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The Thirteen Ghosts - Gribbly Things

Dramatis Personae

Amanda, Angry, and Aurore with Bolgar as a NPC run by Brigitte as ST

13th of May, 2017

Hunters follow a demon's prophetic vision, and find trouble of the many-legged and gribbly kind.


A rather troubling construction site

Triple A have a mission! A mission, unfortunately, that derives from Bolgar - the resident demon ally of the Knights and Angry's best buddy. Just ask him! The horned demon is sitting in the back seat of Angry's vehicle as it bounces along a dirt road towards its destination. "Lovely night" he hisses before offering Amanda a suave smile. "Hello, girly. Feeling horny?" he asks with a none too subtle caress of his own, small, horns - he can hide them under a hat. "So, Angry, what's with all these hot chicks you know? And where's Jo? She likes me." He indicates an approaching turn off. "Turn here. Then it should be about half a mile down the road. Old house. Can't miss it." He leans back in his seat to wiggle his one eyebrow at Aurore. "So you're a witch? You can bewitch me anytime, baby."

"Just so you know.." notes Angry to this, "If either of you want to stab, shoot or otherwise maim him, you're free to do so. I won't say a peep about it." he offers to Amanda and Aurore. He looks in the rear view mirror, "Oh, Jo likes you alright. In fact, next time you see her with a gun in her hand.. step right up there and smooch her. You'll enjoy the effect." he then shakes his head a bit. He eyes the road that Bolgar wants him to turn down along, "Old house, eh? Its always an old house with you, isn't it?" he shakes his head.

Amanda has somehow been relegated to the backseat next to Bolgar, and has been putting up with his advances since the ride started. "Yeah, I'd rather shower in holy water. Which I have with me," she says, saying the second sentence somewhat pointedly. "So what're we loking for, exactly?" she asks the others.

"Oh, baby, I'd love to shower in your holy water" Bolgar grins to Amanda before suddenly looking a little more serious. "Wait...real holy water?" A little grumble to himself as he looks out the window. "Sheesh, you try and be nice to people and they want to kill you." A confused look at Angry. "Jo likes to be kissed when holding a gun? Hey...kinky is something I can live with. And it's not my fault it's always an old house. Ghosts don't like modern building materials." He offers Amanda a more professional smile. "I have these visions, see. And I got a vision of something odd going down at this address. Saw an old house in my mind. Pretty hard to explain exactly what it is but that's what you guys are for. Okay, Angry, just up here. Oh..."

It proves not to be an old house after all but rather a large hole in the ground with a lattice of steel across it. The kind of thing you see before the concrete is poured. And, sure enough, there are a number of construction vehicles parked beyond the chainlink fence that surrounds the property. A couple of lights illuminate the pit but there is no sign of life.

To this, Angry lets the large truck come to a stop, "Nice going there, bud." he looks to Bolgar, "Perhaps you need to get yourself a pair of glasses for your visions, mh?" he shakes his head a bit, "Yeah, old house. Can't miss it because its not actually bloody there." he reaches down beside him and picks up the shotgun he has waiting there, "So what else did this vision of yours tell you?" he wonders, reaching to open the car to get out.

"Yes, actual holy water. Priests love me," Amanda says with a sweet smile to Bolgar. Seeing the building site, she peers at it. "Yeah, I see why ghosts don't like the materials. Steel and shit yeah?"

Bolgar frowns at Angry's mocking. "And how exactly would I get glasses to see visions?" Sometimes humans are so stupid. He lets himself out the car and stares at the construction site before scratching his head. "Maybe the old house represented something, you know? Like a construction site. This shit is all about metaphors and similies." A casual wave of his hand towards the pit. "But whatever it is, it's happening in there." He smirks at Amanda. "I doubt priests love you. You're much too female...and old."

Angry looks to Bolgar to that, "One more quip about priests and I use you for target practice." he says, lifting the shotgun up, giving it a quick once over to make sure he loaded it. He eyes the construction site, "Ok, so what else did your vision tell you?" he queries.

Amanda gets out, and moves to stand with Angry and Bolgar, adjusting her bag. "Maybe the spirits of the house that used to be here are still here?" she offers. "I know spirits don't like construction work."

