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The Sand Shank Redemption

Behind those dark shades, Sands eyes are shiny and filled with the glee of a toddler on Christmas morning. "You two gonna fight or fuck?"

Dramatis Personae

Matthew, Idina, Alexia, Nicole, Morgance, Felix, Sand, Kilo

6 December, 2015

In which Kilo and Idina try to have a Come-To-Jesus and Sand lends a helping hand.


Forbidden Arts Ink Shop E01

"...but I mean, a lab rat that sounds like Orsen Wells. That makes PERFECT sense, right?" The kitty ears on Idina's hat bounced as she nodded, pushing into the warm store ahead of Matthew. A cold blast of air followed as she held the door for him, eyes scanning the street behind him before her attention turned to the room.

"I dunno, I mean it could if people got the reference. Otherwise they'll just be too confused." Chuckling easily as Matthew's beanie was tugged off as the duo made their way into the shop. His foot catching the door and closing it behind them after Idina got her view of the world behind them. Gloves and beanie stuffed into a jacket pocket before the coat was stripped off leaving him in a Deftone's band shirt and a flannel over shirt. Attention dancing across the foyer easily.

As she seems to be doing a lot lately, Alexia makes her way in shortly after Idina and Matthew arrive. She's gnawing on her lower lip absently as she looks around, lighting up when she sees the people she recognizes.

Felix and Moe found a babysitter, so where did they go? Here, of course! Moe's wearing a dress with thigh-highs and shit-kickers. Ether the dress is designed to be a lot longer in the back, or it's not actually a maternity dress. Knowing more, the former seems more likely. "Do ye think she'll be okay alone wi' them? I mean... Eryx is pretty convincin' when he wants to be..."

It's a party! A spooooooky party! So Kilo put the flannel and Dickies away for one night and donned a dress, albiet a cage skirt and a short bit underneath (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/34973334580956924/ ) with the O rings hanging incase there needed to be any emergency Bondage happening. One never knows these types of things. She has killer fetish heels on and black lipstick and black nail polish and she's just... a little over the top. "Don't ask, I was bored." She apolgises when she sees the guests already gathering downstairs. "So, I heard there was a burrito rumour. And vato, I am of latina/hispanic dissent. This better be good, mi amigo." She gives Matthew a little hell and makes her way over to the bar for... wait for it... Tequila! Who can had Mexican without Tequila? "Felix? Bones? Girls? You all want shots?"

"Mom has years of experience as a mother of three and grandmother of four more. I think she can handle Eryx. And if she can't dad is good back up." Felix reminds Moe with a re-assuring smile as his arm is around her when they arrive. He glances around the tattoo shop and arches his brows a bit, "Whoa so this is why you told me to dress up a little. Are we all here to get ink?" He grins a bit down at Moe and then gives Kilo a wave,

Alexia raises her hand. "I would love a shot."

"Burritos were grilled up last night, and there would have been tequila, if you'd gotten here, instead I drank some of your rum and told Alexia about some of the vagrants that wander in here all the time." His shoulders rolled lightly and a grin slipped over his features as Morgance and an unknown also made their way in. "Welcome welcome, I'm never gonna turn down a shot, ever. Just put them in front of me." Matthew chuckled easily as he glanced at the group and then towards Idina a moment.

Idina's head turned when Alexia materialized behind them, brow furrowing a bit before she glanced up to Matthew. All paranoid thoughts she may have had were quickly chased away by the immediate urge of scandal when she spotted Kilo though, and her eyes widened as a slow blush crept up her neck. "Oh. Um. You... hi?"

"I'm gettin' Seffy added after she's born," Moe says to Felix. "But yer not really my fiance or husban', so yer not invited ta my tattoo." It's a super cute tattoo too. She sticks her tongue out at Felix. Moe is about a month away from delivering and she's heavy and cranky and tired. "Coffee?" she asks. Because if she has any alcohol she'll just pass out on the couch. And she's not missing her first night out with Felix but without the boys in over a month. "Or an energy drink. Ye got any o' those?" She looks her bff over with a raised brow. "So... Ye goin' to a fetish show or sommat? Is Free goin' to come down an' tie ye up so we kin all spank ye?"

Kilo grabs a Red Bull out of the fridge for Moe. "For those snotty hipster kids that come in for these 'intellectual' tattoos and want to drink Red Bull and Vodka. What would I have ever done if that college wasn't created." and then she snorts at her, "You missed it. Spanking night was *last* night! With any luck we won't be repeating that tonight." She winks before getting Alexia, Idina, Matthew and Felix all shots. Felix didn't ask but he's getting one anyway. "I'll just keep filling those as we go. Luck told me to and I always do what Lucky says." She smirks but sobers a little with the look Idina gives her. "Oh, Um, Me? What? What did I do?" She sees her blush and Kilo cants her head. "Must have been something good. Was I drunk? And Moe, what tattoo are you talking about? Should I not be drinking?" To Matthew she holds up her shot and toasts him. "To your burritos! Can't wait to try them!"

Alexia takes the shot with a bright smile. "Thank you. I love the skirt."

