the band is moving into cover songs to keep the crowd throwing money at strippers, bartenders, and merchants selling Tooth and Nail merchandise and albums in the back.

Nyx raises her hands in mock surrender as Harley's attention is grabbed by another. "That would have been an interaction worth studying." For her troubles she hands the dancer a more than generous tip and recommends, with a hand over her heart and all the sincerity a doctor would have when prescribing treatment, "In the rear crack, not the front those should be stuffed. Less chafing if my hypothesis is correct." Her expression, wholly void of emotion, does not even grant one room to think it malicious just...socially ignorant of what may be 'norm' in this sort of club. She blinks back to Grace. "Your work is getting around. Well done, Grace. And..it isn't all too terrible. Some things should remain private, my dancing being one of them."

Althea waves to Wendell and follows the other two out of the club. She looks around then smiles at her two friends "Thank you but I think I might head out you two can stay if you like..."

Ephraim shook his head "I came to hang out with you guys so it is fine."

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As that beer is finished, Denali starts to fade away into the crowd. She'll try for one last salute to the man on stage; lifting a bottle aloft before she finishes it and leave it upon a table. The crowd, certainly, gets rowdier once it's music they know by hard. There's singing. There's clapping. Whistles throughout the club. And the blue-haired woman is ducking her chin as she carefully winds her way through the press of bodies.

Kouri smiles broadly to Harley and her liquid courage, doing a double take to Nyx, wondering if she's even noticed. Rolling a bare dark shoulder, a hand raises to twirl dark hair around a finger. "Is that all for you, or did you plan to ply me as well?"

Harley blinks at Kouri and clears her throat. "O-oh. Sure." She draws the bartender's attention and gestures to Kouri. "Whatever she wants." She reaches into her jeans and withdraws some cash, paying for her drinks, and enough for the beauty to have a few as well. "You're stunning." She pauses and blinks. "I...I mean I'm Harley. I'm Harley."

With just about everyone he knows gone, Wendel focuses mostly on the stage until he starts his latest song. He frowns, but then remembers what Brand said about the free stuff and moseys towards the bar. He waits patiently for a while, but then he figures he starts needing to using his build to get through. He barrels through the crowd with a series of apologies towardst the bar for his free beer. Those in the know usually would consider it unwise to keep a man like him from free food despite his seemingly harmless and gentle nature.

Grace looks pleased, even a little smug in the face of Nyx's praise. "Isn't it great? We're already seeing a big surge in visitors to the website," she tells the other Winter, turning around the laptop that's not aimed to film the stage, tapping a finger against some statistics in a box at the top left of the screen. The numbers aren't exactly high, but they're presumably higher than they were before. "I'm all out of mediums, and I've passed out more pamphlets than I usually do!"

Grace spots Kouri while she's talking, squinting for a moment in a way that suggests she thinks she recognizes her but isn't entirely sure. In the end it makes no difference; familiar face or complete stranger, she gets the same friendly wave.

Kouri leans over the bar, not seeming to mind giving any strangers a good view of the cocktail dress riding up the backs of bare thighs. Wendell is seen over a slim shoulder, and lips smile at him...someone who would see a bit more on the outside of those exposed legs, something perhaps familiar, perhaps not. Attention is turned to the flustered little Harley, though there's still glances to Grace and Nyx here and there. A manicured hand is offered, nails short but elegantly painted black. "Kouri. And thank you. I'm a bit surprised how many women are in a place like this...how many attractive women." Grace is flashed a smile at that look.

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Melody finishes her drink, setting it down as she takes the one shirt, having missed Grace's offer of the second based on size. Nodding her head with the music, her hair flails about a bit, falling in with the chorus. "...WHERE THE GRASS IS GREEN AND THE GIRLS ARE PREATTAYY...OH WONT YOU PLEEEASE TAKE ME HOOWMME...." Bouncing back a foot, she almost bumps into a speaker.

Harley blushes a hint, assuming Kouri is lumping her in with the other attractive women. Kouri's drink arrives, and Harley picks it up to hold it out for her as she takes a long draw from her own. She's obviously a bit of a light weight, her cheeks slightly flushed from the alcohol already. "N-nice to meet you, Kouri..." Her bright eyes dip, taking the beauty in with a swallow.

