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Three Brothers and some Wolves
Dramatis Personae

Chris Michaels, Henry Cavanaugh, Kizzy, Alana, Augustine, and Kharn as ST.

30 May, 2017

A group of wolves is attacked by Three Brothers


Henry follows the howl, recognizing the area as he makes his way to it as being part of Kharn's territory.

Deciding to stick with Henry, Chris follows along with the howl. Still new in town, its always best to stick with a friend when there has been so much danger afoot. Working his way along at his side with quiet steps.

After asking Alana to join her outside, Kizzy has howled, inviting others to join the pair here. She is dressed somewhat warmly - sweat pants and hoodie - although her feet are left bare, her love of the feel of the loam underneath them making her willing to endure whatever chill sinks in from the ground. When the others start to arrive she moves closer to Alana, moving to take a hold of her wrist if the new wolf looks like she might try to bolt. "Thank you for coming."

Henry is wearing his typical rural outfit, and approaches with a wave and respectful nod. They were on another pack's land, after all. "You howled, Kizzy?" He asks, looking to the new Wolf curiously, and glancing at Chris, presumably by his side, as he does so.

Alana has stuck pretty much at the Hall since 'that night', it's safer that way since the manifestation of her new party trick tends to be very uncontrolled. Outside, the dark haired girl wears a pair of borrowed sweats and a hoodie, the hood up and shadowing her face. With her hands jammed in her pockets, she flinches slightly at the hand clamped on her wrist and she looks at the red haired woman. Kizzy was smart to keep ahold of her, because as bodies start arriving, the skittish girl grows moreso.

Augustine walks into the clearing covered in soot and smelling like hot metal. He lookes around a bit raising an eyebrow before speaking up "Who howled?" He asked his voice grumbling a bit. He in a t-shirt, jeans and boots. ALl of which were covered in the same as the rest of him. He paused then seeming to forget "Oh yeah I am Augustine. Most people tend not to know me. I keep to my forge most of the time these days. Helps with problems." He said simply.

Kizzy looks from face to face, Henry's being the only one she recognizes at first. "We have grown lax. We have people missing and the spirits and Pure are causing problems for us. I grow tired of not doing anything and tonight that fucking changes. We're going to go out, look for clues, do what we can to try and find our Alpha and his mate." A sideward glance is given to Alana and Kizzy shakes her head, her expression stern. "Time for you to stop tucking your tail between your legs and truly learn what it means to be an Uratha. Consider tonight your first lesson." She's not the Alpha but she is taking charge nontheless.

When Augustine introduces himself she gives him an upnod. "Kizzy. This is Alana." Yeah, don't expect formalities from her tonight.

A nod to Kizzy, "Chris, known as Silverdrake to some..." he keeps it short, given the tension. A glance to Henry and then to the others, its clear that Henry is the only one here he recognizes by the way he hasn't moved too far from him.

Henry nods to Augustine. "Henry Cavanaugh, or Nukuth Arada (Mark of Honour). Rahu and Storm Lord of the Sentinels of the Dawn. Here to help."

Augustine looked at Kizzy "Last time the pure were about the majority wanted to make nice and help them. So I kept my pack out of it since we would of rather put a boot to their ass. So they are up to their tricks again?" He asked to see what was going on. "What spirits are causing trouble? Not heard about that just heard the pure were up to something but had not done anything yet." He paused looking around "Your Alpha Kharn? I know this is his place."

Not a single face is met by Alana's eyes, though she glances in the direction of the others. Once Kizzy starts to speak, she takes a half step back in an attempt to not be in the spotlight. Anything but that. he shrinks when the words get turned on to her and her pale blue eyes narrow. "We need the others." she says quietly with a little pull on her held wrist.

"I don't know if these were the same Pure who were the ones you alligned with in the past or not, but if they are..." Shrugging, she lets go of Alana's arm, instead patting her shoulder before letting her shrink back. She might apologize for being snippy with her later but right now it is not the time. "If they are then we'll put them down just the same, I suppose. But they're the lesser of our concerns. The spirits are what we should focus on right now."

The treeline is a ways off, but the sound travels across the clearing. The subtle crunch of some branches under boots. Everyone hears it, it's unmistakeable. There's something there and it's approaching from the North.

Henry says, quietly, in First Tongue, "Another one, fainter, in the East Woods. They're trying to flank us."

The crunching pauses for a second and then it can be heard moving in from the North. The one to the East is silent.