Arching his brows at Moe there is a curious expression and he asks, "Wait, so how am I -not- your fiance?" He gives her rear a swat and then asks Kilo for a bourbon and coke. "I'm want to get a tattoo, Kilo." Felix announces to them with a tip of his head. "It's going to be a nude of Moe right now at eight months pregnant." he teases Moe as he leans in and kisses her cheek with a chuckle.

"The one ye put on my back," Moe says to Kilo with a raised brow. "Do I need ta show ye? 'Cause I'm not wearin' panties, but I will." She sheds her coat, then turns to stare at Felix. She throws the coat at him then holds up her naked left hand. "Does anyone see a diamond on here that I can't see or sommat?" Her left ring finger wiggles. Then she grabs her red bull and cracks it open.

"Might be the skirt, it's pretty good looking." Matthew offered at Kilo's questioning of Idina's look and the blonde's sudden discoloration. Not that he minded either thing, his shot glass lifted and klinked against Kilo, "to all delicious food. I'll keep making it if folks keep eating it. Grilled with beans, beef and habeneros, Served with all the proper fixings. wrapped individually in foil in your frige!" Bowing lightly before taking the shot, eyes shifted to Moe's naked hand, "Nope, nothing shiny, ice tends to catch the light, something fierce."

Idina's shot was slid over to Matthew and she shrggued at Kilo. "Nothing, you're just all... nothing. Did you meet Alexia? Moe and Felix, that's Alexia, this is Moe and Felix and Kilo." She was apparently not feeling as informative with the introductions as she had been last night.

Kilo walks over and puts her arm around Alexia. "Darlin', I can't lie. 'You' are the one who inspired me tonight! You have all this goth thing going on with the ragin' cool hair and really cool creepy clothes and, well, I thought it would be kind of neat to sort of take a page from the Alexia book tonight." She smiles at Alexia, then at Idina, but whatever it is with Idina is still bugging her. "Seriously. You're killin' me. What did I do? You act like a turned into a ghost or something. Did Lucky do something to you?" She shoots a look over at Lucky and he's slowly shaking his head no, but he's got a devious grin plastered across his skeletal remains. She looks back at Idina, now way too curious to let this go but explains to Moe "You said you weren't 'inviting Felix to your tattoo'. It made it sound like there was a new tattoo that he wasn't going to be involved in. That's why I said 'What tattoo?' Obviously I know *intimately* about the one I did for you of your octopus." She smiles.

Alexia smiles at Moe and Felix. "Hi. Nice to see you again." Alexia laughs when Kilo puts her arm around her. "Well. I'm glad to hear it. You don't see that look enough, you know?"

Morgance is now annoyed with Felix. So she abandons him with her coat and wanders over to hug Kilo. "So... What're we celebratin'? Actually, I'm celebratin' that Matt cooks an' I don' have to all the time."

Kilo concurs "Matthew cooking sounds like a good idea to celebrate. I'm pre-celebrating that those burritos are going to going to hold up to my dear old mother's expectations." She starts laughing so hard she's crying. "Yeah, good old mom, the crack whore who left me in foster care all my life which drove me to Las Lomas." She sighs. Then almost like a Nazi soldier throwing an automatic hand sign, she snaps out a stacked 'L L' hand sign for her old gang, as if it were so engrained in her she couldn't bear saying the name without signing it. "Rest in Peace Joker." She then pours a small bit of tequila out on the floor before snapping the rest back down her throat. Apparently there is a whole little ritual that goes down with saying 'Las Lomas' that she needs to follow each time it comes up.

By now, Idina's ghost girl has noticed that Alexia is among them, detaching from Idina's side for the first time in....ever, possibly.... to head over to Goth Spice. A bony arm stuck out slowly, one ragged nailed finger wiggling as the girl giggled in delight.

Ding! The bell over the door chimes as Nicole lets herself in; somewhat more casually dressed today, in distressed blue jeans and a pink babydoll top, a hip-length leather jacket over this for warmth and a courier bag slung over one shoulder. She hears voices and cautiously pokes her head through the coloured beads separating front from back, glancing around at all those here - alive and dead - and then letting herself step into the lounge properly. "Hey all."

"Aw shucks." The tone a bit of a joke as he flushed and took the second shot since Idina had slid it over to him. "I'll cook as long as people want to eat my cooking." Smiling easily as he watched Kilo's ritual with some rapt attention. "Anyhow, Loki, I'm taking ya up on your offer of apprenticeship as an aside."

Her own Geist, the hulking Nothing Beast, does not look amused at the approach of the child, unfurling from Alexia's shadow long enough to give the child a hateful look, before ducking back into the shadow. Alexia just shakes her head, looking amused as she looks back at Kilo. "He did really well. They're -delicious-."

Morgance is already in the kitchen re-heating burritos. Because food. Her geist, the cthulubeast, rarely leaves her side. Especially when Felix is around. He looms over her possessively. Boy is he going to be pissed when Felix gets his own geist. "I'm havin' two. How many do you guys want?"

Idina says, “Molly come on, don't tease him. He doesn't want to be booped." She held her hand out to beckon the Geist and gave Alexia an apologetic smile. "Sorry. I don't know why she insists on that. I just want one, I'm still kind of full from this morning. I woke up and Matthew was in my house.”