Bolgar sighs as he is abused once more. "Look, all I saw was an eternal evil rising from the depths of the old house...that isn't here." He nods to Amanda's words. "She gets it. That's it. The old house ghosts are still here...somewhere. In that pit. Ready to birth something." His brow furrows. "I do remember a number though. Thirteen."

"Eternal evil, huh?" echoes Angry to this, not at all showing any regret at abusing the Demon with words. Evil, hurtful words. He eyes the construction site, "Well, I am not so sure how much I have that can pack a punch against eternal evils." he looks to Amanda, "I bet you have something in that bag of yours though that can do just that?"

Amanda dithers a bit at Angry's question. "Maybe. There's still some improvements I could do to my bag," she replies. It's true, her bag's good, but not /that/ good. "So, shall we go take a look?" she asks, taking a step towards the supposed evil.

Aurore spent much of the drive trying to work out if the demon in the back seat was triggering any of her array of paranormal senses... and if not, why not. After all, given everything *else* she can detect, why not the infernal? Is it something she can work on, perhaps?

Arrival at the site, however, has her peering around with wary curiosity... before shooting a sharply quizzical look to the demon. "Thirteen? Oh, that's not good." She sighs softly. "There aren't any ghosts in the vicinity. Nor any Gates into the Underworld. But I think that we're being given a reminder to tackle a problem we encountered recently. An entity that creates tortured souls, trapped as ghosts - without their faces. We got a bearing on a course to take into woodland, where we might find the source of it. Let's cross-check and see if this is on that line. There should be a map in the glove box, and we can check with a compass..."

"Well." Angry begins, "Once more I am reminded of my lack of knowledge regarding certain things." he looks around, "Tell you what." he lets his head turn to land his eyes on Aurore and Amanda, "Why don't I leave the fact finding to you two, and if we find anything to shoot I can step up. Or in front of, as needed." he suggests, "Yeah. I think that sounds best."

"Techically all evil is eternal" Bolger notes before stepping back and letting the Hunters get on with their schtick. Aurore's quick work with map and compass suggests that their location is not on the direct line indicated by the ghosts but pretty close.

And then they hear the noise of approaching cars. Still lost in the darkness down the road but with the bright moon and clear night it won't be long until they're seen...and vice versa.

"Looks like this might be the original source of the problem," Aurore muses... before looking up sharply and arching her brows in the direction of the road. "Well, crap. I think we should take cover. I don't think I want to be found here, if we can avoid it."

Amanda sighs then rubs her forehead. "Want me to run interference?" she asks the others, moving to hide just in case.

Shotgun is transferred to be held in both hands as Angry turns to look down the road, "Hm." he says, "I could drive the truck offroad, but then I am not sure I can get it out incase we have to get out in a hurry." he looks to Amanda and Aurora, "Lets take cover." he does reach into the truck though to pull out a sports bag from it, "Lets boogie."

Aurore has her own pack - larger than usual - already slung on her shoulders. She nods, and starts moving. "I think that we should see who's turning up before we figure out whether to try any sort of interference. It's not as if there's a *shortage* of groups around here, with an interest in strange happenings and sites of potential power."

"I'll hide with Amanda!" Bolgar volunteers, rushing off with the Zero girl as the Hunters disappear into the darkness. After a few moments two cars drive up and park in front of Angry's truck. Two men get out of each car - well-dressed and middle aged. They look over Angry's vehicle for a moment. "Construction workers?" one of them asks while another looks around. "Probably just left it behind" a second shrugs. The other two move quickly to the fence, pushing open an unlocked gate before stepping inside and sweeping their flashlight beams over the surroundings. "No one here! Get them out."

With that the first two leave Angry's truck and each open the boot of a car. From inside they drag out two large, human sized sacks. Sacks that wiggle and struggle before being flung over a shoulder. "Move it!" yells one of the men inside the fence. "We don't have much time."

Angry raises his eyebrows a bit as he spies out over the scene, taking note of what the people are doing. He looks to Aurore, then back to the men. Fingers drums silently over the handle of his shotgun as if he was itching to stop whatever is happening. He does not, however, move for now. Sometimes, rushing in is what you gets you rushed to the Afterlife.

