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The Sentinels Defend pt. 1
Dramatis Personae

Caleb, Chris, Ashley, Lark, Jermaine, Shadow, and Kharn as ST.

20 May, 2017

The sentinels defend themselves against a new threat.


The group is outside the house in the driveway. Ashley's jeep is there, a large dent in the side, and Caleb's truck is parked behind with groceries in the back. The engineis still running and his sword in on the hood. Ashley has just started to take groceries into the house, and Lark is being introduced to Chris.

Caleb frowns as he hears what his sister has to say, and he nods, "I can get everyone together. We can either all meet here, or by the train tracks... depends on how secret this needs to be." he pauses a moment, still looking into his little sister's eyes, "Are you okay?" he asks, the words solemn and clearly not coming from an official office, but from a worried brother.

Chris smiles and nods to Lark, "Im sure the pleasure is really all mine..." he begins and then pauses, "Dont let politeness get in the way of whats important..." he gestures her back to her brother, "Business to be done..."

Ashley pauses on the front steps of the house with the bag held in her hands now. She sees the look between Lark and then Caleb, and a brow lifts with deep concern. She also waits to hear the news, especially now that a call to gather has been made.

Lark shakes her head gently, "I am fine. I am not sure about a few wolves though. And when you add in spirits. Well, I should try to explain all at once. But can you invited Linette as well? And there is someone connected to her Nim? or something I think. They were there and I believe the pack can learn more from them as well. We all saw things different.."

Caleb nods to Lark, "I'm glad you're alright. We can handle the rest. Is it anyone inside the pack that was hurt?" he asks, taking out his phone from his back pocket to start sending a mass text to the pack members, "Nimai?" he asks, looking back to Ashley, "That's the vampire I told you about that gave us the ghost guardian to keep you safe when I'm not around." He laughs, compiling a list to all pack members and all pack affiliates about a meeting. "Do you want them to come here, or do we need to be someplace more secluded? We could go to Hawker's place, or to the tracks where Cobus lives if that would be better."

Chris arches a brow and looks over to Ashley. He considers for a moment but says nothing. Back in his 'sentry' mode, quiet and observing as he is still learning so many people and places in this town.

Caleb's phone begins to buzz. Judging by the distance, everyone present has between ten and twenty seconds to either investigate or prepare.

Ashley needs to get the groceries out of her hands, and will set it on the inside of the foyer door, and to the entry foyer table. The front door now stands wide open, as she turns to glance at the buzzing phone. And Lark's explanation of Wolves being not so good, alarms her. "What exactly happened?"

The screen changes from his address book to the alarm system app that he had installed, and Caleb frowns, looking to the others, "It's the perimeter system. Somethings coming." With that he pushes Lark over towards Ashley on the porch and heads to his truck to fetch the sword there, "Stay close... hopefully it's just a stray dog that learned how to hop a fence..." he says, a grim set to his tone,

The smaller woman looks at the phone and then frowns softly as she takes the hint and moves over towards Ashley, speaking as she moves. "Last night the Shadow gave a pulse. A dead spirit, spirit blood, werewolf blood. Atleast two very powerful spirits on the loose with atleast one male werewolf following. Atleast it seems he followed, they could have taken him, but I've not got to check everything yet.." there is the softest of growls at that, but she is loud enough for Cal and Chris to hear as well. Of course she has no weapons, but she takes to sensing as much as she can.

Chris growls as the alarm is sounded. His body tenses and he prepares himself for the worst. Positioning himself to protect Lark and Ashley with his body if necessary...

Approaching from the North is what appears to be a pair of girls, though they are clearly spirits. They are walking with a purpose toward the Chapel, one very small, looking six or seven with dirty blond hair. The other is taller, looking to be about eleven, a wraith of darkness swirling around her at a rapid pace.

From the West is a wolf in Urshul form, slavering jaws and white fur. Beside the wolf, though, is a hulking biped made of blood. They aren't quite trotting, but definitely walking quickly.

Lark's eyes narrow slowly once they come into sight, her eyes seem to go distant for a moment and then she curses softly. "And there they are. The small females are Spirits, ignore there human seeming.." Her voice is powerful and compelling as it slides among those close and steps in front of Ashley, "I don't know the wolf.." She did catch Kharn and the Blood G coming from another direction.