"You make it sound so terrible that I showed up to make you breakfast." His eyes rolled lightly though his tone sounded more amused than not. Matthew's phone buzzed a moment and he went to pull it from his coat. "I got to take this, Kilo mind if I use your stairwell so I'm not freezing my nubs off?" He was already heading towards the door to it.

Returning from the bathroom, Felix hears the call for food and says, "I'll have to, baby." He makes his way over to the counter and peers around to see who is new and who has departed from the tattoo parlor. Stepping up to the bar he grabs up his bourbon and coke to take a sip as he peers back to the kitchen, "Wait...you are heating up microwave burritos?"

"Get yer own," Moe snaps at Felix. Jerkfase. She counts everyone and heats up one for each of them and two for herself. Not including poor Felix. He's in trouble.

Kilo chirps, "I'll have two Mom! Since you're serving and all." She give Idina a huge, ear-to-ear grin and then starts to kid her, just like a sister would. "Soooo, let me get this straight. You just... 'woke up' and he was 'in your house'? Let the record reflect that she just woke up and he was in her house." Kilo smirks and ruffles her hair. She likes Idina. She likes both girls. "Alexia, you're going to have to tell me about the whole music thing. I must admit, I did some googling." Kilo has the good graces to be a bit embarrassed. "And some of the stories say you were a Christian Rock singer that went like Heavy Metal or Goth or something? How does THAT happen? Is this too personal?" She suddenly wonders if it is. "I just thought it was interesting how you could be so dedicated to God and all and then, I don't know, go to the devil?" she then bites her lip. "If this is too personal just tell me to mind my own business and I'll do just that." Kilo winks. Then she looks at poor Felix. "Man. I was in that same trouble last night. No fun." She co-commiserates. She doesn't dare help him though; she might suffer the wrath of Moe herself.

Idina says, “He killed her when he found out I was alive and went to the police." Her mood has deteriorated suddenly and without warning, scowling when Kilo ruffled her hair. "That's probably why."”

Nicole remains in the beaded-curtain doorway, looking over the group of people talking, inhaling the scent of microwaved burritos. Her greeting unanswered, she seems uncertain of her welcome, glancing back over her shoulder to murmur to a faintly darker patch of air behind her, visible only to the dead-but-not in the room.

Alexia laughs, a warm, joyful sound. "Oh! No. I don't mind at all. It is kind of weird, after all." She shrugs. "After...Well. Everything that happened? I had a pretty big crisis of faith. The guys in the band tried hard to help, but most of the help was of the 'have you tried praying?' sort. So..." She trails off when she hears Idina, grinning. "That's sort of it. I just...Lost that spark we all had when we formed the first band. Still loved music. Not quite so much with the using music as testimony thing, you know? And the heavy metal stuff was..." She pauses. "Well. Kind of an overreaction, but I love that community. So theatrical and fun."

Sand pipe bombs.

"Kilo do you have stuff back there to make food?" Felix asks with arched brows as he glances over at the little Latina with a grin. "I'll make my own then." he declares finishing his bourbon and coke before standing up to step around the counter and into the kitchen. "Oh okay, so you are going to bake them. That isn't -quite- as bad." He moves in to assist Moe with the burritos, "You are a chef...you should be ashamed of yourself." he teases the pregnant woman with a little grin as he steps up beside her.

Are you sensitive to hoodoo? Awakened Shenanigans? If you are, you feel a tingle. Sand is good for making people tingle. So he says. If you're not? Well, it doesn't matter. He's just... there. One second nobody is in that seat and the next? There is Sand. The suit clad, lanky degenerate is noisily rifling through a bag of In n Out. There isn't one in Maine. Where the hell did he come across that? "Anybody got any napkins? Fuckers left me high and dry." The deadpan baritone doesn't waiver or mumble, even with a cigarette dangling between his lips.

Kilo missed the doorbell with so much going on but she sees Nicole now! "Hey there, Nicole! Wow, you came just in time to be fed. Come on in!" She helps her with her coat if she's going to hang it and leads her in. "Does everyone know Nicole? She's a new friend and... and... " She blinks. There is sand standing in the middle of the room with.. "In n Out? Where the fuck did you get In n Out?" She suddenly demands, and being a Southern Cali girl, this is near and dear to her heart. But she's laughing anyway and handing him napkins. "Sand, do you know Nicole? And this is Idina and Alexia... and this is Matthew. Do you know Felix? And Moe? If you don't you're going to soon." She smiles at him. "It's nice to have you here! I sure hope you’re sharing." She smirks.

Alexia flashes Nicole a bright, warm smile. "Hi. Nice to meet you." She turns that same thousand-watt smile on Sand. "And you too." If she's weirded out by the guy just being there, she's at least good at not showing it.

"Hey Kee. Food sounds good," Nicole agrees, shrugging off her coat with Kilo's help, but seeming faintly puzzled. The reason for that is - stood by the door as she was, she knows Sand didn't come in past her. And yet there he is, where he wasn't before, and that's curious. "Where did you come from?" she directs her question to the Sandman, brows slightly furrowed.

Idina was in the middle of raising a hand to wave to Nicole when Sand materialized, raising her suspicion flags once again.

