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The arrival of the Grail Knights

"West end what now?"

Dramatis Personae

Frankie, Stig, Sabo, Rictus and Kilo with Vandal as ST

29 April, 2017

A famous krewe of Sin Eaters emerge in Fallcoast after a six week delve in the Great Below. They're seeking to resupply, trade some of the treasures they brought back with them and catch up on local news.


The Gallows

The Knights of the Grail have something of a Celebrity Status in bound culture. Rising from obscurity in the last few years, they've made a name for themselves through the Twilight Network for being able to pull off feats that most Krewes could never manage.

Itinerant in nature, they spend most of their time in the great below, being known for delving extremely long and extremely deep, with some even speculating they have been so far as the Ocean of Fragments at the very deepest part of Tartarus.

They pop up from time to time though, generally laden with spoils of their questing in the great below. They stop in one place only long enough to trade and resupply before heading back down into the depths. There are rumors they may be questing for something in particular, but what that is remains a mystery.

Now though? They've appeared in Fallcoast and let it be known throughout the twilight Network that a few of them will be at The Gallows, neutral ground for the region's Sin Eaters, for one day only to trade mementos, knowledge of ceremonies and other spoils of the Underworld with the Local Bound.

Frankie makes another appearance at the Gallows and it's only been a few days since her last one. That's a little weird. Norbert Ghost-Crow, her glowing-eyed psychopomp ghost friend, is also with her. He is riding on her shoulder. Frankie makes her way into the Gallows and has a glance around for the celebrities-of-a-sort.

Stig lives downstairs in a basement apartment. He gets word that others are gathering for some special reception in the bar above and so he takes a shower, puts on his best street clothe and some cologne. He's a bit sore from some strenuous activities the night before but he slaps some life into his cheeks and heads on up to see what's what. He can't wait to tell Rictus about his plans to make the Gallows into a dry 18+ straight edge punk club.

Sabo has been in the woods. That is evident by the fact that his hair is grown a bit out of control and his facial hair sports several inches of 'You need to shave now'. And there's his not so clean clothing, showing smudges of dirt here and there along with an actual twig stuck in the laces of his muddied boot. He looks a bit wild, as if he had not really planned to get back into town again for a while. But now he's here! Dark rings under his eyes, a look of general sleeplessness on his face and taking a quick look around the place once he's come inside.

Rictus floats about. His own shop, Visions of Ink, Forbidden Arts, the Gallows. Laying low (which he's been rather horrible at) gets really /boring/. And he's most dangerous when he's bored. And here he is, bored again. Or not? He hears a little about what's going on at the Gallows, and it intrigues him. So he heads on down.

Clad in usual Ric. Punk t-shirt, loose black jeans, shitkicker boots. Left the jacket int he van. Mohawk up and dyed blue with yellow tips. He strokes in, buzzed from the lines he just took in the van. Too bad that won't last long. Oh, and he might have dragged Kilo with him.

Kilo -- now a part owner in the bar! -- no longer has to bus tables and work behind the bar. Not that she did that a whole lot for Hoax either. Well, in all fairness, it wasn't like he paid her a whole lot either. OK, anything. She gets dragged in with Rictus... how did that happen? SCANDALOUS! And goes up to the 'real' bartender, the one they actually hired, and has him pour them both a whiskey, then heads over to say hi to Frankie. "Hey! What's up?" Kilo too is excited to meet these Celebrity-krewe members.. Celebrewe? Krewbrity? "Can't wait to see what this is all about, right?" She waves hi to Sabo and Stig and migrates their way too so they can all talk.

At the opposite end of the room from the bar, a few of the tables have been pushed together. The one on the left is being manned by a young woman (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/yYQnaipR9y8/maxresdefault.jpg) bearing the threshold of the stricken and is covered with old fashioned looking green glass bottles, stoppered with corks.

The centre table is manned by a good looking young man (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/eb/2f/37/eb2f375b45e0f061a666515c089f758a.jpg) and is spread with a large, oilskin cloth across which seem to be spread all manner of charms and trinkets which resonate with the strange energies of death.