John Ihrck, Technoviking-at-large, made his way back to the gals holding down the fort and benevolently not destroying all live on Earth as we knowing and breaking hearts besides and carefully lowered his arm not to spill doling out the beverages> DL's first because she knows where he sleeps, and Liv's and he finally had his. After tilting it back a bit he considered as the bridge was going in teh sone "You know same beer I just had but I swear it tastes better when it's free... Funnk that."

Wendell glances at Melody with a chuckle, then turns to Kouri. He nods to Kouri with a grin but decides not to bother them upon seeing them involved with a woman. Wendell shoves his way up from to get his beer. Yes even his patience had limits. The rangy, yet broad shouldered man in the thrift store close seats himself near the bar to order his free beverage, turning to the stage periodically to get a good view of what's going on. The show still seemed to be active, and Wendell figures he might as well see it all the way to the end.

Kent, an older man, in his 50's walks into the club, he's dressed in a more casual attire for the evening, a pair of simple jeans and a concert T-shirt from the Grateful Dead. the older man makes his way in tying a bandana around his head like it's the 60's all over again and makes his way towards the bar looking for the most drunk women.

Those in the know usually would consider it unwise to keep a man like him from free food despite /his/ seemingly harmless and gentle nature.

DaisyLu says to John, "Free beer always tastes better. It's why people end up helping their friends move!" She takes hers, and downs the last of the first one, setting the bottle aside and toasting the Techno-Viking and the Seal with the second.

Nyx roves her glance to Kouri and Harley, the ice of it melding with the hoarfrost encasing her mahogany curls. A different note of observation lingers there, though her expression gives away not a hint of what it may be. The sylph lowers and murmurs something softly to Grace with a nod, dropping her eyes then to the computer screen. She audibly voices then, "T-shirts should be given to the women with large mammary glands. A lot of eyes linger there so...more advertising space and sight for your bands and products." Product placement, via strip club!

Leaning back with his guitar extending from his hips, Brand is grinning ear to ear, having the TIME OF HIS LIFE(tm). Covered in sweat with his hair matting together when it hits his skin, he plays out against the music with a snarly grin to the audience as a whole. It's really the people singing -at- him as he plays Guns n' Roses' Paradise City that brings the look of dreams to his eyes. So much hope for the future. Movement out of the corner of his eye has him spottin Melody nearly bumping over a speaker. He finds the right timing and throws his arm under hers and behind her back, dragging her the extra foot onto the low stage. Laughing, he gives the side of her head a playful 'BONK' with his and motions her to the mic. "--WON'T YOU PLEASE TAKE ME HOOOOmmmme!"

Kouri grins wickedly, though there's that eyelash flutter again. Is the beauty on something? Those manicured nails take Harley's hand, warm skin against warm skin in a handshake that doesn't quite end, fingers twined as the other hand lifts the drink to sip it. "You'e absolutely smitten," comes the warm purr. "I see a few friends here, but my dear, I'd hate to leave you like this. Do you need some fresh air?"

Deer in headlights. Melody is mortified, looking at the mic but fortunately for her she is already singing and is not quite sure how to turn it off. Unfortunately, it is out of any reasonable key that is should be sung in. "I WANNA GO...I WANNA GO...OH WONT YOU PLEASE TAKE ME HOOWOOME...YEAH YEAH..." Shock, she looks up at Brand, trying to push it away while also laughing.

Mirabella walks into the club, dressed to kill in a pair of black ankle boots with silver pyramid spikes at the back and on the heels, shiny black snakeskin pants,and a modified black Nightwish tee shirt, made into a tank top with braided straps and studded with small pyramid spikes at the collar. She's late. But hey. Late is fashionable. She lifts a hand to the stage, spotting Brand absolutely killing it, and works her way closer to the stage. She opens her arms to Melody, calling, "Need an escape, or a dance parter?" to the woman. Brand gets a wink and a mouthed 'wanna talk to you' with a big smile. Something's up. But it seems good.