Morgance leans in and punches Felix in the shoulder as hard as she can. Now she's beyond annoyed and on to pissed. "Fuck you. Get the fuck out of my kitchen b'fore I make ye cry so hard ye piss yerself." She probably wouldn't do that... would she? Also, it's not really her kitchen. But is anyone going to argue with the raging, 4'10" pregzilla? She grabs some napkins and waves them in Sand's direction but doesn't take them over to him. Is she surprised by his presence? Not really. She's been so busy being pissed off at Felix that she just assumes he walked in like everyone else.

Felix takes 110 Bashing Damage.

Matthew who had been in the stairwell on the phone for a bit slipped back into the main shop. His movements carrying him back within view of the group, the gangly bastard, presence seeming to be weightier with the vapor that whorled around him. For those attuned to the sight of the living dead children Crimson smoke billowed around him and a few wisps curled around Idina and anyone else familiar to him as Moe all but decked Felix.

Like waivng crack at a crackhead, Sand knew the reaction he'd get out of Kilo with his ill gotten gains of burgers and fries. "I know a guy who knows a guy." Sand says flatly while accepting napkins with one hand and handing her a double double with the other. "Brought enough for me, you and Free. Where is that fuck anyway?" Sunglasses, dark and hiding likely bloodshot eyes, flick to each new face that Kilo points out. "Got alot of good lookin' friends, Kilo. Felix is the only one I know. So... who wants to sit on Uncle Sands lap for a burger?" The corner of his lips twist into a sinister, if letcherous smirk of sorts. "You know you want some fries, Felix." Completed with eyebrow waggle. Suggestive. Scary.

When Moe punches him in the shoulder, Felix recoils a little and blinks at her, "Damn...fuck really? That hurt." Of course she is lucky he isn't the other kind of guy, the one who would start slapping her around and beating on her. Just not how Felix works, so instead he just steps out of the kitchen with an irritated expression and pours himself another bourbon, this time without the coke to water it down. "I'm good." he comments to Sand with furrowed brows.

"My fathers balls." Sand belatedly responds to Nicole. Ash tumbling off his cigarette onto the floor.

There's a low snort from Nicole. "Okay. How, specifically, did you most recently get into this room?" she clarifies, accustomed to this kind of bullshit from her brothers. She does in fact make her way over towards him, as if to take him up on that offer of lap-sitting in exchange for a burger. Or at least, to hold him in place while she interrogates.

Idina seems to have taken an instant wary disliking to the new arrival, watching his every move with a half scowl even as she goes behind the bar to get herself a soda.

Morgance continues heating up burritos, but now she's in a homicidal mood. She's 8-months pregnant. She's never comfortable. She's tired. She has to pee all the time. And Felix is being a poopy-head. When she takes the food back out of the oven, she grabs her two and storms over towards Sand. Everyone else is on their own. "If I sit on yer lap, kin I have a burger? Or am I not hot enough?"

Alexia keeps a careful eye on Sand, turning a little so her back isn't exposed, giving Idina a quick smile. "Everything okay?"

Kilo can see disaster written all over this Sand/Nicole exchange but she doesn't at all know how to diffuse it. "Nicole... I'll share my burger with you." Distract, distract, distract! "Sometimes Uncle Sand just... moves faster than we can keep track of him." She offers a little lamely. Then she's answering Sand "Free? He's out doing the Lord's work, of course." She gives him a little wink. "I know he wanted to talk to you, but that's probably not gonna happen for at least... 4-5 more hours. Sorry about that."

"Do you really want to know, sweetheart?" Sand asks Nicole with a widening smile. A tad yellowed, not perfect, the smile of a person and not a plastic celebrity. "Kilo? Should I tell her? Think she'd shit a chicken?" Sand surely does have a way with women, doesn't he? Those pale eyes, hidden by black shades, flick to Idina and follow her. Watching her watch him. That's when Morgance waddles up and he slumps back into the seat gracelessly. "Kiddo, I'll give you the burger long as you don't sit in my lap and shatter my bones." Chuckling under a breath, he tosses one up to Morgance. It's not that far, really. She's a short one. "I'll catch Free sooner or later. Wanted to talk his ear off anyway."

The dislke thickens as Sand watches her in return and Idina nods tersely to Alexia while drifting closer to Matthew for protection.

Lifting his gaze to Sand, there is an arch of brows when he hears his fiancee's comment. "Thinking I Kilo wanted me to talk to you some time actually...about some business." he remarks as Felix sips on his bourbon.He glances aside to Moe and watches her for a moment, but just gives her space for the time being.

Eyes lingered upon Sand, but only for a moment, Matthew was far more interested in just how tumultous the emotional pattern of everone else had become just at the man's appearance. It was certainly intriguing to say the least. His arm parted a bit from his side as Idina drew closer, just in case she wanted more proximity for safety than normal. Matthew tapped on the bar quietly as he considered how busy it had gotten. "S'like kids day at the zoo."

"I have yet to shit chickens. Bullets, bricks, but never chickens," Nicole informs Sand cheerfully - and yes, she does move to sit in his lap if he'll so allow. Because he promised a burger, and sharing one with Kilo doesn't quite cut it. The latter woman does get a cheerful smile from Nic however - she recognises a diversionary tactic when she sees one. "It's all good, Kee."