Aurore wants to spring into action... but also, to be frank, wants as many of the visiting quartet to have their hands full should she have to do so. She also wants to get *slightly* more of a notion of quite what's going on before she risks exposure. If the visitors are simply going to deposit their victims inside the fence, then high-tail it out of there, then a confrontation can probably be avoided. Thus, she settles for carefully swinging her pack off her shoulders, reaching in to take hold of the shotgun she borrowed from the Kennel for this trip. The new arrivals get at least a *few* moments longer - though she intends to intervene before allowing their victims to be tossed into the dangerous-looking pit, at the least.

The sacks are carried into the construction pit, one of the men in there indicating where they should be dropped. Two spots at opposite ends of the pit. The steel grill shaking from the impact for a moment before the carriers squat down and undo the bindings of the bags. Then they pull out the contents - a young woman in each, bound and gagged and dressed in nightgowns. Their bindings now tied around the steel grid to keep them in place. Right, that'll do it. Angry spots Aurore taking out a shotgun of her own. To this, he makes a handsignal. Two fingers held up as he waves his hand forward. He nods once, stands up and raises the shotgun into an aiming pose before he starts to move forward. The shotgun will be aimed at the people and he will be using the nearest vehicle as cover until he no longer can.

Erk. With Angry starting forward before she can stop him, Aurore dithers a moment... then feels compelled to mirror his motions. She's had a few lessons in this, right? She tugs the shotgun free of her pack, taking care to get it up to her shoulder and (with finger near but not on the trigger), starting forward - swinging a bit wide to one side, so that she and Angry aren't in each other's line of fire, nor likely to get hit by shots aimed at the other. Amanda, she trusts to be taking shots of the guys and their vehicle, should someone later need to report this to the police. Or post an obituary with the Society.

The four men seem to be oblivious to the approaching Hunters. Once the women are secured, one of them gestures to the others to head back to the cars. They seem to be leaving the women there and getting out of Dodge.

And that is when Angry pops up from around his truck, shotgun aimed fully at the group, "Right! Which one of you assholes is the eternal evil?" he wonders, doing a quick sweep with the shotgun over them all, "Either one of you assholes care to get those girls away from whatever the fuck you are trying to feed them to? Or should I start putting a few of my slugs into your legs? Be warned. It hurts like a motherfucker to get shot."

Were she not holding a loaded shotgun, Aurore might well offer a more visible reaction to this course of events. As it is, she keeps her weapon pointed towards the men, scanning them for any sign of someone reaching for a means of defending themselves - ready to make her presence known (vocally, rather than by shooting) should someone start doing so. She feels it's sensible to stay as a surprise 'extra' until someone looks her way and makes out the distinctive shape of someone with a levelled gun, or she has to specifically draw their attention to her.

The men certainly weren't expecting Angry to pop up like he did. One of them half goes for his gun but then decides, like the others, to put their hands up and show off their empty palms. "Hey, no need to get angry" one of them smiles as the four of them start to spread out. "We're just doing a job that someone paid us to do, that's all. We have no idea what's going on. Eternal evil?" They share some rather confused looks before glancing back at the women. "Feed them? Sorry, buddy, we've got no idea what you're talking about. Far as I know this is just some sorority hazing. And I don't care what it is. You want to free them, go ahead, but I have professional ethics to follow."

"You will have professional ethics in the hospital if you don't go over there and drag those girls away from where you put them." Angry replies to this, "And I am already Angry. On more then one level." he warns, "So.. ten seconds." he says, taking aim at one of the guys, "And by the way, guys doing sorority hazings usually do not carry guns. So!" he looks to one of the armed guys, "You. You will be shot in ten seconds unless you pull those girls away from there." and then he starts to count down.

Aurore's quite willing to stay quiet and keep an eye out (along with all her other senses) for anything (even more) untoward happening. With Angry having decided to acquire a quartet of prisoners, she currently feels that she can only tag along for the ride.

"You can shoot one of us. Maybe two. But then you'll be dead" replies the 'spokesman' calmly. "You want to take that chance?" A snort of amusement. "Sorority girls hire all kinds of people to do their sheet."

