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The Sanctuary: The Opening Night
Dramatis Personae

Dinah, Free, Howell, Kilo, Nate, Phillip

22 February, 2016

A simple event to celebrate the reopening of The Sanctuary after decades of inactivity. Welcoming the Southside Kings and friends.


The Sanctuary Bathhouse & Spa at C02

During the last weekend, pretty girls and handsome boys in swimming suit were scattered around the city giving people flyers with invitations to a place called The Sanctuary. The flyer doesn't say much about what's the place, but give clear instructions on how to get there and about the dress code. Swimming Suits. And to the most adventurous, nuditidy.

Upon arrival, the Reception Area is decorated with white ballons covering the whole ceiling and the same pretty girls and boys serving glasses of chapagne to everyone that comes inside. In a corner there is a musician playing in his violin a sweet melody. Maybe Bach. Of even Beethoven. Who knows?

At the front desk, in the far wall, there is a very handsome and sexy man in a expensive looking suit. He gives instructions to the pair of girls on the counter and to the waiters/waitresses here and there.

An Impala rolls on up and parks outside the 'Sanctuary'. Although this time, instead of the little Latina driving, it's Free who is behind the wheel - which in of itself is frightening. After they're parked the Enforcer hops on out of the car, dressed in a flannel shirt that is left unbuttoned and worn over his bare chest, allow his many tattoos to be seen, along with a pair of red and black board shorts. Once out of the car he helps Kilo out, offering her a hand, then does the same for Dinah as well. Nate though? Guy can get out all by himself.

Dinah stumbles out of the Impala as she takes Free's hand. Today her hair dyed black that ombres into a royal purple color. Upon her form she is wearing a winter coat that is all buttoned up to help keep her very scantily clad self warm. Her gaze looks upon Free once he exits the car and she states "Dude.... I think you seriously like... almost gave me a heart attack like twice... your driving is like... whoa scary...."

Nate shrugs as he gets out of the car, "Amateur.. cab drivers in Vladivostok make Free look good.." Pretty dead pan on his part, joking? He stretches abit once out of the car, IU gym bag in hand. "So.. this is that place?"

After being helped out, Kilo follows the group inside; unaffected by the driving as she's quite used to it by now. And then her wide, dark eyes take all the ambience in. "It's, quite fancy!" She whisper to everyone and no one in particular as she accepts a glass of champagne from one of the charming men with a sweet smile. She's in a little mesh cover up that shows a black two piece underneath and she's -freezing- as it's much, much too cold to be out in Maine in the middle of winter in this get up. So she hurries inside where it's warm, nearly bonking into Free from behind in her hurry. Then she spots the especially handsome, sexy man. Well, that must be the owner, right? "Hi." She offers the hand not holding the champagne flute. "I'm Kilo. This is a beautiful place you have."

Howell has been wandering town incessantly since his return, trying to learn about how much it's changed in the past few decades. He saw quite a few flyers around town as he did, mentioning a new bath house and spa. If there's anything Howell enjoys, it's being pampered, and some warm water might help him get used to leaving the Caribbean, he figures. A black escalade pulls up to the curb, driven by a stout Indian man with a pitiful comb over, and stops. Howell emerges, wearing black slacks, a dark grey vest, a white button down and a gold tie. He proceeds into the bath house, taking in the stylishness. He quickly recognizes Kilo by the bandages on her arms, and smiles, glad to know a face in the crowd. "Hey," he speaks up, waving and picking up his pace to catch up to the young woman, "Kilo, is that you?"

The man in the nice suit turns to looks at Kilo and offers her a polite, short smile."Thank you very much, Miss. And welcome to The Sanctuary. Please make yourself confortable. All of you. I'm Phillip Nicks. The owner of the place." He offers and picks a glass of champagne to himself and sips from it briefly. Then, he looks at all of them in a matter of seconds, offering polite smiles to all of them."To those not prepared and shy, there are swimming suits in all sizes at the front desk, just ask." His final glance is cast to Free."To those that have no problems with nuditidy, the entrance is over there." This final part is said specifically to Free, apparently.