Grace laughs delightedly at the idea, and from the assessing look she casts across the dancers it isn't one she's dismissing out of hand. She turns the laptop back the right way around, clicks on a half-dozen things, then brings her attention back up again to listen to what Nyx has to say. "Oh, really?" is her response, but the unexpected voice from the stage has her looking back up and laughing again.

Harley blushes furiously when Kouri takes her hand, and she takes another long sip. "I'd love some fresh air, but..." She considers for a moment, and her liquid courage seems to build her up enough. She leans in to whisper something to the beauty, blushing crimson as she does so. She shrinks back after she says it, as if attempting backlash.

Kouri listens...and laughs, head thrown back, as Harley whispers. Harley is pursued, nose nearly touching her own, a manic grin on the beauty's face as something is whispered back. Mirabella is noted across the room...and a kiss is blown, but Harley has caught full attention.

Brand's belting into the mic next to Melody, and he can hardly conceal the smile on his face. Brand is many things; a bastard is one of them, but he has a world-view that is his own private blueprint for his own destruction. Playing along, he strums his guitar and when Melody tries to get away, he lets her. With a wink and a bump of his hip, he nods her towards Grace's booth and nods to Mirabella's waiting arms. Another wink. The song is ending soon anyway.

"Oh...MY....FUCKING GOD." Brand calls out to the crowd, mopping his sweaty brow with the bandanna wrapped around his forearm. The raised edges of his newly inked shoulder glisten under the lights as he waits for the crowd to die down. "Alright, free drinks. Hey!" Brand laughs. "Can someone get us some of those free beers and a round of waters?" Waters? Brand mouths to the other sweaty band members who muffle jokes into the mics about being leathery. With a few moments to wait, Brand pontificates. "You know...it's times like this that I have hope for the world. Everyone's fucking sweaty and drunk, having a good time, I'm surrounded by the finest. fucking. people I have ever known." Tapping on a pedal, Brand looks down, tuning his guitar back into place. "This show is about being alive tonight, and so help me God, when I drive out of here I want to see rocking cars and fogged up windows. Because if there's anything good in the world, I pray some of you people are gonna take someone hot home tonight. I wanna see people who didn't know each other leaving together, and I want YOU to remember this goddamn show. How you fucking feel about that, lemme hear you, Bella's."

Wendell waves goodbye to Kouri and looks back at the stage. Wendell smiles and shakes his head, turning his attention back to the stage as he starts throwing back his free beer as the man gabs on about the show and starts up with the next song.

Harley blinks at Kouri's response, and she seems to consider for a moment or two before she nods. "...Okay," the girl whispers. She downs the rest of her drink and steps in close, her hand still in Kouri's. "Take me somewhere."

Kouri takes Harley by the hand and leads her off, hips swaying intently, dark eyes looking to anyone nearby with a proud gaze. The cat that got the cream.

Nyx simply nods to Grace, and stands at her full height of 5'10, clasping her hands behind her back as she studys the newcomers. Mirabella is given a nod of greeting, a slight twitch of the lips that looks like it wants to be a smile but pains her to even fathom forming. "Not highly unlike a few of our friends." she intones softly to Grace then, concerning whatever they were whispering about.

Harley follows after, her blush and nervousness conquered by the power of booze!

DaisyLu gives another two-finger whistle at Brand's words, she apparently approves. Or something.

Ihrck laughs and clanks his bottle against DaisyLu's dying soldier and knocks his back. "I need to start charging at least an IPA for movin people's shit." Because at his stature you'd better believe he's abused as the help me move a thing guy. At the shoud a hand went up in the air with a thumbs up. He leaned over and smooched Diasy's cheek taking his life into his hands but handed her his empty cup draining it heeding the request of beer-aid. "Be'back" And again waded through all teh tiny groovy people to go up to teh bar. he leaned on it in a way that one migh t havlf expect it to creek like a haunted house but it didn't because bella's was built with better than plywood. That said things were put into a small stack crate and he slugged it up on his shoulder to convey the contraband of booze and water towards teh stage away from the flailing and the mobbery. A fist was extended up to Brand as he slid it up onto the stage. Clearly the man's been a roadie before or a barback or a packmule or a farm oxen in his former life but will come through.