Behind them, next to each of the girls, something is emerging through the steel grid. Something with way more legs...or are they tentacles...than they should have. It crawls up through a gap, emerging next to the writhing panicked women's heads. Their eyes wide in terror as they look upon the creature before they scream. That gets the men to turn around and look. "What the fuck is that?"

"*We're* not the fucking problem, and he's not alone!", Aurore growls, while hastily side-stepping to get a better line on the gribbly terror - then attempting to let it have it. This is the first time she's fired a shotgun in anger since... the first night she fired a gun in anger, actually. In good and bad news, this monstrosity makes for a much bigger target than any zombie biker. "Over here! This way, you ugly bastard!"

The shotgun booms and the four men go diving for the ground or running for the fence. The target of Aurore's shot is grazed, losing a tentacle leg before it leaps towards the chest of the woman next to it.

Well, that not good. Something comes out of the grating and .. now Aurore opens up on it! Angry blinks once, then lets his eyes land on the tentacle, "God fucking damn it!" he says, starting to move forward and .. with that, he too fires a round off at the gribbly thingie that comes out to try to take the innocent girls.

The creature is caught by the slug mid-air and it is thrown back. It lands on the grid with a wet sound, its innards oozing out as it twitches and then stills. The other creature is on the other woman's chest. Her screams cracking into silence as it starts to burrow into her chest. The men have scarpered to the far wall of the fence, clambering up and over in their attempt to get away from the madness.

Aurore sprints forward, hefting the now-empty shotgun as a club - intending to try to swat the monstrosity off its victim... or at least lever the shotgun into place as an impediment to whatever it is attempting. Her main hope is that she can at least prevent it from killing its victim until someone arrives to douse it in holy water or dispose of it, but she's putting her all into her attempt to deal with it on her own.

Aurore swings the shotgun club and thwaps the creature hard. Hard enough for it to lose its grip and go flopping onto the metal grid. The woman gasps for breath...though her chest has been torn up by the burrowing beast.

Aurore is a good gal. She can take care of herself. After all, what person charges a demon like creature with an empty shotgun and whacks at it like a club? So, instead he swings around and takes aim at one of the guys that are running. He wants someone to interrogate. Leveling the shotgun at the closest of them to him, he lets the shotgun rip.

Angry's blast hits one of the men in the leg, sending him sprawling to the ground in pain. Yet he still draws his pistol even as his companions disappear into the darkness.

As for Aurore's gribbly, it leaps at her now rather than the bound woman but she manages to twist out of the way and it lands on the steel grill.

Perhaps fortunately, Aurore remains oblivious to Angry's change of targets - she *is* rather preoccupied with her own opponent, after all. Consequently, she focuses on attempting to club it to death with her inverted shotgun, buoyed up in the firm belief that she'll be getting support any second now.

Aurore swings but the little creature easily darts out of the way. The butt of the shotgun slamming into the metal grill.

Angry moves forward a few steps at a rapid pace, his shotgun aimed at the man that he shot in the leg, "Reach for that gun and the next fucking bullet goes into your fucking head, you piece of shit!" he yells, "Give the fuck up!" he makes sure that the shotgun is aimed somewhere in the vicinity of the mans head, as well.

The man already has the pistol in his hand. He laughs at Angry's words before a wry smile forms. "You're right about that, mate. The next fucking bullet goes in my fucking head. And one day...soon...you will hear the screaming too." With that he places his pistol against the side of his head and fires. His brains explode from his skull and his body slumps to the ground.

The gribbly disappears through the grill and into the dark pit beneath it. It is quickly out of sight. The woman behind Aurore groans in agony. Blood bubbling from the open wound.

Aurore manages to avoid wigging out in spite of the gribblies and the unexpected level of gore - instead dropping the shotgun and looking back over her shoulder. "Amanda! Bring my pack over! I need the first aid kit!" Stripping off her gloves to free up her fingers, she claps a hand to the worst of the woman's wounds, her other hand unzipping her jacket so that she can delve inside for emergency supplies in case Amanda's unable to respond quickly enough.