The rightmost table is manned by a slightly older man, who seems to be the leader of the three, judging by the way the others look to him as the room begins to fill up with the local bound. His table bears a single, slender package, bound with the same oilskin cloth. He steps forward and flashes a winning smile at the assembling group.

"Hi there, I'm Javier and these are my Krewe Mates, well, some of them. This is Alicia and that's James" he gestures first at the man and then at the woman. "We've just come back from a long delve and want to get going again as soon as we can, so we were hoping to trade with some of you guys" Javier explains.

"Alicia there has waters from a few of the rivers we crossed on our way back up, James has a collection of charms and I...I've got something pretty special" he smirks just a little at that. "In addition, we all know a few ceremonies we can probably teach you"

Frankie recognizes the locals, at least; no new faces there. She spends a bit of time nodding to Stig and Rictus and Sabo and Kilo in turn, drawing closer to the group. "I remember the last time we did one of these," she murmurs. More loudly, she asks, "So what is it you have? No real reason to be mysterious, right?"

Stig gives Kilo a quick hug and kiss hello, says hi to the others and heads over to Alicia's table. "Hi." he says, "I'm Stig Sorenson, a prospect of Mors. How ya doin? So what's this water do for one of us? Anything special?"

Oh. That blond chick is hot. And being a guy, Sabo ends up looking at her first before the other stuff. Because. Blond. He pulls away a bit then as people come closer to him, giving though a quick nod to Kilo and Frankie. He might've gone to Alicias table too, but that Cop makes it there first. So, he instead goes over to the other persons table. The man. James.

Kilo smirks at Frankie. "I remember the last time we did one of these two. Let's not go there again. You all are on the up and up, right? Not affiliated with the West End Watchers or anything?" Well? It had to be asked! She she shrugs helplessly at Frankie when she is sure there is a 'look' coming. "Yeah, show us whacha got!" She watches Sabo head for one table and smiles at Stig as he asks about the water. She is interested in that too.

Rictus flashes a wolfish grin at Kilo and winks, growling, "We'll talk about salsa later." Or maybe death pacts, who knows. He's then moving forward, to check out the goods. When he sees Stig, he does make it a point to move closer, to give the man a sway to the ass. And when he sees Frankie, his expression truly brightens.

He waves to her, growling out, "Oh, perfect! I /knew/ you'd fucking be here. Hell, I heard the D word and who else would I think of?" He heads towards her, obviously happy to see her, offering out a hand for a shake. But he's not interested in a shake. It's just an excuse to lean closer and whisper, "Have you been to these fucking things before? It seems like shit could go really wrong, but I really want to know what's in the fucking bottles."

"I've got water here from the rivers of...Mercury, Amber, Lamentation and Nemesis" Alicia explains to Stig with a grin, reaching up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. She resonates with the threshold of the Stricken and gestures to a few of the bottles as she lists off each river, she seems to have plenty. "You know what they do, or not?" she asks then, watching him closely.

As Sabo approaches, James starts showing him all manner of objects from bullet casings, to old playing cards, empty bottles, bits of jewelry, almost anything you can think of has wound up in that little bundle, resonating with some form of death energy or another. "See anything you like brother?" James asks, before glancing up at Kilo and asking "West end what now?" with a slightly blank expression.

"...That was very subtle," Frankie tells Kilo, reaching up to pinch the bridge of her nose for a moment. It's not really vitriolic. More... resigned. Maybe even slightly amused. She looks up at Rictus when he approaches and hesitantly offers her hand to shake. She murmurs back, "I have, and it can, but it's bad form to do so and we've already had that sort of bad luck. As for the bottles... remember what I told you at the River of Spiders? How people sometimes took water from rivers to sell? This is that." Which Alicia just got into.

Stig explains to her, "No, that's what I was asking. I'm still a bit new." When Rictus smacks his but he says loud and clear, "I am not a sex object!", but his eyes and face belie that sentiment. He rubs his tush where he was smacked and tries to hide his pleasure. The young man returns his attention to Alicia. "Do you drink them for some benefit?"