Olivia has been quiet for much of this time, but mostly because the sheer amount of emotional resonance in the room has been sending her on a roller coaster ride. Even right now, she's swaying a little bit like she's highly overstimulated and completely enjoying it.

Melody tries to regain herself on reaching Grace's table. THe shirt in her hand is shoved in her bag as she looks around, finally spotting Mirabella with a grin and a wave. She waits until she is done near the stage. It's dangerous up there, dont you know? People grabbing you with microphones and such.

Mirabella waves to Kouri with a grin, before winking back at Brand. Nyx gets a smile in return to the proto-one she is offered. Then she lets out a yell, raw, feral almost, as Brand finishes his speech. She throws horns, eyes dancing.

Wendell clabs at the speech then looks around the room, observing the other springs that still seem to be mulling about. He quikly chugs back his beer and then gives a nod towards some of the other ones he recognized as his own.

Grace quickly steps around the booth to offer a steadying arm should Melody be inclined, leaning in to half-shout, "You were great up there!" She's a terrible liar even when she means well, but at least she does mean well. She waves to Mirabella when she spots the other Telluric, smiling, then angles herself back towards Nyx. "There are more things in heaven and earth," she half-quotes.

There's a certain lack of Clarity in Brand's eyes as he looks over the crowd. Arms outstretched, he soaks in their whistles, their responses, the inevitable ass-grabbings that come from his prayer for the crowd. He collapses his hand against his heart in a salute, then turns down to Ihrck. "Thanks, wingman," Brand crunches his knuckles against John's, taking the tray. The whole band walks over, all four of them, so that Brand can distribute a beer and a bottle of water each. There's no lack of pride on his face at the way Olivia is swaying, Brand is a bit wobbly in the knees himself. He takes a large, very large sip of the beer, "You're all gonna have to keep coming back here, that's some good IPA." Brand chuckles into the mic, casting a glance down to Mirabella, returning her some kind of brow tick. Papa loves church. "Okay before we start up again, I want to give you some details on upcoming shows. Next Friday there's the barbecue being tossed about. Bring some potluck and come on in, it'll be a great time. I'll also be appearing on Starecross Radio with the -lovely- Grace Abernathy and her dulcet, golden radio tones." Playful, Brand motions to the Starecross table, then to Melody. "And let's have a hand for Melody. I got her up on stage and I didn't get slapped. Thank you, darlin."

No attention on her right now, Nyx takes up the mantle of guarding Grace's laptop and pamphlets and...shirts. She fumbles around in her pockets and produces a cigarette from somewhere and puts it between her pale lips. With a blink she fumbles around in a search for a lighter that refuses to be found.

Grace's voice is no longer quite so dulcet when she's been yelling all night, and when she proceeds to do some more of the same, waving a fist in the air and woohooing loudly for herself and her radio station, then waving both arms to draw any general attention she can and start making exaggerated pointing motions towards her booth and its pamphlets.

Melody brings her hands together, curled in the shape of a heart, holding it up with a smile. "Not that you didn't try!" Laughing, she grabs a chair and sits at Grace's table and looking at her, "Thanks, I know I was bad but you are sweet for saying so...."

Olivia has since found a table she can sink into a chair at, probably looking a bit replete. Obviously she needs a second wind, perhaps in the form of even more booze.

DaisyLu, far from killing John, actually kisses his cheek back, possibly to throw him off his game. Not that it will. She's clearly enjoying the hell out of the show and the night. She puts the bottle that's half-full of free (and therefore, tastier) beer in front of Olivia, from behind, and resumes her post of watchful partying.

Wendell rocks back and forth in his chair after his free drinks. He's feely a little light headed now. With nothing better to do he just starts taking in the atmosphere as he glances at the people around him.

Mirabella heads away from the stage now that things are dying down, while the band tears down the stage. She heads for Olivia, who gets a warm smile and an offer of a big hug. Melody gets a smile and a yell of "You. Me. Club. Dancing. Soon." before she settles in before Liv. "Hey," she says. "I missed a hell of a show, it seems."

Olivia makes a happy noise when Mira hugs her, but can't help but murmur, "Olivia isn't home right now. She'll be back shortly after beer. Thank you, Beer Fairy!" And by Beer Fairy she means DaisyLu. "You really did. Brand was on fire tonight."