As for Angry? Well. You don't really see someone shooting their brains out that often. Sure, he was in Iraq. Sure, he saw dead people. But still. Its unnerving as fuck. He coughs once, "You .. complete.. fucking.. idiot." he mutters. He glances to the side to make sure that Aurore is still alive. Seeing that she is, and that she is caring for the prisoners, he moves quickly over to the now dead man, "Well, lets see what you got." he starts, crouching down to search through his pockets for ID or anything like that. Also.. trying to avoid brain bits.

Amanda does make an appearance now, running over with the first aid kit, Bolgar close behind. Thankfully, Aurore is pretty good with the emergency medical aid and she soon has the woman's wounds under control. Though the woman herself has fainted.

The man has a wallet and an ID proclaiming him to be 'John Smith' of 110 Appleyard Drive. Though a quick check of Google maps reveals no such address. There is also a card for the 'Lawrence of Labia' strip club. Bolgar looks at the bodies lying around. "Two out of three's not bad" he muses. "Looks like the girls are okay. I'll help get them to the car. No, no need to thank me."

Angry goes through the mans ID and shit, then shakes his head, "Shit. Fuck. Fake. Piece of shit.. fake.. asshole mercenary piece of SHIT!" he yells at the corpse. He stands up then, "Well, unless this strip club is for real. Could be." he eyes the girls, "Hey, Aurore! Do the girls look like strippers to you?!" he calls out. Because, tact.

"The club exists, but I don't know its staff. And they haven't had any obvious work done," Aurore replies, helping move the girls into the car, before going to reclaim her gun... and warily peek into the pit beneath the steelwork.

The girls could do with some medical attention but they'll probably regain their sanity at some point. The dark pit beneath the grill reveals no secrets to Aurore's prying eyes. That...thing...has gone.

Angry, having finished with checking through the dead body, decides that now is the time get the fuck out of dodge. So with that in mind, he moves over to his truck, "Ok, lets get them packed in!" he says, "We have to get out of here." he eyes the wounded girl, "Fuck. I got no connections up here." he waits for everyone to get into the truck before he puts it in gear to start heading out of here, "Could drop her off at a hospital. Her and the uninjured one."

"I don't suppose that you have any hospital connections, do you, Amanda?", Aurore asks, worriedly eyeing the patients squeezed in with the trio of Hunters and the demon. "I don't think that we want to appear on security camera delivering blood-stained kidnap victims in their night-wear."

"Not really," Amanda says. "I mean, I have access to the security, but that's about it. We could drop them off, and I could wipe footage of us dropping them off....."

Angry nods once to that, "Well, then we ditch them somewhere and call in an anonymous tip, ok? Ambulance and cops and everything will get them. And we'll be safe. There's no fucking way we can explain this."

Aurore's jaw clenches for a moment, before she sighs. "We can drop them right next to it, and you wipe any footage we show up on, Amanda," she concedes. "Try to make sure they get help as soon as possible. And in Fallcoast, it probably won't be *too* unusual, sadly. At least I *think* they should both be okay, so long as no toxins were involved."

Amanda glances at the girls. "If you want, I can tell you how to keep out of the camera's view so we won't have to do any wiping," she offers. "We won't be able to drop them too close though."

Angry looks to Aurore, "Look, I don't like it anymore then you do to just ditch them somewhere, but we can't really afford to be seen. We were at a site where someone got killed." he says, "Ok, we do it like that then." he nods to Amanda. He then steps on it, increasing the speed to get to the closest hospital.

Aurore's jaw tightens still further, but she opts to take a long, slow breath in - focusing on doing what she can for the wounded girl, leaving Amanda free to provide the necessary directions when the time comes.

"Just so you know, I only have access to St John's security. Any others I don't, so I don't know their security," Amanda clarifies.

Angry looks to Amanda, then back to Aurore, "Alright, alright. I'll go with your lead then. If you have a good plan that is better then this then we'll go with that. I'm just trying to figure out how to get her to a hospital the fastest."

"Just get us close, and Amanda can help with specific directions," Aurore says quietly. "And can you make the call, too, Amanda? I'd guess you might have an app to disguise your voice, or something."