Javier, for his part, returns to the table on the right and carefully unwraps his oilskin package. He does it so, so carefully, there must be something really valuable inside, or the guy just has a flair for the dramatic, it's sort of hard to say, really. "It's what we call a piece of memorabilia..." Javier explains, producing a small sword from withing the package, positively dripping in the plasmic energy of death and decay. "The sword of Attila the Hun!" Javier almost crows. To be fair, you can't blame him, it's the sort of find delvers dream of. The sword resonates in such a way, glimmering and shining with ghostly luminosity, that even the most unschooled of the bound would not there's something a little special about it.

Sabo watches James a few moments, then lets his eyes travel to the items that are being displayed. He moves his right hand to sort of mimic touching the items in the air. A nod is given, "Yes." he says then, his voice taking on a somewhat dark tone. A shake of his head is then followed, "But I am not here to trade. I have nothing to trade with." And looking at him, that would not be a far fetched statement. He does not exactly look like a man that has much of anything, Bound related or not.

Rictus glances over at the 'merchants' as they ply their wares. Although loud and brash most of the time, his expression is thoughtful. He actually takes /some/ things seriously. Stig's words get an absent grunt and he's growling, "Of course not. You're handsome and strong and a good fucking person. If you were a sex object, I wouldn't fucking pay your rent." Or he might, who knows. He's turning his attention back to Frankie, grimacing at the mention of the River of Spiders.

"That would be a bitch to fucking drink." Then, lowering his voice, "Bad form? I mean, seems a bit greedy and shit, but is it breaking any of the Laws?" He's new, he has questions. He glances over at the merchants, brows furrowing in thought. Yet there's also curiosity there. It's all new to him, and those objects hold interest for him.

Kilo brighens when she sees she got a reaction out of Frankie. Job. Well. Done. And then she turns to Stig. You can definitely drink them. Or bathe in them or tattoo with them -- it just depends on the water really. LIke... the Nemesis water? I wouldn't mind some of that... I haven't had that in a long time in the shop and it would be fun. How much do you want for it? Or what can I trade you for it?"

Alicia just gives an amused shake of her head when Javier starts flourishing his treasure around the bar. She laughs quietly, before looking back to Stig and explaining "Some of them you drink, some you apply. It depends..." she points at the first bottle. "The River of Amber can make you more charming and the River of Nemesis can make you more beautiful. The river of Lamentation can help you strengthen your connection to your Geist. The River of Mercury isn't too useful, unless you're planning on heading down below yourself?" she asks then, pointing out each of the bottles in turn as she peddles her product to Stig.

Stig asks, "Is there one I can apply to an intoxicated person that will sober them up and clear their head immediately?" he asks, giving Rictus the side-eye. But his real question is, "That one there, that helps stengthen my connection with Dr. Shocks.. will it let me open gates easier? I find it a bit hard to do."

Frankie shakes her head, murmuring to Rictus, "It's expected commerce; there are some who go to the Underworld just to bottle river water," she explains. "Lots of people don't want to go down there themselves for it. But remember, there's always a price for drinking River water. The River of Lamentation can also further destroy your connection to your Geist. There's always a risk or a consequence." Norbert Ghost-Crow, on her shoulder, quorks. "I'm getting to it," Frankie tells the crow.

James looks Sabo over a moment or two, his nose wrinkling just a little as he catches a whiff of eau d'unwashed man. "Nothing to trade with huh?" he shrugs, beginning to look to some of the other Sin Eaters as though to offer them the opportunity to browse, before a thought seems to occur to him and he looks back to the bearded man. "Are you like a...wildernesss...survival...dude...thing?" he asks. "Because if you are, you could just go shoot us a fucking deer or something. That'd be awesome!" he nods, gesturing to his pile o' trinkets once again.

Kilo listens to Stig and then has an idea. "Stig! You want more help opening gates? You need a few charms! Those totally make it easier for you to open gates and to do magic and stuff. You should talk to that dude over there." She nods helpfully.

Rictus just watches for the most part. Normally brash, he seems reluctant to deal witht he merchants, or their goods. Stig's words, however, elect a snort for him and he growls, "I don't have to worry about that. Now if you can find something that will fucking /let/ me stay intoxicated, we can fucking talk." He turns his attention back to Frankie as she murmurs, nodding.