"Whatever." Free says with a slightly defensive tone. "At least you guys made it in one piece, right? Quit complaining. You all got into the car knowing full well I don't drive... much." Dinah is given a brief eye roll, while Nate, well... he gets a dismissive shake of the head. "Cab drivers get paid. I don't. Pay me next time and maybe you'll see improvement?" He says with a smirk as their groups wanders inside. Waiting until Kilo takes a drink of champagne, the Enforcer reaches over to swipe it from her and steals a sip before handing it back. He makes a face and mutters to himself. "We should have brought some whiskey." Then Phillip is introducing himself and he gives the suited man a once over and shrugs before asking, "How nude are we -allowed- to get?" He inquire, glancing over to give the Latina a grin while waiting for an answer.

Once inside she unbuttoms the coat to reveal her red bikini rop and her baby blue bikini bottoms. She glances to Nate and she says "cab drives in where the fuck? I don't even know how you pronounced that I assume place....." as she shrugs the coat off. Only after the coat is free she takes the champagne flute with a smile and leans upon Kilo as she looks to Phillip and says "Hi... and I am Dinah... it is quite lovely..." She bites upon her bottom lip as she very obviously checks Phillip out. As Howell says Kilo's name though, it distracts her from her oogling and she looks to him, tilting her head slightly as she asks to Kilo "Friend of yours?" She then looks to Phillip with a grin and sweetly asks "So clothing is optional? Ooo I am going to love it here!"

Kilo turns to the somewhat strange voice then recognises the face. "Dr. Sinclaire!" If it's the last person she expected to see here, well, you can sort of hear it in her voice. She holds up her bandages victoriously. "See? Someone stitched them up at your clinic for me. I think it might have been your assistant. Cleaned them too. I think it's feeling better already." The little Latina girl grins and holds up her champagne to him. "Thank you for the referral and advice, I appreciate it." She turns back to the owner and nods, smiling, "Nice to meet you Mr. Nicks. I -think- we all brought our suits." She takes that opportunity to glare at Free. "Freedom, this is a family establishment. No sexi-ness. That's what your hot-tub at home is for, yeah? Besides, I'm not sharing that body with anybody else. It's mine." She says possessively, then gives a low whistle when Dinah reveals her suit. "This on, on the other hand, is sharing hers. Look at that!" She nuzzles up to the now dark-haired girl as they lean on each other and wait to be let in. "Mr. Nicks, we're really excited about this; I don't think most of us have ever done anything like this before. Well, at least Free and I haven't. I bet Dr. Sinclaire has." She gives him a wink.

Howell smiles, glad to be remembered and even more pleased to see that she had the stitches done. "Good! Be careful about getting them wet for the next couple of days at least. Alright." He regards Free with a quick up and down look. With someone like that around, he was shocked Kilo ever got so much as a scratch on her, let alone a handful of stab wounds that serious. "Hello, Dr. Sinclaire," He introduces himself to Free with an outstretched hand, and then nods to the rest of the group, "I ran into Kilo earlier, and referred her to my clinic for those injuries." He smiles, and purses his lips quickly, before turning his attention to Phillip, extending his hand again. "Hello! Congratulations on your new business, I've been looking for a spa to haunt since getting home. This looks like it'll do just the trick." He winks.

Phillip grins and nods to Dinah."Clothes are totally optional in the other room. Meaning you can be 100 per cent naked if you want to. But I must say this bikini is pretty nice." He offers to the girl."Just take care with too much touching, please . People can get unconfortable. As the lady said, this is a family stablishment." Then, he steps closer to the group and lowers his voice."Take the private cabinets if you need some privacy. No one will look after you there." Then, he cleans his throat and sips from his drink once more."Thank you very much, Dr. I bet you'll like The Sanctuary. The locker rooms are over there. You can go change clothes at any point now." Phillip says as he shakes hands with Howell.