Caleb growls low in his throat as he sees the two pairs of newcomers. He reaches up and touches the necklace he wears, a moment given in silent thought over it before he adjusts the wide leather bracelet he wears on his left wrist. That done he walks over to stand next to Chris, forming loose wall of man between the uninvited guests and the girls, "Be careful... if they came in the back they may be coming through the house as well from the vault." he says, not looking back as he warns Ash and Lark.

A shift into his large muscular Dalu form and he flexes as be stands with Caleb. "Here we go...." he says with a rumble, ready to spring in a moment as he takes on the role of shield

The girls slow to a walk, spreading out a little bit while the blood golem and wolf maintain their pace, closing fast. The taller of the two girls slows and opens her mouth wider than any human, showing rows of broken teeth and she lets out a scream. It's wildly effective. Chris, Lark, and Ashley's minds are overcome with their worst fears. The things they fear most well up inside them and cause them to flee. Only the Cahalith seems to have shrugged off the mental assault.

So much for being a badass, the Dalu Blood Talon turns and runs as soon as the mind attack goes down.

Three things seem to happen at once. The Wolf emits a low, guttural growl at Ghurah, shaking him to his core, but he's already fought back one mental assault, he seems to be ok. Suddenly though, the smaller girl lifts a hand. Caleb can clearly see the pallid, wrinkled flesh cave into her palm and a beam of darkness sears his shoulder.

Caleb is in the face of his worst fear now, those he cares about most, his Sister and his Mate being in danger, so he steels himself against the scream, letting out a howl in challenge back to the thing. He turns is gaze to the four creatures before him, readying his blade in a guard as the growl comes from Ivory Claw. It's then that the blast takes him in the shoulder, and he growls as he turns it into a charge towards the spirit sisters. His blade slashes into the taller one, cleaving into flesh. The strike was devastating, but measured, keeping him on balance as he squares off.

What happens when you flee away from protecting people you care about? You charge back into the fray without concern for yourself.

The Ivory Claw isn't far from Ghurah, lashing out with razor sharp teeth and rending flesh from his flank.

Seeing Chris sprinting at them, Hate's ice blue eyes fix him with a withering stare, trying to do something that doesn't seem to work.

The taller girl who had just been cleaved by the Cahalith sees that this 'ambush' is anything but. She also sees her little sister trying to stop the charging werewolf. Despite being cut so badly, when she sees her comrade take a bullet and almost instantly assume his warform, she grins evilly and opens her mouth again. This time, though, tendrils of the blackness shoot out and wrap around Chris's limbs, trying to hold him back.

The blood scorpion creepy-crawls at an alarming speed toward Ashley, stinger dripping with venom. It strikes her, only doing minimal damage, but she feels the effects of the venom immediately, sapping her will.

As the Urshul flanks around and bites, Caleb growls out as he tries to shift to face the two attackers at once. Despite the teeth from the wolf, the Cahalith takes another swing at the Fear spirit, his blade singing hrough the air as she latches onto Chris.

Lark was near Ashley and while she can't move quickly, she is trying to get in the way of the Scropin Blood Golem and Ashley, while staying out of the way of that gun. She is silent but within her mind in the First Tongue she Screams and adds the strength of her emotions behind that mental scream. If that BG steps back, she steps forward, etc.

Chris growls out in anger and twists in position, arms wrapping around whatever he can of the thing in front of him in an effort to gain control.

The girl who had been grappling Chris looks horrified as he grabs her, overpowering her. The Warform Ivory Claw though has lost any sense of tactics. He has one thing in mind, BURN MAIM KILL. Caleb is closest to him, spittle drips from his mouth full of steak-knife length teeth. It lashes out, teeth rending gibbets of flesh from Caleb's bicep and roaring in his face.

The littlest girl's eyes go wide at her sister being grappled. She can sense the Purified trying to distract the Blood Scorpion. She spies Ashley through the window and her eyes go completely black. Ashley, who had been backing away from the Blood scorpion that just stung her, stops dead in her tracks. The scorpion also stops attacking her. All of a sudden the game has changed.