"That's what I'm fucking thinking. It doesn't seem worth it. I mean, I'm all for going for it, for doing what needs to be done and shit, but I'm not fucking stupid, either. And," he glances over at the merchants, then back to Frankie, "Who knows if the bottles are labelled fucking properly. Fuck, I'll get my own shit." Because he knows he can handle anything. Because he is the greatest. Or something.

Kilo's words have him looking over, then back to Frankie. "Do you use them? Bottles of water and charms and shit?"

"Deer. Boar. Bear." Sabo replies to James, "You're want to trade animal meat or pelts?" he looks back to the trinkets on the table, his eyes on the spent bullet casings, "You would have to let me know what the cost would be. As I said, I have nothing. But I can acquire what might be needed." he looks back to James then, watching him closely.

"Know any cool ceremonies?" Alicia asks, peering past Stig toward Kilo when she asks after the price of water from the River of Nemesis and gesturing her to come closer. "I'm kinda into ceremonies, know any decent ones?" she asks.

Stig thanks Alicia and goes to look over James' wares. "Hi. I'm Stig." He shakes the man's hand. "Kilo says you might have a trinket or something that will let me open gates easier. I have kind of a hard time getting them open." He looks over the items. "These are magic?" he asks. "I've only ever had my keystone.

Frankie shakes her head. "I haven't used any charms or drank any water," she tells Rictus. "The water pretty much because I don't like the consequences. If I want to get better at making something, I don't eat a spider for it. I just practice making it. I wouldn't be against charms, but today I've got a ceremony in mind." She goes up on her toes, peering in Alicia's direction. She caught that bit about being kind of into ceremonies.

Rictus nods to Frankie, and seems to approve of her words. He stops with the questions, however, simply moving with the others towards the merchants, although he doesn't look particularly inclined to 'barter' for anything. Instead, he's narrowing his gaze, drifting between them, his gaze sharp, probing, as he listens to the others' conversation.

He's a tough customer.

"Dude, you can have a charm for each deer or boar you bring us back" James barters away with Sabo, looking pretty unconvinced at the idea of eating bear. When Stig draws nearer, he shows the blind a few things from his stash and explains "You know it brother, make you better at using your keys too" with a grin and a nod of his head.

"You want a whole ceremony? For the Nemesis water? I tell you what. I have this super, -amazing- ceremony that no one else knows -- it allows you to do what Lamentation does, without any possibility for error. So you can make the improvement on someone but not backslide, right? And do it on anyone you want. Just think what people would pay for that shit?" She let's that sink in for a second. "I'll teach that to you, you give me a sample of Amber, Mercury and Nemesis." It's really all just for fun, after all these are all very harmless waters considering what lies down below.

Stig hmnss. "Well I could use something to boost my phantasm key. That's my favorite one. I barely use the others." He tries to figure out which one might do that for him. "Not sure what I could trade though.. I could offer free healing every time you come up for air. Or I suppose I could steal some medical supplies from the hospital."

Frankie threads her way toward Alicia. "I'm looking to learn how to rig a camera to take spectral pictures," she tells the blonde. "When you get a moment. I can teach you Devil's Trap in return. It's mostly unknown around these parts - you can use it to prime another ceremony to go off in certain circumstances." Maybe they know it. Maybe they don't; nobody around here knew it until Frankie and Damian were taught by Weatherby, and since then, Frankie's only taught Molly.

Rictus watches the interactions, listening to them, and crosses his arms across his chest, frowning in thought. He grumbles to himself, "I don't think I fucking like it. It seems like a fucking feeding frenzy, and people are too goddamned eager, asking all about the shit, but not about the price." But now he's all alone, everyone else talking with the merchants.

He grumbles again, then moves a little closer, looking. "Anything that can make ghosts unable to fucking communicate?" Because, hey, sometimes they don't say nice things. It's just a question.

A nod is given to James then, "I can do that." he says, "I'll bring you a boar or a deer for each item you are willing to sell me. That will not be a problem. I can even prepare the meat and save the skin for you unless you prefer to get the whole animal delivered in one piece." he glances to Stig drawing nearer, then lets his eyes return to James. Says Sabo.