Nate grins a bit, "Dinah, you are a hotter in the suit.. mystery makes a woman more exciting." He teases a bit, "But.. I won't object to no mystery.." He finishes his flute and sets it on a near by table. "So.. shall we?" He lifts the gym bag.

A frown starts to form upon Free's features after Kilo tells him there will be no 'sexi-ness' happening, causing him to mutter "Why bother to come then? Damn bath house and all, figured I could enjoy myself." under his breath. That's when a new face walks over and joins them, leaving him to give Howell a quick once over while recieving the same treatment himself. "That so? Well, I guess I should thank you then for getting her all stiched back up. Huh?" He questions, flashing a grin as he adds. "Was going to have to divorce her is she wasn't going to be able to pour my whiskey for much longer." Extending a hand to the Doctor he introduces himself. "Name's Free." With that all done and out of the way his attention returns to Phillip, the man's making it known that clothes are infact optional earns a devious smirk. "Well I know what room we're going into!" He chuckles under his breath after the owner's mention of the private cabinets. "I'm starting to like this place."

Dinah looks to Nate as she says "Oh? You've been to Russia? I dunno if I wanna visit the good ole U.S.S.R. I mean I know it isn't that /anymore/ but still...." At Nate's eyebrow wiggling she just giggles softly and shakes her head as she says "Oh yeah, like most of you haven't seen me naked before." Which is true, only Phillip and Howell have yet to see that unless they say that porno she was in with those two black guys. As Kilo holds up the bandages she goes wide-eyed and asks "What in the fuck happened to you? Why did you have to get stitches?" At Kilo's mention of no sexiness, Dinah actually pouts and says "But Kilo.... I wanna run around naked... I hate clothes... I mean I never where them at home like ever... and bath house should totally be naked fun time!" Her arms wrap around Kilo as she is leaned into and she gently nuzzles Kilo's neck as she then whispers quietly into Kilo's ear. She then pulls back offering a nervous smile and then looks to Phillip as she says "Pleasure to meet you Phillip. And It is my first time here honestly." As Phillip comments on her bikini she sweetly says "What? This old thing? Thanks." She purposefully spins around for him offering a wink after she is done. Her gaze then looks to Howell as he speaks and then looks to Nate once more and says "I guess... but not like you haven't seen me naked before I mean we have fucked twice and all. And we totally should head in." She then looks to Kilo and says "See Free wants to have fun sexy naked time too. Please Kilo. Pretty please." Offering Kilo the cheesiest grin possible as she clasps her hands together like she is praying and rocking back and forth upon the balls of her toes. She then looks to Free and giggles at the divorce her comment and sweetly says "You are such a kidder and you know it."

Kilo smirks at Free. "Pour it. I couldn't even hold the damn glass up to drink it!" Of course, that ailment comes and goes when it's convenient for her, she's sort of noticed. Rolling her eyes, she playfully punches Free and shakes her head. "Knowing you, your 'fun sexi-times' will get us arrested. Then she's got Dinah going on the other side of her pushing for the fun, sexi-times and she sighs. "Was I the only one who was forced to go to Catholic church and get confirmed when I was 12? Who was brought up to believe that public fornication and nudity were wrong in the eyes of God?" She said. "OK, so I lost my virginity in a confessional. When I was 12. STILL!" She smirks at Free and wonders if he'd ever heard that story. Wonders if maybe it's best he never does. But then the preaching is over when Dinah whispers in her ear. "Oh fuck." Her eyes go wide as her head whips around to check out her friend. And of course with absolutely no subtlety her eyes go right to her belly. "No way!"

Howell nods appreciatively. "Thank you," he turns to regard the rest of the group as well, "I'm going to get changed, I'll meet you all in the private room in a moment then?" He says/asks with raised eyebrows, before briskly making his way over to the locker rooms.

"Well. I need to attend the other clients and deal with some staff. If you pardon me." Phillip offers and glances around."I'll be in the other room as soon as possible. I hope to meet you guys over there." Then, he turns around and goes back dealing with his party.