Morgance takes the burger and offers Sand a burrito. "It's fine. I was jus' tryin' to piss Felix off anyhow. He's bein' a dickbag what don't want to take responsibility now that I've moved in with him. If ye feel like breakin' sommat, you kin have him. Jus' not so bad he can't keep payin' fer shit, aye?" She waddles past and flops down on a couch to devour her burger.

A brow arches upward over the rim of those cheap black shades. "Business? Felix, I knew there was a reason I didn't hate you. I take it somewhat private, eh?" Sand asks as he nods approvingly to the now lap sitting Nicole who is being offered the last of the burgers. "I find your answer acceptable, Nicky." He doesn't have one now but he does have a burrito. So there's that. "Oh, I won't break him. I like the kid. My friends are okay with him. So I'm okay with him. That and we have things to talk about now."

Alexia looks to Matthew and nods. "Got a little busy. That's good, though. Right?"

Kilo nods enthusiastically. "Sand, he could be really good for us. You guys can use the apartment if you want?" She raises an eyebrow at Felix to see if he might be ready to do this now. "Maybe Free will be back by the time you all are wrapping stuff up." She grins. This is good!

Settling comfortably on Sand's lap, like she's quite accustomed to using strangers as furniture, Nicole claims the burger he offers, unwrapping and biting into it. Nomf. The food is almost inhaled, gone in a few short bites, then she's crumpling up the paper and looking around for either a trash can, or somebody to toss it at. Hmmn. So many options in this target-rich environment, she holds on to her improvised missile for now. "So, your name is Sand, and Kee refers to you as 'Uncle'. Interesting," she muses to her current chair.

Tipping his head at Sand and giving a glance to Kilo, he downs the rest of his whiskey and chuckles, "We can talk now in a more private setting or just make an appointment. I'm good either way. I just know you aren't an easy man to nail down." Felix grins and glances over to Kilo again, "Been trying for what? Over a month?"

Morgance mutters, "Fucking piece o' shite cock-suckin waffle-dick cunt." She continues to glare death at everyone as she finishes up her burger.

"You have no idea." Sand says to Nicole rather quietly before taking a drag off his cigarette. Off brand. Cheap. Bordering on stale. Just how he likes it. A rather bold and brazen swat is given to Nicoles backside as he nods upward. "Alright. Let's get to it. I am, after all, a hard man to nail down."

Alexia looks over at Morgance. "Um. Can I get you anything...?"

There's a faint yelp from Nicole, the woman frowning at Sand. "That'll cost you a smoke, 'Uncle Sand'," she informs him, though she does stand since that seemed to be what he was aiming for, one hand rubbing at her behind. "And don't think we're done talking, either," she adds, visually checking him over for any cigarette-carton sized shapes in his pockets, to extract one for herself should she see where they're kept.

Kilo is pretty sure everyone would shit chickens if Sand goes there, so she hopes he doesn't go there. She then looks at Nicole and cants her head with a toothy grin. "Uncle... Sand. What the fuck? Did I call him Uncle Sand? How creepy is that?" She laughs. "He's, well, I can't really go into it much but we're 'associated'." She nods and gives Nicole a little wink. "Felix, you need to take advantage of this... Oh, ok, yeah, that's going to happen." she looks pleased. Then she looks at Morgance and Alexia and bites her lip. "You know... last person she called a 'cunt-waffle' ended up slippin' her the tongue, so... I'd be careful getting too close Alexia." Kilo teases.

Idina says, “Just down though..." She was muttering under her breath, scowling at nothing as if Moe's bad move has worn off on her.

"No it won't." Sand fires back in regards to the cost of a booty slap. Adjusting that purple and gold tie, he starts for the stairs. It's like he knows exactly where he's going. He does. He's been here often. Usually when Kilo and Free are sleeping. No cigarette pack is easily seen by the way his jacket hangs is curious. A soldier, cop or crook would know. He's armed. To the teeth. "Not that creepy, Kilo. I could be your Uncle. You don't know. Neither do I. Life is mystery. Felix? Let's do this."

Morgance scowls some more. "Aye. I'm not in the mood fer makin' out wi' bitches today." She sets her burrito down, since she just ate a burger and is getting kinda full. "I put a goddamn dress on today. Oi! Let's do sommat that involves a lot o' alcohol an' bad choices?"

"It will. This time or next time," Nicole assures Sand with a faintly guarded smile, recognising the subtle placement of weapons. "Thanks for the burger; enjoy your business." She turns to sit in the chair Sand has just vacated, turning her attention now to Morgance at that announcement. "I'm down for alcohol and bad choices," she volunteers.

Idina says, “I'm gonna go, okay?" She mumbled to Matthew, untouched soda and burrito pushed away. "Sloan hasn't answered me still so I guess I'll go see if he's home or something, I'll talk to you later, okay?”

He frowned slightly at Idina's words, "yeah, I'll keep my phone near by if you need to get a hold of me for anything. I'll text you if I don't hear from you." A slow nod from Matthew.

"Alcohol and bad choices are, like, my thing." Alexia looks over at Idina in concern. "Are you okay?"