Alicia purses her lips as Kilo proposes her counter offer. But hey, she's got plenty of water and that does sound like a cool ceremony. "Done!" she grins, sliding three bottles in Kilo's direction. When Frankie approaches and asks her about ceremonies, the girl weighs this up and says "I never heard of Devil's Trap before. Sounds cool too!" she nods her head enthusiastically. "Okay, you girls meet up with me once we're done here, and we can do some show and tell, right?" she nods, offering a hand first to Kilo and then to Frankie, to shake on it.

Stig waves Rictus over. "Come here. I need your help."

Kilo shakes Alicia's hand. "Done." Fun fun!

Frankie shakes Alicia's hand once Kilo's released. "Deal," she says, inclining her head. Norbert squawks.

"Medical supplies huh? Sounds good...I got these?" James rummages around in his stash, before producing a string of Ivory Rosary Beads bearing a silver crucifix and showing them to Stig. "Help you with opening those gates /and/ with your phantasm key. Kinda cool, huh?" he grins, waving them at Stig for the guy to take a good long look at. To Sabo, he grins and gestures at the massive pile of oddments he has in front of him "I got more charms than you'll have deer. You bring me whatever you can rustle up, dude!" he offers the bearded survivalist his hand to shake upon, while still rattling his beads absently at Stig.

Rictus watches the scene for a moment, still seeming rather skeptical, even disapproving. Finally, he growls, "Fuck this shit. I can get my own shit, without dealing with some asshole's cons." With that, he's turning, heading back towards the door. He came, he checked it out, and he discovered it wasn't really his thing. Ric has a greater calling. Or so he believes.

He does give Stig a pat on the shoulder ashe passes, growling, "Choose wisely. Come by later." There's a lewd wink to Kilo, then a constrastingly respectful nod to Frankie, and then he's heading towards the exit.

Sabo gives a quick nod to this, reaching out and then taking James hand to shake it, "Done." he replies, "I will deliver to you what I can. How long are you around here for?" he wonders, "Hunting is not an exact science." he then lets go of the mans hand, waiting for a reply on that last question.

Stig looks at the rosary breathlessly and reaches out to touch them. "Oooooohhh they're beautiful.." he says whistfully. He calls to Rictus "I'll be by in an hour or so." He tells James. "I can be back here in 40 minutes with what you need. Got some ideas? First aid stuff? Bandages? Narcan?"

"We'll be around a few days" Javier interjects in response to Sabo's question, beginning to wrap the legendary sword back up in it's oilskin casing, since nobody has shown an interest. It's kind of a special piece, it needs the right buyer and he doesn't feel too bad if it's not any of these guys. "So, what's the news up in this part of the world?" Javier asks the group, before explaining "We went down into the Underworld near Boston, been down there...about six weeks" he nods. "Pretty good run though, stopped off in Oppia for a bit, kind of like the Vegas of Tartarus, right?" he laughs, attempting to strike up some conversation. He doesn't pay much attention as Rictus drifts off, since he wasn't buying anything anyway.

Frankie nods to Rictus, watching him leave for a few seconds before turning her attention to Javier again. She drifts his way. Norbert, in the meantime, makes for the bar and lands over there, inspecting shiny bottles. "It's quiet now. The Sage seems to have moved on, as well as the God-Eater," she reports. "You don't happen to know anything about either of those things, do you?"

A nod is given to Javier as he interjects in a highly interjection like manner. Sabo slowly pulls away from the table with James, having done the deal. Now he has to hunt some animals which, for a man that can cheat and control animals, is not really a difficult thing at all. He then pulls away a bit, drawing away from people and eyes, running a hand up over his face to scratch at his beard.

"No rush brother" James smiles to Stig, while jerking a thumb in the direction of Javier as he explains they'll be in town a few days. "Stop on by whenever you're ready and we can make the tradeoff" James explains, before remarking "Speaking of opening gates, I know a ceremony that lets you turn your whole fucking body into one, for a while anyway. Pretty unreal, right?" he explains, sifting through his pile of bric a brac and showing Stig a few more pieces, just in case something else catches his eye. "If you're ever in a real tight spot, you can just crush these charms too, right? Turns 'em to dust, but it'll heal you up some" he offers helpfully.

Stig nods. "I heard there was a ceremony that might let me help the Quick and the Dead talk to each other? Do you know that one?" He excuses himself for a moment to crouch and tie his boot. then pops up again.