Now Lark is standing near a Blood scorpion that is turning toward her, and Ashley, who seems to be re-aiming her gun at her.

Caleb sees Chris turn the tables on the Fear spirit, so he turns to face the Warbeast directly. He shifts to the side, grabbing the center of his sword and using it to thrust up into the neck of the Gauru as he growls out a litany of hate from a herald of Luna.

Jermaine had been coming to visit Ashley and the others, seeing as her house is a place for the pack to come and hang out. As he got closer using one of his shortcuts, he smells blood, and hears the violence nearby. His thought was that she was in trouble as was the rest of the pack. He knew he couldn't act rashley, so he moves through the surroundings so that he could get a good look at the situation, and as he does, he sees the pack fighting, and it's super serious.

Looking at how everyone is matched up, his eyes blazes as he sees that Pure is at the house and spirits possibly, noticing Lark was there as well a low rumble escapes him but he seems to meld into the surrounding areas and as he sees the spirit that is after Ashley, he moves in so fast and quiet that he would catch the spirit competely off guard and he slams a spinning kick towards the things head, aiming to send a lot of power into the blow to send it flying if possible.

Lark's body rocks with the impact of the bullet, blood explodes from her shoulder and splashes the sides of the house where she was standing. She let's out a curse in Sumerian and then calls out towards the fighters. "Tiny girl, cut her down, she's controlling Ash!" Then she simply turns and moves to get into Ashley's way. She notices the arrival of Jermaine and he gets a quick look as she tries to see whoelse is around.

Chris lurches forward to swing a punch at the thing that tried to grapple him...without incident.

Blurring out of the darkness, crimson in his eyes, Shadow moves like a blur towards the Hate spirit, snarling as he jumps towards it and moves past, claws blasting through its legs as he moves past as if he were a bullet rather then a wolf. A giant, black wolf that is the size of a horse with fangs that look to be almost six-inches long

It's fucking madness. The Gauru is locked in Combat with the Dalu swordsman, and slashes at him with his claws, slicing a wide swath across his chest. The girls are now outnumbered and realize that this is now the time to go. The tiny girl opens her mouth and closes her eyes, the scream shaking everyone to their core. Everyone except the Purified, who is a Spirit of sorts herself, and Caleb who is locked into potentially deadly combat with the werewolf. Her sister opens a portal while everyone is running, and begins to usher her away.

The blood scorpion sees the Portal open, but stops to try and stab Caleb in the back with it's stinger, glancing off him. Nope. Nope nope nope. The Scorpion moves toward the portal as well.

Caleb sees the scorpion out of the corner of his eye, and sidesteps it's attack while kneeling. A howl of fury escapes his mouth as he lunges up, underneath the Gauru as it shreds his flesh. His sword, still being used as a makeshift spear is thrust up into the armpit of the beast, sinking deeply into the vital organs within.

Lark doesn't run, she has hard enough of that, but what she does is still stay in the way of where the spirits are disappearing and where Ashley is fleeing. She leans down and flickers an almost forgotten knife from her boot and throw the damn thing at the wolf that Cal is fitting. She does well to stay the heal out of the way while doing it and somehow it slides into the wolfs flesh.

While people seem to be running everywhere, the Ivory Claw doesn't see anything but it's target, the Dalu swordsman. He rears back and slashes again, ignoring any wounds he has because he's Kuruthing. All of his attacks have done similar amounts of damage, nothing too crazy, but still doing some damage. The littlest girl escapes through the portal back into the shadow at a dead run.

The taller of the sisters also runs away, while the Blood scorpion takes on another form, that of some sort of legless wyvern and flies through the portal, which closes just after they enter. Clearly they had left the Ivory Claw for dead.

They are ALL monsters to Ashley. She's shot at them. She's shot at Pack. She's been POSSESSED. Ashley as Uragarum doesn't know what in Holy Hell is going on. Other than Lark's been screaming and chasing her, and playing bodyguard, and somehow she knows Caleb, and Shadow, and Jer are in the mix, and she lost Chris in the mayhem of running her ass off ready to almost pee her pants. **BAM! She aims at the next Monstrous beast in range of her handgun, and at least her training is paying off because she's cold, and calculated with hitting her target with extreme FOCUS.