"Are we ready?" Brand looks over his shoulder, sweaty hair sticking to his bare chest and the mic stand. "We ready to do this?" A few nods are sent his way and a thumbs-up from the drummer. "Arright. Okay, everybody, we are Tooth and Nail and this is Bella Gentlemen's Club. God, there are no words for how much you mean to us." A beat. "This is gonna be our last song for the evening. Remember to tip your bartenders and servers, give a little extra in a g-string for the girl you think is the best, pick up our CD in back, and please...call fuckin' Uber or something if you see eight of us up here or the girl on your lap has four boobs." Snort. Elated, Brand rolls his eyes at himself as the drums start in. "We. Are. Tooth and Nail and this one's called Chrysalis." Boom. Drums kick and the final song begins.

Drunk girls, drunk girls, who's got the drunk girls? Kent walks up to the bar and talks to the bartender for a moment telling him that he'll be a D.D. for anyone who needs it and showing the bartender the 5 year A.A. chip on his car keyring. He's being a good citizen with zero alterior motives!

Melody looks over at Mira and grins."Sounds good!" Leaning back in her seat, she blinks a few times. "I had too much of those limes. Damn Brother Voodoun..." Pushing to her feet, she looks to Grace. "So you do like..radio stuff? Too cool."

Nyx just keeps standing there, rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet with an unlit cigarette between her lips. She probably has forgotten it entirely, given the clinical look she is giving a dancer near her. The dancer is doing a series of twirls and Nyx is clearly puzzling over the mechanics of momentum to keep the female from faceplanting on the stage floor.

Grace angles herself so she's able to keep talking with Melody while she's watching the last song, leaning in towards the other woman with an arm against the table. Her rat has started chewing on the corner of some pamphlets, one beady eye fixed on the Telluric in case she looks his way. "This is all us!" Grace confirms to Melody with pride. "Me and Mel. Have you met Mel? We've been doing this about half a year now. This is a real break-through for us though."

Speaking of 'beer fairy' John absofukingloutely does NOT flit back to the gaggle of giggling girls... or in this came dames who will not hesitate to bite him if he ever calls them that, somehow with new beer in hand. He lifted his in salute to his roomie who did get an arched eyebrow of amusement at teh returned candor earlier and looked to Mira clinking the bottom of her bottle withthe bottom of his. Mira, good to see you back." He didn't bother introductions. he crossed his armed over his broad chest in that way that just warded douchebags away from the immediate area. He leaned his ass against ehe edge of the counter next to DaisyLu and zoned out to the electronic pulse and electric snare that was that mad tempo taking over the pulse of the room. There were things worth losing yourself to in teh world. It was a small comfort that some of those things were pretty damn awesome.

Tooth and Nail plays their asses off, and when the song comes to the end, there isn't a body on stage that isn't caked in sweat; the dancers are just as bad. The lighting engineer is ready for the close of the song, blanketing the stage in darkness as the song comes to an end. Brand's shadow can be seen raising a fist and bowing to the audience, before the band slips off of the stage and into the backstage area. Some kind of roadie begins to pack up the equipment, and before long, the lights rise back on. The show...is over.</i></b>

Melody nods to Grace. "I only met you so far but I am interested in hearing more. I'll be sure to listen in. I should go though..sounds likeits closing time." Stretching as she gets up, she goes down. Planked to the floor.

"Please do!" Grace encourages Melody with her steady enthusiasm. "We're on the internet as well!" She's a while in leaving, though she starts packing up her stall once the lights are back on, checking her phone from time to time. She continues to pass out as many pamphlets as she can convince into other people's hands, another t-shirt or three, and then it's just a matter of carting everything that's left out to her car. The Telluric is in high spirits still.

Nyx doesn't really have much in the way of belongings to collect, except now...pamphlets and a t-shirt. She grabs a few more of the papers and tucks them under her arm. She opens one up and weaves her way through the crowd, following some exit sense blindly as she reads up on Russian mind control through fluoride and lead in the water. She nods her head to Grace on her way out, managing a way and a quiet thanks for the company and reading material.