"Christ, I've been falling down on the job!" Kilo grabs the bottle of Tequila and starts filling everyone's glasses. "To alcohol and bad choices. Oh my god this is going to be a great night!" She laughs and downs hers with everyone else. "I'm sorry you're leaving Idina -- we're all going to totally miss you." She glances at Matthew to make sure he thinks everything is OK. "And hey -- don't let that Sloan guy control your life alright? I already feel like we need to, uh, 'straighten him out'."

"Just kill him." Is barely heard before Sand disappears upstairs. Wait, what?

Idina says, “Sloan is really nice to me." Her irritation focused on Kilo for a moment. "Nobody is ever going to control my life ever again. I'm worried about him because he never texted me back last night either."”

He seemed a little overwhelmed at the moment with the flooding of various emotional states but he offered a little hand wave at Kilo's look. "Understandable, I'm sure he's fine, maybe he drank too much, or lost his phone. I mean if he's relying on rides from others, it could be buried in someone's car right?" He offered as explanation to Idina, hopefully it'd soothe her.

Morgance gets up with a grunt and takes her garbage over to the kitchenette. Then she gets herself a shot glass and waddles back to the group. "Okay, hit me. What're we doin'? Never have I ever?"

"Sure, that works," Nicole agrees, rising to fetch a glass and some random bottles. Kilo won't mind them plundering her booze selection, right? Right. All in the family.

Kilo is not so forgiving. "A million people have a million mobile phones and he can't pick up one to let her know he's OK? Uh uh. Not cool." She mumbles. The little Latina is in agreement with Sand in fact. But then she is a gangster and she gives no quarter. She passes out the alcohol again. "Next round!" She announces brightly, starting to get her buzz on, and then to Morgance. "What is that? A game I've never played? Oh, I'm so in.

Idina says, “You didn't text me back either, so...." She shrugged, still sulking but undecided about leaving.”

"Harping on it now is not doing anything besides making Idina feel bad. Not the end goal." Matthew's brow arched gently towards Kilo before glancing towards Morgance. "Not that I'm judging, but is that the best idea with the nigh finished bun in the oven?"

Alexia gives Idina a gentle smile. "Hang out. Play a game. It'll be fun."

Kilo blinks, totally confused. "Me? Idina, when was I suppose to text you? I don't remember telling you I would text you? When was this?" This is a major concern to Kilo as she tries to never let anyone down.

"Aye," Moe replies. "Ye say sommat that ye've never done an' anyone else who's done it has ta drink. Ye get a point fer everyone who takes a drink. Unless everyone else has done it. Then the person what started it has ta drink an' everyone else gets a point. Ye choose a total ta aim for an' whoever gets there firs' wins. If anyone gets there b'fore everyone passes out." 8-months pregnant and about to get blitzed? Sure, why not?

"I'll go first," Nicole volunteers, pouring herself a finger of some whiskey or other spirit. She smiles briefly, glancing around at the women of the room. "Never have I ever been to New York." Something nice and tame for the first one.

"You just stopped answering me." Irritation has moved swiftly into sulking, combining with Sand's departure and taking Idina's instinct to flee away. Instead she ignores the alcohol and takes her burrito and soda to a free seat.

Alexia doesn't drink at that one! She just lifts her drink and spins it slowly, looking around athe others curiously.

Idina scowls in Nicole's direction and takes a sip of her soda. Maybe she's playing?

Morgance tosses her shot back. Hopefully Kilo's making them small shots. And the tiny pirate is letting someone else do the pouring. At least for now. "I been everywhere, man."

Kilo is pissed. You don't piss off a little Latina gangster girl and not expect repercussions. "Oh no Princess. You're going to compare *ME* to that scumbag Sloan over that fucking conversation we had last night because I stopped responding vs him never contacting you? No no. No you aren't. Let's get some things straight here." She gets right in Idina's face and she picks up her phone and show her the texts.

"You said: "Matthew wants to know where your spicy stuff is.

I said: "lol - you mean the spices or the porn? :D they're in the cabinet by the stove!"

You said: "Um.... which is up there?"

I said: "spices that I have :P"

You said: "Matthew is cooking."

"Which sounded like a fine place to end a fucking conversation to me. I had no obligation to continue on after that. What's more? I got fucking thrown over my husband's knee at that point and got the hell beaten out of me. So I was in no place to text you back. Seriously? And you want to compare that to Sloan still not having texted your ass back? No. Don't you try to put that shit on me." Kilo narrows her eyes at her.

So Sand is coming back down the stairs. He's likely stolen something from the apartment. It's probably not something expensive but something embarassing. He has to get his amusement somewhere, right? "Did I come back in time to see pulled hair, scratched eyes and knocked out teeth? Oh goody. I get to make a necklace." That terminally bored baritone of his is unmistakeable. Yay! Sand is back!

The mere suggestion of anger had her on edge, but when Kilo gets in her face Idina completely shuts down. It's not that she's teary or coiled or likely to lash back, instead she's just still. Quiet. Eyes down, breathing shallow and tightly controlled.

Alexia looks between the others, clearing her throat. "So. Um. Maybe don't breach her personal space, bubble, Kilo?"

Morgance sighs heavily and reaches over to grab the bottle that Kilo's not manning. "Never have I ever not been the one what was makin' everyone in the room uncomfortable," she says to herself.