Chris shifts his position, turning to the position first that he hears in the treeline, secondly to the position that Henry calls out. "I'm starting to think I'm bad luck." he mutters as he begins to shift, shifting into the large Urshul form.

Henry takes a moment to activate his Fetishes, remaining in his present form for the moment, not sure what's coming after all. He lays off the Gifts for the time being, as he'd spent valuable resources fighting Shadow earlier that day.

Augustine shook his head about to say something when he heard the sound. He looked around before his head turned to the source of the sound to the North. When Henry said about the other one in the East trying to flank he chuckled "Well sounds like they are having fun." He gave a grin before taking off his shirt showing bright blue woad tattoos on his upper arms, chest and back. They start to bleed after a moment and he turned as he grew in size shifting into Dalu form.

Frowning, Kizzy gestures for silence right as Henry speaks, her eyes narrowing. "<<Fuck.>>" Okay. So swearing in First Tongue probably doesn't have the same impact as it does when spoken normally, but oh well. Eyes closing, she begins to shift, growing taller, much stronger and less human looking. "Alana, change!" The words are a gnarled tangle of growls mixed in with English, a funny mishmesh of sounds that'd be humorous if it wasn't for the dire situation. "<<Get ready for a fight>>," she adds, switching back to First Tongue.

Freed from the grip of the red head, Alana takes a full step backwards now that she has the room to do so. Her hands curl into fists in her pockets and then relaxes as she stands there. The sounds though, make her pause and she looks around, her head lifting up toward the noise. Henry's words make the girl freeze and the fea can be seen etched on her face. Bodies begin to change and she shakes her head violently at Kizzy. "No."

There's a third sound, coming from the South, that most of those present hear. The group has largely turned to face the other two things that step out of the treeline. Pings of fetishes and gifts dot the area, humans turn into other creatures, and the fight is about to start. The two that step out into the clearing are varying levels of armored. One has a vicious axe and a shield, while the other has a pair of wicked looking bastard swords. The prior is armored from head to toe, forward sweeping horns adorn it's blackened armor. The other has less armor, biceps exposed and his armor looks slightly less staunch. The group hears a third set of footsteps come from the south, moving impossibly fast, all except Kizzy. The thing comes flying out of the woods as fast as any wolf using Father Wolf's speed. The 'thing' is scarcely human, it's skin sports blackened spikes that stick through the skin and leave infected, torn flesh. Each limb looks like some crazy weaponized chitinous appendage. One limb looks like a toothed sword, while the other extends longer than where his hand would be and terminates in a pick-like appendage. It's lightning fast, bursting into the group and swinging wildly, the pick piercing Kizzy deep in the back.

"Alana, help Kizzy! Chris, Augustine, take the lightly armoured one. The big bastard is mine."

The unarmored dervish, having struck a devastating blow, streaks past the group, furred boots churning up the dirt as it moves impossibly fast back into the treeline. The other two seem to be advancing.

The large wolf that is Chris leaps at the nearby opponent, thrashing its claws wildly in an attempt to get past his defenses, with no avail. A growl of anger and frustration escaping his throat in a low complaint as he circles.

The Champion is moving at a jog when Chris runs up and snaps at him, trying to knock him off balance. The wolf's teeth scrape along metal, gaining no purchase. The thing stops and breathes in deep, roaring some inhuman roar that echoes for miles. Chris seems unshaken, Kizzy, however...

Yeah. Kizzy fucks that up badly. Shaken up by the roar, she is rendered unable to hit the fucker she decides to try and hit. Her claws swipe at it without any form of success, causing her to go wide-eyed with worry, left wide open.

All hell breaks loose. Again. The creature bursts into the clearing and goes for Kizzy who is just steps in front of Alana, and the other comes in that a wolf goes for. Alana is still in her human form so her's is a human scream of terror as Kizzy goes down. And then that unpredicatble power wells up inside the tiny little thing and explodes. It manifests as a wall of sticks that flies towards the massive Tank of a being that is taking his sweet time joining the fray. And they find their mark, impaling him where ever they can.

Henry closes with the Champion, shifting up to Urshul as he does so. Feral jaws slavering, as he too tries to hamstring the fucker. (Tooth and Claw 2)

Augustine seeing that the champion was the one to hit, decided he was going to help the rest with him since the tank was walking over doing his thing. He connects the blow but not as well as he hopped he growled a bit to himself after the blow.