Caleb takes another slash from the monster, and he is seriously hurt now. His body had been repairing itself as they fought, but now the wounds are stacking up and he is panting. With the opening left after Ashley shot the bastard from behind, Caleb takes a deep breath, roaring out his hatred for the enemies of Luna while he jumps up and to the side, bringing a massive two handed swing down aimed at the Gauru's neck.

The Kuruthing wereolf is unaware of it's own demise, even though Essence is low and it's half dead, the prey in front of it needs to die. The bullet rips through it, barely slowing it despite the massive damage. Eyes run through with rage, he seems abuot to raise both of his claws for a devastating strike, but then the sword lands. It's got Caleb's full weight behind it, slicing between the vertebrea cleanly. There's a pause as nerves are cut and the creature just pauses there before it falls, head tumbling away. Caleb feels Luna's gaze move from wherever she was watching to judge him.

Caleb feels the blade cut, and deeply too... then ther eis no more resistance and almost immediately the Cahalith realizes what has happened. With his injuries he lets the weight of his strike drop him to a knee, his sword tip in the ground before him as he leans against it, looking as if he is almost in prayer. His hand reaches out, and he places it on the body of the fallen wolf. He is silent a long moment before he looks up at the sky and howls out a long dirge of sorrow. At its end he pushes to his feet, looking down at the slain enemy, "I wish it could have been different... that you could have been made to see the error of your ways. Rest well..." he says, and then turns towards the house where Ash and Lark are. He moves that way, limping some, but seeming well enough. "Lark... you're hurt. Sit, Ash, you too." he says, leaning his sword against the porch as he moves towards the truck to get a first aid kit.

Having managed to get his senses right due to having to run, Jermaine is quick and is getting back to the house, jumping over fences to rush and help the others. He wasn't going to allow worry to take root on him, he had to make sure he was there to help the others. Again his steps go silent and he's moving like what he is as he stalks the battlefield only ot see the fighting is over.

Things are moving far too fast for Ashley to quickly get a sense of where everyone is at. Yet the long howl made by her Cahalith gets her to pause as she witnesses him slaying the beast before him. Her whole body goes rigid, and tenses as she suddenly reaches out for Lark to steady the two of them together. Her gaze lifts to Caleb when he gets up to approach the two of them and she breathes in deep, as the weariness suddenly sweeps over her like a heavy weight. Her firearm hand lowers to her side, and she is busy checking over her Mate to see how badly he's injured and then Lark. "Jesus Christ O'Malley and Mother of Joseph!" Ash curses in the only way she knows how. "What the holy hell was that all about?! Them coming in here to OUR house!" Oooh she's mad. Just tired as hell now, and dropping to sit on the ground. "Is anyone else hurt? Someone needs to call the troops in now before they return." Oh she can do that. Once she remembers her cell phone is in her back jeans pocket.

Lark steadies Ash as she clings to her. She looks at her carefully, those blue eyes slowly flickering up and down before she sits with the other woman. "I'll explain what I can, but you need to drink a few things to flush your system. Spirit Vemon is nasty to let linger.." Her voice is warm and soft and husky but she is clearly concerned for the other woman. As for herself, there is blood over half her body but the wound that should be there? Isn't. She then glances up to her Twin before glancing around and starting to pull herself up. "Where can I find a few drinking spirits and juice?" She hasn't really seen where most things are just yet. Since Jer is being all stealth like she hasn't noticed him just yet.

Caleb motions into the house, "Downstairs is the bar... everything you couuld want is there. Kitchen has cold drinks in the fridge. Should be orange juice for sure, not sure about others." He makes sure Ash is sitting and steady, and then he stands fully, looking around for the others, "Well... I think that was all the clarification we needed as to who was behind the first attack." he growls at the thought that so many enemies got away, but sighs and lets that anger fade in place of relief that everyone is mostly unhurt, "We'll get them eventually. For now lets recover." with that he finishes sending out the mass text he had started before they were attacked.