Violence? Chaos? Behind those dark shades, Sands eyes are shiny and filled with the glee of a toddler on Christmas morning. That half assed, lazy smile remains on his face as he stands at the foot of the stairs. "You two gonna fight or fuck?" He asks as he brings a lighter and cigarette to his lips. Flick, flick, flash.

Maybe it was the words, mabe it was the flick or the flash. Something got a reaction - a slight flinch, breathing caught in a hitch before she went statue still again.

Kilo shrugs. "I'm sorry Idina. But if you accuse me of doing something not cool. If you accuse me of letting you down? That's my reputation you're fucking with. I didn't do anything to hurt, disrespect or minimize your importance in any way. I promise you, I'm going to be your fiercest advocate but don't turn around and poke at me. Are we cool?" She reaches out her hand, ignoring the "personal space breach" warnings and offers it to the blonde. Then she turns to Sand, "Well, I'm hoping fuck at this point but I'm going to have to leave it to Idina." she smirks.

Morgance tosses back her second shot and pours herself a third. "I gotta piss. When I get back, if we're not playin', I'm goin' off ta find someone to fuck. Or I'll fuck someone here. Not really tha' particular as long as it isn't Felix."

Alexia grins at Morgance, shaking her head and taking a drink.

Nothing. Not a word, not a movement. Nothing to encourage or discourage whatever might be coming next.

"I'm -not- taking one for the team. Last thing I need is that kind of threesome." Sand says and points to Morgance while taking a long drag off his smoke. Tapping ash from his cigarette to the floor. Sand has all the manners of a knife to the kidney. So what does he do next? Why Sand walks right on over to where Kilo and Idina are standing. Face to face. Cigarette hanging on his lips, he makes a show of reaching into his jacket and taking out a Bowie Knife. With a widening smile he offers it between them. Sand is so very helpful. "No witnesses, Ladies. I promise."

It must have been the knife that broke the patteren of learned behavior and survival instinct. She isn't very big and isn't very strong, but Idina launched herself at Sand like a frenzied cat, yowling and scratching and kicking and hitting with more fury and rage than could possibly have been distilled out of this short encounter.

"Well the good news is that ye can't knock me up," Moe says to Sand as she heads for the washroom. But then there's violence occurring and she's heading in that direction instead. "Fuckin' hell. Love again, Kee? Maybe not as intense this time, aye?"

<OOC> Sand says, “5 and lower is Knife. Higher is Poof.”

> Sand to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 0 Success 
   < 4 >

=====================================================> 1 [No Flags] <

Did... did she just attack the man holding a giant sized knife? A scratch at his face, he steps back. Kick to the shin. Punch to the shoulder. Screeching and clawing, he steps back once more. "Naughty list." Then in a flash it happens. He takes some licks but Idina takes the flat side of that Bowie knife right to the side of the head. The second after the follow through, the blade switches position in his hand. Downward. Edge out. Knife fighters stance.

aaaand that was about the point when Matthew made his way back in from whatever phone call had come about to steal him away once more. His attention flickered over the entire situation. For those who could see geists Matthew may as well not be in the room anymore, the swirling column of swirling blood smoke enveloped him and a least the yard around him. Sand was an unknown, but that didn't stop the gaunt and lanky man from stepping between the two. The usual jovial voice that Matthew's aquaintences had come to know him by was replaced by a deathly chill rasp. "Over zealous defense for dealing with someone with Post Tramautic Stress Disorder, I shall remove Idina from the area, you enjoy the rest of your evening."

Kilo watches and it all happens in a flash of a second. A tasmanian devil launches, and here she was going to offer the knife to Idina to attack her! and Southside Kings Sand never misses and opportunity. Do these girls know who they are? She doesn't really talk about it much, but... Christ, they *must* know! And like they tell you with two dogs fightin', you never put your hands in the middle. And Sand outranks her. She sure as shit isn't going to choke him out with a gift. So the girl bleeds. Except Matthew steps in and... well.. that was probably pretty stupid on his part. She imagines Sand will knife him too. White knights... she shakes her head but can't look away.

Alexia is frozen as the knife comes back out, eyes huge. She moves backwards, away from Sand. "What in the fuck?"

> Sand to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 2 Successes 
   < 1 1 2 3 5 6 7 9 9 >

===============================> Dexterity + Larceny + 3 [No Flags] <

The blow stunned Idina out of her frenzy, and as she crumpled she scrambled back no more than a foot before becoming stock still again.

> Matthew to Here <===================================================

   Rolled 2 Successes 
   < 1 1 4 6 8 10 >

======================================> Wits + Composure [No Flags] <

Morgance grunts and holds her belly. This is too much. She's pretty sure she's not allowed to fuck Free, so she pauses to eye Matthew. Nope, he's about to get stabbed. Looks like she's going to have to find some dick elsewhere. "Lemmie know if ye need me ta come back an' help clean blood off the floor later, Kee."

Head tilting aside, Sand actually smiles serenely when Matthew steps into the space that Idina once occupied. The knife is still in his hand. Instead of doing anything rash, like dicing up everybody in the room like Nightcrawler on PCP, he just leans in reeeaaal close to Matthew and, if you're fast enough or observant enough, you might see him slip something into the mans pocket. "If you knew me, you'd applaud my restraint." That said quiet and under a breath, he steps back and smiles all too wide. "So! Where was that bottle of tequila, huh? Daddy needs to kickstart a two day bender."