The Tank picks up a burst of speed and then triest to knock everyone away from his tormented brother. He loses steam a little short and ends up just sort of smacking his heavy, spiked shield against the Gauru-Kizzy. But in a blur, the Berzerker runs in, using that pick to great effect and sweeps all four of Henry's legs out from under him.

"<<What the ever loving...>>" Kizzy manages to miss again. Angry, she howls out, frothy spittle forming at the corners of her mouth, angry beyond angry. Yeah, this is no longer fun.

Henry snarls as he gets to his feet, splaying his legs for better balance, and lowering himself, making for a harder target while he regains his footing. (Dodge while getting up from Prone. Sneaky bitch-ass leg sweepers...)

That monster returns with his spikes and his misshapened appendeges. The monster that bum rushed her pack sister, who injured her. Fury and fear well again in the girl, her hood having slipped off. The others, they have all piled onto the big one, the one that will not go down but this thing, it came back. The power rips from Alana with a scream, this time as a burning shaft of white light that is all her hatred for the creature. The Beserker explodes like a bomb went off inside it, raining chunks and gore around the clearing as the light hits it.

It's madness. The tank swings hard at the wolf who just rose, but does no damage as his axe doesn't pierce Henry's flesh. The berserker, having been flayed by Alana's numen, focuses on her and is upon her in the blink of an eye. The saw-toothed, mutated arm slashed across her midsection, cutting very deep and sending blood spraying to the side. The Champion turns to Henry and swings with a great arcing overhead attack, but it also fails to connect with much more than a minor cut.

Henry snarls in wolf-speech! <<That one is mine!>> Glaring at the Champion whose throat is exposed to him at that instant.

"<<This is over!>>" Moving behind the asshole who just hurt Alana, Kizzy tears into it, claws raking over him. He's finally able to be hit but maybe not as well as Kizzy hoped but, above all else, she hopes he'll turn his attention to her and way from her packmate.

Alana doesn't even see it coming, the blade aimed at her belly. Still in her human form, thefabric tears and goes red as her belly is sliced open. As she goes down, it's her body's instinct to change, right then. A massive black wolf lands on the ground. Lunging as the creature is distracted by Kizzy, her jaws snap towards it's throat. But she misses, biting only at the air.

Henry crouches, and springs, locking his jaws on the Champion's neck and shaking his head viciously, tearing and ripping as he tries to drive the life out of it!

Augustine let the others deal with the champion since well they want their glory and who was he to take it. He instead turned to the armored man deciding that he would at least keep him busy for the others. ANd he does that with a powerful blow that leaves the man winded.

The tank takes a staggering blow from Augustine, it would have driven him to his knees had he not used his shield to keep his footing. The sound of his brother getting his shit kicked in brings the berserker around. He darts away from Kizzy, whirling away from the missed strike from Kizzy. He's bleading out, but still runs impossibly fast toward Augustine. He leaps from ten feet back, bringing his toothed-saw arm down HARD on Augustine's leg, ripping through clothes, muscles, and connective tissue. The champion, however, lunghes at Henry, gaining a little bit of purchase with his wicked sword. It lodges deep in Henry's side, but doesn't hit any major organs. The champion leaves the sword there, holding his remaining one with two hands now.

Kizzy growls and takes a swing at the champion now but it seems like she used up her luck on the beserker. Whiff! Grimacing, she glances at the others to see where they are and how they are doing.

In the chaos of it all, bodies flying and blood spraying, Alana manages to get onto all four feet with her belly bulging from the deep cut that tore through muscle. The spiked Monster flees and she sees what is going on around her. This time it's the Champion that feels the blast from the newest wolf. Again the form comes in the blinding white light that spearrs towards the heavily armoured man.

Henry continues to savage the thing's throat, hampered by the three feet of steel sticking out of him. <<COME AND GET ME!>> He snarls, muffled by his mouthful of wolf.

Henry looks about when they flee, as he shifts down. "Would someone be so kind as to pull this fucking thing out of me?"

With their brother dead, the two remaining enemies take a step back, surprised. This was supposed to go a lot smoother. They are both bleeding profusely, armor crushed and willpower gone. Both of them tuck tail and run, dipping out of the Material realm.

Augustine looked around a bit before he walked over to Henry pulling the weapons out. AUgustine did not say anything or show just how damaged he was. Instead just acting as if it was normal. When the weapon was out he looked around "So those the spirits you were talking about?" Drip drip drip went his blood as he spoke.