"Yanno, I think those Deathlords can be in a few places all at once" Javier explains in response to Frankie, securing the bundle and replacing it on the table before leaning back against the edge of it as he gestures vaguely about. "Him and the Jester have been scrapping over Dallas for ohhh...prob'ly about a year now?" Javier shrugs, before remarking "I think they come and go, it's just how it is" the older Knight explains with a lifting of his shoulders.

Frankie inclines her head to Javier. "Mmmhmn," she agrees. Catching sight of Sabo, she heads his way. "Hey. Long time no see."

There is a moment of silence as if Sabo was contemplating a quick escape when Frankie approaches him. He jerks once, as if he was not quite expecting anyone to talk to him other then the merchants. For a few moments, there that threat of full darkness coming over his face before he seems to mentally summon up some strength to expel it, "Frankie." he gives his head a nod to her, "Been a while. Been .. out .. in the woods."

"There's a few ways to do that" Alicia calls over in the direction of Stig, when he asks about ceremonies that will let the living and the dead communicate. "If you can get 'em in the same room then 'Speaker of the Dead' is the easiest to learn" she explains, evidently being the Knights expert on ceremonies. "I can show you that one if you bring us some antibiotics and shit back?" she offers, before adding "Unless there was something more specific you were thinking of?"

Stig nods to Alicia. "Let me go work on a package and I'll be back. That one sounds like just the right thing... Does it require a special physical componant to effect it?" He takes his tweed peaked cap from his pocket and wedges it onto his shaved head.

"Mmmhmmn," Frankie tells Sabo, eyeing him. "Hope you're not spending all your time by yourself." She folds her arms across her stomach, tilting her chin up. "All the things I mentioned last time we met? None of them are a concern anymore. The Sage, Eckhart. Gone."

"The living person can't look at you, while you do it. But thats about it. It's one of the easier ones to learn" Alicia smiles, remembering Stig said he was kind of new to the game. "You don't need to go right now, we're sticking around a bit. Come back when you're ready!" she grins, before wandering over toward James to strike up a conversation, since the rush seems to have died down somewhat.

Sabo shakes his head to this, "We are never alone." he says to this, "There is always a voice.. up here." he taps his temple, perhaps a bit too hard, "And those .. things? They might be gone, but there are other things that are not." His voice is kept a bit lower as he talks, although not any less intense. Neither is the slightly manic look in his eyes. That, too, goes away though after a short moment, "We're still locked to our fates. No escaping that."

Frankie sighs a little, raising her arm to run a hand through her hair wince a faint wince. "Yeah, you maybe need to come to town a little more often or something. Get a beer."

"Caw," says Norbert, over by the bar still. The crow extends his wings slightly, rustling his feathers.

Stig goes over to say hi to Frankie and Norbert. "Hey there fella." he says to Norbert, not Frankie. He asks Javier, "Do you have pets like Norbert?"

Sabo regards Frankie a few moments, "Perhaps. Haven't had a beer in a while." he begins, about to say something more when Stig arrives to speak to the ghostly bird. He goes silent then to this, just regarding Stig a few moments in the way a man who does not know another man looks at another man when the other man is prone to paranoia and such.

Javier give Norbert the once over, looking the ghost crow over thoughtfully before giving a little shake of his head. "I can't say I do, to be honest. Psychopomps like that are pretty common down below. Especially if you head to The Grave Dream, but I'm not sure I ever heard of someone having one as a pet before" he smiles, signaling to Alicia and James to quit gassing and start packing up, since things seem to be winding down here.

Sabo is quiet a few moments, still just watching Stig. However, upon seeing the man being more interested in talking to Javier now, his eyes goes back to Frankie, "I.. still have soem things to do in the woods. Have some deer to hunt. But.. then.. I kinda .. have to get back to town. Been out in the woods too long. I'll .. swing by the coffee place. Look for you. See about that beer."

Norbert calms some on Frankie's shoulder. "Good," she tells Sabo. "That would be good. I'll hold you to it." She glances Alicia's way; teaching time should be soon. She has to open up her messenger bag and dig out some stout sticks, of all things, which makes her shoulder less stable for Norbert, who looks grouchy again.