"I don't so I will just have to take your word on that for now. Loki vouches for you, and I appreciate the stop." Words still in the chilled down as he backed up from Sand moments after his words. Curiously just long enough for the flash of motion as though he might have noticed it. Eyes remained on the knife's bearer as he backed up two steps, Matthew's hand settled onto Idina's shoulder. "We're going to go some place to relax now, come along with me please Idina."

The little girl is worked up and races around the non moving Idina as Matthew touches her. A bare nod is managed, the blonde completely compliant to Matthew's wishes right now.

"Oh Bones. Come on. We're family. Remember? We've got to figure out how to deal with this shit as a family, not run off and lick our wounds. Stay. Stay and let Idina and me talk it out. She attacked a guy with a blade in his hand, shit happens, yeah? Let me put a bandaid on it. Let's share a drink together and we're going to be tighter for it. You run off and there's always gonna be some shit between us." She spells it out for him. "You're my brother. She's my hermana. Yeah. Stay."

Alexia has just made herself small in a corner where she can't be approached. Seems good enough for her right now, arms tight around her stomach.

"Loki, I understand what you're wanting to do, but given her present state." Pausing a moment to gesture at her not quite catatonia, "she won't be talking anytime soon. We will talk about this, I am not someone who sweeps things under the rug. I plan on being back here later this is not an escape, it is a strategic retreat for psychological health." Matthew's eyes flickered over Kilo and then glanced towards Alexia, "There are multiple people here who may have more trauma to deal with, I cannot keep eyes on them all. And I'd like to say I know what that family connection is like... but you're pulling on someone who never had it successfully." He continued moving towards the door nodding towards Alexia quietly if she needed to move with them.

Humming contentedly to himself, Sand slips that giant fuck off sized knife into his jacket. Anyone lucky enough to see inside may note the many other sharp objects tucked therein. Wandering over to where he seen that bottle last, he snatches it up and takes a swig. "This Doctor Phil shit is making my skin crawl. I'm not drunk enough for feelings yet."

Kilo waves to Matthew. She doesn't get it but she accepts it. Then she gets out a couple new bottles of the really good Tequila and hands one to Sand, takes one for herself. "That's for you. And this one's for me. And well, if anyone else can keep up, them too. But we've got shit to take care of." She nods and finds them a place on the couch. "Alexia, you in? Or you need quiet time down there?" She hits straight from the bottle. "So we said good bye to Izzy yesterday. It was a fond fair well." She grins and raises her bottle to Sand. "And she's alllllll yours now." Kilo's grin is ear-to-ear. "Or so I hear."

Morgance is pulling her coat on, preparing to follow after Matthew and Idina. Not that she's going with them. Just she's planning on leaving as well.

Alexia slips out in the confusion!

Now Sand has TWO bottles of tequila. Somebody might get stabbed tonight after all! Watching with a lifted brow as one after another ducks out of the shop, Sand smirks a little amusedly. "Do I know how to make an impression or what?" That said, he plops down into a chair and chuckles under a breath. "Thought for a second there that I was gonna have to kick it up a notch."

"Moe! Go home to Felix. He's been behaving. just give him another chance." Kilo pleads. She rarely gets involved but she just thinks Moe needs the Fee tonight. "You take care ok? do you need a ride home?"

Morgance turns around and scowls some more. "That fuckin' twat said he was goin' to propose properly. Said he was goin' to get a ring. Said he was goin' to do it right. But apparen'ly he was jus' sayin' that so his father woul' stop askin' him questions." She crosses her arms over her chest. "So he kin suck my fuckin' arse."

"Wait! Moe!" Kilo tries to stop her for a second. "Did you ever stop to think that he might have something really special planned? Maybe he's waiting for the birth of your baby. MAybe he has a special day planned that hasn't happened yet. This could all be about timing. That man dotes on you. Has he *ever* let you down? Never!!! He's not going to let you down now. Be patient. Remember all the hormones you have right now. And that things just don't feel good. It's going to happen, I promise." And she's 100% sure of it.

Morgance sighs and shrugs her coat off again. "Well he's takin' too fuckin' long. He knows how I feel abou' it." Everyone knows. Moe is terrified of having yet another child and no man around. To the point where she's made it abundantly clear that she's not keeping Seffy if Felix leaves her or dies. "An' he jus' let me be pissed instead o' doin' anything abou' it. Even b'fore Sand showed up."

"Felix absolutely, positively, without a doubt adores you more than life itself. And what's more? He adores your kids. Just loves them heart and soul. I've never seen a man so caring about children. Free? Free is fierce but I don't know that he has the tender side that Felix has. He can be a warrior and protect and be a watchguard. But for the everyday booboos and bedtime stories? You found a prize of a man. He is going to be there for you. And he is going to make an honest woman out of you, whether you like it or not." She scoffs. "Felix is a special guy. Don't drive him away with anger about this. Try to go at it the exact opposite. Because if you give him that anger he will dig his heels in further. If you smother him with the "I know you love me and will marry me when you're ready and I am not at all worried about it.' I suspect it will motivate him a lot faster."